Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Magnificient of Dad-On Father's Day!-Black Man In America

As a Black Man and Father-born lived and raised in this wilderness of North America I give honor-love and respect to my linage and ancestry and their faith and wisdom in the spirit of the Divine  in the living God !  Living and experiencing the life and complexities heaped upon Black folk by individuals and entities it's a wonder any of us are alive today! Intentional destruction and chaos was and is the primary function of those claiming love and brother hood and Justice for all(meaning them -not Black folk!)  I'm told things are getting better in the melting pot-you must believe , have trust-I witness one of my daughters having problems with her self and kind-assuming Caucasians and others were greater than herself and kind-especially her father-she called in the very people who are responsible for her mental condition-cause and effect of Slavery!  Police-social welfare Department-Court in the Judicial System The religious representatives with no spirit or understanding ending with the Psychologist-and their gamers who stated my family was weird-my woman should get rid of the father-Me-then they would give her all the help she needed!  I realized why there are few Fathers in the home today-women on jobs -shopping going to places of amusement no men!- Girls and boys going to school with no father or male in put.  Then I realized breaking up the Families and with holding employment from the Man was part and parcel of the way this nation of free enterprise dealt with question of slavery-divide and destroy ....many women across this land have gone for this foolishness-again cause and effect!  This system is so pitiful that they have the majority of Black folk thinking the women is over the Man-that they can do anything they please-with out the Man!  Sad thing is the system has her passing this insanity down to the males who take to it like a duck takes to water-then she finds out at some point the truth-Black schools are in crisis-Black folks are in jail for being Black-children are telling their parents same sex marriage is the way to go-with no life at the end of the tunnel-no jobs or income for the newly graduated -no land to produce their  own needs as do other folk-money is funny and they don't own a Bank as they advertise be all you can be-join the Navy and Admiralty Law- or Army Strong so you can go to some distant land and blow up some folk you don't even know...while you starve here in what you call home!  These are just a few of the facts I fought to keep these folks from trying to steal my daughter in the name of (Serving to Protect their system of Slavery!...then gave them this truth-the Economy-Weather-people moving in chaos and turmoil is only apart of things to come relative to slavery and Identity theft in Black Justice...Restitution-Reparations and Black Land is our answer to Black Slavery!  By the way Keep your so called Black colleges that are not Black nor were they set in motion for Black-they are for colored White men children bought forth by Black women whom he calls Bastards-Creole-Octoroons-Mulattoes-Quadroons and other cultures he considers Caucasian as his political policies suits his aims and ambitions to destroy Black. For the most part the above mention do not consider themselves Black but accept all things that are positive  design for and by Black for themselves as Black while at the same time fighting for White.! This is what happened in the case of Hatti and their Revolution also how the creoles of the south blocked Marcus Garvey from completing his journey home!  In short we are engaged in a Spiritual War that has dire consequences for Judas sellouts and phony pretenders who think they're not going to pay for the deeds they have sown relative to truth and Justice. Today there are many folk in and out of religious houses and secret societies who work for many entities across the land who have no soul or spirit but know the truth of the Rapture and Aliyah relative to Black Justice but will never come forth with it any more than the Black woman will admit her hatred for the Black Man- the Same Man who Walked the Kings Highway and entered the door of Life  because she had given him up to the cause of Isis who wanted his Land and Spirit thinking she could do away with Prophecy and move as a diva in God!...helping the Caucasians to destroy all cultures and land with her at the head!  Such is the way of stupidity and folly and why credit is due where it's due...Honor Black Man in Father's day -our Ancestors and the Divine Spirit and Soul of our God...Reuben-Son of Simeon Seed of Jacob -"Lest We Forget -The One Day War" of Black Israel-Black Power and Watts-all happening when no one believed Black was and is supreme-somebody!  We didn't convert to something we are-nor is our truth or Land for sell .  (C) June 13th/ 2013  Reuben Beckles