Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why so much talk about racisim and the great American dream-because of free labor and the money machine!

Why talk and no solutions concerning black slavery in America ? It's because of why and how America  became the power it is.  The Corporate structure known as America the beautiful has created much wealth for the Bloodsucking vampires of usury, greed, selfishness liars and thieves.  Free slave labor!  Black Judas sellouts hide out and pretend fighting discrimination, racists beliefs and actions while at the same time selling themselves and kind out to the highest bidders among the forces of white  supremacy in the political and religious forms of so-called Jewish Zionist and Christian Gentiles.  They are the real force behind White Supremacy holding their people down and in check.  Check the record.  There's no way Europe or  any other peoples or cultures could have kept Black folk down on the Land of the blacks known today as Africa, were it not for the help of the Africans themselves.  They were the Supreme heavy weights , world travelers.  They controlled it all.  They made it possible and are responsible for our condition in America today.  They know it, yet, they come here claiming the identity of black slaves calling this their paradise.  They come from the Caribbean-Belize-South America and the Continent from within and out of the Diaspora knowing the hell blacks have had to endure for just being Black!  Who do they think they're kidding...they want nothing to do with the so-call Black Slaves of America, preferring to live in denial  as business men, policemen, politicians, doctors and slave pimps, sissies, hustler's, punks in the pulpits talking  love and forgiveness in Jesus who had twelve disciples who fed, educated and showed the reality of the Divine Creator  for and in behalf, of a specific people among themselves. In the end they felt nothing!  Turned their backs and denied him!  These are the same folk who operate the money machine of corporate America!  Like the Banks they create nothing ... Talk a good game from the Continent and are laughed at when they go to Europe.  'Let's be for real,' the slaves here, put their lives on the line for what they believed would be Justice and freedom in the Sixties. Their actions was turned into a stone nightmare by these agent-provocateurs,  hope to die scum bags, thinking they could get away by pointing the finger at white Supremacy whom they support hating themselves, while at the same time making it possible to create what is now known as free democratic Black States on the Continent.  These states were (made free) by White European Countries who had raped, beaten, lied too and slaughtered Millions of Blacks on the Land and high seas because knowledgeable Blacks wouldn't and didn't stand on their posts but joined the bloodsucking  Vampires to gain wealth and favoritism!  Now they find they must deal with the foundation of Black folk saying to hell with this insanity, enough is enough ! We must and shall be free!  Up pops the punks, sissies, hustlers as Politicians controlling the slave states.  Why are they not free? because they must return to the same folk and beg for assistance and know how, to build states from those who put them and their kind in bondage. What they didn't understand... they're still in bondage for financial aide and equipment, being a part of the United Nations which is controlled by the vampires of the (IMF) who want the people dead and the resources of the Land!  So, like here, they are given...Islam-Judaism-Christianity in the form of Politics and controlled Slavery which is  the money machine of the International Banker's! Think this is all talk, fun and games'...  Check Mobutu -one of the wealthiest  Black men in the world and his dealings with the Belgium a European country. Nelson Mandela, Union of South Africa.  His wife and Black folk took the hell for real freedom-laying the foundation for his return and release from prison.  He walks out of prison to become head of the country and gave it up to White folk for what he called reconciliation!  In this country under Elijah Muhammad, the 'Nation was funded by White folk he called,' the Devil (JL Hunt). After his death, the reigns were turned over to Min. Farrakhan and he gave Black over too  Scientology! More devils!... Dr King, Jessie Jackson, nine and half houses of Israel gave the land and people out too some bloodsucking vampires called Jewish Israelis) which they aren't  and know they're nothing more than Satanic demons!...  IMF Bankers and thieves! So where does that leave Negroes claiming to be free and Black?  (Oop! with Black History Month, in denial, pretending to be free in the money tree!  What does Curtis Mayfield say" If there's a Hell below-we're all gon na' go!  Yours truly, Reuben, from the King's Highway(C) 2/18/2015   Freedom is not free...a leopard never changes it's spots and a garbage eating pig is still pork!  Reuben seed of Jacob Sun son of Simeon -Prophecy  in faith is real...Reparations-Restitution and Land is no Joke!            Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let's move on and with Black History Month-365 days in the year-Children play games-Men Stand for what's real and True! Black Power!

There's a lot to be said for a people on time in time.  The people I refer to are Black folk living in America as Slaves on the plantation pretending they're free being held on the bottom of this land of so-called freedom by the nations of the world and their blood sucking imps whose God is lies-usury and money!  Sitting at the head of the table representing White Supremacy and Black destruction are your Black Judas sellouts who want to be White so bad they jump through a mountain of Pig dung to get to the White woman kiss her Man's behind and disarm Black folk for the benefit of White folk.  Create tension and chaos instead of bring forth real solutions in land and separation-reparations and restitution they throw rocks of discord then hide their hands never approaching real solutions. They talk things are improving, getting better as we see a woman being beaten unmercifully on the freeway-young men and boy's being shot down like animals for looking in a so-called provocative manner.  No action for Justice emerges as the wannabe leaders take to the air waves from the White House to the Pulpits across the land and cry for peace and claim  to let Justice in White Supremacy solve the situation.  The head niggers -Negro's in charge are what I call Black Judas sellout's  Mulattoes,  Creoles, Octoroon's, Caucasian Orange wannabes Blacks.  Their sole purpose is to create an atmosphere for the destruction of Black folk who represent the foundation and building of America-this is their real intent!  This is why you have people of the US organization( Dr Maulana Karenga in Black studies telling Black folk he created Kwanzaa.  Truth is, he created nothing.  Kwanzaa has been on the Land of the Blacks long before he was born!  But like so many others he take credit where credit isn't due.  What is true, his organizations like the Muslims are Mulattoes fighting Black Men to take their Spirit and live their Birthrights.  They do it by using the knowledge of Egypt and Isis in the name of Black and pointing the finger at White.  You ask how do I know?  I was married to Isis as one of my two marriages and I didn't know it until it was time for me to grow up and found that she had joined forces with White Zionist-Money men called Jews.  She was taught by the Mulattoes called Le'gon -owner of a Black Book store here in Los Angeles, California.   When it was time for Mulattoes- Whites and others to destroy Blacks she made her move after the Greek Black sorority's sisters denounced Black Men and moved into the camp of White Supreme power and Colored Mulattoes by using  her Sex-The Book of the Dead, meta physical spiritual knowledge and the 'Tarot Cards" to take the Black Man's Spirit. She and other's failed! she and they created a Bonefied War and they know it which is why White Israel failed and I ran her into hell!  This too is the  real meaning behind what France's Cress Welsing calls her "Isis papers" at the same time pushing her friend and mentor 'Neely Fuller" whose suggests as a Mulattoes, Blacks are inferior to whites which tells me they're both working as low down dirty sellouts to the White Zionists just like Nelson Mandela of  South Africa!  Let's move into the Nation Of Islam and Louis Farrakhan and the Million Man march.  This Mulattoes from the Caribbean has been all over the world talking, claiming Black, looking for a home,even into Ethiopia, looking for the Ark of the Covenant only to come away empty handed. They saw through him. He returned to America had his million Man march-they talked -he walked away with a pocket full of money and did nothing.  Leaving the slaves with nothing!  My point is, like a Tsunami, when Isis tried to take my Spirit, God said it's time to move and I rose from the bottom(The Feet) as a warrior to defeat Isis and the State of White Israel in the Rapture and the Kings highway!  An action under Divine Authority in the Twelfth House by Faith.  After doing so, Minister Louis Farrakhan had the  gall to ask the Divine creator this question? "  Who Ever Heard Of The Feet Leading The Head?" I responded to the Final Call "Who created you?...God chooses whom he pleases and I Reuben walked the Highway and entered the door and land beyond the fertile crescent. Sat on the throne.  Where were you?  I didn't place myself there.  That which you covet is not yours!  So I say again I say, do not look to the pulpit of Sissies -Hustlers pimps and punks-slavery is over and these folk represent continued deception and slavery and I wouldn't care if my Mother-Father-Brothers Sisters or members of my personal family were involved in this madness of sustain slavery and insanity they would have to go too and  would be  entitled to nothing of value because they would be unwilling to die to live for the truth!  This the essence of my Black power as the seed of Jacob-Sun son of Simeon in Faith (C) 2/11/2015     From the Kings Highway and Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-Truth and Wisdom In Black Power!  No lie-No game -No Trick! "                      Reuben Beckles            

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Suggesting I speak Diatribe concerning Mulattoes-punks pimps sissies and Hustlers in the pulpit not real-go to the truth and facts

My name is Reuben-Seed of Jacob and I fight for self and kind.  I have been on the planet for eighty three years this coming March-2015.  I've been active and seen much. I've never picked up a weapon to fight my kind and never left these shore to fight another people or culture just because some pretending so-called Jews or Caucasian bloodsucking vampires had a hard on  and envious attitude against another people and their resources.  And I certainly didn't help to destroy the original peoples of this land.  So don't get mad at me for calling  Mulattoes enemies of the Black Man  or having anything to do with the insane slave trade in America or on the Black Continent you'll only enforce my observation and action in real black history of truth.  A Leopard doesn't change it's spots and a pig is still pork.  Blacks are not free and are due Reparations Restitution and Land and you can't change the truth of fact.  The great Malcolm X-went to Mecca and accepted integration-Khalid Muhammad on the other hand didn't-nor did my Twin  who was also in the Nation of Islam.  These Mulattoes are also in the nation taking Black spirits through Isis. Who by the way take Black Spirits for White Colored Mulattoes and so-called Jewish Zionist who keep white on top black on the bottom.  If you think I'm kidding look  around you-you'll find them all as leader's over blacks as pimp's Punk's and sissies in the pulpit including the White house along with all Europeans countries who have waxed fat on free slave labor.  The role of the Mulattoes is interesting( Pick up a book Called "Citizen Toussaint') pages(29-33)  See what happened after the Mulattoes had joined the black general to fight the White forces of Europe you'll find they had made a deal with the British to destroy Blacks.  These are the same folk today in the pulpits-talking love and brotherhood! the pulpit!  Examine the action of the Us organization you'll find they too are fighting Black. Malcolm and Khalid didn't understand this deadly situation.  Black History Month; what are these folk calling for?  Marches and equal acceptance, which is nothing more than Dr King Jr calling for a March on Washington to tell the world they gave up black connection and consciousness-the land
 to fake Israel and the middle East- now give us jobs as free men in America! This is nothing more than Farrakhan calling for a million man march-as they stood around claiming ,"See...we're  peaceful Slaves!"  Then give up to the devils of what is called Scientology. Still without Land, Restitution or Earned Reparations knowing the foundation of this Nation is free slave labor!  Whose kidding Whom?  Somebody got paid !  Question is who in the hell are these folk working for in the name of Black?  Oops Curtis Mayfield sang-"if there's a hell below we're all gonna go!   (meaning tricksters-pimps-punks and sissies-liars of the highest and deepest order!  Whether the Church Mosques Synagogue-secret societies- political pundits-educators-money changers-Latinos-Mexicans-Chinese-brown red or black men-the innocent can no longer pay for your low down dirty lying hypocritical deeds!  You are all the problem for the on going chaos and continued slavery here and across the land and water.  You've been using and stealing copyrighted information that was for the benefit of the slaves, claiming to be just innocent by standers passing through as you  coveting the wisdom knowledge and understanding in Black Power. Jacob's Israel-Truth!  Watts-Kings highway -war -1968-dethroning of Isis and the so-called nation of bloodsucking white Israel aided and abetted by Corporate America and the financial institutions of the world( IMF) controlling the United Nations.  A lot to be said for Black History (Month!)  For those who think that I as Reuben speaks nothing but folly and diatribe-keep living!  I don't know about yours-but my faith in Black power and God in Israel is real or I and many others wouldn't be here today!! (@) 2/10/2015...Reuben Seed of Jacob, Sun son  of Simeon from beyond the Fertile Crescent.  Believe it-a leopard doesn't change it's spots and a pig is still a Pig!                  Reuben Beckles

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Pimp's Hustler's sissie's In Pulpit-talk freedom pretending Black-Same as Mandela and other's on continent selling the land and people out for power and greed!

The game playing in the name of Black History month is once again upon us as they walk and talk the streets of shame in America pointing their finger's at what they said is the white power structure-while they are being paid as Agent-provocateurs -pimps, sissies punks, Judas sellouts kissing the balls of White Eastern European Zionist Jewish money changers! These pretending Black wannabes are the reason for continue slavery...the new Black called Orange-brown-yellow and Mulattoes all have a common interest...promote White Supremacy and destroy Black-meaning Spiritual Black Power...God in Prophecy!  They use Black women against themselves to get rid of the men sell the children out to the system that the Black Man knows is not his-he goes to war in a distant land-kills and destroys people and cultures for this demonic system-while others steal lie sell dope to kill the minds of the unsuspecting, ending with a lot of folk behind bars-in Jail! Watch your so-called leaders ...these low down dirty sissies and punks have the gall to get in the pulpit and talk about love unconditional to the woman folk-your families yearning to be free while they and others denounce Reparations-Restitution and Land out of this system and land -black to your continent as solution that you're entitled too in real meaning full freedom!  If the truth be told this was and is the true and real meaning behind the action of black power in the sixties...not this sham of integration and phony brotherhood in equality mouthed today!  This is why Elijah Muhammad  said their would be no Islam when he was gone! Dr. King through the church and the Nine and a half tribes of Israel told the world to leave those Bloodsucking vampires calling themselves Jews alone.  It's because he and they sold their souls and spirits out to Satan leaving them with no connection to the real prophecy in the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.   This is why the Civil Rights Movement became a sham-Money men like the so-call Zionist Jews  and Mulattoes became this Negro's God in chaos!  These are the so-called black pretender's today...sucking , jiving, pushing same sex marriage, stealing spoken and copy righted materials trying to claim black man's birthright, anything to make a dollar!  Now take note...many a good man and woman lost their way and life because of their insane deception and they will pay in more than one way-they can no longer hide the truth.  Look for these lying hypocrite's to tell you we're all the same-God is dead!  You might asked what part did I personally play in all this madness!  I lived through the turmoil by putting my body life-spirit and soul on the line-loss family so-called friends charged with crimes I never committed- landed in jail-and hospital told I was insane because I wouldn't accept their white woman and money-none of which would hold up in court and I walked out a free Man.  I walked with Dr. King only to find he wasn't for real in the spirit of real justice and freedom.  Worked for a Black Newspaper only to find, he one of my mentors, was part of the game and the money chain who used the knowledge of myself and kind to further his claim to fame like so many others.  In my case I did what he and many others didn't believe I could or would do ...keep my mind and spirit intact with my God...  meaning, he and other pretenders were apart of the spiritual sellout on the continent -land of the blacks which brought many black enslaved folk to these shores.  By faith yours truly left him went into a mode of spiritual journey entering the door of life, defeated black Greek Sorority sisters who said Reuben was nothing along with the Mulattoes in Isis who wanted my Spirit death and birthright-  They found out there is indeed a Hell below  along with  the phony State of Israel-(1968) Jacob, Black Israel was made secure!  This is why Blacks come to America-from the Caribbean-Belize-Africa Middle East  making money selling out the land and culture that gave them life-not understanding they like the Latinos-Chinese White folk-Black Judas sellouts Mulattoes are all now perpetuating what they hope will be Black continued enslavement for the benefit of financial gain.    They all like the Pimps- Punks and sissies  of the pulpit must pay to the black slaves who built the foundation of this nation and were never paid and are owed .  You gave Reuben up who is the King and lives in Black for self and kind in Black...My Spirit Soul Land and Truth in the faith as seed of Jacob is alive and well.  God is alive and Black is Beautiful.  No trick and no game!  Reparations Restitution and Land.  I'm There-Spirit's There. The Truth and Land is There!  I don't covet what's yours don't try and steal what's mine or you will pay a heavy price!  (@) Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun Son of Simeon!...2/8/2015                        Reuben Beckles