Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

No Trust-No Hiding Place! Negros Pretending Black with no Solutions Celebrating the Dream of a Dead King Whom The Spirit Of God raised to the Mountain Top After His Sellout of the Nation!

This is no joke folks-it's no Play thing and the truth and Spirit of the living God is no toy or fool!  Yours truly has been on the planet along time and in these United States for eighty two years and I'm always amazed as to how and why people and their leaders play games as one wants fame and wealth-while the other lust for things of no real value but enables them to point their finger at someone else to carry their load and take the fall in the name of humanity! This is the month of August and across the board pretending Negros in Black are preparing to cry moan and groan for jobs-freedom and equality in the name of the late Dr Martin Luther King Jr and his "Dream Deferred" headed  by his Son And Daughter-Al Sharpton and a multitude of other so-called action leaders who for the most part just want integration with the white power structure and black Judas sellouts -taught by insane  power hungry colored and white folk!  The million man march on Washington was an example of the same thing only it was done in the name of Islam-which let's me know in the name of religion- both Christianity and Islam are on the same page of usury!  One used the Insanity of Indian called Gandhi-who felt nothing for Black -while the other used Black to obtain the Arch Of the Covenant-which is why Elijah told his followers he didn't know what the Nation would be after his death!  Today you can witness Colored boy tell you that Marcus Garvey was on the right track relative to real freedom-ironically these are the same folk whom the State and Justice Department used to block his return to the land of the Blacks because they wanted his destruction!-as well as the land mass and it's rich resources while they tried to tell Blacks here we were nothing but salvages their, this was the place to be as servants with ownership of nothing!...not even your own personal well being!  So today- with no Status and ownership of Land you don't want as a reality to build and do for self,  Black Judas Sellouts-Colored and White folk have you returning to a Dream Deferred called Jobs-Freedom -Equality and Justice for every body!  How can this be for real-where is your Black minds as you leave these shores to fight and die for someone Else's freedom-then return to America-the home and land  of slavery!  If you were free you wouldn't be fighting for Jobs -Equality and Freedom as the only people who came to these shores in Chains and Shackles still catching hell-being shot down like animals because you're seen as slaves in rebellion-because you have no Land Status and no value except what the Slave masters sanctions. To top all this insanity which defies understanding -my question to Black folk is not rhetoric but a need to know based on the history of Black in this nation-is this woman your woman or does she belong to another knowing you or she have no Status relative to the Land and it's system?  To answer either side of this situation  for today and generations to come sense Blacks are not going away nor will Blacks remain subservient and inferior!   One cannot build and continue to create in another Man's house, especially when the creator is considered inferior!    Black is beautiful!  I say Status-Land for Self and Kind under your values and sense of Justice!  Anything else is pure Folly and out of touch with reality!  "Lest We Forget"...Land Restitution-Reparations...The King has Spoken!    (C)  August 22/2013  Reuben...Seed of Jacob-Son Of Simeon!                             Reuben Beckles

Friday, August 09, 2013

Slavery Black Probems in America and it's solution-is Black Judas sellouts and deception by blacks!

Yours truly -Known to the world and universe -House of Israel Reuben Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon has been waiting a long time for knowledgeable so called learned Elders to come forth with the Solution and truth relative to the knowledge that they and others have been hiding relative to the promised lands in Prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and those people relative to the Slaves in and of Black America! I suggest the reason is simple and they know it.  They have allowed their selfishness and greed along with their hate for God self and kind to enter into the equation of truth and Justice creating chaos where their should be none!  They have gone to all the nations of the world lying and telling them their religions  and faith including the land belongs to them...knowing this is a lie which ended  when the words came to me and others-Many are called-Few are Chosen!"  and by Faith... I Reuben, walked as a Man into the neighborhoods of Blacks for Blacks of self and kind alerting them to their God in Man and Action and the reality of Land-Sovereignty- Reparations and Restitution as this system and land would never belong to the slaves as equals! Black Judas sellouts used the 'Good Book" to promote this insane hypocrisy and sustain white superiority and black inferiority in White Faith and Creed while Blacks were forced too put up with pain and suffering- free labor-castration-lynching-broken homes-female matriarch  and white patriarch to the delight of most Black females past to present time and this is part of their real hidden secrets-she fell for the demonic devils and was unable to bring about the fires of " Watts ending real slavery that was never given!  She couldn't walk the Kings High way-even with the help of her male counterpart claiming to have thirty three degrees of knowledge!  How was I as Reuben -able to walk it alone obtain the Wisdom she and others under "ISIS PRETENDED TO HAVE" then return to this mess pool of slavery only to be denounced and beaten beyond all moral perception in their dungeon of lies and deceit and were it not for the Spirit of the living God and HIS TRUTH...and my salvation I would not be alive today revealing the truth of Prophecy In Jacob Land-Restitution and Reparations and the Identity theft of White  Europeans promoting themselves as Hebrews -Israelites who were wiped out in 1968 and the "One Day War" -because the Judas sellout here working through the Nation of Islam wanted the Birthright of the three Houses on the East side of the Jordan-Reuben-Gad and Half Tribe of Manasseh  which was brought to a head by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other Colors who denounced Mr Garvey for his action taken relative to Back to Black Land!  The cause and effect of Slavery in chain and shackles yesterday where After Freedom was never freedom- because you have no Sovereignty in Land ownership and never paid for the debt of free labor Restitution and Reparations- what you have are educated activist , Negros pretending to be Black freedom fighters working for the White Power structure and Colored Negro Judas sellouts pretending to have a Black solution for Blacks giving you nothing but chaos and lip service - usury! Walking alone  fighting alone in Prophecy with no help from these phonies I can tell the you and the world this truth-I am not your Jesus and most don't know the first thing about love-in your selfishness and greed you'll reap what you have sown-and to tried and undue prophecy and take the Lands in question, real Black warriors and the long knives-God in Prophecy awaits you!  This is one of the reason you don't speak of the Aliyah-Rapture and the Kings High Way Relative to yours truly Reuben!  Those of you who claim to be apart of me and my actions lie and you know it! were all fighting among yourselves for the benefit of greed and the white female-where as I have been and continue to fighting for self and kind-knowing it was my woman who sold out the Best...In Black for the Devil!   Reuben Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon A Man!(C) @ August/ 9/2013   Land-Restitution-Reparations No Hiding Place...come to me straight Up with truth as I came to you...Now!  What's Your Solution other than pretense and Chaos?  Reuben Beckles