Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Black Power-Jacob's Israel-Reuben and one Day War (1968) and the foundation of Black slavery in America along with nations around the world living in denial !

Madagascar is a very interesting land mass on the Map. Impenetrable, ringed by razor sharp rocks. To get lost in this environment means getting out is slim or not at all.  But it lives and breathes.  So it is with Black Slaves of America, with the problem of Citizenship-color- acceptance-housing- income language, culture-identity and so many more ills that this country living in denial will never be able to solve.  we're put in the melting pot among people who have no problem living as you, in your original state, using you, claiming to be you.  Black Slaves who were ripped off from another Continent and region- brought to this land  unwillingly to work for nothing-Lynched-burned-castrated, language and culture destroyed-families wiped out-and given animal status which is where we languish today in the name of Citizens -as colored White Europeans  until we get enough of being shot down-kicked maimed killed in some distant land fighting white folk wars in the name of Justice and freedom (Democracy)!  If that isn't enough we're put in jails for crimes we never committed  or were framed into committing crime set-up  situations with Guns dope-sexual misconduct?  Sleeping on the streets homeless while Judas sellouts among us wax fat, tell us we never had it so good because they accept the status quo of nothing less and can't think- in denial!  Vote they say-while their so-called rights are being denied by the same folk who brought them off and use their women folk a tool to maintain and raise there children!   Think about this-Black Congressional Caucus is in disarray because they claim Israel and there Prime Minister( Benjamin Netanyahu)  committed a Coup and took over the American Government-showing disrespect for what was pawned off to the world as America's first Black President-then they turn around and prove Obama the Black President is a phony and can't get them into the Promised Land  being claimed by the state of so-called Israel -a state and people who are not even heirs to the Land  History and Birthright! Hell they're not even Jews of the Scriptures-real Jews are Black folk!  But this is the dilemma!  The reason for the hell and turmoil in that region is because of the Sanhedrin Council-Egypt the Vatican -Ethiopia-Moors Arabs and funny style Africans ...all of whom facilitated the horrendous slave trade and the State of our being in America-the Corporate Money State ...aided and abetted by the Mulattoes along with those to converted too what is called White Jews-Isis and Arabs under Islam and Esau-all create an atmosphere of self hate among Blacks all over the Planet and at the same time suggesting they are our savior! Now we find the nations of the world-Black religious officials-and secret societies are really in deep trouble because they sold their souls and spirits to Satan before they got in  office and to keep and maintain their status, which is crumbling-because of "Watts" The one Day War-1968)  Black Kings High Way-Dethroning of Isis and the Door of Life-all by Jacob's Seed-Reuben Sun Son of Simeon! ...all in the Aliyah-Rapture and again, comes the denial!  Since deception Slavery and Identity theft is at the heart of the problem then we must move with and on Prophecy, truth Karma, relative too cause and effect-take note ...these Blood thirsty ancient reptilian snakes and Vampires were so busy with greed selfishness and deception they thought God-prophecy was a joke and there would be no pay back -no retribution until you check the action around the (Salt Sea-Dead Sea-relative to what they call the dead Sea Scrolls) you'll find this nation of vampires have been busy trying to tunnel under the land mass of the west bank of the Jordan trying not only to destroy the promised Land but to take the entire East side over.  Remember these are the Lands of  Reuben-Gad and Half tribe of Manasseh  on the East.  Dr King and the other Nine and a half tribes sold to white Satanic forces in the name of Brotherhood Lands On the West.  God moves in a way not known to nonbelievers-he sent a Tsunami of Black Sink Holes along the Western side of the land mass drying it up of water and earth creating tremendous black holes ever expanding-showing Mother Natures fury in God's Land! So now, let's hear from the Judas sellout and their brothers in Satan.  Can they buy there way out of this hell they created ? we told the world you cannot take the Land  nor is  it for sale at any price!   Their is no reconciliation with the Devil...A Zebra doesn't change it's stripes A leopard doesn't change it's spots  and no matter how you cook a pig-it's still a pig(Pork)!...take that too the Bank- Reparations Restitution and Land. No game -no tricks No deception and lies!  God is The I Am...Faith In Truth and Justice (3/23/2015 (C)    Reuben Seed Of Jacob-Sun Son Of Simeon!   Change?  Try Growing Up!     Reuben Beckles

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Marching to achieve equality and unfinished business- game to destroy Black folk!

The destruction and looting going on in Iraq was and is set-up by White Zionist calling themselves Jews and Gentiles to promote White Supremacy in that region and around the world with the aid of Black Judas sellout-Ministers and Bishops here in America's black communities.  What is going on in the East is an attempt to wipe out any and all identification of Black history in the form of antics relics and archives.  There was a very profound professor in African and Islamic Studies-Political Science and Sharia Law-who also Hosted the African, on National television.  Noted as one of the Top Intellectuals in the world...his name 'Dr Ali Mazrui" born in Kenya!  He stated, Islam would not be destroyed from without but from within.  We are witnessing that today because they too want to be White within the ranks of the west-selling out the East while eliminating any and all things Black! This is the same position taken in this nation under the genocide efforts in the sixties called the Civil Rights Movement, now called ( Marching to Achieve Unfinished Business!)  The reason for failure here and in the East is because of the Owner-Publisher of the Herald Dispatch Newspaper( Mr Sanford Alexander) who knew and understood Prophecy and Black History!  He also knew time for talking was over and real action was the only recourse defining Justice.  Yours truly Seed of Jacob -Sun Son of Simeon walked in to fill that void. We went to War...walking the Kings High Way- with Ancient Wisdom into the Door of Life-with the nations of the world at one an other's necks.  Defeated Isis and phony Israel. The nine and a half tribe's of Spiritual Israel on the west Bank whom had already sold out to the West.  Aided by Christian Caucasians and Zionist, Ashkenazim  and Sephardi Jews of Spain and Portugal. This what Dr King Jr. meant when he told the world to leave that state alone the land belongs to the imposter's.  I knew he was a sellout-the Bible in the Book of Revelation knew it the Divine Creator, knew it when I enter the Door leading into the Land  with no back door no side door-only one way of Faith and Truth!...  all while Black Muslims in America were being taught( Jacob was Spook ism-nothing!...only to find it's real and something.)  Our action was and is the 'unfinished business' now being talked about by the imposters because the door I entered is not there's.  A Divine Seal has been placed on the Land belonging too God -Reuben self and kind and these hypocrites-imposter's liars-punk pimps hustler's and sissies know it as the land they gave up as Judas.  Black is Beautiful and Faith Magnificent!  Why has this insanity gone on so long ...  because of non-believer's in jealousy, selfishness, greed envy and the History of Black Slavery in all it's attending ills' perpetuated by American and the Zionist-Black Judas sellouts in there religion and politics. Moors-Egypt-Ethiopia-Esau- Saudi Arabia-Rome -Greece Spain -Belgium and the Vatican...among  others.  Debt and Justice owed to Black Slaves; Reparations Restitution Land-Law in Divine Authority!  (C) 3/8/2015    Reuben,  Seed of Jacob Sun son Simeon  God Is I Am!           Reuben Beckles.......Faith Abraham Isaac and Jacob!

Friday, March 06, 2015

Black Power No Game -No Trick-No Joke! God Is...I Am---Stand Tall in Our own Responsibility for Self And Kind!

The title of this blogger means just what is meant-Black folk must carry the responsibility for self and kind. Too long now we have been in denial or allowed others to do with and for us what we should have been doing for self.  Our Ministers, Bishops and Politicians we hold in high esteem.  They go into various  posts poor or with average or modest incomes and leave office as multi-millionaires traveling the world while the people they claim to serve are being beaten-shot down lied too on or about spending long terms locked down in jail for crimes they never committed adding insult to injury as hope ta died slaves in what is called a free nation.  So-called activist along with other imposter's and leaders move into offices of trust, take monies under the table from  stone enemies of other slave black folk, to keep the majority blind deaf and dumb.  They do this with a smile on their faces with their nose up White Zionist behind and other Caucasian Gentiles.  Whom ever, as long as the monies not funny!  For the present, point in case;  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from the so-called Zionist State of Israel spoke before Congress he represents a bunch of Bloodsucking-Vampires who made trillion in the destruction of Black Civilization on the continent of the Blacks while being heavily involved in the massive 'Holocaust' of Black Slave trade.  These folk are imposter's!  They are not Hebrew Israelites claiming the birthright of Jacob and they know it.  Ministers and Bishops are being paid big bucks helping the to sustain their positions all over the world.  They got their knowledge during the Sanhedrin council where Black folk educated them,  gave them their soul and spirits. The Vatican-Ethiopia  and Egypt are well aware of what happened-then and now!  Listen and watch these Ministers and Bishops telling another group of Black Clergy who are also members of the Congressional Black Caucus not too boycott the prime ministers speech before Congress.  He's coming to speak on the basis of "gospel black freedom they stated.  Asked them who are they(meaning Ministers and Bishops and what the hell does that mean to Black Slaves of America-whose Identity White folks are using?   " Lest Black Folk Forget" during slavery it was made punishable by death if you were caught teaching black folk (you)  to read and write!  This dumbness on the part of the black slaves today is as a direct result of many not knowing who they are and why they do some of the insane things they do against one another.  Pattie Hearst was flipped in six weeks and made a slave. It took Black and White folk the slaves, more than Four Hundred Years( think about it)! These Bishops and Ministers are now singing the praises of a funny state and people who were never in Black Israel let alone the Land Mass! Who are they Kidding- Rome knows it because like Judas-these negro black punks and sissies(  got paid to keep black slaves in check looking up to White folk-committing Genocide on Black!  Yes indeed, Black folk this is not your system or Land!  You and your Ancestors paid a heavy price to these blood sucking scum bags and you are due Reparations, Restitution and Land! It is your -Our responsibility to know the time and check the record of time and be able to move in action relative to prophecy for your own benefit in self and kind as do all people the world over and not be fooled by the term African American dying, going no where! Watts was for Black by Black-Kings Highway and the door of life was Black in the Aliyah and rapture by Black in Black as God is-I Am, the Divine Creator. Israel Jacob Seed is Black and beautiful (C) 3/6/2015    Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun son of Simeon          Reuben Beckles