Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Up Front and Personal Insight of Black Power-Jacob Seed And House Of Reuben In Israel!

Up front and personal on this  blog-doesn't just pretend to be something it's not, talking for the sake of free speech asking and answering questions you may have on your minds. Insight and personal hopes to be of value too Black folk living and working in this demonic system as slaves thinking you're free not really understanding the importance of your foundation as builders of this nation.  Why it was important to rid our minds of all prior knowledge, wisdom and understanding of self and kind then have us go through all this chaos and unmentionable hell as robots and zombies with no self worth in the name of freedom, while having you fighting one another for acceptance a job called integration.  What makes this whole situation so insane is that as property, you'll never be able to create for the benefit of self and kind as a people of worth!  Everything we do that has value the White world degrades as Black having no real value.  Later down the road of time he picks it up and uses it as his own!  There is no real communication media in our hands which speaks to the heart and soul of Black folk future with value and substance regarding  generations to come.  This includes, Newspapers-Magazines-dallies or weekly.  Radio-Television Stations.  What we have now are pretenders, controlled by slave informants who's only concern is money and pretense... manipulation!   When the nation needs warriors to fight and die in distance lands-even though you're not accepted you go without question.  If you had your own form of communications  this would not be the case!  Men as Fathers would be in the homes. Killings and devalued woman hood would cease.  The organizations and so-called Religions would be unable to control the home or the Children, which is the role and responsibility  of the Father!  The punks and sissies who run this nation know it, thus, found ways to remove the Man from the home.  When I say I was abandoned by my Ex wife and children it also means, I was never in the Arm Forces.  To fight who and for what, was my question?  Serving jail time I later found my Twin Sons had Joined the  service( one in the Navy...the other Army!)   The one in the Navy used as his first name (Reuben) my name -not his!  What he found he didn't like- fighting his own likeness and kind all over the East.  This nation was  using him like many others of his kind to enter my Spiritual Home and Land of Jacob...Real Hebrews-Black folk and in no small measure action was orchestrated by Red Arabs, for the benefit of 'White Supremacy and his Black Mother-the Church and Greek Sorority and aid of Legon' the Creole Mulattose.  He found these folk were not asleep. Strong as the U.S. Navy is purported to be, they couldn't and didn't enter that land!  What's so strange, is that before they entered the service and my Jail time,  I had been teaching them about their Spiritual linage' which their Mother refused and couldn't  accept my input  being surrounded by Jehovah Witnesses and Arab Muslims under Elijah Mohammad! Today, I'm being told it means nothing just like they tried to make my dead Father and brother White Caucasians at their death saying, Oop's, it was just a minor painting a whole group of Black folk White by giving them a White Jesus and saying it makes no different , we're all the same, while trying to wipe them from the planet because like Esau and Black Judas sellouts they hate the prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob doing their daily effort too eliminate the seed of Jacob-hence the Land,  Throne,  House of Reuben! Take that too the Bank of Truth!  Supreme Lord of the living Most High God (C) 10/25/2016        A Elephant is Still Heavy-and the Devil is still a low down dirty Devil!  From the Kings Highway and the door of life! Up Front and Personal Insight.  Reuben Seed of Jacob  Sun Son  Of Simeon.  'Lest We Forget' Our Claim for a Debt owed. Land and Sovereignty ! Black Power -Love self and Kind!                                   Reuben Beckles

Monday, October 24, 2016

Up front and Personal-I Am No Accident-Spiritual Revolution Continues!

Blacks who think living in America makes them free when they are told ' This is the Greatest Country in the World based on it's diversity  of people, integration and opportunities.  Most Blacks, Negros, Colors,  Passing Creoles and Mulattoes believe this diatribe and propaganda, especially, when it comes from the mouth of a Eastern European Aryan who thought they should and would rule the world along with these lying bloodthirsty demons calling themselves 'Christian, Ashkenazim, Sephardi Jews!  These are the same folk who became extremely famous and wealthy during and after 'Black Slavery and death!  This insanity has been accepted by most Blacks coming into this nation by choice and their own free will! Many of these Black folk because of the title granted them as free independent states, haven't a clue when it comes to the real tricknology and intent of these monsters whom they see as equals and brothers even when they are told Blacks living on the planet did nothing to build and improve their condition until they (The Caucasians came along.  They don't mention the knowledge they have raising them to the state they live today, came from Black! What does this all mean relative to the Spiritual Revolution continuing? Simply put, their mind set is destruction and total control over Black-where ever they are- where ever they may be.  Point in truth and fact...'White Christ and image to Black folk'.  Blacks working always for Whites, denouncing themselves for everything White. Now get down and personal coming from within a family structure of Black:'...don't bring me any black nappy headed, black baby's!"  These some good White folk!...color don't matter-we all the same!  It goes on and on about we've come along way, without, liberty-freedom -land and sovereignty!  "Lest We Forget' a debt owed for free slave labor with compounded interest!  'Up Front and Personal" I Am No Accident!"  One of my Daughters" Loved, Black and Beautiful-didn't think so about herself.  Mentally tapped into demeaning thoughts of older black females who hate themselves decided to followed through with calls to the Police involving Social welfare system, Psychologists Educational and Judical system suggesting she hated her Mother and I and was being abused only to find the net work of older black women were 'lying wenches, begging bitches' who hated themselves  and everything Black! There goal, to help facilitate, the removal of the Male authority( Father from the Home!)  The whole situation backfired.)... didn't work.  The psychologists, police,  social welfare folk, began trying to teach her the same information her Mother and I had been teaching her all along only the funds were coming out of our pocket and going into their hands  through  the system while telling me that what we were teaching her was diatribe!'  Once I understood the workings of these disciplines  within this system and the people involved, I stopped going and paying them-walked into the Police Station where she was being held a run away and told them I was sick and tired of them and her talking and acting as tough they were God and we were nothing but weird, perplex no-bodies. I read the riot truth, walked into the court where they had threaten to take my baby.  She her Mother and I walked out never to return.  Feeling better about herself, she's doing well now!  But the dumb stuff doesn't end there. Concerning this Color problem and 'White Supremacy'...went for a medical checkup at a major hospital within  this city as a Black man- got my papers-all was well, given an appointment for the following month only too find I had become a 'White Man' of value!...on paper!  My mind suddenly reverted back to my Black Father and oldest Brother. Both died in the Sixties -stating both were White and no Family found!  When I got through raising hell with documentation' papers, changes were amended too Black by Black...Family linage intact!  These situations are not by accident but an on going  effort to do away with Black in anyway possible especially, if you stand and live for something of value  in Black- not White!  No Game Trick and No Lie!   (C) 1O/24/2016    Reuben Seed of Jacob.  Life from the Kings Highway  -God Is!... the Living Most High!  Black Is Beautiful  Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Stay Well!                                  Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Across the board of deception -lies tricks and games played and promoted by lying wenches-begging bitches controlled by Satanic forces of pimps thugs and sissies in the pulpits!!

Why are these so called leaders of what is termed 'The Black Communities' just now coming out with partial truth and extraordinary hypocrisy relative to the state of Black folk?  I maintain that you cannot forcibly take a people from a point of sovereignty and distant land-place them in a state of servitude in chains and shackles-destroy their families, language and culture to not only serve and build the foundation of this nation, but at the end of the day, smile , talk stuff- rape his women and children-castrate lynch and burn the males when they didn't submit to this total insanity, then tell them they're, free on the land- in this nation of pure hate!  It doesn't take a genius, rocket scientist or even a fool to recognize that this system of so-called freedom and justice is completely out of order!  What kind of a Mind Set  have Black folk allowed themselves to be led so far from reality that acceptance of the insane, becomes the reality of righteous justice and no spiritual truth ?  Today, in Black and White brotherhood and other misguided folk, nonsense,  foolishness  and integrated poverty is placed on the plates of Black folk in the form of 'Black Lives Matter!'...same sex marriage and integration!  Political correctness and idiotic  miss informed education while voting for your enemies is not the way and I don't give one good damn as to who say's what...truth is just truth and long over due!'  ' Critical Thinking and Analysis is of no value without action where action is call for!'  Patrick Henry in this 'Occidental Republican Society set  the stage for some truth when he said" : Give me Liberty or Give me Death! "  Think about this relative to my actions concerning 'Reuben in the Black House and Land of Israel.   'Lest We Forget,  the claim of 'Twelve Hundred Million-Billion-Trillion-Zillion dollars compounded Interest in Gold Silver Diamonds and other valuables, including copyrights and patients!  This is one of the reasons why Reuben, seed of Jacob is not recognized across the board by low down dirty  sissies and punks in the pulpits and their impostors of demonic lying wenches and begging bitches, talking, while Reuben took action defeating Isis-phony state of so-called Israel-Watts on Fire'...traveled the Kings Highway in the Rapture-Aliyah crossed over Jordan and entered what is called the promised land and took the throne in the Door of Life! '...serving jail time for crimes not committed as negro black-Rasta's -Jehovah  witness's -Christians, Muslims, family members and so-called friends, all purport to have knowledge, but when the time to act  came forth, what happened too their Divine Wisdom in action for those in poverty and enslaved crying out for Justice? As I see it...unlike 'Patrick Henry they became( Tricks)...opting out as Negro-Blacks-African American-talker's who want nothing to do with Liberty and the responsibility of freedom Justice and Land...not taught to the flock by their so-called leaders, opting for greed and death.'  This is a testimony to one of their most vocal leaders in the person of 'Louis Farrakhan asking God?  ": who ever heard of the feet leading the head?! Are you kidding, selling the flock to Scientology! Your leadership Is The Problem!  We are all not the same!  Not for Sale!  Time and money cannot and will not buy,' Reuben, in the Faith and Spirit of Black Israel 'Seed of Jacob' Sun Son of Simeon(C) 10/18/2016...from the 'Door of Life', Kings Highway!   Reparations-Land and Restitution which is owed to Black slaves and their descendants in this American System.  This nation and it's advocates  bought and is owned by Zionist European Jews claiming leanage too Black Biblical lands and prophecy which they're not, claiming and lying as blood thirsty scumbags having bought off many of the Black Hebrews before they arrived on these shores-during the time and formation of the 'Sanhedrin Council' who are the real Spiritual Judas sellouts,' Black Orientals from Egypt Ethiopia and parts of Israel on the west bank, facilitating Slavery and all it's ills on the Black Continent.  It's the same as 'Christ and his Crucifixion'!  Nelson Mandela and the sellout of South Africa...along with other parts of the entire Continent by other punk, Sissy scumbags, who feel nothing for themselves and kind causing the  turmoil and chaos on that continent and the shores of America, manipulating the internal strife as Jews in the back ground using Black organizations to do their dirty work as punk sissies clowns in the pulpits of Religion-Law Education and Politics.   Talking love about Christ and the Exodus of Adam and Eve in equality after being thrown out of the Garden.  Pointing the finger at Eve he thought would clean him of his responsibility as the Man and head!  This is what you're looking at in the communities today with the wholesale, sellouts of men in the homes, because she, sees the enemy not in herself, but him as a Blackman, she gave her heart and mind to the impostors opting for death, now Claiming' Black Lives Matter! "  Stay Well, because Black and Truth is Beautiful and God Is!'  A Leopard doesn't change it's spots and a low down dirty scumbag is still a low down dirty Devil-and that's for real!  Reuben Seed of Jacob- let these sellouts and scumbags blow themselves to hell!. .reaping what they have sown   Reuben Beckles

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Giving thanks to the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God for Divine Intervention for opening my eyes enabling spiritual action for a people longing for justice!

The above titled stands for what it means relative to Black slaves of America and a tremendous debt owed not  only from  this nation of low down dirty termites and lying, bloodthirsty vampires but Blacks and Whites from distant lands and country's around the world!  Critical Analysis and Justice in action has enabled me to witness the action of self and kind before pointing a finger or reaching aboard for answers.  Without Divine Intervention I can say this with a surety " :you may have ears but you'll hear nothing!  Eye's to see, but see nothing!"  When it comes to solution of this racial dilemma in this country, you'll be totally blind deaf and ignorant, opting for fear and love for any and everything against your own best interest as a people.  Consider integration and the voting rights act. What have you gained, but talk, about 'black lives matter?'   The Church Killing in SC. where the family tells the world..." We love this Monster in the name of 'Love and Jesus!" Voting time nears and we receive flyers-telephone calls-TV ads and debates non stop, telling you, the so-call free Blacks, integrated and living among the slaves whom you hate, to vote for them.  You've got nothing since you gave up what you had to live among your 'White Brothers.'  Now comes the difference between the Slaves who were sold from the Continent landing here in chains and shackles', not by choice and built the foundation of this nation with 'Free Labor'...a debt owed,' by all, who walk on and enjoy the freedom given by the Slaves and their Descendants whom they hate and despise including your Colored President!  Black Slaves, take a good hard look around you-  then ask the question, why is it blacks whom you meet from other parts of the world don't live or want to live around you, walking around with a air of ' White Superiority? ' They're  in Religion Law Education Business Finance Entertainment Medicine Labor Unions Science Politics you name the disciplines they're there en mas.  Calling themselves Africans: African Americans!  How did they gain such status ( while Blacks in this Managed Slave System were and still are being shot down, lied too, on and about...not wanted and not paid, even when the record shows a clear case of Genocide' in all it's forms through lynching's, castrations, broken homes, stolen language, land and Culture then add insults to injury these same so-called Black Brothers and sisters now want to claim what's yours-who you are, relative to your birthright and claim, finding they are lower than low with the colored, creoles, mulattoes, now all, pretending Black!...thinking they are entitled too the Slaves Just Inheritance and Claim of (Twelve Hundred Million Billion Trillion Zillion Dollars in Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Land and other Valuables with Compounded Interest-Copyrights and Patients; none of which can be claimed by Black Judas Sellouts nor their White greedy lying impostors as brothers in this crime of 'Conspiracy to Commit God Killing!'  This is part of the reason they push integration in the form of' Black Lives Matter.'...noting the Sovereignty and truth of a mass Exodus from this Land going home which Judas sold out to this Burning house and is being exposed.  They opted for death!  (C) 10/8/2016   Reuben  Seed of Jacob-Sun  Son of Simeon-    Stay Well in Black Power cause Black is Beautiful in Self and Kind' as is Prophecy in the Faith of Land -Abraham Isaac and Jacob!   "Lest We Forget!   From the Kings Highway- Door of Life ...A  Leopard never changes it's spots- a Elephant is sill heavy, a pig is still pork and the Devil is Still a Low Down Dirty Lie, Game or Trick!   Take that too the bank!!    Reuben Beckles