Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Colored And White Hypocrites Claim Victory over Blacks-Suggesting America's Promise"Full-filled"

Much of the world watched and was made acutely aware of the hypnotic euphoria that peoples
from around the world shared as the news media proclaimed a "Colored Kenyan" as the next President of these United States-and leader of the Western world who will serve the devil and shut Black folk down from Justice and true Divine deliverance! His election was made possible at this time in history because of the stupidity and ignorance of America's leaders and their allies in Europe. I would be a hypocrite-a liar and fool if I didn't mention their co-partners in this monumental crime being placed upon the world...The Black Judas sellouts within the entity of the body politic-churches-mosques-synagogues-masonic lodges and their counter parts in financial institutions- schools- arm forces...right across the board!! I mention these entities and folk because I know and am aware of their selfishness and greed and they are all now in the pits of despair having sold out the truth concerning the Black slaves in America and their demands for land and Reparations having never been paid for( free labor and the near destruction of a race of people(Black)! These sellouts wanted to be accepted so bad that they accepted funny money( counterfeit) with no backing except the con-men controlling the federal reserve system! These are the minds behind those who would control the world Economically-the same people who are behind the down turn of the worlds financial problems today as people lose their incomes and businesses close! The next President of these United States in the person of "Barrack Obama" is to promote him as a black man-which he is not...and have him be a part of and make policy for the insanity of the world which will wipe out the foundation of this nation which was and is slavery and free labor which was never paid for...a debt which is still due. The black Man's foundation in this nation must and will come to lite because the Divine rapture has been made by "Reuben" whose land is across the river Jordan and cannot be taken or bought. Everyone like a race of people must have a foundation upon which to stand- grow-live and develop...this is divine and the nature of things! Judas knew this when they developed secret societies, masonic lodges and sold their knowledge to the nation of the world in the form of Christ. Judas acceptance was to use trickeration and get the European and it's allies into that land by using the Caucasians whom the scriptures tell you in the book of Revelations-is Satan himself. In the Church and secret societies-Mosques included they have been and are being paid to keep this knowledge quiet. This is why this nation and system is crumbling all over the world. The people of this nation and others with their leadership do not believe in prophecy nor the Divine and they move their forces and resources against all who are aware of this truth attempting to wipe out this reality because the land belongs to Black. Both they and Judas want the white image and thought process...claiming they are God!..."If one checks the record of life in action in this nation-you will find people of color as they live it do not want to be nor do they claim to be Black. These folk are so smooth they even have Blacks claiming they are not Black ! Just in case you think this is a foolish statement-ask the people what caused the fight between the peoples of Rwanda on the continent of the Blacks. Who stopped Marcus Garvey from going home? When did "Octoroons, Creoles, Mulattoes-become Black? It's not in their mind set nor do they have a solution for the problems of Black-except the integration of colored-they give you "Barrack Obama!! This gets us back to the leadership and entities within the Black communities across this land. Every people must have a foundation-free or other wise-when I was growing up in this nation as a boy into Man-hood, these folk will not tell you the truth unless you join them and their organizations so that they will know your every move...when you find out the truth they can and will block you or cause your death in some mysterious way. after all they are the leaders getting paid-to claim your life and wisdom-it's called identify thief! Here is one key that you might want to ask them -those who have been paid all over the world promoting the big lie. Having never joined or been a part of any of their organizations and never receiving their knowledge how is it we can tell them of their degrees that's not in their book-how is it we were able to cross over into the land and take the throne that they and their leaders knew of and Dr King Jr. spoke of without joining their organization -without a gun-knife or malice-not being apart of a conspiracy or touching a Man-Woman or Child? Put in jail and beaten beyond all moral perception with no crime being committed except finding the knowledge of love- self and kind along with the understanding that this land and system is not for me-self and kind and why these folk are being given a colored Man to replace the Black Man enabling the world to destroy the truth in prophecy in this land concerning the Black Man's Truth-Foundation And Claim! One Nation!! I have no intention of being a part of this insanity and the pit of despair of these despots! This is Sovereignty and no Lie! Reuben-Seed of Jacob- son of Simeon reuben beckles 11-10-2008