Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Whose Kidding Whom-Pretense And Game Playing Over! Leader's Of Black And White America Don't Want Solution For Chaos created By Slavery!

America's Black and White so-called leaders have no intentions of doing what's right-meaningful and to the point of solution because this is a money making machine for the conspirators, liars and thieves known around the world in countries and nations who also benefit with money guns and tremendous wealth!  In America, the diversion is a slogan -"Terrorism and National Interest"...No Justice, No Peace" relative to a Colored President acting as a Black Man in the White House in behalf of the State Department-Judicial System -Pentagon and Police forces around the Nation-in the name of freedom of speech regarding the Constitution and keeping the peace! The major problem as yours truly See's it is Both Black and White have been playing a non-action game so long with talk-that Mulattoes-Creoles-Latinos-Mexicans and others with real knowledge of Black, thought they could walk in posing as Black inheritors along with Judas sellouts and Caucasian imposter's to the Birthright of Jacob and the promise of Abraham in Prophecy!  Problem is-the Land nor Prophecy is not for everyone and certainly not the above mentioned. It cannot be bought or taken pure and simple! If this is not truth then ask yourselves Why didn't you make the Aliyah-Rapture in and under Divine protection-through the Kings Highway-through the door and the Land coming from the foundation of Slavery of Black in this land?  This action that I took after making my claim as Reuben gave us the Land- Status and value because the imitators right across the board in the name of Israel tried to steal the birthright and the Land causing the "One Day War" which involved not only Egypt but Isis who also wanted to steal the birthright and on all front were beaten and failed!  This  is not folly-check the record (1968)!  The problem with the claim of civil rights by Black Leadership is that they want like so many others something for nothing without a foundation and paying the price by using those who have a real claim to Black Lands and labor that's real and not this melting pot of integration and the Common Wealth where you forget the past and receive crumbs for the future that can be taken at any time and no land which means No Claim-No Status-No History-No Future!...Instead of whining and begging about land here or elsewhere reach down deep to the point of Chains and Shackles-Sovereignty taken from your land who now speak one language because Culture language and people were wiped out-families destroyed beatings-lynching -castrations common-education down the drain and lived by those who now claim to be you in the arena of truth and Justice-because your leaders both Black and White are gaming and playing you and that is why Dr. King had to go-he had been serving Satan and the Devil telling the world to leave those Caucasians alone in Israel-the Land belong to them giving up many of the rightful heirs who were in the church to the Devil-same is true concerning the Nation of Islam who never connected with the land from whence many of them came-this is why Elijah said before his death their would be no Islam after him" he didn't know what it would  be" because they were fighting Christians not the Status and Sovereignty of their Land( they missed the mark!...this is truth in History!  Today, they're asking for Land here or elsewhere!  The end result-frustration-Chaos-Shootings and marches..."no justice, no peace-no Solution, even though the solution is staring them in the face...could it be they know it but instead of fighting for the truth they sold the foundation out and now have nothing to stand on as they look for a sacrifice hoping everybody is asleep!  Reuben       Seed Of Jacob-Son of Simeon...Reparations-Restitution-Land! (C) July/22/2013                        Reuben Beckles

Friday, July 12, 2013

Black Immitators-nothing more than ursury trying to disguise solution of truth-talking Fatherlessness-Immigration and the value in Brotherhood!

The above title to some if not most may seem to diatribe but I can assure you the deeper meaning is a "Conspiracy to commit God Killing" while doing away with every thing of value in Black and prophecy. The problem is it can't and won't work.  As a Black Man we have shared with you on time, history, solution knowledge and wisdom relative to the foundation of Black in this nation relating to cause and effect and the salvation of our children and families as a people! In return we have been  given formats of empty air with no value to be repeated for the next five hundred years or more headed and chaired by Black Judas sellouts from religious houses-politicians-educators- lawyers and so-called activists.  They will try talking Black but they're not Black just like your President! What they want is fame and the Spirit of the Black Man who you will find stands alone in value and principle for the real cause of Justice and Freedom!  What you have are pretending imposter's in the form of Caucasians -Half and Half-Red -Brown Yellow-Creoles-Mulattoes-Qua drones-Octoroons who are just like ISIS wanting the power and Spirit of Black hoping Blacks will advocate- then die for them- like Jesus...needing a foundation in brotherhood!  These folk then run to the foundation of Black Africa, to claim the Land and resources hoping to find a hiding place!  They then return to the Corporation of  The U.S of America, and tell Black here to hell with Africa, this is the place to be! they work to  destroy the Black Man in the Home and the Jails are full of these situations  as the Black communities are going to Pot along with other drugs-sold to you by the same folk who claim to be your Brothers-many of whom speak many languages while you speak one( the effects of slavery)!...which was destroyed with your culture.    These are nothing more than thugs and pimps who use your culture and value against you.  I have spoken about those within the Secret Social Societies" Lest We Forget"  I am also referring to the Greek College Fraternities and Sororities.   They will tell you they are  as much Man as you Black is nothing and work Strong against Black while pretending to be for Black!  Today, the nation is in Chaos and the children they raised don't know who they are while every one try's  to speak for the same Black Man they hate!...Herein is the Conspiracy that run deep and wide and yet is shallow when pitted against the Aliyah-Rapture and the Kings High Way!...Most of these folk have converted to what they think I represent -yet have an opportunity to move in action for truth-solution and freedom and right across the board they refuse if it doesn't represent this in sane integration yet cry as they watch other folk take care of their business with out them-how ignorant is that!  I think something is wrong with the mind and heart-if be it -yours truly position has not nor will it change because the price I paid to find the knowledge of self and kind relative to the land -house and wisdom of God-Prophecy and Reuben is too High and deep to be playing games!  If those who think I'm just talk and my truth is not real-check in with your Queen ISIS and the One Day War and her armies-you'll find  her Sex-Book of the Dead- Tarot Cards and Wisdom was acted on in Secret as part of the international Conspiracy- failed as she ran into Fire-Air-Earth And Water and the unknown substance of disbelief and the swinging long knives she and her warriors couldn't cross trying to make it to the Kings High Way and land that wasn't theirs under Identity theft and pretense!  I am Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon (C) July 12th/2013             Reparations-Restitution-Land On Your Continent!           Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Lest We Forget"! Black Slavery -Cause and Effect-Fatherless Homes-The Untalked About Conspiracy!.

Much is being talked about over around and through but no solutions relative too cause and effect of slavery that lingers and persists into the twenty first century.  The reason is Identity theft and conspiracy to destroy Black thought-Land and Wisdom as a Solution.  Pretending and sugar coating  means nothing with no roots or foundation which is the case given to Black Slaves in Slavery!  This is why integration and the pretense of solving immigration and the lack of job creation appears to work in the mist of chaos. Examine the truth and it's foundation a people enslaved for the benefit of another taken from sovereignty  put in chains and shackles -lynched, castrated, beaten beyond all moral conception while families, language and culture had no meaning and were destroyed for the benefit of these demonic monsters who waxed fat on all front while at the same time today will tell you and I to for get the past be of value in to days market of freedom-God loves unconditional!  If you tell these monsters of the real solution you are a terrorist to be watched and destroyed  removed from your family setting if you have one! They do this by eliminating your ability to earn a living-then turn everyone around you against you including members of your family which includes your wife whom they say is head of the home while feeding her trinkets-leaving her and the family totally unprotected to the whims of others!  They do this with a background of free labor-an unpaid debt-an two hundred and fifty years of psychological warfare to destroy the real knowledge of you self and kind.  When you turn the table as a free Man in the spirit sense they want to lie about the truth as to who you are and what was done tell them you want them to put their child in your care and domination for just ten years knowing that after  that period of time they wouldn't recognise their child and they know it!  Bare witness to" Pattie Hearst"!  Flip the page to all the talk and discontent across the land concerning the race problem-financial and job problem along with the multitude of highly trained graduates on the beg list who are a part of the root foundation of slavery who for what ever reason want nothing to do with the truth! Again flip the page how do you solve  the real problem in the many forums across the land without going to the root in action-"Watts-The Aliyah-Rapture-'One Day War' (1968) where I don't have to convert to something or someone I already Am!  Truth is Negro Colored Black folk in their religions and secret societies have been given much truth and knowledge and as I see it they are acting the same way as Christ Disciples,  to the Man they turned their backs having no balls he walked and carried his cross and only the father could save him!  If these folk think that scenario is to be played out again just because I walked the Kings High way and lived through it ...think again act and follow through on the truth for yourself as I have shared my truth with you-I walked what I talk and act  ...this is not a game and I am not a toy a boy but a King one with my God...Prophecy is real -Reparations Restitution and Land is the order of the day!  (c) July 10th/2013    Reuben -Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon In the Prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!        the Judas sellouts and gangsters running this corporation called the U.S of America, under the guidance of  Ismael and Esau is the source of Black Israel and the worlds problem ending in the buying and selling of Palestine which Dr King and others were in on lying and taking spirits!                 Reuben Beckles