Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Idea's and Possible Solutions for Blk Slaves of America-more than just Jobs!

For those among us and those around the world who think I'm just talk playing games or blowing off steam as Reuben-Son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob-relative too the twelve houses of Israel and prophecy-think again-what I know and believe was learned by faith in action which gave me answers to many questions floating around the essence of my being even as a young boy growing into Manhood. Investigating and asking question of those whom I respected and thought had answers only tended to complicate matters because they knew or didn't know or more important didn't think I should know-by pointing me to the Church-Mosque-Temple or some fool who knew even less than I. What I soon found out was that I was in search of Identity and purpose to fill a void. That void was filled when by chance I met Mr. Sand ford Alexander-owner and publisher of the late 'Herald Dispatch Newspaper' here in Los Angeles, who told me little yet, showed me much-as a towering Black Man he showed me the meaning of growing up into Manhood-Physically-Mentally-Spiritually ...because of him the action I took while in his presence and employment-it led me into the knowledge and understanding I now have of myself-wisdom and meaning of ones own cross-Stated by Christ-The Kings highway -long and narrow-the height of the Mountain spoken of by the late Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.-the dept one must reach to find the bottom of the earth before rising and entering the Glorious Door-The Divine Throne-Land and Earth-meaning (Reuben) 'he who grew up by the Water's void had been filled! (Action taken-purpose realized-truth unmistakable relative to the twelve house of Israel-Identity theft-Land and seed of Jacob! This action took me from the foundation over the heads of the knowing -hiding and unknowing even those in pretense who talk in and out of degrees of knowledge-to gain wealth-power-to use-kill- abuse -trick and fool the innocence keeping alive mistrust and chaos-in Churches-Temples-Mosques-on Streets and street c0rners called 'Freedom Square' erected by Money lenders-and Judas sellouts-to keep their hope of trickeration and pretense alive! This gets us back to the relevance in and out of America, because our action as "Reuben" took place here in America and slavery was suppose too have ended -land not given to slaves and their descendants stolen from a distant land brought to this land in chains and shackles suffering unspeakable horrors! Making our claim in behalf of our people 'Israel' I was beaten misused and abuse beyond all moral perception-were it not for Divine Intervention-I would not be alive today to reveal this truth this claim relative to Justice! Those who had knowledge and power to make this claim just and happen seem to have turned a deaf ear enabling their imps to fill the airwaves with shouts of jobs jobs jobs!...knowing this will not solve the root problem of continued Slavery! The buffer which sustains the hierarchy is the super-upper middle class now being destroyed-as are lying politicians who don't know it yet! ...yes, even those promoting the phony Zionist-so-called Jewish State-they call Israel-which accounts for those in power wanting my death and my actions causing Divine intervention of my personal safety sense no individual or group of individuals came to my aid ! However, my personal safety is not on trial here-but truth and Justice is relative to the hidden knowledge of Israel and Reuben-writer of this Blog and my God ! This Divine Intervention is also related to the 'One day War' of (1968) when that fictitous state tried to take over the entire region land of Israel related to Prophecy and Jacob...also related to Egypt-Saudi Arabia and their Goddess...ISIS and her book of the dead! After all the noise-political and otherwise dies down-our solution for Black Slaves in America remain the same-mounting compounded daily interest=Reparations-Restitution-land will be paid or there will be nothing and the slaves will still leave-this I have seen-let the phonies and disbelievers defy-challenge the Spirit and word of the Supreme living most High God-and his -this truth! (C) @ Sept.20 2011 Reuben Seed of Jacob-son of Simeon ...Reuben Beckles

Friday, September 16, 2011

Genuis of Amer.Europe both hypocrites-living and promoting color and class warfare!

The above title to this blogger is true and factual and their actions speak loud and clear in the form of exploitation and usury all over the world-through greed and selfishness Europe gave rise to America-with the help of the Moors-same as Ethiopia gave rise to Egypt as the foundation of America is Black Slaves from the land of the Blacks now recognized as African Americans now fighting as slaves who were never paid but fight the slave mastered fight for integration and middle class status-failing on both fronts! Caucasians on both fronts here and Europe live privileged lives as the expense of all others-with a strong need to control. When the slave masters and privilege class leave Europe-go to the land of the Blacks(Africa) then come to America-they become Africans in America, entitled to everything Black slaves are entitled-including the slave (Reparations Account). The phony Zionists lives the identity of Hebrew Israelites using the money key on land that's not his and the Black Judas sellouts in secret societies and other entities get paid to control the real slaves spiritually! The Caucasians of America also get paid through the Political-Educational-Economical and Judicial systems they control-knowing the Black Judas sellout will say nothing and do less! Oops! What they didn't bank on was Divine intervention in behalf of (Reuben-Seed of Jacob-son of Simeon-the foundation of Slavery in this country and Black folk around the world who were to be wiped out on the actions -deeds and word of the slave masters -their plot failed! Today they are living in utter chaos talking religious problems-educational-housing-racial-economical-social-psycologial situations that don't work and failing-all in concert with their God...paper money-with no backing( the debt!) ...telling the world to be on the lookout for terrorists whom they created-in their lust for power and control! Now their main talking point is Obama and the jobs jobs and the popularity of the Presidency...all folly because none want to deal with the truth and foundation of the slaves and their free slave labor which was never paid to them nor their descendants-which has tremendous compounded daily interests! Solve the problem-recognize the truth as to how the slaves were brought to this land in chains and shackles against their will as we continue to deal with this nightmare called freedom on land in a system not ours-while the slave masters and black Judas sellouts try to speak for us through (Anonymous Proxy)telling us we can't think-won't work happy to live the status quo! Consider this-we choose to move to our land-on our continent-with tractors-all elements for building- this nation can give their people who want to work jobs in foundry's and manufacturing plants to build these items and equipment for us as starters while we talk with some of our most educated who can't find jobs to cover the continent informing the leaders and peoples the prodigal sons and daughters are coming home! The cost will be extracted from our Reparations Account! There are other situations that we have covered in bloggers we have done before this one-which we will expand on at some future date but for now since the nation seems to be preoccupied with Jobs-let this be a starter! If you notice nothing was said about blowing folk up and ripping them off while on some ego trip-just pure and simple truth and Justice giving your people and kind time to take care of their business-time is late-this is no game! (c) @ September 16 Reuben Seed of Jacob son of Simeon... Reuben Beckles

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Plain Fed Up! Truth In Prophecy! Abraham Isaac And Jacob- God Is Israel-not Israeli-Phonies-Pretenders

Tired of game playing with Judas in the back ground of Black organizations of America and nations of the world-claiming to be something they're not-punks and sissies-with an appetite for recognition-wealth and power-sissies who hate themselves and kind relishing slavery! Action and truth they know God is-prophecy in Jacob is real! My truth in this reality-is truth and action as (Reuben=Behold the Son=Beckles=he who grew up by the Water!-you can find more by typing the name in YouTube...enter- view with 'Odell Farris' If I don't tell you this truth in action-by faith-who will?) Those individuals-agents or organizations-claiming to be in tune with this knowledge-truth and action taken- acting on my behalf as (Anonymous Proxy) acting for their own benefit in Identity theft ! Each of the following actions taken by yours truly was and is rooted in Divine prophecy related to the foundation of Cause and Effect( Watts -Dr Kings View of the promised Land from the Mountain Top-which he could not enter! -Our entry into the Promised Land as Reuben-Son Of Simeon-seed of Jacob walking the Kings Highway while warriors all over the world and universe were at one another throats not believing a black man could possess that much love and power for God self and kind-not stealing or hiding using someone eles's Identity. This was happening while the phony Israeli state was claiming the birthright and land of Jacob's and the real Twelve houses of Israel' along with the "Ark Of the Covenant" given to Solomon- known too and part of Ethiopia. The ploy and plot was cooked up by the Zionist using Egypt- Rome and the Christian church-all over the world -certain elements of Islam-the money key and Isis to do their dirty work-ending with Israeli attempt to steal the Promised land that didn't then nor now belong to them - The ' one day war and the fall of Isis!' The Late President Johnson's action not to run for a second term was part of Isis fall- as was the assassination of Bobby and John F. Kennedy-both steeped in Law and Black knowledge sold to them before and during the civil rights movement ! This also holds true for Black caucus members now talking about lynchings and the tea party. Lest We Forget' pulling no punches-the late Legon' activist and black store book owner-was selling shares of Israel-too coloreds under med-physical knowledge to burn and take Black men spirits-under Isis which is the same as the 'nation of Islam'-coloreds and Whites wanting the black man's spirit-the real birth right -land of the blacks known as 'Africa)! Today, these phony lying hypocrite talk of solving the black man's problem-through education and jobs-hell-blacks built the country and was never paid-Slaves nor the descendants -whose kidding whom? The leaders claim theres debt but no money! Those who became part of Sovereign Indian Tribes as Black are told they are no longer wanted or needed-which has been up held by the Supreme court of this land-even as they are being preached too in their religions by their leaders-using the book they claim is the word of God! My question is what's the solution after all the talk? These are folk who have no faith nor belief-but preach too you as followers- So at this point yours truly is forced to ask the question-who are they but Judas-and where were they when I was fighting the good fight for self and kind-to this very day-thrown in jail-charged with crimes I didn't commit-beaten ed beyond all moral perception-family unit destroyed-In their court of Law-where were they when God stepped in and said enough-free this Son of Man'- then sealed the kings highway-the land- door and throne of Reuben as Seed of Jacob ! As Anonymous Proxy's-what I did was in the lite of day-action's known to the world -cause and effect-love of self and kind-Power to my God-Not Anonymous-not a lie! Confusion and chaos abound when pretenders are allowed to get around truth with no thought of Divine Intervention relative to Justice ! God Is-Prophecy in Jacob is real!...Reuben-Son of Simeon...Seed of Jacob ! Sept. 10th (@) 2011 Reuben Beckles