Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Moment of Truth with Introspection-Family Affairs and Divine Analogical Action!...In Black!

Legacy for and towards future of Black Slaves and descendants living in America given by God of the living Most High to the Man-King of Israel, Jacob Seed, in the House and Land Of Reuben.  (Divine intervention-real and true solution.  "It's a debt owed-with compounded Interest. A legacy, within the Nation!  This is the real meaning of the Sixties( Value-hope-future, Justice in Land, Restitution Reparations!)  If Black Men and Women were to stop this insane madness of loving every body through integration and forgiveness  you'll find justice in action, loving self and kind while moving with a Legacy on a foundation that has no equal.  You'll find that these color Black pretenders promoting White supremacy'  have given up on Black and sold you out and continue to sell you out to the highest bidder.  These Judas sellouts don't want Land and Restitution in Justice, they want your Spiritual Birthright.   What you have coming in the form of Reparations to live comfortably in this Demonic Nation with, You ,on the Bottom!    Integration to them mean they can keep hope alive keeping you at one another's necks.  Creating havoc between Male and Females in family's  fighting.  Mother's Daughters and Son-with no Fathers, they hate!  This allows organizations of demonic servitude to plan your demise giving you rotten foods unhealthy water and neighbor hoods of violence and mistrust, pushing you to the edge of insanity while they use your identity  as Black!  The so-called Age of Aquarius' has brought forth  knowledge of you-rejected by you.  You don't even question whether what you're being told and shone is correct!  In most cases your Fathers are nothing -women haters and abusers...criminals!  Mom is everything, can do no wrong.  You at some point find her wrong but don't have the balls to admit the truth, too him-the Father! At the root of this insanity is White Supremacy'  thinking he's God!...she hates herself, color, hair, lips and condition.  In many cases he, the Male, won't step up( Putting her in her place as a female woman!  She raised him under the protection of Married White Supremacy'  thinking she's as much Man as Man ...God?  Her Pimp standing in the pulpit tells her come to his religious house if he doesn't -leave him!...same thing happens in the courts of Law...why the jails are so full ...of Men and Women!   This is what happens when truth comes to a people and it's  rejected. Sellout is easy= Rev. Jessie Jackson( Nation Building Time...I Am Somebody! opened his hands relative too Rainbow coalition-Money in hand no Nation!  ( Elijah Mohammad 'Their would be no Nation after him= Farrakhan and Scientology.   The Urban League-NAACP...the list goes on.  Now you're Mad because you have nothing for self or kind or on coming generations. Yet, the God given Legacy in the Sixties remains" A debt owed ' with compounded interest in the form of Reparations Restitution and Land!  You fight yourselves while hating yourselves to benefit someone else is insanity.  Introspection/Critical analogical Act.  (C) 2/10/ 2016  Reuben Seed Of Jacob- Man, Sun Son of Simeon.  Faith in action from the Kings Highway-A legacy found and acted on.  Faith of Abraham Isaac Jacob.      A Devil Is Still A Devil!  Pig is Still Pork and a Leopard doesn't change it's spots!                 Reuben Beckles-

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Black Introspection-Male and Females thinking they would be Accepted only to fine-The Devil Is Still A Devil-Today you're mad with Nothing!

Trouble in hell-you didn't accept or respect what you had, so now you use terms like 'Back in the Day' we had this, we had that, we have arrived, selling ourselves and families out to the Devil for recognition and a job building the slave plantation, hating yourselves wanting to be White-Creoles, Mulattoes, Octoroons, quadroon's...anything but Black and Beautiful!  The females accepted the roles of raising other Nationalities children abandoning her own selling them out Spiritually then laying the blame at the feet of the Male!  The Black Male Judas used his wisdom and knowledge to fight and die for a monster lying devil leaving their families in a system on land that's not theirs among demons, that hate them trying to promote the lie of brotherhood suggesting we're all the same being lynched, castrated mutilated ...used and misused beyond all description finding yourselves as great entertainers-still non accepted! 'Black, back in the Day' as Slavery was coming too an end you were given a ray of so-called hope with Money and Education-the ability to go to Church and get Married all sanctioned by White Demonic Bloodsucking Devils to whom you submitted as God. Gave him wealth beyond his complete imagination-holding out his woman as the great prize while he had his way with your woman then and now!  Now you find( he's no God at All!)...keeping you and your Woman at one another's throats your children with no hope because you gave your Spirits and Souls to the Devils Children, telling  them" it doesn't matter what you do ( God Loves ya-we all the same!)  "Up stepped Divine Wisdom In Black Truth saying to hell with this- I'm Reuben from the 'Twelfth House of Israel; Reuben; not knowing, but having faith -believing in the Herald Dispatch Newspaper it's foundation and purpose (Owner Mr Sanford  Alexander) and Prophecy of the Living Scriptures I moved throughout many businesses and home areas where Blacks were thought to be dead or non aware.  Moving from one area to the other with an ancient scroll we put to flight demons you wouldn't believe.  In doing so found the Divine Judgment hall in the middle of the earth-the Kings Highway -the impostors of Israel trying to steal the Promised Land.   Black, Colored and White Warriors in the Book of the Dead fighting for Isis- taking Spirits in the name of equality and brotherhood.  It became one hell of a war all over the world reaching into the Universe. The devils had been caught off guard, off balance, as we crossed the River Jordan  in the Rapture...Aliyah into the Land of Reuben taking the Spiritual Throne. Yes, I paid a price...alone, which is why there's so much turmoil in the world today. Believers pretending they're believers. Right is wrong and wrong is right!  The foundation of Black Slavery didn't happen, nor can blame be place where it belongs, in the laps of religions and leaders on the Black Continent aiding and abetting the capturing of slaves promoting White Supremacy'.  This is why the unpaid Debt is still unpaid to rightful heirs and their descendants in this Nation.  Today, they are claiming Reparations of which they're not entitled but is a legal claim due Black Slave in America.  This claim is also due from the entire Nations of the world who benefited from their insane use and misuse of Black Folk-Slaves Hebrews, who didn't die-to the Glory of the Divine Prophecy!  Think about this before I close saying:' a devil is still a devil!  This Nation has set in motion a title wave of Immigrants claiming Citizenship, Buying Land with cash that was made possible by slaves participation in various wars around the world along with the consuming of dope hoping to kill their spirits and minds they hoped, would wipe out the Black nation from within this land.  Nationalities from Russia China Brazil Argentina Colombia Mexico Venezuela France Turkey just to name a few have, all been trying trying to claim Black knowledge and Birth Right!  Think about how these folk have been able to amass so much wealth by misusing the people from their point of origin spending as much as (3. 6 million dollars) for a piece of land they now call home in these United States.  Think about they arrive here from around the world only to find themselves in debt to Black folk they thought were dead!...Oop!  Black is truly Beautiful.  Black Power!  Reparations, Land And Restitution.  Stay Well. (C) 2/6/2016   Faith of Abraham Isaac Jacob.      Reuben Seed of Jacob, Man  Sun Son of Simeon ....On Target On Point! A devil is Still A Devil and a Pig is still pork -A Leopard what?  Even Black Spirits...Male and Female who hate themselves-passing evil spiritual knowledge down to the innocence children helping to promote the evils of 'White Supremacy, are now facing the folly of their acts in failure ! Can't destroy Prophecy or the beauty in Black!    Reuben Beckles

Thursday, February 04, 2016

A Family Affair and Introspection with Critical Analysis/ Analogical action "Lest We Forget" Foundation And Head In Black!

We live and learn in a nation that pretends too be for and represents all people, nationalities, in a free and Democratic Society, while at the same time doing it's best to destroy any and everything Black-to be replaced by Colored in 'White Supremacy!'  ... here and around the world.  As a Black Man of Ancient original  Hebrew lean age, 'I Am No Accident' and nor, is kind!  This is a statement of fact. Yet, 'Critical Analysis' has me asking myself ' what in the hell is wrong with 'Black Folk'?  Why do we continue too sell one another out only to be replaced by Black and White Judas sellouts, who know the truth?  Blacks are the foundation of this Plantation and slavery is over, yet, it remains.  Why?  We can no longer point the finger at so-called Caucasian Jews or Gentiles, Samaritan's or other demonic folk!  At this point in time, we must examine ourselves and kind as too who we are and what is our future if we claim to be Black and Beautiful with the faith of the living God, that delivered us from a fate worst than death. This being a 'Family Affair'  how many of us truly want real freedom and independence  with Land over our heads-under our feet and on both sides of us with the ability of our children to grow strong and wise loving self and kind.  Next point;  why are we in colleges and universities producing nothing for self and kind while creating goods and serves for everyone else at the same time catching hell, being Black, hating self, begging, crying-fighting and dying for the benefit of others.  There's no doubt in my mind that we are all aware of these lying, pimping thugs calling themselves our leaders who abuse our trust while filling their pockets and beds of any and everything White.  I'm not speaking of just men folk.  I'm looking at the female; Mothers, talking black pride, walking the streets half nude for sale at any price to whom ever! These are the kind, whom God removed from the Garden-thinking she was as much Man as Man ...over God!  Same woman, who would leave her family, go to work for long periods of time working in White Supremacist homes, raising White Children to be Supreme over her Black Family. She then cry's moans and talks about the Black Man, she hates, while hiding his Black Children.  She left the family while making life so unbearable that he's either in jail or the arm forces dying for her White Lover the White Supremacist and his Democracy!...a system he claims to love with her in Black-while he's slaughtering her Black Male counter part.  If you think I'm building a clean path for this Demonic, bloodthirsty, White Monster who wants to be Original and Black think Action and Deeds is not just talk.  It can be found in the written records.  If you do anything of Value or otherwise in this system there is a written record-recorded...not just talk!   When a Black Man signs his life away to fight and protect this nation he's still a Slave, submitting too the Slave forces here and around the world.  He knows the  truth leaving this country and returns knowing his mom  and the white slave masters have Blacks on lock down.  Trying to kill every Black he can't control. She gets paid and so does her Pimp Ministers who control Faith based religious houses  and secret societies around the nation.  Yet, we must and cannot forget 'Blacks arrived here in chains and shackles now speaking one language, unaware of Himself,  Family, Culture and Land all stripped from him by Slave owners.  He survived his own Spiritual demise which did not happen to others of his kind in the Diaspora.  What was taken from the Blacks of America did not happen to others around the World.  Those Blacks on the Continent Sold Blacks here into slavery or we wouldn't be here  today. They now claim they didn't sending many of their off springs here to emulate black slaves taking their birthright  perpetuating this system while many of their so-called leaders are selling the Land and resources for their profits knowing they can't claim Reparations or Restitution being part of the' Black Destruction.'  This is why they don't want 'Black American Slaves to return Home to the Land that would give  them ' Sovereignty.' This being the case, the Spiritual Chastisement' coming to them is going to be unbelievable!  They have become one in the same as these Bloodsucking, Demonic Devils and will be treated as such!...Prophecy in the making!  So far as Blacks in can't claim to know truth then sit on your hands when it's time to move for self and kind then move into bed with the Devil...claiming we're all the same "Can't we Just get Along?  When did the leopard change it's spots- a zebra it's stripes-or a pig stop being pork...A Devil is still a Devil!...Justice is Black Power!  Black is Still Beautiful and the Supreme Lord Of the Living Most High God - Is God In Truth!    So is Faith- Abraham Isaac and Jacob.....(C) 2/4/2016   Reuben   Seed of Jacob.  Man...    Sun-Son of Simeon from the Rapture Into the Land beyond the Fertile  Crescent-Jordan! Not for sale at any Price! Staying the Course-Introspection of Self and Kind-Love self!       Reuben Beckles        Reparations Restitution and Land !