Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Season For Talk Deception And Chaos In Middle Class Hypocrisy

Katrina and Isaac should make us pause reflex and think about what's really going on in the entire scheme of things relative to a nonpayment of a debt long over due to Black slaves in America and their descendants. The slave masters and the funds are here and we are reminded night and day that this is the greatest system and country on earth ! What you're not being told it's because of trickery-deception slavery and free labor-called free enterprise-under demonic rule. While the illusion of freedom is touted here and abroad slavery remains the nations true foundation. If one examines the facts and truth closely as the politicians and business folk beg for your votes to lead the flock they're talking about Money- Independents and the Middle class. How about the underclass-no class-the unpaid slaves? I maintain the truth is known by many and hidden by many and this is the cause for much of the chaos-choosing not to recognize and submit to Divine Intervention in prophecy leaving themselves open to Karma, reaping what they have sown talking love unconditional in the name of Jesus-in faith praying to the God of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob relative to that factious State of Israel and what they call the Jewish State and Identity theft! Check the facts-and records- the reason for the non=payment of not just the monetary portion we have been demanding in many of our previous blogger which would enable jobs and employment to abound it also means the lies and deceit relative to the land and real Identity of the slaves whose free labor built this nation would come to the fore front as the real prodigal Sons and Daughters to the Black continent and the real state of Israel in the Prophecy Of Jacob which the (Negro-Afro-African America Black Judas Sellouts in and out of Religious Secret Societies are well aware of) but like Judas gave it up for this melting pot! Judas-Isis Satan-Ishmael-Esau.! If you're on the righteous track and the Kings High way and you know the don't want what belongs to someone else and you grow up into yourself and kind knowing this land and system is not yours and you will pay a price for knowing and taking an action for this truth-in other words not just talk but action by faith. That action will create a (Watts) (The One Day War Of 1968) the Heavens will open and you'll walk through the door of life-to be Semitic or non-Semitic will be made plain! The Ex-Major of New Orleans , told the people Katrina represented Prophecy, Gods anger! The people didn't listen and they don't hear him now ...truth is the path of destruction is primary in slave holding States then and now literally as Isaac( The Patriarch-in the word brings forth Jacob and the Prophecy of and in Israel! As Divine Judgement is taking place across this land and the world relative to our demands for real freedom on our land relative to earned reparations they give you a Black woman from Hattie and one of the southern slave states running as a congresswomen- married to a Mormon taking point talking individual achievement in the republican party for white folk as she and her half Black and white President if the truth be told want nothing to do with Blacks of America, ! His immigration and same sex marriage among other things reflex his policies as his VP is telling you in no uncertain terms you're being put on the fast track to self distrust into chains and shackles even as the Indian takes away your citizenship and you find no place to hide!...This I say right up front as Reuben-Seed of Jacob Son of Simeon-Blackman-The Prophecy-Land-Spirit-and Soul is real and not for sell at any price! Isaac bring forth Jacob with Earthquakes-Tsunami-Tornado' name it-this is not a game...(C)@ Sept. 5/2012 Reuben Beckles