Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, July 31, 2017

More Critical insight And Analysis in the form of Integration and freedom with no land Soverienty and loss identitiy!

Why no freedom,  no Justice under this system on this land called the ' United States of America?' Because your 'leadership' are made up of lying wenches and begging bitches and their pimps and hustlers in the pulpits!   Much blood, tears and havoc have been heaped on Black folk before, during and after arriving on these shores in chains and shackles with all the attending ills surrounding this episode of 'unwilling entry'.  We're told (Slavery is Over!  You're free!)  Yet, Black slave rebellion and the 'Real Revolution continues.  Created Black and Beautiful within my DNA starting within the Divine Creation...  I am No Accident!'  So what's with this insanity called ( Legal, Civil and Human Rights ? )   Experimentation and investigation to make wrong right. Who's benefits?  The 'White power structure and pitiful black Judas sellouts pushing the advancement of their Colored off springs who were not accepted by their White daddy's, whom he called 'Mongolian Negro phobia,  Bastards, whom he had no use for.  His White women whom he also hated... preferring young boys then and now, convince him to open and setup schools for his children...Colored-Creole Mulattoes Octoroons and others. One of the institutions  of note, known in many circles today, is called 'Howard University.'  It was only  in present times,( sixties) called a 'Black University ' during the Black Power Movement of the Sixties!  White men's  sons and daughters were not accepted by their white daddy's so they opted to join the evolution and revolution of Black slaves. This is where the true black movement went down hill.  White sons and daughters turned traitors turning all black movements and activities across the land  into forums  for Colored and integration acceptance, using Black and the colored key!  That's what's  wrong across the broad today. Colored's faking it to make it in Science, Medicine, Legal profession, Education, Politics,  serving as commissioners , Religious Institutions, welfare agencies-Psycho ....Psychoanalysis Mind Institutions-Arm forces and Police Departments all relating to this system, Sex- Book Of The Dead in Isis ...Summing you to Jury Duty to convict you as a Non Citizen  with no identity, Sovereignty, land or Righteous claim with Justice. Ancestors and you, the descendants who came to these shores unwillingly!  (C) 7/31/2017  This in part is what the true Black Revolution is about. No game tricks and no lies!   Still Waters Runs so Deep,   you can't get under it- like a Tsunami, it's so high, you can't get over it and so wide it narrow at the door like a needle in a hay stack.  Black Power -Stay well!   Black and Beautiful-Truth too truth...Soul too Soul Spirit too Spirit . Can't fake to make it...God Is!   From the Kings High Way and Door of Life!  Reuben seed of Jacob, Sun Man of Simeon......Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob -remembering 'Lest We Forget' in motion 'the devil is still a devil -not to be believed or trusted!     We are all- not the same!   Action Taken!         Reuben  Beckles

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Eminent Domain-Gentrification just another form and denial OF SLAVERY and Still Water Runs Deep means nothing too So-called leadership and Black pretender's here- on black Continent and Middle East Region!

Time for true examination of so called black leadership in America, and it's effect on the Black Continent. There continued acceptance of European impostors as Black "Original Peoples' in Black History and Prophecy.  Let's call it for what it is! Folly!  A Divine Spiritual Sellout after the war in Heaven and rebellion against the Divine Creator!  ... involving the 'Nine and a half tribes of Black Israel known to Egypt-Vatican and Ethiopia' with the Region in the Middles East called the 'Old  World.  These Nations and peoples along with others around the world are well informed as to how the Caucasian impostors became knowledgeable  concerning Black.  It was during during the Sanhedrin 'Council' and the havoc it created  which brought about Black Slavery and accounts for the  continued enslavement of Blacks here and around the world! It was an action of pure hatred and jealousy ...envy of the Divine Creator!  These scumbags and impostors are now hiding out as satanic forces behind the scene's in religious houses of Synagogues, Churches and Mosques.  Secret social organizations playing these silly political games of acceptance through  Immigration, Civil and 'Human Rights'.  All for the advancement of Colored Folk. ....Creoles Mulattoes Qctoroons primarily White, Caucasians who had there way with Black women while their men languished in jails or in the armed forces.   The darker, the better!  These women now fight for White, pretending too love Black!  That same strain is still fighting God,  living on the Black Continent, pushing' White Caucasians'  as Semitic Jews in Prophecy keeping Blacks in Check here and in Slavery.  They or their off spring don't give a damn for  Blacks as they arrive here willingly, following the paper money and White's as Sons and Daughters of 'Political Kings and Queens of the land- owners of the people and resources they gave up sold to European and American Capitalist.  In other cases they created wars allowing the real folks of the land to be blown up wiped out!  This holds true concerning those from Belize- The Grand Bahamas, Central and South America Mexico whose involvement in Slavery was not the same as here. It was totally different from the American slaves in 'THE UNITED STATES!'  Their job here is too emulate, use and destroy the Blacks born and living here in this system along with their descendants,  builder's   of this nations  foundation  and claim  they have with compounded interest on the nation and the system for 'Free Slave labor and horrendous crimes of Human Destruction under 'White Supremacy along with their demonic allies! rise to black sustained death on the bottom, caused and maintained by so-called Leaders of yesterday and perpetuated by those in limited authority today! Take your pick...'  (C)7/29/2017  ....I am Reuben seed of Jacob, Sun Man of Simeon, from Black Land and House -linage Of Jacob and the Kings high way.  Defeated Isis from the 'Book Of the Dead'! White vampires, imitators  and identity thieves in white usury, to destroy Black Zion!   " Tom Joyner-Danny Bakewell  Sr. -Tavis   Smiley -Macine Waters- Eleanor Holmes Norton -Herb Wesson ( President La. City Council) -Louis Farrakhan-Nation of Islam- TD Jakes( Bishop)  DR Ron Maulana  Karenga - Larry Aubry-  Minsters, Males and Females.  If I left someone out to your liking include them in your thoughts-space is limited and ' Still Water runs Deep'-Black is Beautiful and the Tsunami wall of justice is high!  Truth in Action remains the truth in Black Israel and the '  Door  of Life along with the' The Kings High Way!  My Actions  and thoughts have no  place in Imminent  domain  -Gentrification and nowhere  in Slavery! God Is!  The devil is still a low down dirty devil and a leopard never changes it's spots!  Without land and sovereignty across the board, you're still Slaves and can make no policies except for your White Slave Masters and White  Daddy!  You be the Judge! ' The One Day War of 1968- Rapture and Divine Intervention let the world know I am not a joke and the Land is not for sale at any price....No lie  No Trick and No Game with your White  Woman on my arm- playing your game of integration-going no where!  In the Revolution of Faith in Abraham Isaac and Jacob-on the move.  Stay well .          Reuben Beckles               

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gentification-'Critical Analysis' A new form of Slavery accepted by Black Judas Lying Hipocrates and sellouts!

The sellouts of Blacks here and around the world didn't just involve  funny money on paper, it was a transformation rooted in identity and color- the essence of the spirit and soul from with in the human system because it was not just physical, but Spiritual !  From self worth and sovereignty, valued identity and lost of land and connection with prophecy and the Divine Creation and it's Divine Creator!  This is why the world is going crazy and was shook up in " 1968 and the One Day War- involving ' Reuben's actions as part of Jacob's Seed and linage of the Twelve Houses of Biblical, Ancient, Black Israel!  Reuben's activities  didn't begin with ' Watts Revolution, the defeat of Isis within the 'Book of the Dead' relative to the phony State known as White Israel.  It was because of the Nine and  half tribes, who for tribute, selfishness and greed, sold their Wisdom knowledge and connection from the West Bank of the Jordan and the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob to Western European peoples, lands and cultures giving rise to the  Askenasim, Sephardic peoples   of Russia, Spain  the Ukraine and other parts of Europe! While these activities were taking place across the world,  I as a young boy was being shaped for inclusion within this system-rebelling all along the way   ...charged with crimes and situations I didn't commit nor could I explain.  What  I did know then and now' The System was not for me or my kind! How I managed to survive to this day and known only by the Creator!  What I do know is these Black Judas sellouts and these identification impostors and thieves are playing a loosing hand which is why they can't and will never embrace the real claim of the Black slaves in this land as they hold on too perceived leadership!  " They can't go back to the Lands they gave up and sold out !  They have no Spiritual Claim or Connection and don't feel a damn thing for Black folk and their plight here! They are the same as the African and others coming here for what they see as the good life !   Gentrification, is there demise in Slavery!    They are given Jobs with no foundation or substance,  owning no land or resources  they gave up to Europe and American interest building their Satanic Empire in and for 'Democracy and it's demonic rule   sitting on the foundation   of Black Slaves, demanding-Justice, Reparations Restitutions and Land from under Identity thief and usury! Example; all they received was forty thousand dollars and a Job...they bought a house for (four  hundred thousand in a neighbor hood  and surrounding area that are going for  $700.000 and taxes just went up!  ... The devil who printed the money whom they work for decides to show his true intent and he doesn't want to hear a damn thing about you being a good Black Brother and you having no place to go...fool!     You end up with nothing!  Say hello too 'Gentrification '!  (C) 7/27/2017   Reuben  'Seed Of Jacob.  Sun Man of Simeon.     Claim with compounded Interest remains the same!   Black is Beautiful...No Lies Games or Tricks!             Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ooph's Busted-didn't believe a Leopard never changes it's spots And the Devil is still a Low Down Dirty scheming Devil!

These  educated,  informed groups, willingly accepted the class system within the Demonic boundaries of Slavery and Financial Capitalization of all people on the Planet-controlled with 'White Supremacy on top- Black on the Bottom!   All made possible by 'Black Judea sellouts ( Jews and the Sanhedrin Council trying to replace Prophecy and Jacob by stealing the birthright and Land of Israel .  Not only were they envious and jealous of Israel but Christ, during Roman times.   History and Critical Analysis properly understood in today's times will make it clear as too their real intent on the Planet, denouncing self determination and Black Power-pushing funny money, integration and White Identity Zionist who are nothing more than bloodsucking vampires as a thorn in the side of Israel from 'Egypt and Ethiopia, even in the ' Pan Hellenistic Councils of Greek Institutions  in the American form of Government and Culture.  Today, you will find their lying conspiring hands at work in Religions and secret societies and fraternal orders!  There partners in crime, the Caucasian Zionist pretending Jews of Europe, deal with 'Governments -the Money key- deception and Land!'  Using the Identity and ancient spiritual knowledge of the 'Nine and a half tribes of Israel in Judea which was sold to them in the form of tribute to this very day.  These sellouts have been waxing fat under the term' Original Indians of this Land ...Negro, Afro American, African American, Black and Latinos-Creole, Mulattoes , Quadroon, Octoroons and under the protection of the Vatican and La Raza ( The Race)!, to include the Nation of Islam!'  All these folk and others are paying Tribute' too these Judas sellouts, promising them entry and wealth in Israel while at the same time denouncing  'Black Israel and Jacob as Spookism on the bottom of the totem pole!  Oops  ...busted by 'Prophecy and Divine Intervention ( Reuben, Jacob Seed and The (One Day War- 1968 by The Rapture and the Kings highway into the Door of Life and the defeat of ISIS.  Leaving 'Donald Trump's  America -China- European Union, Central and South America-Mexico- Australia-Canada, Russia  the  Ukraine and the Black Judas Sellouts in a world of hurt knowing prophecy and the Land  of Reuben, Simeon-Gad and half tribe of Manasseh is on time, point and real ... not for Sale!  This  is not our system nor land  of 'Colonial gentrification and usury!  Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God is real along with the Divine Claim for Slavery, Identity Thief and crimes unmentionable! (C) 7/25/2017.   Truth is on the Table!  No lie-trick or games!  From Iran Jordan -Saudi Arabia and all Countries and Sovereign's recognizing that phony bloodsucking bunch of European vampires that also includes those blood thirsty lying Black devils pretending leadership on the Black continent and Middles Eastern Region!  A Plague On Your created and started this mess!  Clean it up...word)  You too will be destroyed!!  Reuben, seed of Jacob, Sun Man  of Simeon  From beyond the Jordan and Door of Life!      Faith   Abraham Isaac Jacob!                          Reuben Beckles

Monday, July 17, 2017

Time entering a New Dimension in Black power and Spiritual Truth!

What good is birth-experience-education knowledge and wisdom if all you can do is beg, moan and groan as Black Original Stock on the Planet ?   The world knows Black Slavery is alive and well in America and the Claim for Freedom-Justice and Independence is just, rooted in Land, Restitution and Reparations!....Given even to Animals and Blessed by the Church!  So what's the problem?  Envy, jealousy,  deception and greed on the part of Black leadership in the homes and institutions where Black Judas sellouts enforce 'White Supremacy and the Colored code- by educated lying wenches and begging bitches in the Pulpits on the parts of both Males and Females who hate themselves feeling nothing for Black!  Critical Analysis and observation will bare witness to this truth!  If you have lived and heard ' Dr Frances Cress Welsing ' run down on  the Colored code system across the land stating " White is Right !  Yellow is Mellow!  Brown Stick around!  Black is Nothing!  Get Back!  Then you know, this is their reality as they push Equality and integration of Creoles, Mulattose   Octoroons, Quadrones as Black, to be accepted as Black. (  In reality they  are the Caucasians Sons and Daughters who does not carry the Black man's seed.  Then what is the Obvious?...Usury!  A game of Conspiracy too destroy Black. This type of Critical Analysis and thinking is credited and due from a Black man from ' Georgia.  A Lawyer by the name of ( Alton Maddox} who from time to time shared the speaking stage with one' Dr.  William Mackey' who like myself, helped to expose these fake,  lying pretending vampire, Zionist Jews!  These crazy folk even have Mexicans who were sold out through the 'Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago, joining the masons and Zionist trying to make a claim in the 'Promised Land,' while fighting Black,  knowing it's not their history. How do I know he's telling the truth?   They have help from Black men and women in your secret societies along with the Vatican telling them we're all the same trying to move them in a spiritual house not there's.  In my Action I walked through the Scriptures including the Book of Revelation!'  This is the same as denying the statement of 'Louis Farrakhan  to Alex Jones..." We're Both Fighting God!...Promoting a "White Teacher and Savior as Caucasian!'  Guess What?   It was Dr Ali Mazuri  who was the Host of the African ' T.V. Episode  that told the World ' Islam would not be destroyed from outside forces, but would implode from within- which was setup by the Original Jews as a Religion.    'Lest We forget'  The Building of Gods Kingdom' set in motion By Dr  Myles Monroe from the Grand Bahama's  before his plane cracked up in a nearby Mountain   His Masonic Brothers could not finish  the project to this day!  None to this day has attempted too contact 'Reuben Seed  of Jacob who Walked the Kings Highway entering the 'Door of Life."  They too are pushing Satanic forces of White Power within the White community with no thought of Black Freedom and Justice in the  Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.   Like Mr Sanford Alexander, who was also from that part of the world chose to alter Prophecy in relation to Isis and the Black Females who had given the Black  Man up for the European Zionist in Christianity and Shrinedom!  They all became dumbfounded and refused to believe the "War of 1968' proved to be their undoing when 'Reuben took action, Crossed over Jordan and took the Spiritual Land and Throne in Black Israel.....Slavery from the Garden was over!  Now they must deal with the reality of the real Kingdom of God and the claim made by Reuben for his family self and kind!  Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God Is! (C) 7/17/2017  From the Kings highway and the Door of Life- Black Power-Black is Beautiful!   No Game  Trick or Lies!!!    Reuben   Sun Son Man of Simeon!  Action by Faith     Reuben Beckles

Monday, July 10, 2017

Partiscipation of Black politicians and Warriors in Wars around the world-peticularly from America- pure folly!

When Blacks in America-males and females give their minds, body's souls and spirits to fight and die for this nation being all they can be, knowing their history as captive, unwilling slaves, for a promissory note and talk of being all you can be under a 'Constitution' that tells you, you're nothing, not even a Man as they put into actions deeds of lynching's castrations, poor schooling if any...has his way with your women folk at will-while burning you at the stake if you look at his woman.  He then adds insults too his insane attitudes by telling you and your never had it so good because we freed you from yourselves, taking and destroying your Culture-Language, Land, families, stealing your History and committing  Genocide upon you and yours by serving you decaying schools and rotten foods-with his claim to 'Serve and Protect' the Dope and Profits they own making sure the profits enters their banks.  Their real job is too make sure the Males don't get a real handle on what is really taking place keeping them on the bottom of their insanity as you languish in jails across the land as a token of their appreciation for your stupidity in his 'Democracy!...relaxing his body and feet in your women's bed! Both he and your women folk who in the main, work for and serve him, watch as you leave these shores too die and fight in distance lands promoted by Black Judas Sellouts-from Judea and Ministry from America pulpits under the direction and leadership  Of' White European Zionist' claiming to be Black Jews and Hebrews of Biblical Black Scripture and Prophecy, knowing they're nothing more than bloodthirsty Vampires and impostors ...with an extreme desire for recognition-over Black( to be Gods of the Universe!  The Wars they created in 'Central and South America- Mexico,  Iraq Iran Syria Golden triangle of Cambodia- Vietnam- Korea...all over Africa-North West East and South which includes Saudi Arabia Kuwait and Qatar'  are wars to destroy Black Man's knowledge and being in America, while holding his families hostage.  Steal not just the resources of these other lands and cultures but, their Spiritual Knowledge In Bibles and Manuscripts to be shared in the Vatican- Switzerland and the impostors of European Zionism.  These are some of the same folk pushing Islam and Scientology in Black America, through the Hunt Foundation'.  Comes now the faith and truth in action for Black folk in America as Slaves too consider and claim as Critical Thought in Action from the Original to the Garden.  Egypt-Ethiopia.  Moses, Lawgiver! Christ by Faith In the Supreme faith in the Father, Sacrificed Himself! Abraham Isaac and Jacob were all driven by Faith!  In the Satanic attempt to destroy the Word in Prophecy and steal the promised lands of Black Israel' Reuben Seed of Jacob, Sun Son Man of Simeon, was Chosen By the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High' through Divine Intervention,  to carry the Ancient Scroll through Watts'   ...starting the Black Spiritual Revolution!  The defeat of White European Israel and her sex oriented book of Isis, the dead  bloodthirsty vampires.  Impostors all!...Ending  the 'New World Order  from the Garden!' ...made possible by ( The One Day War of 1968) and Reuben's Spiritual Judgment,  across the Jordan River, into the Land,  House and Throne of Reuben In Black Israel!  Land that Satan, Esau and   Black Judas sellouts told the world was theirs to own and control...knowing it was a lie! They were all defeated in that War and Judgment!  The Spiritual Rapture was Reuben's ascension by Faith,  who at the time had no knowledge of  The Nine and a half tribal sellouts to integrated Caucasians Zionists...knowing it was not theirs to sell which created  death, slavery, genocide and destruction!   The Judas sellout-impostors, lying hypocrites, are  never to be trusted!  They have no Righteous claim on anything....and they know it! Our fight and claim comes with Compounded Land and interest.   From the Kings Highway and the door of truth and  Life. (C) 7/10/2017   Faith.  Black is Beautiful!  Abraham Isaac and Jacob!                    Reuben Beckles              No Game Lies and No Tricks...God Is Supreme!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Kingdom of Gods Sovereignty not represented! All faking it too make it!

Three strikes and you're out!  You have no account in the bank, yet, gun in hand, you're ready to relieve depositors , failed! Across the board, every body talks about their truth in righteousness and God.  From Egypt, Ethiopia, Rome and the Vatican-  England Spain and all over Caucasian Europe including Central- North and South America with Mexico, Black and Latinos...Judas Spiritual Sellouts to their Caucasian brothers in this mass Conspiracy and Criminal acts of death and destruction, bloodthirsty wannabe's Jews at the head.  The above know these lying hypocrites are impostors, moving in concert with selfishness  greed and deceit.   Envy jealousy and contempt for what is RIGHT AND JUST -trying to destroy the 'Divine Creator and his Creation'...mad because three strikes, You're Out!  Across the board these lying wenches, begging bitches and their pimp hustling sissies in the pulpits churches ( Judaism- Christianity   Islam ) going along to get along with out the true righteous foundation and Kingdom of God in Black Israel in Spirit, Faith and Truth!  No Game Tricks and Lies!  Can't fake it too make it!  'Watts wasn't about faking it"  It was about a revolution and the foundation of Black Slavery and all it's insane ill's that persist  today.  The only people  and their descendants that didn't arrive here of their own free will.  The Continent is wallowing in hell today because of the greedy, selfishness of low life leadership-then and now; just like Judas sellouts here, faking it too make it, ( failed !  Must and will pay the price!  They didn't find the Kings highway in Black Israel.  Gods Kingdom ( Sovereignty or Land nor did they walk through the eye of the needle in truth and Judgment to fight with God ...not against,  God!  A Judgment, not of talk, but  action. So now you have Shriners-Masons Eastern Stars-Illuminati-ISIS- hiding out in defeat of Isis along with the ( One Day War -1968)  defeat and claim of the birthright of  Sumirians and Gentiles of non Semitic  origin... Impostors, Zionist, Caucasian Jewry going to war against God and prophecy trying to steal land not theirs  while at the same time denying Reuben's Spiritual  Rapture, Cross the Jordan into the Land of his Birthright and linage..."Black Israel and the Twelfth House and foundation of Israel.  Black Power, Black Truth!  This should shed light on what was taking place in the Babylonia  area at the time of Christ who told his Disciples" Not to go in these Non Semitic ways- but to the Lost Found Sheep of Israel"  Today, as then, his Disciples did just the opposite and in the end...they denounced him!   So what is being lived today relative to prophecy in Synagogues, Mosques and Churches who profess  Belief and Knowledge in Christ of the  Living Most High God and where is their Wisdom in action?  What does this truth have to do with the faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob ?  A Leopard  never changes it's spots- Black is still beautiful and a low down dirty devil is still  a scum bag!   To the Black Slaves belonging to Israel in America, the Claim remains the same with  Compounded Interest.  I am Reuben from the Kings Highway and the Door of  Life! (C) 7/5/2017   Love too Truth- King to Spirit -Spirit-Spirit Soul Too Soul Time...God is !  Can't fake it  Too  Make it! Stay Well!    Three Strikes- You're Out!           Reuben Beckles