Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Big Trouble a head looming for elite and impostors relative too their pretenous Empires!

Acquisition of land and cultures under  Caucasian laws of 'Discovery in their Church and religions have given these bloodthirsty vampires tremendous wealth all over the planet - in the form of financial institutions from which they have been able to create class institutes in Law-politics-science-armies and weapons of mass destruction, institutes of higher learning involving disciplines known and unknown to the masses on the planet. Their ability to occupy and destroy people and cultures while stealing there minerals and other raw materials for the elites benefit is a game and art worth noting!  To these Elite demonic devils ( people in this day and time who have no relationship to the Land- have no business  existing, not mentioning, their greed and actions created this dilemma... ( the Black African American-Negro Slaves-who enter his institutions of learning-fight and die for the essence of his being here and  over seas.  The Elites know, if he the slaves gets back to these shores alive-he has no relationship to the land or constitution he created for himself and kind!   He's nothing more than a Squatting-Share Cropper. Business  man-owner, he's not!   He's to be used and pimped on the Chess board-played as a Minister in the religious pulpits and political formats across the land at the slave Masters pleasure. Keep in mind these are the  descendants of slaves brought here in chains and shackles who now slave labor for the Elites- as Hire Mercenaries!...passing on nothing but insanity from generation too generation (Their Black off springs whom they hate and will soon be called Terrorists and would have been wiped  out-were it not for Divine Intervention by the Spirit of the Supreme Lord of the Living  Most High God!... and Reuben's actions in (1968) not mentioned  or spoken about, by these Judas Scumbags who have been bought and paid for by their brother's  in the power Elite of White Supremacy and their Agent provocateur's ( Creoles and Mullatoses who really want nothing to do with Black!  They want the non identity of integration and Civil Rights with a doctrine stating 'We're all the same whether Christian-Muslim or Caucasian Zionist Jew-while every body else lives and breathes Nationalism!.. leaving black, blind deaf and dumb, representing( Terrorism)!  which  won't low down dirty sissies!  Jacob seed in Black Israel is Just and real as is the prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob as is the Royal Kings High Way =The Door of Life and Land of Reuben-Not For Sale at any Cost! You Sissies sold out for crumbs and have no balls and the game is over! (C)  7/27/2016   The Debt to Black Slaves of  America and their Descendants representing genocide and free slave labor of this nations foundation includes compounded interest standing at ( Twelve Hundred Billion Trillion Dollars in Land-Gold and Silver and other valuables like patients, copyrights  and growing! No Game Lies And no Tricks!  Let the Elites and Black Judas sellouts- male and female, talk this over in there up coming Conventions...the World is waiting and the Slaves, will be paid- Land Reparations and Restitution!  My God is no Player  -No Phony!  Age Time experience knowledge truth and Wisdom ...Justice!!        Reuben Seed of Jacob  Sun-Son Male of Simeon-Faith  of Abraham Isaac  and Jacob As Black is Beautiful Black, Power is real,  Supreme Lord of Divine Creation is in control as a pig is pork and the devil is still a low down dirty devil!...take that too the bank!             Reuben Beckles

Monday, July 18, 2016

Dispite disception lies and hipocritical insanity across the world relatve to Black Slaves in American and their Just Spiritual demands and claim based on genocide-free labor there is no hiding place and backing down of truth!

I am reminded of a very wise saying when very young. ' What goes around comes around. You reap what you sow!'  We are now faced with this very profound truth as Black folk living in America, shouting " Black Lives Matter"!     If this is so,  why all the deception, killing lies and deceit! Why aren't Black folk benefiting from the fruits of their Free Slave labor and knowledge-so that today those who gave so much would have  something to build for self and kind including their descendants. Let's face the truth...we're not free- didn't come here of our own free will in chains and shackles-speaking only the language of the slave master. Black male men have always known there is  no free lunch.  If he was going to save himself and family in this hostile wilderness he would have to fight and make certain compromises-given his mind set of international brotherhood.  When the time came one of his major decisions was too join the arm service being told if he did so he would be accepted and recognized.  Big mistake!  But he moved en mass on a promise.  His woman was told if you get him out of the house and away from the children they (meaning Governmental Agency's) they would help her to rise to a better position in life ( meaning Queen ship!)  She believed it,  gave him up Spiritually!  The end result across the land -total chaos! If Black Folk Matter'  what's the problem?  Why are so many black folk coming here from Belize, Caribbean or Africa  standing on the Slaves foundation and accomplishments of ' Free Slave Labor and Genocide, living in White areas-moving into the financial system, telling  those who were born in this system catching pure hell- 'we never had it so good!...we are our own worst enemy  trying to use us as toys until they find out  they are the toys-fools of the highest order.  Finding those whom they thought was dead or asleep  wide awake and they too must pay on the debt Owed- for Genocide-Free Slave Labor  in Land, Restitution, Reparations -Compounded Interest On Better than 'Two Hundred Million-Trillion Dollars and other Value for their part as Judas Sellouts for the 'Destruction of our Black Civilization involving Moors, Egyptians, Ethiopians-with their Spiritual knowledge located in the Vatican.  Arabs, Creole and Mulattoes-crazy White folk, all,  pretending Black in some form or another whom they hate! ...using Black males and females to pass down spiritually, insane information to the minds of our children driving them and some adults crazy as other peoples and Nationalities move in our area's filling them with graffiti and dope moving Blacks out by buying the land for little or next to nothing, financially  benefiting sustained White Supremacy'  Oop-'What goes around comes around-You reap what you sow!  Now  the Elites are place to hide!  Judas sellouts looking like clowns and fools as agent Provocateurs pretending all is well with Black Pride-saying the 'Black woman is God!'  Farrakhan heading the Nation of Islam talking like so many others while selling out their people in the devil's house to White Scientology! ...or a White boy who walks into a Black house of worship- blow up some folk.  Those who were  victimized enters the court system, tells the Judge and the world  as the injured  party, who have just been killed and terrorized,  they love and for give this monster!"  There are others who  come to me, tell me I should love this  Brown Latinos Black thing, concerning Mexican immigration and the break up of their families.  They  need our immediate attention because it's not the American Way!  Really!  What did these folk have to say concerning Black Slavery and why we speak one language!  Still not free brought here against  our will.  Ask them and their  ancestors about the 'Treaty OF Guadalupe Hildago' and the Sellout to the United States coming from  Portugal -Spain and other part of Europe. Ashkenazim, Sephardi and Zionists Caucasians. Ask these same Mexicans or Latin's  what happen to the Black Culture and Statues after they were Christianize under White Rome in the Vatican?  They didn't feel a Damn thing then- they feel nothing now. They don't want to pay and reap what they have sown!  Heaping hell on and against Black Men while using Black females as whores and Mules as part of their drug operations!  Jails are full with believing Black folk whose lives will never be the same.  Let us not forget Ethiopia, as the European Union crumbles headed by England and the dethroning and fall  of Isis along with the Moors and their participation of the Slave trade....these episodes and more gave rise to these Bloodthirsty thugs and gangsters calling themselves the original  Hebrew Israelites from (Abraham Isaac, Jacob Seed). The Sissies lie and they know it.  They're all  trickster's and  impostors!  They lost the (1968 War in the name of Israel trying to claim the Birthright Of Jacob and Black Israel because they had bought off Nine and a half tribes of the Original House of Israel ( Excluding  Reuben Gad and half  Tribe of Manasseh whom they couldn't buy nor defeat in War! So what's with the United Nations or the head of that funny State, calling themselves (Israelites making a claim on the Black Birthright and Land as impostor!?...meeting with the heads of States-including Ethiopia-who now has a college of  knowledge in the Vatican knowing these Caucasians are phonies...Black Judas Sellouts!  A devil is a devil plain and  simple as a pig is sill pork and a Leopard never changes it's spots.  I am Reuben-Seed of Jacob Sun Man-Son of Simeon-from the door of life and faith in the Supreme Lord of the living Most High God!  (C) 7/18/2016  Take that to the Bank!   No Game  Trick and No Lie!   I am for myself and kind in truth and Prophecy -Stay well- Black is Beautiful!          Reuben  Beckles