Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ilegal Immigration a Block to Slavery Restitution and Freedom

A nations judgement in quest to judge it's self relative to it's foundation and slavery is an awesome responsibility because the slaves did not come here by choice. The moral and political flames of illegals entering this nation relative to it's laws is a joke, especially, when it's rooted in economics, religion and law. The slaves broke no law while being stripped from their culture-families and land. Treated like animal-forced into free labor to build the foundation of this nation while decimating the Indian called Red Savages. It was these Red Savages and Spanish peoples who created the Mexicans. The latter now have a border to the south of what is called the United States of America, where much havoc reigns supreme-and this country is overwhelmed with the cried of illegal immigration-all along the border-in particular California and Arizona. If these folk are crossing the border illegally to gain employment and make their lives better for themselves and families-which by the way is supported by the Catholic Church-what do you think of the Black slaves who built the foundation and was never paid, yet, was told he was free on this same land-sustained and enforced by another religion called-African Methodist Church-nothing more than sustained Slavery-knowing the slaves never put himself in this hell hole and the Africans on the land-wealthy families know it! On the other hand-Mexican leaders and families under the Treaty Guadalupe Hildigo, sold their Peoples and Lands out to this government-for thirty to fifty Million dollars in Gold and Silver-neither the Government or it's people mention this truth. It's my opinion it's because of economics and Spiritual sellout of Blacks in this nation-creating Genocide here making it easy to steal the land and continent there! What prevented it was Divine Intervention and Black power-The truth Of Prophecy-Jacobs Seed and the House of Israel and the Land called Canaan-representing Abraham-Isaac and Jacob. The Black Judas sellouts on that continent-this Government along with the Caucasians of what is Called Israel in the East want the Birthright of Jacob and they created the "One Day War" of 1968-a war they never speak of because God wiped them out! Under the protection of Simeon-Reuben of the twelve house crossed over the Jordan-into the land that Dr.King spoke of...he himself could not did not enter that land. This knowledge gets us back to the slaves who labored here and were never paid. The prophecy is about them. It's not about integration and love in the melting pot with nothing. It's not even about Isis and Egypt who tried to take our spirit like Samson-or the prayers of Mecca in Saudi Arabia-concerning Ishmael's and Esau-it's About God -Prophecy Jacob- In Israel -Ethiopia- the Ark of the covenant that The Muslims tried to destroy-Zionist tried to steal-witnesses lying about Man as the Black woman and others tried to kill him off and take his Divine Spirit!...knowing this is not the Black man's Land -not his system! 11/15/2010 (c) Reuben-son of Simeon Seed of Jacob ......Slaves will and must be paid-Justice reign Supreme!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pay to History and Black Slavery-America!

The history of America and Black folk is written in lies- deception-greed and more greed in the name of religion and money. We are told to get an education and work our way out of poverty and slavery into the middle class-which is now being destroyed by the very people who created this insanity-all in the name of a war machine to protect a free enterprise system and democracy. Esau-Ishmael-Judah-Ethiopia-Identity thief of Israel-Egypt had more than just a small part to play in the rise of the Caucasians of Europe-the destruction of the Black civilization on the land of the Blacks and slavery in America and it's institutions which sustains the insanity of slavery to this very day-the twenty first century! The marvel of Black is that we are even on the planet today-given the hell heaped upon our minds- spirit and bodies. Deceived, stolen-ripped off-lynched-castrated-imprisoned-families destroyed then told you're free in a system that hates you in and on a land that's not yours as you labored for nothing but the joy and pleasure of this insane slave master! Education was denied but today we are told education is needed to get ahead and compete-forget the past and your foundation-just move ahead! Everyone has a language, culture and history...a foundation-but Black- yet, as descendants of thinkers-creators and doers- in this system-blacks languish with no representation-poor education-jobs in disarray-homes in fore closer-living in cities rack with pain-trying to stay above the bottomless pit-fighting for the slave master going no where! Your leaders say you're spiritual-religious-you should have hope in the divine-keep the faith while they steal you blind and sell you out and doing so have become demons-devils of the highest order! But-here's the truth behind the faith-rooted in Christ-Abraham-Isaac and Jacob in prophecy known by the nations of the world which includes the Latinos out of Rome- Spain and Mexico-now using Black through the church with the help of the Black Judas sellouts and secret societies! When Blacks were suppose to have been given freedom they and their descendants received nothing which would have been real Justice and freedom-called reparations-restitution and land-back to their land-Blacks suffer en mass today because it never happened and their slavery continues! Try this on for the country is going mad because of Economics-lack of income(money)! Can you imagine this after all the hell they heaped on Black folk with no pay! For starters- if the slave masters and their families want pay and jobs-through their political and economical system pay the slaves the (stimulus) money owed -give themselves jobs by building tractors-well digging equipment-and other unknown equipment not stated by the slaves at this time as they return home on their continent along with Gold -Silver-Diamonds-platinum and other items of their choosing-continuing until the debt of free slave labor is paid-this is a starter! You get the jobs with your system in tack-they put their lives and families together. Since China and India want into this economy what better way for them to save face since they too- benefited from black slavery when they opted to buy America's debt!-This is rooted in Divine Prophecy-or there will be nothing! You cannot take a Man from his foundation-put him in bondage in another man's land and foundation then tell him he never had it so good with nothing!! Reuben-son of Simeon...Seed of Jacob from beyond the fertile crescent... (c) 11/3/2011 Reuben Beckles