Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No Game-On Point-On Time-Aliyah...Rapture In Black...Foundation of Black Slaves Can't Be Denied

It is my understanding many folk across the land are stating, here we go again-more of that black stuff- I thought we had gone beyond that! Sorry if your mind is confused and you refuse to grow up.  Black Power relative to prophecy in the real land mass of Israel tells me  Black is beautiful which is why none but Black can claim the truth of America's foundation  the slaves and their descendants who are owed for free slave labor.  we didn't put ourselves in chains and shackles and packed ships like sardines willingly landing on the shores and wilderness of America!  The people responsible were and are blood sucking white vampires aided by opportunist selfish jealous greedy lying hypocritical Black Judas sellouts who don't want to be reminded of their demonic deeds which affected many innocence black folk here and on the Land of the Blacks. They must be held accountable for what they created but don't want to admit. They are indeed responsible from Egypt-Ethiopia-Greece-Vatican-Rome and where ever else they pushed the art of Slavery and free trade for greed and profit !  Today, we can all recognize them as-Snitches from the Pulpits, porch monkeys and Stool pigeons for the Identity thieves of So-called Israel!  These Snitches, what Juanita Bynum calls ( sissy and punks) as Ministers and Bishops of the clergy have joined forces with the pimps of Politics-Law-Education-so called activists and agent provacaturs which includes so-called Law enforcement-within the White House- Justice and State Department! Secret Societies of Shriners and Masons along with their female counter part thought they would be accepted and free!! find themselves in,sometimes under the pits of Slavery jealous-mad and confused!  They were promised one thing by the Zionists calling themselves Jews( the blood sucking vampires) equality and brotherhood-towards a better future ...especially to be better than the Black man here in America whom they helped to sell on the 'Land of The Blacks'! Many of   these so called Africans now live in America in Clusters across this nation in secret societies-religious houses pretending to be Black Americans but have nothing to do with the blacks here !  These Africans feel nothing for Blacks here much like the Mexicans and other Latins who sold out their lands and people to come here living what they call the Good Life! What they and others are finding is that Blacks here are far from asleep-living on time knowing Man is a Time binder and all things by him is going to shake up the world known only to his sustainer-the Spirit of his God!   Watch the Chinese making his move on the Land of the Blacks believes he's in power over Black-very disrespectful moving on the Island in the Carribeans building hotels that blacks can't live in.  Lending money-buying bonds dealing with American Land and business-so eager are they to flex their muscles that they didn't realize they were assuming the Debt of the Slaves and their descendants under (Divine Law)...ooph's  this is no  joke!   Look at the chaos-Nelson Mandela left in South Africa-selling out to the Zionists or the situation in Nigeria-Uganda-Rwandi right across  the broad all in the name of progress, equality and brotherhood!   Many of you don't want to hear any Black Stuff...tell that to your White brothers and the Holocaust-the American Indians and those representing history of Black Slavery and it's on going effects and culture  the culture of Denial-No Reparations-Restitution or Land!  Time will not permit more of the same stuff and the Pulpit of Snitches!! 8/27/2014   Reuben...The Kings Highway-Watts-'One Day War 1968 of Israel and White Supremacy trying to distort Prophecy and Steal Black Lands-involving Isis-Egypt-Ethiopia -Vatican and the Sanhedrin Council.  These situation happened and are coming to lite in spite of those claiming black power is nothing while many black women worked their knowledge to help white men destroy Black men's faith-spirituality and culture!  Black Stuff... Black is Beautiful!    Reuben-Seed Of Jacob-Sun Of Simeon- Faith in Action...I Am that I Am!                              Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


www.rbentp -I am Reuben seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon and I don't play games. The knowledge contained on website and blog is no joke-not open for debate! When most were talking game playing in denial I put my life soul and spirit on the line-walked the kings Highway enter the door of life-causing among other things-"One Day War 1968 defeating the pretenders in the so-called Zionist state of Israel! Watts-in Los Angeles-defeated  dethroned Isis who thought everything in Black was nothing! She and others like her ran straight into hell-believing there was no God...I Am. These situations among others was taken for self and kind for the foundation of Black Slaves and their descendants rooted in non-payment for free labor-Reparation-Restitutions and Land-relative to the Land of the Blacks-you call Africa and the Middle East.The Land mass Value and people are not for sale! Nor are pat. copyrights for claim made in action by Black for Black in action...don't think I didn't pay a heavy price for this Wisdom and spiritual insight that many across the world covet.Hence, Identity theft and chaos!  Reuben   Claim remains from 1865 to present date. Compounded interest at todays rates.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Real Black Freedom Temporarily stalled during sixties is because of the input of so-called Black Africans who don't consider themselves Black and their alliance with White Zionist Communist calling themselves Jews-part of Abraham seed!

Black folk as slaves of America-living under the Constitution of this land, this is serious business and why there had to be 'Divine Intervention' during the sixties on behalf of yours truly concerning the original state of Jacob's Israel and the descendants within the blood line of those original people and the faith.  African people -Ethiopian -Egypt-Judah Isis and Caucasian Houses on European soil are all in denial and responsible for the chaos and destruction on the land of the Blacks along with Esau-the Vatican and Sandhedrin Council! It's all been a Spiritual Sellout -plain and simple!  All these folk were in on the  Slave Trade -death and destruction for monetary gain and profit  sustained by secular and religious houses-within the frame work of so-called secret societies-known by the African Methodist Church - those steeped in Met -a-physics-Episcopal Church-Islam-Christanity all, in the spirit of Selfishness and greed. This brings us to these shores of America in chains and shackles-torn from righteous  culture and language-families to be sold like animals for profit scorned and lynched-castrated-beaten-cattle proded -water hosed -attacked by dogs -women and children sexually abused without their consent-fed garbage to work and give free slave labor- these things and more were heaped upon a defenseless people-who were told when politically correct-you're free-to make freedom your home in this insanity of North America-to be sung too and told 'God loves you" be happy from black ,white , brown, yellow, red and coloreds who now stand in the pulpits shouting this insanity to the victims and their descendants...ending with " We Have Come Along Way!"...Meaning the slave masters and their agent provacaturs who today profit from your inability to do for self. Now want to train our children in their blood sucking ways thinking God is dead and we are asleep!  How sad as we watch many of our brothers and sisters join the armies against themselves to fight in distance lands for folk other than themselves, return to this land as slaves waiting to be accepted be free and make money!...mindless-homeless-body and mind hurting racked with pain-looking for the fullness of their Spiritual self and kind while the enemies who robbed you and your kind of every thing of value courts your woman-your daughters preaching 'God is Good-Jesus is Love!  Where is your Land  Reparations-your Restitution?  If you say here then you are insane!  Others use your identity knowing Black Is Beautiful in Abraham Isaac Jacob=Black Israel - Black Reuben from the "Kings Highway(C) 8/23/2014....the King has spoken from the door of life beyond the Jordan.  If my actions and what I speak is a Lie let the phonies and pretenders come to me straight up and tell me "Watts in action didn't happen 'One day War of 1968 didn't expose and defeat the phony Zionist state of what they call Israel- fought and dethroned Egypt and the Zionist Isis - the Blacks weren't brought here in Chains and shackles-or that I was paid off and given a white woman to say I've arrived... this or any other thing related to truth! Reuben seed of Jacob -Sun of Simeon.  I Am that I Am is real as is Prophecy!          Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time to Be for Real Black Folk Of America-Sixties Revisited- No Loop Hole Can't Deny Truth Forever!

America land of the free home of the brave was not put in place for anyone other than European White folk maintained with an economical-political religious and educational system that ensures their well being and status as a people who glory in their white skin and their ability to malipulate other peoples to their selfish will through trickeration, -war and deception!  Their crowning achievement in a broader since was and is the African slave trade.  The people whom they and Europe thought they had conquered  coming from the "Land of the Blacks"  has given America and it's white kind untold knowledge wealth and free slave labor to a point to where these folk believed and thought they were Gods of the universe-but in truth are a people steeped in chaos and usury! The system they have created here in America allows them to sustain a mind set of denial relative their  past history of slavery in all it's attending ills-that what they did for and too the slaves was for their  own benefit and a good thing to be stripped of everything of value as humans and demoralized as animals to be lynched- beaten- burned alive-castrated-families torn apart-forced to speak one language(his)-forced sex with the females to bring forth his kind whom he hates to this day.  All this and more they as a people heaped upon the slaves then told them as a people they were free knowing it was a lie! America, has grown to be the power it claims to be not because of it's white skin as Christens but because of the help given to them by white Zionist calling themselves Jews along with Black Judas sellouts on the Black continent and Arabs.  They got paid to help Europeans maintain  Black slavery! These white so-called Jews are really Caucasians known as money changers(Ashkenazi and Sephardic).  The lie goes on as these folk pretend they are from the people and knowledge of the Hebrew Bible and Lands. They're lairs and pretenders and they know it as do the real black folk here in America and on the continent known as the Land of the Blacks.  The truth is-many of these knowledgeable black folk are being paid large sums of money to push White folk and hold slavery intact.  These are your real Agent-provocaturs-Judas sellouts!  They have the same rotten blood sucking spirit as vampires-hating themselves for money and fame as they not only sell out the people-but the land and resources that has been God given.  They are the ones sustaining slavery in America and the Empires created in Europe leaving the Black folk en-mass confused-in poverty and chaos!  If you stand still-listen and watch certain black folk in places like Ferguson shout no Justice no peace-you'll fine it's all about usury to get the slaves worked up too get wiped out knowing they're not free and they have no blue print to be free because it envolves real freedom back to the land of their origin with reparations and restitutions for free slave labor knowing this is no paradise for black men. What you'll find is that many of these folk out front don't want a real solution. They and the White slave master prefer to live in a state of denial  as African Americans so that when the white slave master on the Black continent decides to come here the Black Judas blood sucking vampires will stand shoulder to shoulder with white folk to eliminate and sacrifice black youth and both can then put their greedy paws in the pot of reparations ear marked for the real black slaves and their decendants!  What they don't see is Divine intervention-destroying them all as phonies!  Deal with the truth    The King has Spoken!...the I Am is real   Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun Of Simeon (C)   8/19/2014                    No game -No Tricks!    Black Is Beautiful!      Reuben Beckles

Monday, August 18, 2014

Long Hot Summer-CNN revisits Sixties Looking For Loop hole In Rapture and Black Power!

The game the government is playing with the use of President Obama and the African Continent is really a work in folly because they don't want to recognize the black Slavery situation that still plagues the nation relative too the slaves and their  decendants from the foundation up   which would give them real freedom and independence in the form of Land -Restitution and Reparations.  CNN was commissioned to revisits the sixties along with all other communication outlets to find out how and why was your truly Reuben Seed of Jacob-a Black Man able to come through the chaotic turmoil of the sixties in relation to Black Power and the Aliyah-Rapture! judged by prophecy and the Divine claim in truth!  The United State government and it's client State Israel under Identity Theft- certain nations under the UN and Common Wealth were all included-along with  Those in the Political Structure who take an oath before and after they enter political office to support all legislation that comes before them involving that phony  state of Zionist Israel whose spirits they are using relative to the Black Slaves in America-which was facilitated by the African Slave trade- Ethiopia, Egypt, the Sandhedrin council-the clergy of Islam and Christainity -secret societies of masons  and Greek fraternal orders within the educational communities across the land! These folk got paid to keep the slaves in poverty and dumb for the money makers and their children or kill them off when they awaken to the truth in the name of Jesus!  Latins and Asians would then convert to what is called Judaism to the Black Judas  sellouts coming from the continent known as the land of the was all one big Conspiracy to commit God Killing that Back Fired!...thinking that God -Prophecy and truth was dead!  Travon Martin , Fergerson and the  hell going on back east is a part of it as is the Obama party with Black heads of States coming to the White house with White lovers and wannabe Black-coloreds who hate Black but wants the benefits that should come to the black slaves and their decendants...plain and simple!  This is why the so-called negro blacks who hate themselves including their women folk who want to be White coming to this land from Belize-the Common Wealth of the Carribean and Africa call this their paradise because the Blacks who were ripped from the Land of the Blacks which includes the Middles East and many of the twelve houses of Israel;(Blacks) slaved labored in this land and were never paid but nevertheless, set the foundation in place but were never paid and the Black Judas sellouts from those land know it  and don't give a  damn as they live high and now find themselves in a pay back situation as they cried "We're all the same-Jesus loves everybody!"...this while the faithful  Blacks languish with nothing!  With white women on their minds and on their arms they're lying Judas hypocrites as they talk 'My Black Queen stuff!  It wasn't the  Black Queen who Scarificed and made things happened for the freedom and betterment of Black folks but the Man whom no one wants to deal with !  Reuben... The Man!...whom God chose!  Who walked the Kings Highway-Who entered the door of Life- Created the awakening of Watts- exposed the Zionist in Identity Theft-and the attempt to steal the Promised Lands of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and the Twelves Houses of Israel(One Day War!"1968)....Knowing Whites were never born in the Jordan Area!-"Lest We forget !" Who s' Kidding Whom?"   Where was the WE...when Reuben was Judged for going through and Doing this by faith!  What claim do the imposters have on the rights belonging too the real heirs of Israel? Reuben (C) seed of Jacob-seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon 8/18/2014