Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spiritual Judgement In Black Truth

The end of slavery came to America in the sixties in the form a square and Black power emanating from a (360 degree circle of time) in the divine flow of prophecy for black folk who were being held in check by those with 33 degrees or less-They are called free, ancient and accepted. They do the bidding, the dirty work for the Caucasians of this nation and the common wealth of distant lands in religions and secret societies and the Sanhedrin council who taught and transferred their knowledge and spirit to the houses of Europe-the same as Judas who sold out Christ and Israel. When the knowledge of truth and freedom had gone full circle and the time for prophecy to unfold those in knowledge and control in whatever station in life they held hated themselves and kind and choose instead to submit to the devil and became one with Satan. Their death and many generations created chaos-turmoil and suffering for Blacks all over the planet and gave temporal and spiritual power and happiness to Caucasians of Europe and white folk in general while regulating black folk to the cross-criss-cross and the double cross! These phonies and do-good pretenders who talk about having black folk interest at heart are just that phonies! They don't want you to know that the fires of Watts in August-1960 broke the devil's power and the "One Day War" of 1968 in the middle east was an attempt by Satan to destroy prophecy in relation to (Jacob-the Black man, by claiming the divine birthright and steal the promised land on the other side of the Jordan! While our homes were being destroyed and families thrown to the wind the law of death was given to anyone caught enabling the slave to read and write while new covenants were placed before the minds eye, suggesting Jacob had stole the birthright from Esau, who in truth and fact, wanted nothing to do with that birthright which he said had no value- and sold it to Jacob! Today, we hear a lot about this being the land of freedom and opportunity equality for all-all who have and those trying to get their just do! Take a look around you, every nationality and people are being accommodated with the blessings that you and our ancestors created and were never paid while the ball-less sissies walk around talking about their degrees and intelligent and our laziness . The situation becomes compounded and insane when you hear this foolishness coming from the mouths of black folk from Belize, the Grand Bahamas or those from the continent of Africa who push brooms and walk around as security guards with their noses in the air watching you and yours saying you are jealous because they walk around with something white on their arm knowing they hate themselves. Freedom -Land and Reparations for the Black Man in America, in relation to divine prophecy is real...Not to stand-Claim It and move on it makes you a fool as you leave you -your inheritance and kind open to the greatest form of identity thief known too Man! Let those who say I lie-I don"t have a leg to stand on and that I don't speak truth-come to me as the planet is moving towards Armageddon and the Judas sellouts having no place to go-nothing of value to claim- Slavery is over...Justice will be done!...You have a family and you watch an intruder climbing through your window to do you and your family harm- you have the means to protect yourselves...instead you call the slave master whose code name is (911)

Reuben Beckles @July 31 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

BlackPower and Immigration

Oops! Here I am again- believing, knowing...loving myself in the truth and values of Divine Black power! ...that's no phony! I put my life- body, spirit, mind and soul on the line for understanding and truth-went to jail and suffered because of it, thinking black folk across the land in America, wanted the same thing...Freedom, Justice, Independence, Reparation and Land in relation to prophecy. Knowing American history and the conditions that brought us to these shores, I was surprise to learned that after all the rhetoric, denial and beastly attacks-physically, mentally and morally-real freedom, Independence and Justice was not wanted. Acceptance in hell, a job, funny money and sex with the woman as a mother figure and the head was the real cause for action. She was supported by secret societies within and without faith based organizations. Black power was denounced. This power came from the original God force. Because we were not taught by the organization or any individual we were not wanted nor accepted as knowing real prophecy in relation to the seed of Jacob as Black and could never be a part of Divine intervention! Today, I stand and bare witness to this truth as Reuben, having walked the Kings Highway, Crossed the Jordan and entered the door of prophecy! It's not a play's not a game! Consider Adam and Eve-both thought it was a game ...both had life, but chose death and were thrown out of the garden! Israel was taken from Egypt! Ishmael and Esau are jealous of Jacob who set in motion the twelve houses of Israel. The land that the Palestinian and Zionist are fighting over today in the East is the Black man's Land (Jacob) The "One Day War" in 1968 which caused Divine intervention proved it as the Zionist Caucasians of Europe tried to take over. The confusion was caused when Judas sold the knowledge of the land and it's people along with Black men in this country under masonry, to the Caucasians of Europe were never born in that area of the world! Both Ishmael and Esau know this. They both want Jacob's birthright and the destruction of the seed!...which is prophecy! Black woman, in this country, gave her man up-under the shrine of the Black Madonna, where the white man bows down to her as a Black goddess in secret! Under the Greek societies, of Black colleges, this insanity is the same as black woman accept what is thought to be free and accepted colored men allowing the black Queen of Sheba, to give her man and children over to the white society in this nation-not knowing the man she gave up was chosen by God as a Black King! Once she found out she's been hiding out under religion lying ever since...this enables the coloreds-black Judas sellouts and the white Zionists to pursue a policy of confinement and conspiracy to destroy truth and everything Black under the power of Egypt and ISIS! Confusion and chaos in this country and around the world is because their conspiracy failed! They could not steal the promised land! Enters Illegal Immigration! The nation states this nation is rooted in Law-Divine Law-that no man or people is above the law...yet, the actions of the nation and their elected representatives are far removed from this truth-in fact faith bases religious houses and other organizations have been bought off like Judas with Reparations money, ear marked, for black as so-called legal representatives look for ways to make illegals (legal) while those who believe in truth and righteous law pay the price. Once you say wisdom and truth-Prophecy and History is nothing and has no value you will find Satan and the devil on your way to the sewer-hating yourselves with all your funny money and pretense! Identity thief and the Trojan horse is Immigration. The Catholic Church is returning to it's roots in Latin at the same time promoting illegal immigration rooted in masonry and shrinedom-all this is being done in a system on a land that is not yours and you're not really wanted nor accepted...except as a fool and a slave because you believe in funny money but not in prophecy-thinking Black power and Divine intervention was a game!

Reuben Beckles July10th 2007