Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why no freedom map of truth

The problem with the present Afro-American Negro in America, is that for the most part, he no longer recognizes the Divine spirit of truth from within as it relates to the essence of his history and the real prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob. He chooses not to fight for the truth and hides his head in the sand as a drone allowing the female to take point as the head, a position for which she is totally incapable and why she follows the white mans lead as the snake around the world as they destroy ancient cultures-which is the same spirit that Adam followed out of the garden of Eden. This is a society that loves trinkets, lies and deceit-phony pretenders who feel nothing about burying the truth. Take a trip around this nation -you will find that when a man allows his woman to take point in all aspect of human endeavors you will lose the essence and spirit as to who he is and their divine direction as it relates to the land-hence-chaos! He lives the lie she creates wearing the pants as she uses his spirit against himself and kind until it becomes a habit and the children, if they have any think it's natural! This insanity has become so profound at this point in America and in all walks of black life until it's sad-sad because the balance of life and reality no longer had real true foundation-no purpose...destination-hell! The meaning of the sixties to this present day as it relates to the Black man in America, was and is freedom and Independence as it relates to the land the love of your self, kind and your God with you, as the head as it relates to prophecy. The phonies and hypocrites leading and guiding black folk today in the name of Black folk call this hate because they are standing-walking and using you as a fool and cannon fodder. I learned this when I became a man in the spirit of divine truth. Today, conditions for Black folk are almost as bad as when our ancestors in chains and shackles were removed from the slave ships because they knew they were in bad shape-in hell and they knew who put them there! Today we are told forget the past-move ahead-love every body -every's all good! For whom? You don't own the land and you don't even grow a tomato for market in the financial scheme of things. In your religious houses you go for the show and forever begging! You have money pouring into black colleges and universities where the majority of students are becoming the slave masters sons and daughters all in the name of the utopia called- integration and love! The government and the treasury department are making plans to remove the unwanted slaves across this land and replace you and your children with skill labor and craftsmen from Europe, Asia and Latin America! Where will that leave you sense you have everybody leading you but you? If you turn to your politicians-they know you're insane. The way they set that game up it's majority rule-why would they give up the goose that layed the golden egg-which is you! HR 40) proclaimed as Reparations for Black folk was and is a sham! (15) million dollars was paid to Conyers and the Black caucus to study the effect of slavery! These folk got paid to keep black slaves in line and from getting what they are heir to. Check it out they don't have the mind set or votes required to bring this truth to the light of day-so it sits in what they call committee! Now here is where the truth gets heavy-if you check the situation of these so-called do-gooders the record will show most of these politicians are Lawyers who know Law and are members of the Clergy steeped in religious Law- which means they are aware of and know scriptures that tells them what to do when the slaves are free! They also know it never happened...meaning they too are in on Black folk demise and destruction!! This knowledge and truth was shone to me as I walked through the scriptures took an action-walked the kings Highway and entered the door of the land and received the wisdom which I share with you! The government and this nation of phonies- with the help of the black Judas sell outs do not want you to know that our actions was that of a Black Man ...Son of Simeon, Seed of Jacob! They hide this Truth because in their greed and folly they cannot play the spirit of the Divine God like a yo yo and the price they are going to pay is heavy-especially, when they proclaimed to be believers-all they had to do was to move on righteous truth

3/14/2007 Reuben Beckles www.rbwriter