Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rise Of Black Judas Sellouts in East and South Coast Of America-Looking For Acceptance With no Solutions for America or Africa!

It should not come as a surprise to anyone living in America or on the continent of Africa as to the rise of Black Judas sellouts who are now looking for acceptance from the international communities If you look into their pronouncements as members of the black board of Rabbi's you will learn they are the problem omitting deep spiritual truth- faith and action-in spite of what they claim to be. Truth is they're looking at money -power- wanting to be White Caucasians-same as Afro-Americans who want integration not solutions for a people in slaved by their past deeds of slavery and spiritual sellout of the continent by way of the Sanhedrin Council where knowledge and transfer of spirits took place giving rise to the Caucasians for (666,ooo years). The Caucasians know his time for ruling the planet is up and so do the Blacks who have been and are too this very day selling their peoples out to maintain the status quo-Religiously-Politically and Financially. You are looking at the spiritual Judas sellouts, t hen and now which is why there is so much chaos here and abroad. These folk represent the Satanic force who told God he would take ninety percent of his people to hell with him! Judas and the board of Rabbi's have no solution which is why you can listen to answers given in vague terms about faith as they claim kinship to Michele Obama, ...the President wife...which is why so much turmoil surrounds the White House! The President, lean age from Kenya speaks as a colored American to white America, with no solutions for Black folk and will continue refusing to address the question of being Black in Slavery and it's free labor debt for free labor plus compounded interest! Remember it was Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. who recognize the Caucasian Zionist State as Jews for which he received the Noble Peace Prize before he was taken out knowing these folk were not Jews which the Thirteenth Tribe gives reference too and as a reminder, Helen Thomas, one of the last real correspondent to the White House stated to the world-these folk are phony- give it up! Now we find that the President's wife is going along with the game...As a Black Man...Hebrew not in hiding I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone as I know the truth as the seed of Jacob son of Simeon in Prophecy-the Prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-(Israel). I also know the game The Black Muslims are playing as they too are extending a hand to all peoples trying to do away with Prophecy stating this is all their is! I would ask them as I would ask the broad of Rabbi's-if you had the knowledge of God (Why are you being Charged with conspiracy to commit God Killing)! How did we walk the Kings high way and enter the door and land in the East-Why and how were we Judged from (1963-by action in faith to the one day war of 1968) when the American and Zionist armies were wiped out trying to seal the land of Black Israel! Where is your wisdom to solve the problem of the Black Slaves of America and it's foundation which is at the heart and soul of the worlds problems but primarily America! I am not looking for acceptance and fame but truth and Justice in faith-because without real truth and justice chaos rules with no wisdom and a righteous people perish-knowing a Spiritual sellout is a terrible thing when one is blessed in and with the spirit of the living Most High only to end up at the table of Satan accepting crumbs-for when you accept them you won't change them they will change you! (c) Reuben...seed of Jacob-son of Simeon-July 25th 2012 Reuben Beckles

Monday, July 23, 2012

Like Egypt and many others-Power Hungry Vampire Refuse to submitt to Truth and Justice...Debt and Land to Slaves and Decendants-Divine Inter-Karma!

Divine intervention relative to Karma when Justice is not only delayed but denied especially where truth is concerned then covered up by lies and deceit is a monster. The problems besetting America runs very deep and heavy giving rise to divine intervention relative to Black Slavery in America and it's continued effect on the women and children. People who are expected to live in harmony and produce in this high tech society as slaves with nothing but two faceted conversations and a dream of promises. Those who talk and promise much by their actions have no intentions of dealing with the history of truth and Justice-using proxies in religions-educational institutions-politicians and wars to crush righteous truth and desires of the innocent-the slaves who are no more American than the pig who claims it's not pork! The Black slaves were not brought to these shores as free men but animals to produce wealth and this they did and are doing today even though they lost language-culture-families all that free peoples are heir too-accept the slaves who were never paid and have no land while their leaders who know the truth-live high-pretend and say nothing-but keep hope alive and walk by faith! the materialistic wealthy vampires walk with knowledge, create and build with knowledge and understanding-yet, lack the wisdom of Justice and Karma! So why are we looking at a country of tremendous wealth and problems...because the spiritual foundation that has sustained this nation from it's beginning to this very day has left them-hence, no wisdom! Justice and Karma is a monster when one has to reap what they have sown. Check the record-the seeds of destruction and misery is what they have sown towards the Blacks who as slaves gave their all towards the foundation and building of this land who now are being told they're free...with what? poverty, poor education, broken families and homes-no land and a debt unpaid-now worth trillion in compounded interest and still no land Justice! I'm reminded of a situation when the Pope visited the East coast of America and Missouri begging for forgiveness for the treatment of American slaves-then got on his plane and left returning to his wealth in Rome! Ex president Clinton-begging for forgiveness to the Peoples of Rwanda because he and the UN-abandon them in their time of need (Genocide) was being committed-talk is cheap-he too walked away! This government has a history of sustain talk and promises and in the end..abandonment-Katrina! Ex President Bush and the gangs who thought they were in power to talk take over until Mother Nature spoke! Japan suffered a tsunami of such monumental proportions that radiation materials are coming to the shores of America, causing problems of unknown consequences. We are told unidentified objects are visiting this nation-not to be concerned everything is under the control by the government as drought visits the bread basket States as water and heat over takes the Nation...Jobs and the Financial markets here and abroad are in crisis and though who went for the biggest game of all( the middle class are being wiped out by the wealthy because they knew of the plight of the slaves but took a pay off of crumbs said and did nothing of any real consequence as the problem grew!...they shouted to the world 'we're Men-free...keep the Faith, as I and others looked for answers asked questions-turned inward and found the truth-the Kings Highway-Wisdom and Land...a real solution which wasn't wanted then nor now by those in and out of control-believers and non believers...Karma and Justice is real-Divine intervention is real- Colorado is just a beginning of things to come seen and unseen Justice for the slaves and their descendants who have been suffering and praying for Justice in silence unknown to the slave master and his imps for centuries-God Is!...Israel is Jacob's Prophecy-Reuben Seed of Jacob Son of Simeon@July 23rd 2012 Reuben Beckles