Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Reason for confusion In Black America is Black so-called Leaderships inability to deal with Truth!

For sometime now I have been speaking on the question concerning the foundation of America relative to the Black slaves and their descendants who were and are slaves concerning free labor-but told they were and are free with nothing! The problem is they came with something including a language which we no longer speak-a family and culture we no longer have-stripped of everything of value to be lead by sissies and punks who don't have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to righteously stand and take point for Justice and truth while the flock continue to suffer under the domination of those who have been bought off like sissies of the night who wax fat pretending to be of substance. I don't care how many degrees they claim to carry -earned or other wise-the slaves in this nation did not come here of his own free will in chains and shackles to live, work, fight and die or to be turned out with no -education-family...nothing but animal and paranoia status! Let's start at the point where the blacks were told they were free with nothing-as we marched-fought and died in distant wars-while being castrated, burned, lynched, sold rotten foods, given credit with double twice over interests rates as men folk were put in jail for walking down the street suggesting we were looking suspicious or out of place-while women folk mothers were being misused and abused beyond all moral perception on what is called this great land of freedom. What has changed since what has been called 'back in the day?"...To be brief there came a point in time when the Black Man in Prophecy-both in and with the knowledge and Spirit of his God, said enough is enough and went to War!...Black Power and Watts!" Reuben-Foundation of Israel-Seed of Jacob-Divine Intervention. Reuben loved himself, God and kind in Body ,Mind, Spirit and Soul! The World and so-called leaders said this was an act of terrorist-but their act concerning (911-or the killing of Osama Bin Ladin lead buy America's colored President was an act of heroic duty of the highest order knowing these demons have been going all over the world lying,stealing and destroying folk while denying simple Justice to the slaves. So-called black leadership said Amen! This includes Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam who have been taking and using Black Spirits while stating"Who ever heard of the Feet leading the Head? while taking the communities money and promising low interests rates to borrowers across the land-which never happened-what did happen he and others traveled over seas looking for a home even in Ethiopia to find the Arch-of the Covenant knowing some of the history of the real Black Israelites(Hebrews)...failed when he, in his anger returned to this country stating who ever heard of the feet leading the head the Answer came back(God...Creator of All Things!) In the Christian Church they state "You Walk By Faith-Not By Sight!" Yet, said nothing relative to Divine Truth when Reuben did what they know happened...Walked the Kings High Way and entered the door of Life By Faith known to them and Secret Societies along with the Governments around the world-they all had the Knowledge did nothing while Reuben Moved by Faith and returned to these shores of America and in these bloggers laid out our simple truth for the benefit of the Slaves and the debt unpaid. These groups tried to kill us off-claimed he was helped by the Black woman (Isis...and her Male counter part ) it never happened and they failed just like the"One Day War" Of (1968) Watts was the beginning of Freedom Justice and Wisdom for the Black Slaves of America In the form of Land -Reparations and Restitution and not theses side shows of (All is well on the Plantation giving you Trayvon Martin and the Justice Department- four years after Watts God, the Black man in Black Power they return the nation too (1992)you're given the show by Black Judas sellouts who knew had missed the mark -eye On the Prize-Asians and Latinos acceptance into the system by using the beating of the Black Man the nation saw on television ending in "can't we all just get along?"The Riot Twenty years later! It had nothing to do with the truth and freedom for a Debt owed. It was all a side show to reality! The ruling Class -colored and Judas sellouts know it all about usury and privilege same as Satan-not righteous Justice. What makes our action of faith so beautiful and magnificence...No nation or groups intervened but the spirit of God which was and is "So high you can't get over it-so deep you can't get under it and the action by faith is not Anonymous Proxy! Reuben Seed of Jacob-Son Of Simeon (c) @4/30/12 Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bringing Truth Down Front-Let Phonie's and Hipocrites prove me wrong by putting Their Spirit and life On the Line!

For sometime now I have written and talked about the seed of Jacob of which I am a descendant in Black rooted in my spiritual foundation which gives me the experience, knowledge and wisdom to write and speak as I do relative to prophecy, America, Slavery-Reparations, Restitution and Land as our solution! I have enough wisdom experience and know ledge to know that on both sides of this equation Judas black sellouts-pretenders within the nation of black folk along with the White slave masters and those benefiting from continued institutionalized slavery need and want the status quo-they want nothing to do with solution and separation! I also know it will happen and America and the world as we know it will be no more! Killings, selfishness, greed and usury for the benefit of the cast-color system with Black as this nation and the world's foundation will come to an end and it won't matter if you call God the Divine Creator a terrorist in Jesus Christendom-Islam -Judaism or what ever- Justice and Slavery is just that. While the slaves and their descendants toil ...are killed and die white-brown-yellow-red Esau-Ishmael reap the harvest of Black slave labor. Situations like the young man (Trayvon Martin) who was shot down like an animal should be a stark reminder of what many call back in the day(Lest We Forget-Emmett Till...beaten to death for looking and speaking to a white women). It's time for the truth to be acted on right across the board and not be side tracked by games and insignificance believing that all is well on the plantation of America because many of us sold out ourselves and the continent for acceptance in Europe and America. The truth can and must be told by those who lived through this insanity in America and never sold our identity and truth of our Blackness to these imposter's calling themselves Jews. How did they do it? They were approached by and sold their spirit and souls to Caucasian Zionists for jobs and money...funny money at that. Listen and observe them in town hall meetings-on T.V. and newsprint praising the value of the melting pot while pushing every thing white while suggesting anything en voling real Black solutions as paranoid-weird -strange anti-social to be watched as a potential terrorist completely over looking The Black Slaves and their descendant's in chains and shackles and stripped of everything. This is because slavery and their lying game is up! They took the crumbs and a job and the acceptance of integration thinking they were free on the plantation. Now they find the truth and real meaning of freedom in Prophecy as Black...Trillions of dollars in Gold and Silver-Land and other goodies which they gave up for rice -stew and the melting pot! All cultures and peoples coming here now and recognize this truth and build their economical base around these wannabe Black Judas Caucasian sellouts. Listen closely and you will hear...I'm not Black-I want nothing to do with Africa-I'm an American!... I"m not angry because of their point of view-but what I am angry with is how they allow themselves to be used in the public form without the balance of opposing points of view-real black wisdom and knowledge from Blacks who truly know who they are. Check the record and what you'll find is Black power in prophecy and the turmoil of the sixties saved them and everything black here and across the world and it wasn't about talk and games but deeds and action! Freedom- Liberty and Justice does not come by talk alone and kneeling before the slave master and it won't take us out of slavery if the truth is understood! Now comes the time for real truth-Why leave these shores after being trained as mercenaries to fight and die on distant shores and destroy some folk and their cultures only to come back here to beg for housing-food and a job in your right mind if you're so blessed and still not be accepted as free men and women knowing the debt of free slave labor has not been paid of which you are apart of! The truth will no longer be suppressed. I now challenge this nation and those among the walking free who say I lie- have no real wisdom, knowledge and experience relative to the slave foundation and their descendants and the debt owed to tell and show by action that I did not do as I said I did which is where our solution comes from-the Spirit of Divine Prophecy and God-not as a sacrifice like Jesus for the vampires in waiting. I did in deed walk the Kings Highway -found the land and walked through the front door as there is no back door and took the throne- land which belongs to (Reuben-Gad and Half Tribe of Manasseh) Land that White Caucasian Zionist and the Egyptian Goddess Isis went to war over and Lost in (1968) known as the one day War! It was also known at this time that while we were fighting for self and kind the Black woman in this nation was fighting for the white and colored man stating that the real Black Man was nothing giving the white slave masters and their children time to leave colonial Africa for America where they too would reap the benefits of the American slave as African Americans knowing the white slave masters Identity would become one and the same as the slaves. This knowledge and activity also helped the Asian investments in the grand Bahamas mainly Jamaica where the Asians built hotels giving the Blacks jobs but were not allowed to stay at these hotels. The alliance between the Asians and Black woman became so strong that they even support them in their efforts to capture the Nail and Hair industry in America giving to them more wealth rather than helping to create jobs for young Black youth as they both cry poor! All this was done to give up the Black man and break his dominance-his spirit... so that the white and colored women could take our spirit and claim her as God ..that too failed! However, as she began to raise white children as her own it opened the door for the Tsunami of homosexually and the hatred for Black men throughout this nation! This is the real truth and in part why the real revolution by Blacks for Black has been stalled ...What she didn't know was that God and Divine intervention would take place from the foundation as Reuben crossed over the Jordan in the Rapture-Aliyah-Ascension and return alive! To those who claimed it didn't happen-it's all a joke go take it and return with your wisdom that is- if you can find it- as God and his Black Warriors are waiting on you knowing my truth and wisdom is real! Reuben-Seed of Jacob, Son of Simeon (c) 4/11/2012 Reuben Beckles