Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Up Front and Personal -Reuben, Seed Of Jacob-Sun Son Man Of Simeon-Black Power-In Black House of Israel-From Foundation to Head!

What does it mean in relation to the Title? Is it talk? A dream...a lie, trick or game?  No, it's the truth rooted in Spiritual truth and action relative to Divine Wisdom for the benefit of closing out Black Slavery in America ending in Reparations-Restitution and Land on the Black Continent and Middle East.  This claim remains  in the face of ' Negro Black, Judas Sellouts and their Satanic Imps moving into Armageddon with their noses up White Supremacist's behinds, begging for integration who want nothing to do with Separation. Denouncing Prophecy they're fighting God-Of the Most High!   They have  sold their land birthright and freedom out for a mess of cow manure and the 'illusion of fake acceptance and freedom.  There job is to help facilitate the destruction of 'Black Israel' for Caucasian  Whites, of European ancestry who don't belong In the 'Promised Land, nor on  the 'Continent, Land of the Blacks.   More on this subject can be found on my /on a program called " Desperately Seeking Answers',  hosted by Odell Farris".   These bloodsucking vampire, punks and  sissies will do anything to please their Slave masters in their attempts  to destroy the Fathers and men of truth.   Perfect example,  Barrack Obama who didn't do a damn thing for the benefit of Black independence and freedom!  This speaks volumes to what his wife is all about!... with White, Yellow, Colours-Creoles, Mulattoes, Red  and Brown on top...Blacks in Continued Slavery on the Bottom, being marketed as slave labor and spending Robots going no where in this death trap of delusional  freedom! Why delusional ?  It's all identity-power -money and politics, wrapped up  in a color scheme at Blacks expense promoting fake brother hood !  The current major player's being ( Trump- Kerry- Netanyahu )  Palestine and the United Nations!  President Trump has already stated his intent' ( taking America into the Promised Land which Obama couldn't do and neither will Trump!  While the lying tricksters and schemers in the background plot on the Negro-Black hand side, play games with the Sons and daughters pretending what Reuben Seed of Jacob represents and did in action, was nothing, because, they en  mass, refuse to stand for truth...( Gods Truth In Judgment) hoping he would be another Jesus-for them which didn't happen in the "One Day War Of 1968" when he crossed the Jordan and took the Throne, Coveted by them all, exposing them as cowards and hypocritical phonies!  The knew, and kept secret that they, had sold out too Esau and the White Zionist in the name of Jesus.  Reuben was to be Sacrifice.  What shook them up was Divine Intervention- exposing  white Israel  as lying vampires along with the so-called' Muslim Palestine's' claiming Land not theirs.  They were placed in that area by Egypt as a thorn in the side of the Original Hebrews ( Israelites)!   Today, the fight continues under the banner of Political   agreements, Law of Discovery and Divine Law along with Identity theft with Trump-Kerry and Netanyahu in the fore front of pretenders thieves and gangsters...who will end in flames knowing (God Is God of the Living Most High! they try taking over  'Black Israel and the Promised Land' from the 'Gulf of Aqaba'  headed by Ethiopia and the Vatican- Jordan's King Abdullah II and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el Sissie .  They are using the Saudi led-Arab peace Initiative along with Donald Trumps Legal- Illegal immigration  policies  as a cover front  on the Mexican border and  Chinese trade economics to cover the Black Spiritual Leadership and shield the real issue  of the coming Armageddon Tsunami and the issue of Slavery in America.  The Debt owed, to standing Black Israel for enforced free slave labor and all it's attending  ills which will end in their Exodus  returning  to the Black Continent and Middle East in accordance with Divine Prophecy-fought for by Reuben, Seed of Jacob and placed on the table before the Nations of the world!  Soul to Soul-Spirit to Spirit, Truth to Truth in Faith in Action from the Kings High Way and the Door of Black Power.  Love Self and kind!  Respect and Honor.  No Games, Tricks or Lies !  Lest We Forget !  A pig is still pork and a devil is still a low down dirty devil -never to be trusted! Reuben ( C)  2/20/2017   Stay well in the truth and faith of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob            Sun Son Man of Simeon .      Reuben Beckles

Monday, February 06, 2017

Black History Month of Limited Access Continued Slavery In Legal And ILLegal Immigration!

Talk about Constitutional freedom for Black Slaves, with no land- economical business, real research and self governing institutions attached to what is  called, 'Black History Month,' is a total sham- a con game for the rich to become richer on the backs and spending habits of the  slaves who create jobs and wealth for the slave masters  controlling the system of Politics, Education, Trade and Commerce-Economics ...Land, Police and Military Structures.  What does the slaves own and control?  Nothing, for the most part! Their leaders don't even want to entertain the idea of self governing in action, on there own land, and terms, while at the same time, giving the wealth they earn, beg, borrows and  steal to the New Citizens.  Legal and Illegal Immigrants who look down on Blacks as nothing.  Slaves to be used in the melting pot of so called brotherhood!  A brotherhood, they feel nothing for, except to use and make money  having businesses and living in areas where black  slaves are really not wanted! Contempt and disrespect is shone time, and again in all forms across the land to black adults and children alike.  But, the reality and solutions to this dilemma, requiring astute action  for self and kind seems to have no meaning. Not even when faced with a Tsunami of destruction.  The only thing keeping the unsuspecting Black Slaves from being wiped out en mass by Coloreds, Mexican, Esau, Caucasians and others is the 'One Day War of 1968, by Reuben, Seed of Jacob and the Divine intervention of God. ' Supreme Lord of the Living Most High!  The Truth, Standing for Black Self and Kind, Black in Israel.  There is no escaping facts and truth relative to Divine Prophecy and Faith in Divine Law!    If  Blacks and others claim to know the truth, but are unwilling to stand for the Truth to be Judged, as Male or have nothing, no life and have nothing coming while living on the promise in the arms of the Devil and Satan who will be destroyed, claiming to be somebody their not-knowing they're  nothing but satanic bloodsucking devils feeding on the innocence and backs of Slaves who have no land or Business of worth.  A people strip of everything-yet owed much!!  Black Man, today is your time, your responsibility to get your house and act together as head!  Stand up for something knowing this isn't  your system or land.! You didn't vote too come here as a Slave then stay here as a tool-a fool.  Restitution Land and Reparations under Divine Truth and Law, is Real!  Stand Up and Be Counted or become  part of the Transgender machine against God and Die!  Woman, having children or no children doesn't make you the head of the house or place you in a position over Man and God.  If you think it does, then tell the  truth as Adam and Eve did, being thrown out of Eden and continue your self destructive acts of sexual manipulation and lying wenches and begging bitches in Isis that has been dethroned-trying to be over Man and God -which will never be. You can take that to the bank with no brains- fake hair-fake eye lashes, teeth. False breasts, booty and mouth, destined for the trash bend going nowhere! If you don't give a damn for your self as Black-God given, it doesn't mean you have a right to destroy the children or Man that fought and stands for truth...not only in talk but action.   This is no game- no trick or lies!  You don't need an organization or a trick in pants refusing to stand for what's right and real.  ...God is! (C) 2/6/2017   Reuben-Seed of Jacob in faith...Abraham Isaac and Jacob!   All because of the Love of My Father and Mother.  A Black Newspaper called 'The Herald Dispatch.'    Owner(  Mr Sanford Alexander) . Black Power!   Soul to Soul- Truth to Truth, Life to Life ...Spirit to Spirit.   From the Kings Highway and the Door of Life!  Beware! We're all Not The Same and I speak as Black. Acting and knowing in the light of truth, From beyond the Jordan. So Deep, you can't get under it.  So High, you can't get around it.  So Wide, it narrows at the entrance to the door!  God is!  ' Lest  We Forget!....Prophecy and truth is!  The devil is Still a Low Down Dirty Devil and will do any and everything to keep you here as there Slaves! God Is, Supreme Lord Of The Living Most High!  Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Up Front and Personal-Black Power In Truth-No LiesNo Tricks and No Games! Slavery Is Over and Supreme Lord of the Living Most High Is! Reuben Seed of Jacob!

If the above title were not true, I would not be here at this moment place and time with a destiny and purpose.  I realize when I mention the words ( Black Slavery, Land, Reparations and Restitution ) folk get uncomfortable...stating, " Come off it.  Not again. Grow up!  We don't need that terrorist, hate talk.  If you don't love America and all she stands for-leave!  Our God is Love!"  Much of this insanity comes from integrated couples, people running from there place of origin. People 'faking it til they make it!' ...loads of money on the backs of Black Slaves.  Most of these folk could care less about the bestial slaughtering and absolute decimation of Blacks who made this country possible. Folk who didn't come to these shores of their own free will. The sadness of this entire situation becomes extremely profound when Blacks, yearning too be free find and understand, that Blacks arriving on these shores from Black lands and other parts of the world, feel nothing for them or their plight, because they and their leadership from the continent of Blacks, were the ones responsible for the condition of Blacks here, knowing  the selfishness, greed and envy their leaders possess dealing with the Europeans they created.  They are the ones who created, educated these monsters, and gave them their wisdom and knowledge.  Today, the continent, East West North and South is in big trouble with their lands in turmoil as they continue promoting the path of Brotherhood, while their current leaders sell the cultures and people, land and resources too Europe. They are leaving their women and children in chaos while reaching out and claiming, 'White women' they see as the prize, accepting en mass, these phony, blood thirsty impostors as the original (Hebrews called Israelites).  Faking it, to make it in the form  of acceptance finding in the end, they're still Black, being used living in the misery and pain they created.  They're being laughed at all over the world...knowing, the Blacks here, fought this monster, they created, without a spear of help from them.  They gave up the righteous spirit  hoping we, here, will  give up the righteous fight for land and freedom and follow their thought process of brotherhood because they are now finding out, we understand their actions. They feel nothing but envy and hatred for Blacks of America, because, 'we fought and didn't fake it'  becoming whole, tired of slavery at this point in time!' This holds true for  Blacks, male and females, sellouts, running around America, telling us too vote in a system, for a people, that's not for us knowing, we don't belong.  These same folk have the nerve to get mad when 'Donald Trump' became President not Hillary and big Bill.  They also found, 'The Nation of Islam'  many of you joined after leaving 'Christanity and the Church, became  part of the ' Destruction  of Black Civilization as followers of 'Louis Farrakhan who is 'fighting God' not believing in the faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in Prophecy nor the Spiritual Divine Holy Ghost in Christ.  They call it, Spook ism and promotes Jacob as a phony!  This is why they had to eliminate Khalid  Muhammad,  who was coming into real truth, fighting the Arabs- part of Esau, who hate Black and jealous of Jacob.  As for your President, he's attacking what he sees as illegal immigration and the drain on the economy.  The people, primarily, women and their male followers in Isis, are going crazy.  It is my observation that Isis is related to the 'Book of The Dead'  for dead folk, who don't produce life, feeling nothing for Laws in Scriptures under God, stating the Book they don't understand, is poison, because they don't believe or understand the Spirit they claim is spook ism.  This President is fighting  an overflow of immigrants in this country by  legal and illegals yet, refuse to deal with the Black foundation of slavery, relative to the debt owed!  Are they controlled by the Vatican, Spiritually.  The Constitution or Muslim Islamic States, under Sharia Law? figure it out.  When you do, where is the freedom in all this talk?  In talking with my oldest Son who has travelled all over Europe as a Musician, I asked him 'what did he find?  He answered, having lived there, " If you travel in those lands and Countries, you better have a Passport on you at all times-day or night!  Be ready too show it upon  request by the Police or Military or you're gone...they don't play this game you find in the passport, they deport questions ask.  Everybody knows who they are.  You belong or you don't! You're  gone! that's it!  There's no such thing as, Faking it, to make!'  I was talking too my second Son, who was in the Navy and became a member of the 'Order of the Deep' traveling all over in the East.  I asked him about the Land Dr King mentioned in his 'I have a Dream speech and the Top of the Mountain' .  Dad, he answered, " the Land is real. I don't know how you  entered that land  but it's real!  I didn't sign up to fight Black folk!  You can't get in that land! Those folk are not asleep-there are warriors over there you wouldn't believe...and they are not playing.  Make the wrong're gone!"   That's it. Up Close and Personal!  This is why  Black Judas sellouts are running scared playing games.  They gave up their God given lands and birthright to some phony monsters for Money and acceptance, now hoping to find a loophole in my actions and identity as Reuben, Seed of Jacob.  Sun Son  Man of Simeon sitting on the Spiritual Throne of Black Israel in the Door of Life' Via The Kings Highway'  God Is! (C) 2/1/2017  Stay Well.  Faith...   Truth too Truth!  Soul Too Soul!  Spirit Too Spirit.  Claim remains with Compounded Interest!   A pig is still Pork and a Leopard never changes it's spots!  The devil is still a low down dirty devil!  Land  Reparations Restitution or there will be nothing!! Respect, Love and honor yourselves!  Truth in play thing!'                                 Reuben Beckles