Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, November 08, 2013

Cause And Effect-Black Slavery In America Big Business-Hence Freedom And Independence Can Never Be Given!

Those who control this system and other system around the world know it has nothing to do with honesty or casual sentiment-it is what it is Business!...this is what slavery is (Business).  Why would these Blood sucking vampires give up that which is profitable to them?  The slaves in this country is seeking Freedom, Justice and Independence-along with acceptance in many forms only to be returned to the Common wealth table of the slave master and his business interests(the slave)!   His Constitution and attitude told you when it was written you were his property...animal Status!  The reason you keep returning to his table seeking Civil Rights is because they delight in playing games with your so-called leaders whom he gives you and they dance and do his bidding like the pimps and sissies they are! When their property on the plantation become restless and start making demands that interferes with his business he send in their agents to provoke and excite senseless activities like animals gone wild not knowing who they are as humans with Status!...their language translates in this form..."We want freedom to seek our own kind-to do our own thing! can a Gorilla mate with a Giraffe and bring forth a bear?...who mates with a Zebra to bring forth an Elephant-who mates with a Snake who brings forth a Nat who then claims, it's heir to a pig, who claims it's not pork! an Elephant heavy?...sounds silly-in part, this is the state of the Negro who claims to be Black and aware on the plantation! Many learn the truth then sell out for acceptance and a job, but still no freedom-no land and the ultimate dis-claimer, the denial of self and kind who want nothing to do with Sovereignty' Reparations and Restitution while falling for the trick behind '-home of the brave, land of the free! '- in White Supremacy!  It's only when he claims that his founding Fathers who formed the document called the 'Constitution call them to duty to die and fight for these blood sucking vampires on a distant land, that he realizes the game is about business with him as the goat.  In many cases he now comes under the Supremacy of Admiralty Law where he moves into and on the Lands from which Blacks and their Ancestors were stolen-beaten and enslaved to arrive in this country in chains and shackles and denied knowledge of themselves and kind -now hating and killing themselves!  The object for all this trickery and deception ie the denial and Education of self and kind in America was to take your mind and have you fight yourself for the benefit of these greedy-atheistic Blood sucking Vampires for Land -resources and peoples to build his vast Empire of Business! But, know this as you try and get your mind-head in order-you are not alone, you cannot be blamed, many have been deceived and  tricked-a child makes many mistakes growing up-that is the nature of growing up-that is why we have erasers on pencils-why knowledgeable Elders are on the set Elders of your own kind who can set the records straight!  The next time you pick up the Constitution and read" To Serve and Protect against all enemies both Foreign and Domestic"  ask yourself, where do you fit in and who are they talking too if not you? ( Think), you were brought here in Chains and Shackles -your ancestors are You and you both represent Business for these Blood Sucking Vampires here and Abroad!   Our real History is rooted in our fight for Sovereignty-Stature and Status in Culture-Independence-Freedom on Black Soil(Land) and our Solution in our History of Slavery however painful as it is and was; that is our Foundation=Free Slave Labor=A Debt Which Was Never Paid-which has now Compounded Interest At Today's going Rate-This is Fact and Truth-This Is Spiritual-Divine!"  This is the only Action for something of Value that must be moved on and claimed by it's people(Black Slaves not deceived( no other  people can make this claim but is-your rightful inheritance!) If you don't claim it and move on it- others will move on it in what is known as (Identity Theft...such as The White Zionist Tried in (1968 -One Day War! with the help of the Black Judas sellouts and Isis and were wiped out by yours truly in Gods Divine Spirit in Action-Reuben seed of Jacob Son of Simeon under Black Power In Israel  and these Blood Sucking Vampires know it-!  Leading up to this was the Fires Of  Watts -by and for Black folk!  These are just a few examples of action taken in truth by Faith and not in pretense for something that is void of Black interest in Justice Reparations-Restitution and Land! (C)11/8/2013 Reuben-God in Prophecy is real! Black is Beautiful-like Faith In Abraham-Isaac and Jacob..."Lest We Forget!" Righteous thought in action will give you Freedom and Independence-Sovereignty-Land Reparations and Restitution  not continued enslavement!           From The King's High Way-The King Has Spoken!  Reuben Beckles