Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Truth will Trump Hope and Deception!

Judas sellouts-liars and hypocrites are trying re-sell the truth of the sixties on the national and international stage-relative to prophecy-Jacob's seed-Black power and the house of Reuben. All of this is in relation to Black folk in America and the issues of Slavery-Free labor-Land-Restitution-Reparations and Atonement! Judas sellouts and phony pretending activists coming from the best of schools and universities or standing in religious pulpits hiding out cannot and will not speak too or in behalf of the people for whom this knowledge and spirit effects. This also stands true for those Colored folk who work for and stand in the legacy of the (NAACP) advancement for colored folk who vacillate back and forth as Black folk when it suits their purpose because they really feel nothing for Black folk. If you listen to them closely you will hear talk but no solution to these long standing issues that must be solved and cannot continue as is. Their solution is President Obama-Jobs and Health Care because they and the country is profoundly sick-they believe in usury but not in prophecy. These are the same folk who work for the government and ruling families of this nation and other countries around the world and the pope of Rome-under Christianity and Islam within the knowledge and scope of Ishmael and Esau-same folk who blocked Marcus Garvey from returning to his home on his land. They know this truth in their Political -Religious and secret societies. They and the Black Judas-phony sellouts are working strong for the hidden( White American Agenda-whose code word is the American People) The Zebra does not change it's colors and pretend to be something it's not and neither do they.! They dominate from a position of illusion and strength using deception and Black Judas sellouts and the coloreds. They believe in Economical and political power using the Constitution under the Law. Their sole purpose at this point in time is to eliminate and destroy Black truth as is relates to the claim of our lands and our ability to do for self in relation to Prophecy-which they don't believe! One of the most profound keys they use on this cotton plantation is the Black woman who hates herself -but loves him and teaches her children that same type of hate to honor and work for the system and him-but never themselves. This insanity she take a step further by suggesting she doesn't need the man all she needs is God- forgetting she was not created for God...but Man-to fulfill Adams loneliness! Then he God- blessed them both ...their inability to understand that truth is with us today with her present day attitude as he stands alone in this present day system making his changes in spite of all the insanity around him ! Judas and others play her like a yo-yo! If this truth is a lie look around you ask your selves why do all other peoples know their attachment to their lands and peoples in and out of this country but Black folk-the unwilling Slaves on this cotton Plantation? How is it they rise to the top like cream-while for the most part her kind languish on the bottom eating dirt begging for jobs-even with degrees or no degrees! All this with an attitude in the face of wisdom and truth as she and her drones fight the concept of Land and Reparations! Could this be because they fought this truth and blew it in the sixties while fighting for integration and a hot dog! Truth is they lost their foundation and King-who walked the Kings Highway and found his Spiritual home in the East-the Name and Titled to the Land is Reuben-Son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob and this is the Truth-no game-no lie! This truth is so strong-that you will find no loop-hole in it. The nation of Islam-Many Churches-Mosques -Secret Societies, nations and others became so furious that they demanded to know by asking the question" who ever heard of the feet leading the head?" The answer came back..."If those above the feet knew the Divine Authority in Prophecy in relation to Abraham-Isaac and Jacob and they were asked to do what the Feet did by faith and they don't move but instead fights the one in the faith-then when the feet succeeds why is their a need to ask the Divine Authority anything? Truth is what it is! You ask How did they fight the Man and his using ISIS-Tarot Card- Sex and the book of the Dead-to take his Spirit and his Birth Right-hence his Throne-after the Black woman gave him up saying he was nothing! they could use someone else in the form of Identity thief-so that there would be no claim for the truth in Prophecy... Reparations-Land-Restitution and Atonement-the Caucasian Zionist-Egypt -Esau- Ishmael would walk away with the prize changing Prophecy -Divine Wisdom and truth relative to the Black man!!! Reuben Beckles- Reuben Seed of Jacob/copyright 3/26/2010