Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Black Judas sellouts real slaves of America and much of the world now find themselves in the cesspool of hell without a foundation looking for acceptance!

Good evening to friends and enemy alike-I am Reuben-Sun of Simeon-seed of Jacob from the Black Land and House of Israel-not trying or pretending to be someone or something I'm not without value and purpose!  My concern is not coming too or begging Black folk for anything as Jesus or some hypocritical buffoon seeking Identity and acceptance. I come from the foundation of this nation in this wilderness of North America and like many of you I have been abused, misused...spit on-walked on-beaten beyond all moral perception lied on and about-wondering why and what the hell is going on...not really understanding this colored thing being born in a place called San Francisco, California!  Like many of you my parents never really gave me or my brothers and sisters the real meaning of America-land of the free-home of the brave!...White Culture and Supreme authority with Black on the bottom building a strong foundation for White ego's-while maintaining animal status for Blacks. The real shocker came as I began to realize what the Buffalo soldiers did to help decimate Indian Culture for White Europeans and that same black thought process helped to rape Black Africa giving rise to the slave trade there, America and around the world! intent is to focus on the business at hand as I was born here and understand the hell that was heaped upon Black folk here on this land -a nation of Laws where the debt of free labor has never been paid to the Slave nor their descendants who today suffer because they are not free and Sovereign on their own land and free to make decisions for themselves and kind relative to their values and God! At this point and time in my life I am not concerned about whether I'm accepted or not or trying to build my Temple in another Man's house to justify my state of being or robbing some White Bank...dragging some Caucasian woman around on my arm or running up and down on some hill in  distant lands to prove  something to Black Judas sellouts and White Bloodsucking Caucasian Vampires who are both in denial brothers in crime promoting the great color divide for wealth and limited power!  Their greed-Jealousy selfishness along with covet ness is so profound  that they have completely over looked the responsibility of cause and effect while promoting their own destruction trying to keep their ethnic origins pure and white after creating the Creoles-Mulattoes  Octoons and others that he and this Black woman might rule over the Black Man-that she is more than he!...My question is-who is she kidding-she has a Vagina but doesn't want to produce life promoting same sex marriage -inter-racial unions  resulting in conversion from one religion to another which is now taking place en mass-especially from Christianity to Islam and Judaism-losing all sense of Identity and Ancestry in relation to the Land! Man as Man carry's a penis of life which White doesn't have or want! Having made the Rapture in the Aliyah) I know this to be true-knowing the Kings High Way and door of life is real along with the Identity Of "The One Day War! and My Sovereignty  of the Land it represents.  This is the same land and Identity I fought for while working for the Herald Dispatch Newspaper here in Los Angeles under the ownership of Mr. Sanford Alexander-the same Land Dr King tried to give to these blood sucking vampires calling themselves Jews who called himself a Unitarian Christian- and whose congregations across this land  now live in denial and conversion to something other than who their God created as they beg and cry for acceptance !  This is the real meaning behind the "Sterling situation today as a Caucasian White Man tells his Black slaves their true position to White folk in this nation paying them to perform for their entertainment (Food -Shelter-Clothing-Cars etc.) this because Negros Judas sellouts play the game -hide and seek( in denial) creating and building nothing for themselves! the children  suffer and their future go lacking for real truth and understanding on their own land in Sovereignty with Land -Restitution and Reparations based on the truth and reality as to how we came to  this nation in the first place !  Black long are you going to allow these Black Judas wanna' be white folk to lead you into the pits of Despair without you raising pure hell for the truth in action for yourselves?  So called faith based religious leaders who are now running the show won't get the job done anymore than Your current leaders across the land who have been waxing fat at your expense and who are now promoting certain so called educators from the Continent to come here and write so-called empowerment columns to quench the void of Blacks who are still slaves in America.! I maintain that he and other like him" Meaning- Lekan  Oguntoyinbo" are nothing more than agent provocateurs  who possibly come from a long line of those Judas sellouts who got us here in the first place and are told by the State Department to have nothing to do with the Black Slaves here.  Therefore, they come here with no solutions and if you press them and ask them what are they doing here-they won't tell you any more than the Black woman here who didn't help to facilitate real freedom  under Black Power in the form of Reparations Restitution and Land then or now... trying to think like a man Just like those Africans who sold out and gave their souls and spirits to the Caucasians Sepharadhim and Ashkenazim Jews of Spain and Portugal aided by Rome and the Sanhedrin Council through Ethiopia, they are all in a constant state of Denial and feel nothing for the real future of the Black folk in America as they see the pain and suffering of Black in America, as their ticket to the promised land-in America!  "Lest We Forget"...We are all not the same! Our Solution is not the Same and we are not all a part of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob-Listen to what these folk are saying and doing including these other folk from other nationalities coming here under the Constitution living and working on the Black foundation-whose claim has not been resolved-(C) 4/28/2014 From the Kings Highway Reuben Sun Of Simeon-Seed Of Jacob-and Sovereignty from the Most High God Creator-I Am !                          Reuben Beckles                                                

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Divine Intervention Relative to the Land and House of reuben Jacob's seed Sun Of Simeon-No Lie's No Trick's No games!

Much has been said and ridiculed concerning my knowledge wisdom and experienced action taken by yours truly and laid down in Black and White on my Blogger-twitter-You tube  and other forms of communications -action taken-for which I make no apology concerning the Black slaves of America and the debt not paid for free labor-untold mental and spiritual acts of destruction and Identity theft by the same demonic folk who set this nation and government up in the name of Justice under Law-while excluding Black folk and their descendants whom they claimed were and are nothing more than animals!  The truth is these same slaves were given so-called freedom with nothing to be exploited and used by the nations and peoples of the world.  This is what gave rise en-mass to what is known as the colored population calling themselves Black-Creoles-Mulattoes -Octoroons - by their actions knowing they're not Black and have no intentions of being so.  However, they stand in line to receive anything of value which should be given to Black...Education-Law-Social and Monetary Compensation-Land-Reparations-Restitution and Justice.  This is because the Blacks under Slavery did not understand they were and are merely Pawns  In the game of trickery and these other folk used the real knowledge  of real Black folk whom are called Hebrews-Israelites) a Sovereign  people from a real land mass which the nations and people of the world covet -this includes those Black Judas sellouts on the continent of Africa and those from the House of Judah-Ethiopia-Egypt and Greece whose Jealousy and envy cannot be measured in truth because their barbaric vampire ways are hidden in the heart of  Rome where sits the Ethiopian College-also known By Spain-England-Portugal -Italy  -Ukraine-Poland Germany and Russia among others...all, which were promised the birthright of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob the Land and Divine Prophecy of Jacob! The Sanhedrin Council were and remain today responsible for the chaotic condition of the world today as they setup the various religions to promote and enforce through genocide and vampire acts of hatred and greed for the Supreme Lord of the Living most High God-I Am!  These thugs -pimps and gangsters are the same ones in this nation who promotes Slavery keeping intact the religions through the secret societies  so that the people-the Slaves  keep themselves on the bottom to the nations of the world creating nothing for themselves, while dying fighting for others in the name of (Jesus)...hating themselves!  ...but loving Jesus!  Hating the Black man, turning the children of their union against him- selling him out in the Church to the White Blood sucking vampire and Esau and anyone else that would listen to her dictates about the blood suckers calling themselves Israelis(White Jews-whom she Loves-but hates Black Israel!   Strange?  Not so, when the fact are understood in our last Blogger-when I asked the question "Where was the Black Woman in America, when these actions were taken by the Black Man for real -Justice- Land- Freedom-Sovereignty  in Reparations Restitution and Land? "Watts-Walking Of the Kings High Way!  The War of 1968- Entrance to the Door of Life and  Sovereignty!  Throne of Reuben - the twelfth house of Israel-Seed of Jacob!?   Truth is...they were in the various religious houses across this land selling themselves and the God out for acceptance and a job so that she was the head and her Man was nothing!  Reuben, was on the bottom and in Jail knowing nothing of the master plot to be destroyed in the name of Their Jesus!  But, what they and those who were working in her behalf didn't know was that Divine Intervention by the Supreme Lord of the living Most God In the Spirit would take place...She and others  through Isis, would fail -the game plan back fired Reuben, became Sovereign on his land- prophecy is real and the debt would be paid!  Those Blacks who sold out their spirits here and abroad would be repelled from those lands and be exposed as the Judas they are and can claim nothing of value and truth belonging to Black Israel  as they didn't fight for the nation -land or People thinking only of themselves and did the same thing as Esau-who gave up the birthright that wasn't his-or the situation involving (Marcus Garvey) thrown out of the Grand Bahamas for a  mess of rice before coming to America!  Sanford Alexander, was no different, he and his organization tried to destroy me because I did by Faith what they were suppose to do with knowledge....or What Christ did on the Cross-cris cross and doubled cross when his Twelve Brothers, Disciples...denounced him when they found out he wasn't playing a game and their would be a heavy price to pay, they would never take the action themselves but wanted the power and glory!   In today's setting we watch colored Negros pretending to be Black with Faith and value but want nothing to do with Land Reparations and Restitution.  They make a lot of noise with no action for that which they claim is theirs- while the White freedmen rallied around  and on behalf of their brother in Las Vegas- as the Federal government moved in and tried to take  the freedman's cattle for grazing on Federal Lands!  White freeman came to their brothers aid with Guns in hand from all over the country with Knowledge Of Their Constitution" We The People-ready to do Battle: they were not playing....the government returned the cattle and backed down-!  So what's with this Negros Civil rights game with Black folk"  Lest We Forget" Sovereignty-Divine Intervention -Black Power-Land-Reparations and Restitution is no Game-No Trick and No Lie!  Reuben Seed Of Jacob-Sun of Simeon-this is no beg thing-no pay thing and Divine Justice is Real! (C) 4/24/2014                      Reuben Beckles

Friday, April 18, 2014

If Black Slaves and their Decendants in America desire Freedom-Justice and Soverienty Then We must be true to ourselves and move as Prophecy and Truth Dictates relative to the Supreme Lord of the living most High -I Am!

Peoples and nations of the world are moving at a tremendous pace towards self destruction because of lies-deception and usury. Black slaves and their off springs are no exception as they are told and trained to forget the past of history-go to school and prepare to enter the world economy  by working for jobs for the betterment of other folk and cultures.  This insanity is taught and promoted from within the community mind set of Black folk ...provided, you're able to find a real viable Black community of conscience faithful believing Black folk!   It is my opinion that many Black men and women who have studied, fought and died for real Justice and freedom have all been kicked to the gutter of nothingness and replaced by a bunch of absolute phonies hypocrites called leaders from within the religious-education - financial -legal and Political institutions  who form groups of pimps -hustlers and would be humans of Black Judas sellouts who do nothing more than kill the minds and real achievements of Black folk future!  ...because the way things are moving for the benefit of the Money Capitalist and usury Identity thieves  who are nothing more than bloodsucking vampires whose lies and greed -deceit give to the world nothing more than the cause and effect of death and destruction ! Believe it or not these agents of death are placed within key positions within the so-called Black communities across the nation by outside forces of Christian Gentiles and Caucasian(Aryan) Zionist Jews to keep Black down-with nothing...looking up to a white savior!  These Black Judas Sellouts get paid big time to keep the Slaves running to their various houses of Worship looking for a brighter day as they  promote a divide by color and Class knowing the original knowledge they use coming from  Hebrew as a language and culture cannot be translated to other languages and cultures and have it's meaning and intent come out to be anything like it's original purpose and intent!  That is why during slavery in America, it was punishable by death if the slaves were taught anything about themselves or given the ability to read and write which gave the European the time to imitate Black folk and steal your Identity and values.  This is why for the most part Black folk are having problems today!  These outside forces know it as do Egypt-Ethiopia-Greece -Rome and those who promoted the activities of the Sanhedrin Council(Black Folk) selling their knowledge-spirits and wisdom to create the mess Black folk are in today!  Their job was and is to destroy ancient Israel and the prophecy of faith of Jacob-giving the power over to Esau and Ishmael!  "Lest we Forget" The Supreme Lord of the living Most High God-I not sleep and no fool and divine intervention is nothing to play with as these Judas sissies and blood sucking vampires found out as their best laid plans fell apart and everything back fired on them all which is where yours truly entered the picture and enter the life Of one Mr. Sanford Alexander of the Los Angeles Herald Dispatch-Weekly Newspaper-and the African House!  This Man opened the door to my Destiny and the Universe-because I was a sales man for his Newspaper-nothing more-nothing less-he did not tell me anything but because of my action and truth he was forced to take a position I'm sure at this point he didn't want to take- as a result I paid the price I went to jail lost my home and family -giving rise to "Watts- Destruction and dethroning of IsIs- My walking the Kings Highway and "The One Day War1968"  His envolment  with Shrindom and the secret societies was to destroy Black folk or keep them down and out for the Black Judas sellout on the continent-which is why they don't promote Sovereignty of the Land for the slaves in America-Reparations or Restitution and why many are coming here telling Black folk nothing!  The other aspect of this situation is the transfer and knowledge and wisdom  from another man language and culture relative to Jacob and Reuben.  Through the Church and other forms of communications Jacob is called and taught to be a theft- on the other hand Reuben defiled his Father and would never excel!  Yet, here we are in the 21th century, I walked through the door of life and save the lives of Black folk here and around the world and keep intact the Sovereignty and prophecy of Jacob and Israel-even while Judas sellouts from the house of Judah was selling out the lands and people on the west Bank of the Jordan but are now being imprisoned-denied work visa's  and waiting to be deported from the land the hoped to one respects loves and honors a Judas! point being, if what certain Blacks claim that I am As Reuben-Sun of Simeon-Seed of Jacob is nothing how did we over come them and their organization of usury lies and deceit...more important why Divine Intervention and the move towards Prophecy and what we stand for?... where was the Black woman in this total equation?   (C) 4/18/2014  From the kings Highway-Reuben Sun of Simeon Seed of Jacob and the Faith Of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob    Reparations compounded Interest-Restitution Land for the only peoples stripped of everything-yet here we are!!This claim comes only after The Rapture(Aliyah) when we entered the Land and sat on the Throne given by the Living Most High Lord-I am