Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black Power and end to Slavery-Judas sellouts

America and it's allies at this point in time given it's economical-political-educational-military and religious stance can no longer act as a beacon of light protection and prosperity to the world because it refuses to deal with it's most important and pressing dilemma-Black Slavery and free Labor! Disasters of monumental proportion's suggest a limited time before there is no time. Every president before this president has in one form or the other has had to deal with this question and situation except President Obama-who seems to forget history and this Nations foundation as he loves Washington and Lincoln...even as Slavery remains alive and well. This Blogger will put him and it's people on notice as we deal with Solution-fact and truth! I-am Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon House Of Israel -not fiction but fact. Nations of the world have been trying to destroy this fact for centuries and failed because they are jealous and hate Black. When a Black man fights the good fight for himself and kind-he will go to jail! no ifs and ands about it. This was the job of Black Power in the sixties and continues to this day! This was and is the meaning of Watts and never was a melting pot of integration but one of Divine Intervention by the Spirit of God himself! Judas knew this and has tried to keep this fact unknown with unconditional love for every one while they tried to find away to kill off the Black man -instead they loss ed their wisdom-mind and land as the phonies through identity thief tried by war fare to steal the Land's of Canaan(Israel) Jacob ending in the "One Day War" they were wiped out! A spiritual war they could not win-Slavery is over and Prophecy is real! Now comes the question of Illegal Immigration and Education. Blacks didn't come by choice-worked and never paid-in a system for them-but was and is held down by Judas-slave masters and the Church to this very day! Through force of will and spirit they have been able to educate themselves and others for a purpose unknown even to themselves as they fight for crumbs and jobs to feed themselves and families aiding a people and system that feels nothing for them. Let's go back to their place and time in this nation relative to their descendant's today- in the book you don't put a people in bondage and slavery-work them for nothing then tell them they are free-knowing the land and system is not their! The Book outlines the payment of Reparations with compounded Interest-and land. Then and only then can you make a conscious choice relative to real freedom-instead of going from continent-to continent fighting in wars not of your making! With your Reparations the Land of your origin is in dire need of you and your Education-well digging equipment-seeds and other commodities of all nature and kind -your spirit mind and-love. The land is you and you are it! Demand it and move on it!- If not you the rightful owners-the devil and Satan will and they are to be destroyed. The State Of Black America is no State at all! but a joke and a nightmare and you don't need an organization to tell or show you this truth! Why suffer and bleed crying for help when God sends it and you let others tell you it's nothing as they put a colored man in the White House-talking over A Black oil disaster saying yes we can-with you on the bottom waiting for "The Fire Next Time."

Reuben-Son Of Simeon -Seed of Jacob - Twelve House of Israel (5/26/2010)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A country moving with no God, foundation, or law is doomed!

For sometime now, I have spoken the truth from the foundation-concerning the building of this nation as it relates to slavery-free labor-restitution- reparations and land-that it's all a joke! The Divine creator is no joke and no freak punk and prophecy is real! Those who work and think otherwise as money being their prime motivation and essence of their being will soon come to know they live in a nation of no value-no sense of right and wrong no foundation of Justice in truth. Those who live in truth under law-who walk with that foundation are forever being misused and abused in black and white, while the real disbelievers-pretender's and identity thieves and liars move and live in gray matter-believing we are all one in this crazy melting pot! Where does the Slave belong in this meting pot? The truth is he doesn't! He's called upon too fight and die-have children that are raised believing their enemies are their friends who feed them into the machine of cannon fodder because they don't know who they are or where they come from-thinking their spirit came from nothing yesterday! Every nation and peoples living in and on this land no better as they work and play towards the American dream but the slave who fights for Civil Rights- a job -the American nightmare and the hope that the here after is real...other wise-they too are doomed! Today, the fabric of the nation is being undermined and torn apart as the Judas sellouts among you wax fat telling the world "keep Hope Alive!" This in the face of crumbling Job losses, finances and financial institutions, lost of homes; bankrupt cities, states and a insane federal government-telling you and I better medicine and health care is the way to go as they blow some folk up half way around the world that some how will make a different in the way you live and think-these are the same folk who claimed you and your ancestor's were and are animal-the only people who were brought here in chains and shackles-labored and were never paid-denied education and given lip service about freedom under the law and constitution...and I don,t mean the "Common Wealth" of Nations. They play Politics with your minds and lives and you gives them your trust! Why? The big question of the day is Illegal Immigration! Consider this...A country that makes Law and claims to live under and by the law-then changes the Law in favor of money accommodation is no Law at all -not worthy of Law and is doomed! How much folly must the Slaves endure? Under the Law the slaves were free-with what-where is his land-who are they, as Black folk? Lip service does not make the land nor system his! I will leave you with this..."the foundation of truth is so deep-that you can't get under it-so high, that you will never get over it and there is no side door. The King's Highway- like Prophecy, is real as the Earth-Sun-Moon and Stars and not to be taken for granted!! Reuben -Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon 5 /6/2010