Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

American Black Slavery comes too end-recognizing-conspiracy to commit God Killing !

The title of this Blogger may seem far reaching-but I say take your heads out of the sand and investigate this truth- America, the melting pot of nations was born out of chaos,hatred, greed and slavery-which has made it the envy of the world-proclaiming it's self as leader and defender of the free world in white-which dominates black! This thought process was made possible by the wholesale capture and slaughter of Black folk on the continent known as the land of the Blacks-Africa!-This capture was made possible by Black families and leaders who made great profits from these transactions-today they deny this truth as many come to gain education and jobs made possible by Black slavery. They congregate in their own small communities wanting nothing to do with their Black brothers. Slavery has lasted into the twenty first century because of them as they study you to become you- knowing prophecy. Many of them have been accepted into American society after teaching white society about black culture and religion-transferring their spirits and knowledge to white hierarchy around the world by way of "Sanhedrin Council-African Methodist Church-Ancient free Masons- Ancient Free and accepted Masons- Prince Hall-and other societies, which includes Egyptians societies-Ethiopian-Greek and Rome institutions in Italy; white Caucasian Europeans trying to claim the Land of Canaan( Palestine) hence, the Birth Right of Jacob-through the lean age of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-a region and land to which they were never born but was promised to them and other nations of the world by Judas- which is the same as Egypt setting up the Philistine's along the coast of Gaza as a thorn in the side of Israel! This brings us back to America, where the Black slaves and their descendant's labored and built the foundation of America, turn out with no pay-stripped of everything-language-culture-families: everything-but their spirit! While this was happening to Blacks, whites were in schools learning about Blacks who were being demoralized abused and misused. The Caucasian Gentiles here built schools and churches In Math-Anthropology-History-Geography and other disciplines to give them a history of being more than what they were. The white pretending Jews from Europe with Black knowledge wanted the power to control which he does with the Mathematical key (Money)! With his Money and ability to create Jobs-in this country he has managed to buy the spirit and silence of many Blacks wanting to be free( free under him-the imposter! He gave the church to the ministers, who take in Billions yearly-while their White counter part set up synagogues and political non-profit corporations-both cry poor!-Black play the game...kept the faith-sending their flocks all over the world to die and fight to keep their money dream alive with people like Dr. King at the head fighting for integration in an nation that feel nothing for them and their kind! What brought Slavery to an end in this Nation in the Sixties Was God-Divine Prophecy-Black Power -Jacobs Seed,Reuben Twelfth House of Israel-(1968) who spiritually went to war by Faith-while other knowledgeable Men and groups played games-talked for fame and money-job ie, integration. Reuben said No-I want Land for self and Kind-independence real Freedom! Malcolm X was shot...President Kennedy was Shot and Killed-Dr. King was shot and killed trying to give the Promised land of Jacob away and recognizing the imposter's as I crossed over the Jordan..entered the land-took the Throne in the House of Reuben-as the imposter's in what is called Israel was wiped out in a-matter of minutes trying to steal what was not- is not Theirs! Today-imposter's talk play games along with the black Judas sellouts-looking for a home knowing the slaves here are entitled to land and reparations-Restitution-not foolishness-wars and pretence! Reuben-son of Simeon Seed of Jacob ( A big change is gonna' come...check the record (c) @ 12/22 /2010 Reuben Beckles