Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wisdom of the Black Man- The King...Into the Supreme House and the Divine Creation!

Sometime back I spoke of the Scales of Justice-Atonement and the debt owed to the American slaves and their descendants. I say the American slaves and descendants because of the nature and mind thought of it's people-it's founding fathers-the constitution and it's system of governing and living socially-economically-politically and religiously. The American System is governed by laws within the Republic and it's Constitution which was written by and for White folk...they know it and so does everyone else. To call them racists because they love themselves and kind to me is the highest form of insanity! When a people come into this system loving themselves and their kind they too can create for themselves and in doing so -enhance the system-under the law and within the frame work of the Constitution! Today, Negro-African Americans get mad when one knows and remains his self worth as a Black man...not trying or wanting to be someone else! For him-Prophecy is real-even though today, he speaks English-a language not his own-but he lives within the frame work of the American Constitution. Before he got here he was Sovereign and free! Captured and sold by his own kind on his own continent because of selfishness and greed-envy and jealousy of the highest order-made to work and suffer like no people on earth-An apology given in the form of Atonement is nothing unless the debt which is owed has been paid in full. The record shows the Japanese-Indian Tribes are just a few who have been paid and they never loss their language or culture and they can and do identify with their peoples and land! Consider the Zionist who claims they are Jews of Abraham-Seed of Jacob-in relation to Israel...who were never born in the area that they are now claiming as their own and are being paid in relation to an identity of a people they aren't. Your Religious Houses and their Spiritual foundations are rooted in their Divine understanding and law in the knowledge of Jacob and the real twelve house of Israel! Those Houses were not and are not Caucasian! "I bare witness to the truth on the one day war of (1968-March) when these Caucasians and their Armies tried to take over an occupied the Sovereign Lands of Reuben-Gad and Manasseh.") God appeared...the war was so terrible and decisive, as the Caucasian Zionist loss the war-they have no words to describe it!" Enough of the Lies-deit and trickeration-this is the truth! It happened-I am not apart of an organization! Those of religious houses across the board whether in Christianity, Islam, Judaism-Masonry and Shrinedom know this truth and are being paid to keep it quite and slavery alive!! This is one of the reasons as to why the debt to the slaves and their descents have never been paid-because it involves the land!...and peoples of divine prophecy! The extension of this truth is the role that the continent of Africa is playing along with the Common Wealth nations of England and Europe that has to do with Continents natural resources and the Land. This includes the Caribbean Islands and why Marcus Garvey was blocked from putting his feet on his own land ...also why the promise is being made about Jesus and the here after and the Rev.make a living helping the slave masters-to keep from paying the debt they are receiving in the name of the Lord. This gets very deep and high because it is designed to keep the original and their DNA from coming forth in relation to the cold war this is a Spiritual Divine war-that reaches across the land to every family. Many have been bought off. In my family- my twin brother, while in jail during the fifties and sixties entered the nation of Islam-controlled by colors-Creoles and mulattoes while Blacks fought against themselves-got out of prison and unknown to me join forces with my ex wife who was a member of a Greek organization-in the University system-controlled the Masonic order. I was placed in jail for a crime I never committed while they acted as husband and wife...she the Queen of Sheba, for the organization-he the King. as the oldest Son of Simeon our Father. Both failed as I prevailed in the House "Reuben" beyond the fertile crescent-which caused the one day war! I had Twin Sons one of which was in the Navy-under Admiralty and maritime law! One of his duties while in the East was to find a way to cross over the Jordan and find a way for his Brother to take over the Land.-They failed- No way through the Gulf of Aqaba-or Ezion geber and the "King's High way." The Satanic forces through the Zionists and the black Judas sell outs used what they thought was their ace trump card-entered ISIS and Egyptology with the tarot card-sex and death-she failed ! So great was her power that had she succeeded-Black folk all over the world would have been eliminated-no questions asked! Now they are trying to use the money key and change the system and make the Constitution of America, the melting pot of milk and honey for every one; while Tony Blair of England and the Common Wealth, told the world before he left his Prime Minister ship-that those black folk who were trying to receive reparations from his nation weren't entitled to a damn thing as they gave their knowledge and allegiance to the crown of England and weren't entitled to anything. Now those same folk who sold out to get black folk here-both black and white are finding out the power and depth of Black folk here in their quest for the real thing are saying me too Brother! (We're)all entitled. Many of these folk are the same one who gave their spirit to the female hoping she would be able to save them as she is now saying she is as much man as he is-knowing Black Man walked the King's High way for self and kind and she could never carry his crown or claim and act he he did in truth and Prophecy! Trust is like the love of one's self...if you talk the talk-can you walk that walk and be Judged in the Balance of Justice! Reuben From the Throne of the Twelfth House-Seed of Jacob Reuben Beckles-September 19th 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pimps, thugs, hustlers, and con men with titles in high places- lying to the people and the world for money and fame!

At this point in history my mind is centered in and around the Balance and Scales of Justice relative to apology and the debt owed to the slaves of America and their descendants-this is known as Atonement...a legal act of reparations in action-not just talk! If a man or groups of men are caught lying and stealing in a ponzi pyramid scheme they not only go to jail and if money and goods are found from the scheme they are auctioned off and the victims are paid! In the case of the American slaves and their descendants lip service is the order of the day while delay-garbage and death is lay ed on their heads and placed on their feet-until one day they rise up and throw it back at the slave master and his imps. Those who perpetuated the insanity of this hellish slavery have the nerve to call the victims-savages-beasts communists and words I will not use on this Blogger! But I will say these are knowledgeable folk...punkest wolves in sheep's clothing with no sense of wisdom or Justice! We are dealing with titles like...Esq. -Rev.-ministers-Attorneys At Law-Activist for the Communities-Phd's and so name the title it's the same right across the board! Let us examine one such title from the list above...(Esq or esquire)-which is a man of the English gentry...candidate for knighthood but rank is below the knight. seems to me this suggest the common wealth of England and English law. The person I'm referring too had an article in the Pasadena Journal and practices criminal Law. The article was entitled "Shame on you Black America!" He was suggesting the ills of America was created by black America, and who black folk in America should emulate and look up to and get off the back of white folk! My thought is this ...if the Good Esq would stop involving his mind in so much criminal law which leads the victim into the prisons which is good for the economy and system and look at the depths of slavery and how money was and is made without paying the debt to the victims of slavery then you have no solution and you enjoy making money on the victims! If you don't enjoy the pain and suffering of the victims try going into (Spiritual Divine Law) the Book is there-the Solution is there! it supersedes criminal law. What you and others are saying to the victim is Grow Up. Listen to yourself and take a page from yourself. This Blogger is in part about titles the individuals who carry these titles with dignity and pride-knowledge yet-haven't a clue as to the boiling pot of discontent under their feet and over their heads. Ex President Carter-spoke to the truth of this boiling pot of racism and hatred in the land concerning what most thought was a Black man in the white house-but then looks are deceiving and what President Obama, is showing this nation and the world...he's not Black-doesn't want to be Black and no solution for Black! just like most colors who pretend for convenience-using Black to fight and destroy themselves for white. It is stated that a mind is a terrible thing to waste-education is the way-yet the educated ones seem to have little concern as the nation is being changed and destroyed ...not by the slaves whose free labor built the nation but by those who thought they were and are free. What happened to that great mind set of white genius who told black folk it was a crime for them to read and write as they had no status but that of an animal? Strange these are the same privilege folk who stood by and signed the stimulus package that they didn't write nor read as lawmakers. They signed what in essence made them economical slaves who now talk about the illness of a nation as it relates to health care. How are they going to pay for the creation of jobs-education and a better way of life for their future if they have no money and money is there Capitalist system-their King-their God as they send their mercenaries here and around the world to preserve their system. Who then owns the country built on the backs and hands of the Black slaves with no title of valued meaning-yet speaks the language of the slave master-but claims title under Divine Law Atonement-Land Reparations-under the truth of that Law-you reap what you have sown-the victims are owed a debt- as the rapture was made so are the scales of Justice in place! Reuben Seed of Jacob Son of Simeon Reuben Beckles September 17th 2009