Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year-Deceptive Change-New Colored President moves into the Burning White House!

As a Blackman in Sovereingty and knowing Prophecy in the spirit of truth-divine truth my mind and spirit remains fixed in that knowledge and reality. From Black and slavery in these United States and all that goes with that knowledge and experience...blacks are accepted as colored Afro-Americans worthy to be led by an integrated Kenyan, whose foundation is that of the Comnon wealth of England and Europe under the Constitution of their Colony, the "United States Of America." The ironic truth is, if the Black man or Brown man born in this country and remains true to himself and kind he will never become President of these United lead what is known as the free world. The Ego and profound greed and selfishness is to great to accept this reality and the debt owed to Black in this nation is to deep-to high! History tells us that "John Hansen, was the first Black President of this land to hold the people together for the election of George Washington, who did not free the slaves-Abraham Lincoln, didn't free the slaves nor did he look upon them as Equals. His job was to pull the Nation together as "one"-east-west-north and south. The current President,"Barrack Obama's mind set is one and the same as the two Presidents mentioned which has nothing to do with Justice, Freedom And Equality for a Debt and Land for Black folk. His to keep black folk in stalemate-keeping them from thinking and acting in their own best interest and future-to put out the fire in the White House and the crumbling nation state. The Religions, Politicians, Money changers and Black organizational Judas sell-outs could care less about real justice and freedom as it relates to Prophecy for Black folk. They love the illusion of independance and freedom rooted in their ignorance of chaos...witness by the two wars being handed to the New President. These are people they claim as terrorist whom they claim invaded this nation. If this is the truth-nationtionalize the country and all it's war machinery-call up the draft for every man -woman and teenager- put them in a uniform from the President on down-put them on the front line and go to war! There is a time and season for all things and I will guarantee a real change will come not this foolishness where you pretend truth and rightousness for a 'class system' of the rich living on the backs of the poor...printing funny money that has no value-yet, sustains the thieves and con men in high places and those of pretented wealth. Let those who claim to be servants of the nation who are being paid big bucks-with an interest in solving problems-walk the streets pick up cans and bottles for their daily bread and drink from the cup of unclean water-not just on this land but in lands that were taken and occupied by lies, deception-guns and bullets in the name of system that continues to perpetuate Slavery and defer an unpaid debt! I have been sitting alone on this sandy beach front sharing some of my actions and thoughts with you for the pass few hours-alone, except for a few books I have at my your minds, your eyes and share them with me...You claim you want to take back your country-to rebuild it-is it yours? Who took it? Books=To Serve the Devil-volume one and two" "Protocols of Zion" "Book Of Revelation," "Arthur Koestler- The Thirteenth Tribe."

Reuben Beckles