Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ursury-lies and deciet concerning Black Slaves of America-by Black So-Called Leadership!

We will embark upon the truth as head lines indicate ...Usury, lies and Deceit by Black leadership who know the truth but who took a pay off from Black Judas sellouts-rich White and colored folk along with the Asian, Arabs and European continent-to hold Black Slaves in check here in America, with their on and off lip service concerning Reparations and Land knowing they wouldn't have a leg to stand on if the slaves were to leave them as the prodigal Sons and Daughters relative to Scripture and Prophecy in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! The Sixties under Black Power and the action of yours truly Reuben-Son Of Simeon-Seed of Jacob took as I walked the Kings Highway-entered that Spiritual Divine Door and took the Throne relative to Israel in the Rapture-Aliyah-which is the (12Th) house of Jacob in Israel( Foundation)! The word as is the Land can be found in Action-Word and Deed in the Divine Scriptures where my name Reuben is written! This is no joke as Nations and Individuals have been trying to enter that Land for Centuries until I made the journey in (1963) and the real sellout of Israel by Black Judas Sellouts took place and didn't end until (1968) and the "One Day War!) when the White Zionist went to War against me my house and kind- calling themselves Jews tried to take the land over-this being Spiritual Land-The Supreme Lord=God stepped in and wiped them out! This while Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was telling the world to leave them alone-that the Land was theirs-which he and they knew was a lie! Those who were in the Church-Islam-Synagogue knew the Truth but didn't have to Wisdom or Balls to Stand after we returned to this land of America and I was thrown in Jail beaten beyond all moral perception and charged with crimes I didn't commit while those leaders in charge of the various religions and secret societies with their palms out took the crumbs as the harvest for what I had done for the benefit of self and kind-the Nation! As a result of being thrown in Jail-sometime later there was a trial- the Divine Spirit Spirit stepped in and I was released. This all happened even though I had a family and many of the opposition had none-yet-today many of these same lying hypocrite's will tell you and the world what I'm telling you now didn't happen or if it did happen I didn't or couldn't return as they continue talking and preaching with their hand out in the name of Jesus or whom ever elses they can find to use...anyone or anything but the truth-which is why you don't hear of the Rapture -Abraham-Isaac or Jacob-they can't Stand as Men cause they have no balls and follow the woman who cannot and will never walk the Kings Highway or reach it's wisdom. This is why they all applaud President O"bama's position and declaration concerning Equality and Same Sex Marriage! My question to him and others since we are both family Men-what happens when either or both of his Daughters knock on the door and introduce their husbands to him and his wife as females while he holds his present position? The positions and actions that most of so-called African males are taking in today's Climate is that of the female and the Willie Lynch insanity where 'love is unconditional' anything goes and Justice means Nothing! As a Black Man I say to the individual or collective keep this insanity and religion with you I'll keep my Man hood and Spirit relative to Divine Justice! You can also keep the position of Rodney King-Martin Luther King and all the rest who take these foolish positions that have no substance and value-this also includes this young Boy who was just released from prison for the rape of a young Black girl-a crime he didn't commit but was prompted by her Mother so she could receive (1.2million dollars) from the school which was paid to the Mother-but the boy who served the time didn't demand Justice -all he wanted was to play foot ball! This is the same as the President claiming Justice -Freedom and Democracy for the world as he sends Guns and ammunition to the Black continent he claims to be from instead of those things which will fill the stomach-enrich the mind and stir the creative juices to help the people-build and create a better life which is where Black folk as ex-slaves here in America come into play-with Land Reparations and Restitution-knowing this time the Black females and her white -colored counter parts won't be in the position to block the coming home party as they did with Marcus Garvey! I say Black woman because at this point in History she has become the real Black man's primary enemy in deed and attitude knowing she was no where to be found when we walked the kings high way-she had given the Man up as a Greek in Jesus to the world and Islam making way for usury and the Colored woman to take his spirit for this insane system-which is where ISIS -Egypt and the Africans who gave the continent up come in - replace the Black Man here in America as Judas and claim the Debt of the Slave in the name of the African American, while at the same time dismantling the Prophesy in Jacob -now you know why theirs so much hell going on here and around the world-Black Judas sellouts have promised the promised land to every Nation in the world a Land which was not theirs to give and why Reuben-a Black Man Seed of Jacob stood alone -walked the talk that others were claiming and became victorious in this day and time knowing the Land or Action relative to this truth is not for sale at any price! ...knowing a Man is entitled to the fruits of his Labor! Either we did what we did in making this claim or we didn't let the lying pretender's and hypocrites come forth and take the Land if they dare! If my Name is not on the land in question in the end you're not just fighting the Man King-you're fighting God in Prophecy relative to Jacob and Justice in the Land and House of Reuben and you've already lost with no Man hood -no Balls! Stop claiming something that's not yours-even Jesus said pick up your cross and follow him -in his Fathers House are many Mansions-the reason they don't do it is because of Greed-selfishness-lies and deceit ending in identity theft! Reuben Seed of Jacob-Son Of Simeon-(C)@ 5/26/12

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Black Man's Action-knowledge-Judgement Relative to BlackSlaves Of America And Jacob's Israel In Black In Reuben Remains Same-No Loop Hole!

As action in life causes friction and change many things remain constant, develop and grow in the face of all odds and opinions- so it is in truth and prophecy with yours truly Reuben-Black in Israel relative to Black slaves of America, -integration-Common Wealth involving Black Folk who have accepted their lot with their pass slave masters of Europe as they try to throw off the effects of Genocide and Colonialism only to find themselves in another kind of Slavery while thinking they were free talking self determination while at the same time demanding Reparations from England and other European Nations-only to be told in no uncertain terms by Tony Blair ex-prime minister of England that they would receive nothing because they gave up their sovereignty...basically their national identity and self worth for the common wealth which they were not forced to do! This in no small part is why they look down their noses at the Black Man of America, when they come to this nation because they thought all Black folk here were asleep and dead with no substance and value and they would be accepted over Black folk they were looking down on(Surprise...Blacks were fighting for the reality they gave up and found themselves being scorned and laughed at here and abroad!). This is the righteous and powerful truth behind Prophecy-Land -Reparations and Restitution for a people who never arrived here willingly but in Chains and Shackles not on their own free will and to whom a tremendous debt is still owed and due! (With Compounded Interest @ Today's Credit Rates). Now let's get to the real problem of current slavery...not just about White Folk who have a basic underling problem with their white skin in relation too Black but the deeper problem is with the Colores who on the one hand want to be Black but on the other want to be white with favorite status as people of color-Creoles-Octoroon-Mulattoes-Quadroons and others including Black Judas sellouts who need to keep American Black Slaves on the bottom . This colored situation runs deep relative to Black as they run back and forth depending on the situation as they try to over come the spirit of Black to become as Black on top. One need not look far to see their actions and thought process being played out in organizations such as the NAACP-and other such groups which are promoted by Black Judas sellouts who really hate themselves. Fact and truth is the Greeks on College and University campuses across the land use the same knowledge as ISIS an Egyptian order to take Black Spirits and use them against themselves using the darker Black woman who knows she out of place and hates herself as a means to control the Man-Family...Situation! Let's look at South Africa for a moment relative too Apartight and Genocide with is part of the "Willie Lynch" Psycologial Warfare-through mind control. On the continent the people were and are separated by region-culture language and color with Black always on the bottom- White on top...Colors accepted just like in America...Creoles, Quadroons, Octoroons, Mulatose-Arabs-Asians, Latins which is still being played out here in America! Even the religions and Secret Social Societies have the same social Structure as their foundation until someone reaches the top and (ooh!...surprise find out (God Is Black!) Bobby Kennedy-the late Attorney General within the Kennedy Administration went to South Africa, and asked the White people and Government a very simple question...What happens after all the hell you've heaped upon Black folk you find God is Black? The answer is just like the colors in action-put your arms around them , call them Brother, create a strong middle class , separate by color and rule a people who have been all but dissimulated in the name of brother hood! Still the situation remains chaotic for Black folk. President Obama, sends Guns and ammunition to the Continent to help one group kill off another group-in the name of freedom and Democracy while building more institutions for more slavery here and abroad because these folk have no intention of solving the real problem of Justice for the slaves and mounting debt...Land-Reparations and Restitution's-relative to the Spirit and Divine Law of Justice. "Lest We Forget" it will be done for them when and how they least expect the real solution in Prophecy.! Reuben(Israel)...Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon(C)@5/20/12 Reuben Beckles

Monday, May 14, 2012

America and the Black Slaves- Christian Colored President with no room for truth and Black Wisdom!

For sometime now many have questioned my statement concerning the attitudes and policies of America's President-Mr.Obama, simply because I call the shots as I see them. Experience, Knowledge and Wisdom and age gives me the freedom to do so as a Black man and not play games with words and pull punches for the shake of going along to get along-too much is at stake here-meaning the Survival -Justice and Freedom of a people. From Chains and Shackles to Animal Status to neither nor Colors-Negroes-Indians- Afro-African Americans to (Black?)...too the melting pot of Equality and the halo of Gay rights and acceptance! Given the status and foundation of those who made it to the shores of what is now called America and it's so-called land of the free ...demoralized as subhuman from a point of no return to be stripped of everything human and spiritual value then told you're free-with nothing and no acceptance is the highest form of folly known to Man!...since this nation is hung up on color I will include Black-White-Yellow-Red and Brown and I will also include this Colored Boy with his Constitutional Law Degree from Kenya who feel nothing for Black like many others in high positions claiming to be colored blind just to accepted by the neither nos and White Slaves Masters on this White Plantation surrounded by this insane com on- wealth of hypocrisy! It's very obvious to me and should be too others of righteous Just minds that the utterances of "No Justice No Peace" is that the Foundation of this nations rise is because of free labor and a debt unpaid!...compounded by color and the interest rate on the debt at today's going rates just like your credit cards which amounts at this point in time to Hundreds of Trillions of Dollars in Gold and Silver -other precious metals-Diamonds and Land as a starter! Some may say I'm talking foolish-insanity until you examine the record from the foundation of Black in the Nation and take your head out of the dirt, away from the black and White woman's panties along with the White Man's folly and hypocrisy= Black Judas imps and sellouts who want nothing but the total wipe out of Black Lean age in Jacob and Prophecy which is why they push Jesus and unconditional love in lite of Divine Law ...check that out-cause under this insanity a person can do anything they want too and in the end no punishment; they're free! This is not truth and if you say Amen it is true try driving around the city or through small town U.S.A. at (90-100 miles ) an hour and let the police catch you...and please don't hit a pedestrian! Now consider the many Graduates coming out of the Universities and colleges across the land with degrees of all kinds along with the Economy being what it is and Blacks suffering with tremendous unemployment( 18-25 percent) where are you going-to the corner store with food stamps-back home to Mom and Dad-if there is a Mom and Dad-fall in line with the other beggars, Steal, lie and sell Dope causing death and destruction or according to truth and Prophecy demand that which tell you you have a right to demand and receive in relation to your foundation Land-Restitution-Reparations...Back to your Land on your continent...Land of the Blacks as Prodigal Son and Daughters and be of value to yourselves and kind or be the laughing stock of the world with nothing -to be eliminated from the Planet! Reuben(Israel) Seed Of Jacob-Son Of Simeon ...(c) @ 5/14/2012- Not Identity Theft Nor Anonymous Proxy - Reuben Beckles