Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama-The Political and Economical White Folk Savior At Black Folk Expense!

My commentary speaks to the truth concerning Black folk and Action as I know it to be as Slavery is over and I will not allow illiterate fools to speak for me and my kind just because they claim to have no degrees or degrees they may have from a glorified high school they call a university. The condition of the majority of Black folk in this country should not permit this continued insanity in the name of freedom and democracy. I cannot state this simple truth without being overwhelmed with grief and sadness-knowing you came to this land and country with something only to be stripped of everything and left with nothing but a memory of free labor and religion- neither of which has been cashed in on! The slave descendants of today walk around saying what's up-we are all one people, children of God as they enter institutions that was not created by them-for them except jails and churches. Even your so-called Black Colleges were created by white folk for the benefit of their colored children-creoles-octoroons mulatto's and everything as close to white as they could get-not black.! The Civil Rights movement fell apart when Blacks decided they too wanted - real freedom and equality as coloreds made the gains in the name of be Black and that's what you see today! It's so sad that Blacks think and create for everyone other than themselves and when you refuse to follow suit-the religion steps in and tells you-you must love your enemies with all your heart and soul and if you don't...famine, sickness or jail is your lot-or still the uniform of death where you blow folk up in the name of equality and democracy where you have no say so concerning matters of life and policy-except for Black Judas sellouts who think they're accepted by the top ruling white class who now see their insane empire coming down! Remember the slave and their descendants never got paid by the Slave Masters who now give you Capitalism for you to create, while they hold the real wealth under Socialism which they lend to you as you create knowing you will forever be on the bottom as he makes policies that you live under and in his system! Consider this truth as you are given A graduate from Harvard University, as President of these United States. He is considered to be a Black man running against a White woman-when in fact this type of male has always been with the white woman who uses the black woman against the Black Man!. This is a Spiritual truth! At a town meeting, Barrack Obama, was ask a question by a Black man concerning the question centered around Reparations for Black folk! He stated reparations was vague...slavery happened along time ago...though he was for funding schools for children and other related institutions! Which means perpetuating slavery and the status quo for white folk as he attempts to bring as many Black on board so he can enter the White House and do the same as others eat-talk hand out a few crumbs and fill jails with prisoners and distant lands with Black warriors! This arena Of politics at this time in history is not only in Black and white-it also concerns the original nation of American Indians and other peoples whom are called illegals-hence-they are moving on spiritual ground...the depths of which they totally lack understanding! Even Ex-President, Bill Clinton, who says he's not a racist is knee deep in it as he runs his wife's campaign. Since Obama, walked away from his teacher and spiritual house, I have said it before many times and I will say it now...Reparations is taken from the Book Of Life! It is Spiritual Truth-Divine and not to be played with. To do so is to tell the Divine Creator, there is no Justice and this is pure folly! Reparations represents the Land and Continent from which the people were taken! The work and free labor that was never paid for! It represents the value of seeds and other necessities of life! Gold, Silver,Diamonds, platinum and the value of the Greenback dollar from (1863) with daily compounded interest for the slaves and their descendants who suffered then and now in this nation of free folk! Trying to get around this claim by suggesting that we are all the same , one people, to change the world will not work! Asked the Zionist and other nations around the world who tried to steal the promised Lands in the sixties who stated God was Dead as they were wiped out in the 'ONE DAY WAR! along with certain Black Judas sellout in this Nation! This is for real freedom as it relates to Justice and Land...It Is Divine! August 16th 2008 Reuben Beckles, Son Of Simeon From the Twelfth House On the other side of the Jordan-Fertile Crescent-Seed Of Jacob!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

White American Truth -hate-religion and politics-21st century

Whatever is in you and in the dark-will come to light-so let it be in the twenty first century concerning black folk in America! It has been stated that black folks should forget the past and move on into the future with nothing but a dream and no foundation...that we are all human in this melting pot of insanity! But this is my truth and commentary as a Man, A King, one with my God...and if Black folk, born in this system continue along the path of slavery just to get along with the slave master-and his sons and daughters-promoted by these hypocritical black Judas sellouts who have no balls to accept the truth-then you deserve your lot in hell! Right and wrong are like the foundation of prophecy-religion in politics as it governs the nation state in our lives-person to person-families to family! We are told to forget the past- look and move ahead into the future...go to school and get an education and when we get there we are taught about the past and everything we do concerning the future is about perpetuating this wanna be white and colored slave master and their children! In our innocence and foolishness we are taught to build for others in this wilderness-in the middle of the ocean on tooth picks with no foundation because we do not own this land! Walk or drive through many of what you perceive to be black communities throughout this land and you will see "Homes For Sale-Repossessed By Banks.!" Jobs being down sided and shipped out of the country-what do you own for yourself and kind? Who are you and where do you come from,? You watch Black folk coming from the land of the Blacks, called Africa! They laugh and look down their noses at you and I who were born here and built this nation with free labor-knowing they were responsible for selling us into this hell hole in the first place! Do you know these same fools are laugh at by the Europeans whom they sold out to under the common wealth of England and the Catholic church...because they don't think they're black as we are in America! Think about it...the same thing is true for those who come here from the Caribbean Islands-to be specific, Marcus Garvey, from Jamaica, whom they laughed at and chased out claiming he was nothing. He came to America and found he was something-he stood for something then and now! Those who threw him out of their country, now claim him as their favored son! They represent the same spirit that stated we are Africans in America, and that all we need is an apology without land!...this after we have been stripped of everything except our inner soul and spirit! How do I view those Blacks coming to America to settle on this land of the American Indian,whether from the Caribbean, Central or South America, the continent of Africa, or Israel in the middle Judas sellouts, because they come as Satanic sellouts promoting identity play games and make money at our expense! They use the Churches, Mosques, Temples, Synagogues and secret Societies to promote their insanity...they do not believe in the spirit and truth as it relates the the prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and if you listen to them closely, if they come into your presence, it's always about an organization. Ask them why do they come to America, if where they come from, is so great! Since we fought to be free here, why didn't they do the same on their land since they possess all those things of value which was taken from the Black man, born in this American wilderness! Today, as we think and speak, the religious and political fight in America, gets heavy as to who will be in the drivers' seat to do away with the power and spirit of the Black man in America. White, coloreds and Black Judas sellouts chose Obama! His Black wife, Feels nothing for herself and like many others...hates the Black man..hence(God! who made the spirit rapture in the Jacob seed...under Black Power and Twelfth House, walking the Kings Highway, which is not for sale and cannot be bought! The phonies under political and religious houses are full of lies and hypocrisies and have no intentions of promoting and acting on reparations because to do so would mean the elimination of slavery and the innocent paying for the guilty! How strong is Reparations? How strong is the word of God and his divine creation? We don't want an apology and paper money to spend with your money lenders on what you perceive to be your land and your educated tricksters!...When you free the Black slaves and their descendants in this nation under your constitution and your nation of laws under God...the the wealth and their money is Gold...Silver...Diamonds, Platinum! Well digging equipment, seeds and medical supplies and other necessities we have learned as the value of free labor is inheritable! This also takes into account the destruction of our families, homes and societies causing us to live in the decaying backward condition that we find ourselves in today! If a black man rises in this society claiming to be your leader in relation to your God and has not been in Jail which is an extension of the plantation-he's not your leader and has not been put through that divine fire of truth because, these organizations in what ever form are designed by Satan and the devil to keep you blind as a slave in his house , on his land!

August 12th 2008 Reuben Beckles....Son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob