Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blackman took action for solution-Wanna' b's Afro-American negros don't want solutions!

The above title may be unsettling to alot of folk, but as a Man, Citizen of the Universe, observer of the worlds nations states and my interest in self and kind as a Blackman in America I find the above title to be true. Not only is the solution in truth not wanted but the action neccesary to bring about and effect positive change and solutions will never happen because most are afraid to grow up-step out of the comfort zone and make a real stand and not finger point at someone else...hence, the alien slaves and their decendants who came to these shores, not as accepted free men and women who built this nation with all they had, including free labor think they have arrived by going in and out of religious houses and talking political civil rights. What kind of a mind set does the African American Negro have when he says this is" Black history month" that he is a part of...and then they go about accepting a "Zionist placed colored boy in the white house as their President, who cannot and will never solve the Black situation in these United States Of America! There is no doubt in my mind that this colored man is a very high intellect born of a Blackman and white woman, however, his understanding and experience of the Blackman in this nation and the solution to this situation falls far short of reality and places him in the slave mastered camp which is why he was picked and chosen by the Zionist to carry their banner while they try and steal the promised lands of Jacob-that God showed Dr. King in the spirit! President Obama, is not about to solve the Blackman's problem in America, and euphoria that one might feel by having an Afro American in the white house is just that! A negro who is in love with a White president-George Washington who felt nothing for Black and Abraham Lincoln who didn't free the slaves who said whites were Superior and Blacks would never be their equal. His goal was to unite two greedy selfish people of the same stock. The South with the North -East with the West! Blacks were just used as they are being used by the Colored and others today! These folk are living high on the history and backs of Blacks and they choose not to think about or talk about the solution to their problem and the world as it relates to Black in the form of Land and Reparations! They prefer to keep the majority of Blacks Blind deaf and dumb in religous houses, fighting for crumbs among themselves or in distant land and countries they know little or nothing about while the Judas sellouts accept the crumbs under the table tellig you we've come along way...acceptance of foolishness and integration in time will make things right-while the bonefide thugs and con men -steal all the weatlh-claiming there's no law or court to prevent their activities! This system and the burning White House all over the world is coming down and their will be no hiding place...Black folk prophecy is real and these other folk are trying to take your spirit and that of your must stand firm and move on your truth. I speak of Solution-you fight me and my truth and ask -who do I think I am to tell you anything? My answer to you is this-I didn't steal from you-I didn't lie to you-I didn't lynch, castrate or burn you-break up and destroy your families or deny you that which was and is yours or try and put you in a trick bag for my own special interest! I watch a minister being made a Profit from within your communities-done with pomp and circumstance. After he was made-he was ask why not go to the land of the blacks in Africa and spread his good news? ...he stood before his congregation of Black folk -slaves who helped him to build his edifice and foundation-he told them that he told Their God-he wasn't going nowhere that wasn't his Job! His flock would do nothing to fight him but would destroy me -if they could! What do I know? To be made one must go through the Divine fire...this is no game this is no Joke- in order to walk through the door and the zone of life and safety you must be of value and substance and there will be a fire in front of you-a fire in back of you on both sides of you. You will be totally engulf in fighting and insanity but you must go through the madness and insanity if you are for real. There will be a Judgement hall from the bottom to the top-what is your solution? This took and takes an action...what is your solution in the burning house? Reuben Beckles