Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, January 08, 2010

The new year-2010 massive deception-relative to Black slaves in America!

For some time now we have been writing and speaking about 'Reparations-atonement and land in relation to the Black slaves and their descendants who were never paid for their massive destruction and free labor within the boundaries of America, the free...the greatest system and country on earth! How can this be...where is the truth of it? The Judas sellouts among us wax fat running around the country proclaiming the big lie of joy and freedom too open ears here and around the world knowing the slaves can never be free with no substance and land under the slave master for whom the country was built- with free labor! Today' many of the slaves languish in jails-walk the streets in poverty-fight one another while their homes are being foreclosed on and jobs are being destroyed and food in short supply! All this is happening while your pretending leaders wax fat and tell you to keep the faith-we are all in this melting pot together. What kind of insanity is this...just whose kidding whom? We are told most States are in the red using funny money printed by the U.S. Government whose crying broke! How can this be since the slaves were and are considered property-who worked for nothing and endured pure hell in a system that is not his not even the land on which he serves and a people who plays them like a yo yo! your religions have you on "Holy Lock Down" and political trickeration-while telling you to keep the faith! This situation has become so insane and deceptive that a report was given a few weeks back concerning a Black Bishop over a Black congregation in one of the Southern counties of California, where this Bishop made a high official of the KKK a minister over a Black Congregation and the people said Amen!!...all this in the face of a colored President who is in love with Lincoln and Washington(neither of whom felt nothing for Black folk as slaves) which is in keeping with this president who says (yes we can) as he sends Black slaves in the melting pot across the waters to die in and on a land for a system that uses Black Judas sellouts and slaves as cannon fodder and they all say...Amen! this is Our country, the Emancipation made us free! I ask-Free to do What-with What? Free talk with out action in deed-is no freedom!! Whose Kidding Whom? One can put his head in the sand for only so long but you cannot deny the truth forever and not move on it! One cannot pay lip service to sovereignty-the War and Truth goes on in relation to Prophecy which most don't believe-but-in your denial consider this...Ex President Bush didn't just talk about the crime of (911) he got his armies together and they move a war machine into the East not against the country that did the deed but against a people that would allow them entry into that region of the world. Sometime ago I was asked what does all this have to do with the Black Slaves of America, who were never paid for free labor and never given a choice as to whether they choose to stay on this land or go home. The importance of this is while every thing was taken from the Slaves which includes the knowledge of himself-those who held him in bondage and servitude are today perpetuating identity thief of him in his name! Case in we are subjected to volumes of news concerning a young man called the Christmas bomber- a Black man from the continent-called Africa! The real news behind this story is that it was his father who sold him out to the west. We are shone a picture of this father and son. What is not being told is that you are watching the story of Jacob and Esau(the Son is Black-the father red) Esau and Ishmael have conspired up until this very day to undo Divine Prophecy by taking the Birthright of Jacob-- sell off the land and kill off Jacobs seed through the organization and religion which is why you see so much confusion here in America and a push for the melting pot of integration. This can only be done to the extent that it has been done when a people have no knowledge of themselves and divine intervention takes place because Prophecy is real! (c) 1/8/2010 ...Reuben seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon