Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Illusion of image and talk-is not the same as substantial action relative to Black Truth !

The American dilemma relative to Black folk in America and the Slaves is that we have allowed our enemies who put us in this melting pot of integration forcing us to function en mas  within the 'Common Wealth" of people and ideas while over looking what is best for us-en mas as perpetual Slaves acting as if we are totally unaware of this truth.  We start in sovereignty on our own land and self worth creators of civilizations only to end up as nothing in the hands of Blood sucking vampires of Aryan stock from the Lands of Europe who covet everything Black which includes their religions called Judaism and Christianity  denouncing and degrading everything Black while up holding white as the purest of pure ripping off all cultures and peoples they claim as inferior !  This holds true for the Arabs - Red men  across Northern Africa(Land of the Blacks) who move in concert with what they call Islam-they too  move against Blacks  whom they enslave-castrate and emasculate them as slaves even today in the (Twenty-first century) which gives stature and value to the notion they are Superior-but I say-they are nothing more than a lot of blood thirsty vampires -kindred spirits to their brothers in Europe coming from the selfishness greed and envy of Satan, Esau and Ishmael !  They and their Europeans allies are all together with the Black Judas Sellouts across Africa-starting from the South moving Northward all trying to take over the lands and peoples we know as Israelites-seed of Jacob!  Listen and watch those in very high  positions of this land who call themselves Black who claim to have interest in positive Black development  sitting at the tables of these blood thirsty vampires making policy for the destruction of Black folk knowing through their actions they don't give a damn for BLACK folk!  They get paid to scream and holler' pick yourselves up and don't be so dependent-"We're All Human"! ...which is a lie and they know it!  You can't leave these shores go into distant lands and not know the difference-or go into the arm forces cross the line called Tropic Of Cancer' and not know you're entering into the Land of the Blacks and entire different way of thinking and acting relative to ones own self interest-which mean these hypocrites are fighting self and kind for these white blood sucking vampires!  How do I know we are all 'Not Human?"  When your third Eye opens through Divine Intervention' and you are able to go on your Spiritual Quest of Self and Kind you are shone the animals who walk up right have tails and other discernible features that are not Human and there's no way they can walk the Kings High Way relative to Man-Male and Female as known in Prophecy!  This is A fact-this is the basis of the worlds conflict as all the Nations Covet the Black mans Birth Right  which has been promised to the nations of the world by Black Judas sellouts so that the phonies who are nothing more than imposter's actions would be justified in the name of the  religion they embrace! What no one wants to deal with including this Judas sissy is the truth when the  real Seed of Jacob enters into the Spiritual Arena of action relative to the Man things change because the Black man take an action for that which is His and His Kind in relation to the Divine order of things! This not a joke nor is it a play thing and Reuben Seed of Jacob did exactly this through Divine intervention!  Watts-The Kings High Way along with the "One Day War and the Aliyah and Rapture is a Testament to this Truth-Black Man! (C) 10/ 28th/2013.  This is the real dilemma for America-and Blacks around the world in real freedom and Sovereignty....Reparations-Restitution and Land!  leaving all to Identify as Men to the Divine order of things!         Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let's Be Brief and to The Point-My God-My Spirit And Soul In Black Power As A King and a Man Is Real In Israel!

Have you ever wandered why all the turmoil and negative action and comments when I talk about the Black slaves in America and the debt with compounded interest owed- relative to  Black Royal Israel and the Land-with a Black Solution? ...I can tell you the world in fact and truth it's because of the Black Judas sellouts -their spirits and knowledge to the Greece's and Romans during the Sanhedrin Council given rise to those Aryan Caucasians around the Black Sea area -this to a people who were never born or had been in the land mass relative to the Spiritual-Biblical House of Israel that scriptures speak of. A people that today tout themselves as the("God "of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob !") Same folk who are showing themselves as a White Jesus and the "Accession" too their Black Flock while knowledgeable Black folk and their lying hustlers and pimps standing in the pulpits from Friday-Saturday and Sunday go along with the dumb stuff  in the name of free speech and being reborn as they put on a show as Blood Sucking Vampires for their Caucasian Fathers...who by the way created this "Negro" who walks around pretending to be a Black Man of Status.  He denounces  "Reparations-Restitution and Land for the Slaves Solution as nothing along with his Vampire female counter part ISIS of Egypt then gets mad like Eve when the cover of truth came out and they were thrown out of the garden with his finger pointing at his mate !  These sorry punks have the nerve  to get mad at Hollywood for making films concerning Slavery-such as the New movie called (12 years a Slave) among others!  I say...what the hell is wrong with you fools...have you really become so sorry while you live in punks vile claiming to be a Man as you put on an American uniform-go into a distant land fight and blow up some folk-looking like you trying to put food on the table for themselves and their families as you blow them up and feel nothing when they ask you...Why Are You Here Black Man?...We're not fighting You!...I'll answer the question for them-You're Not A Black Man!  You're a true to the bone-ball less made over image of a man -a dead Negro male who can't or refuses to think in truth and Righteousness! Please Negro, knowing you have been made by your White vampire -blood sucking scientific fathers-sustained by your Black female counter part-don't knock on  my door for anything! I know you will never come to me with truth -righteousness and wisdom as I would come straight up to you without a lie or game!  The Slavery America produced is unlike any produced on the Planet-even in those Nations under the Catholic Church and the common wealth!...remember, the truth is, you are really talking to the (Thirty Pieces Of Silver-the money Bag of greed-selfishness-hypocrisy and death in punks ville! the White Zionist Jews and their make over Black Judas sellouts  in and of the Synagogues of Satan through the Church looking and hoping to find the "Arch Of the Covenant in the real Black Israel in the Seed of Jacob which is why when the time came for them to make the Aliyah-Rapture in the Kings High Way and the Door of Life relative to 'Watts and The One Day War" they were no where to be found!... yours truly "Reuben" the writer of this Blogger Seed Of Jacob Son Of Simeon-a Black Man -Hebrew and King !... did in  action and deed make the Aliyah-Rapture for self and kind and I can tell these Satanic Blood sucking vampires the Truth-Land and action is not for sale and you and your Black Judas phony imps can go to Hell!! my home -self and kind is not now nor will ever be available-take that to the bank and stop pretending -my God in Israel Black Power is real!  (C)Oct 23rd/2013   Reuben Beckles

Monday, October 21, 2013

Up Close And Personal-Debt Not Paid To Black Slaves Of America-Yet Remain the Real Foundation of It's Empire-Israel

Many people from around the world have read my Blogger, Twitters and seen me on You-tube!  Many think my attitude is just more Rhetoric and Diatribe on my part looking for a simple way to throw aside the substance and find a loophole to continue making tremendous sums of money and use Identity Theft as a means to covet a Birthright-Land and People then Commit God Killing to steal the resources of their lands-then do away with Divine Prophecy, then promote Psychological Warfare and Chaos around the world and especially in Africa as I write this Blogger watching the Policy makers in Washington send the Pentagon and it's war making machinery into action claiming some terrorists are trying to take over their vital interest! This is the same land the I speak of when I say return the slaves home with Justice in the form of Restitution-Reparations-On the continent-Land of the Blacks!  This is the same Land and Continent that "Marcus Garvey and His Black Star Line" was blocked by the State Department using their Judas fellow Travelers, Creoles and Mulattoes fresh from the southern plantations in these U.S. of America-using Liberia as a starting point-The Man was never permitted to put his foot on the soil of his Ancestors! This is the same Continent from which Blacks arrived here in Chains and shackles-same folk whom were told you're free with nothing-not even with your original standing in name! What we were given was Education-Politics-Economics and Religion in these governing forms...The Arm forces-Judaism-Christianity and Islam! out of which a colored economical class system and laboring force evolved-ending with an inferior and superior net -work with Blacks on the bottom!  Judas apart of The Moors-Israel and the Money key was part of the Knowledge and Spirits being changed from Black to white within the frame work of the Sanhedrin Council as part of Greece and Rome-all known to Ethiopia and Egypt!  Under Islam, This Religion came in under the long knives of Asia, the Arabs  under Esau and Ishmael and the destruction of Black Civilization because they only believed in the here and now not in the percepts and value of Christ and what is now known as Christianity!  Now here's where the stuff gets funny and my participation within the "Patriarch of Israel and Jacob Seed In Prophecy" takes over and this is not a plead for understanding or a cop out-because at this point it doesn't matter as the truth and facts are what they are!  Much of what I have to say now is known and taught within the walls of your secret societies of which I have never joined nor am I a part of...before Christ was Judged put on the Cross Died-laid in a tomb with only one way out-sealed by a tremendous stone-guarded by warriors and being denied by his Apostles  he said "In My Fathers House are Many Mansions-Pick Up Your Cross And follow Me! "  They then like today-didn't believe.  When the tomb was revisited they found the guards asleep-the stone to the entrance removed and Christ was Gone! This was and is a part of the Divine Prophecy of the Sixties and yours truly while working for the Herald Dispatch Black Weekly Newspaper-Owned by Mr.  Sanford Alexander as an Ad salesman.-having no knowledge of self and kind-nevertheless I was prepared to carry out his instructions a rejected stone-he simply said" stick with me and I will show you Prophecy as I have asked many others before you!"   Go in this direction-with this scroll- 'You Are Reuben, Seed of Jacob-they shot our President down like a dog-if you don't, you're next!  ...meaning the Killing of Dr. King and Kennedy which was the only time I ever Question him-his answer " You are the Seed Of Jacob-take this scroll and go in this direction then go home and read your Scriptures!  I did and the rest is History as I have revealed in other Bloggers as I have been Judged by the Spirit of the living God and the kings High Way!  When I returned to these shores with the Solution relative to Black Slaves In  this Nation on this land in this system I was set upon by those in authority and beaten beyond all human and moral perception and left to die without a bowl of rice in decay and my family thrown off balance yet, I live!  The difference is not as Christ said in the past 'Forgive them-For they know not what they do!"  Today they Know-but refuse to pick up their Cross because of selfishness and greed-Identity Theft-looking for a loop-hole thinking it's all a game that I will give in to them and their organization   never! The Prophecy-Land and Solution is real and these fools will bring about their own self destruction as I remain Reuben Seed of Jacob Son of Simeon from beyond the fertile Crescent-Justice The King has Spoken (C) Oct. 21th/2013  The sad thing is... They had the Knowledge but not the faith to move righteously-I didn't have the knowledge but the faith to move and take action-yet, they fight me as I fight for self and kind...that is conspiracy to commit God killing!" And They Will Pay!" Close and Personal!" Lest I and They Forget-The Land Prophecy -People are real!  Reuben Beckles

Friday, October 18, 2013

No Hiding Place-Truth and Justice In America must Be Faced-Debt With Compounded Interest Must be Paid To Black Folk-Slaves Of America!

Big trouble faces America  in Black and White.  The shutting down of America, is a big sign of things to come because you cannot borrow your way out of debt and allow peoples and other nations of the world to come to these shores and sit on the foundation of the slaves and their ancestry who were brought here in "Chains and Shackles-Stripped of everything-yet live! Leadership in both Black and White try to  find Ways and Means to demoralize and destroy the very people who by their labor and actions gave this land and it's so-called superior White folk it's wealth and life!  What is not being said to those who come here legally or ill-legally is that you will and have assumed the debt owed to the Black Slaves and their descendants!...  all in the form of compounded interest even as this nation in your name as Americans, give grants and loans to the nations you left as immigrants. The knowledge you came here with concerning Black-seeing their condition while benefiting from their demise makes you apart of the "Conspiracy To Commit God Killing" as you try and live out the Blessings of Jacob's Seed and Birthright-claiming God is total love for everyone except Black."  Whites same as Blacks ( Judas Sellouts) who made promises to the nations of the world do not believe in giving credit where credit is due-believing strongly in usury and deception-covertness and greed !  They are the same folk-working through Ishmael and Esau during the Sanhedrin Council  transferred their knowledge and Spirits to Rome-Greeks and other Caucasian Nations in the name of brotherhood-creating chaos.  They continue their insanity today in the Mosques- Synagogues and Churches while obtaining much wealth and death to the innocence creating a Class system second to none as they brag that this is the greatest nation and system on earth! In there haste and greed committing scam after scam trying to raise Satan and the glory of Isis they completely over looked Jacob and Faith in Prophecy and Reuben in the twelfth House and the Kings Highway the deeds taken in action! The spiritual record in action will show why Satan is now showing his imps being paraded on television in the new 'preachers program' in who and what is involved in their art to deceive because their Colored Accepted President Obama and His Wife who Promised to get them into the Promised Lands on the other side of the Jordan as a Prince Hall Mason found after all their support he and others couldn't deliver!  As a Chosen by God I walked into the Land bearing My Name- returned to this land and found the truth concerning Black Judas Sellouts-Sanford Alexander and the Black weekly newspaper located in Los Angeles, California and the Crown of Life for whom I worked as part of the rejected Stone  carried for the Nation within this nation. Only God himself in the Spirit gave me the Wisdom and Knowledge-the drive to take action relative to and for self and kind-'Watts-Kings High Way -Door of Life- One Day War! The dethronement and destruction of ISIS not in Identity theft trying to be someone I'm not even though I know and am aware that many of my own have been turned against me...makes no difference! " I-nor the Land  or Prophecy is not for sell and the Debt for the foundation of the Slaves and their descendants will be paid in the form of Restitution-Reparations and Land  on the Land Of The Blacks!..."Lest I Forget" The King has spoken-God is real!    (C) Oct/18th/2013 Reuben Seed of Jacob- Son of Simeon...For Self and Kind!  Independence Status -   Reuben Beckles

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Black Power-Freedom Black Freedom and Real Spiritual Independence not Wanted by So-Called Black Leadership of Black Slaves in America-As Black Stone(Rock) Is Rejected!

Sometime back many Black folk can recall yours truly wrote and made a tape called "Freedom Black Freedom!" where we ended By stating that the head builder and his worker's had thrown away a Black Rock that was to be placed on the top of the Temple's completion only to find it was a perfect fit that they nor anyone they knew had been able to craft such a Stone and realized after much thought and prayer it could only have been done by "Divine Creation!" Living in today's civilized America, I have come to know and understand that it's not just the leadership in Black but in White as well along with many of the flock who have Rejected, the "Truth  Value and Justice of the Rejected Stone!...Land-Reparations and Restitution!  What is really  wanted and accepted is someone or something other than themselves and this includes both male and female!  A few days ago One of my Daughter's-her mother and I walked into a Chinese Restaurant ...before leaving my daughter picked up a black weekly throw away.  What hit me was " California Endowment-$50- Million to Help Boys of Color!" After reading the article, I read another article by the Editor-in Chief-President, CEO, Founder and Publisher stating she hope" Boys Of Color" really Includes Black Boys!...My mind in it's Computer reflected on the (NAACP) and it's advancement for the benefit of Colored Folk-not Black!  In another Weekly Newsprint-From Denver-One group of fed up Black folk, got tired of another going along with the dumb stuff and had to go to War Just to obtain Justice and go beyond Rhetoric! This was and is hapening because of Black Land and Slavery -America's refusal to pay the DEBT!  In New York -home of the United Nations -The Prime Minister of the Secular State called Israel said they would go to War alone to wipe out another Recognized state (Iran)because of it's ability to make an atomic bomb-weapons this secular state has had for sometime.  This is a State that claims it's roots in "Bible Lands and the Linage of Abraham-Isaac and ESAU and ISHMAEL -would you believe not Jacob-because they are trying to use the knowledge of Jacob as Satan and claim the Birth Right of Black Jacob's Seed! These White Zionists and the world are not only using Esau and Ishmael in terms of History and Identity Theft but the Moors who invaded Europe and conquered many folk and Lands knowing who the real Hebrews and Israelite were and helped to identify them are part of the slave trade-this is known in the Catholic Church-in Masonic and Shrine-dome   ...Christianity  -Judaism and Islam -all trying to claim the Faith and God Head of Israel In Jacob and this includes the Rastafarian's and Latinos as they try to destroy Jacobs seed worshiping Isis of Egypt! Consider the Divine Intervention of Christ after he was disowned by his Twelve Disciples (denial and sellout)!---Islam-because their is no throne, only the here and now-submit or loose your head!-Witnesses go from door to door-talk still looking for followers!  Judas-under what they call Judaism use the Money Key and it's value to create Loans and Debt while Employing the Warring Aryans to do their dirty work and fight their created wars all over the world then throw them into a trick bag after  getting them use to living good at the expense of others as bullies  then close down their nations and governments throwing them into utter chaos because they reject the God force-the Black Rock-stone-in certain Peoples in  the Universe!   As Reuben Seed of Jacob Son of Simeon  a Man and one who Walked the Kings Highway will never submit to the Phonies knowing the Spirit and truth in Prophecy is real...(C) Oct.!3/2013. The King has spoken - I have not and will not forget!"...Reuben Beckles         Let the Phonies close down every thing they think they control "Prophecy Like God Is Real-Abraham-Isaac and Jacob and you can take that too the Bank-in Value!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Soverienty And Reality Can only Be Accomplished By Doing...Known from the Bottom up as they accept Degrees and Money in an All inclusive System Of Slavery!

No game-no lies...Usury, pretense, lust and greed along with intense hatred of self and kind will not give you the Beauty of Black nor the reality of freedom or Land relative to your Supreme Power In your God you claim to know and love!  A false doctrine taught to the slaves of America, is what's driving the engine that keeps you at the Slave Masters table even as America and it's allies crumble into destruction. This will include Those Black Judas Sellouts among us who thought the path of freedom was paved for them with the innocents and blood who didn't and couldn't know or understand the greed and treachery of their fellow man they call brother!  Knowing this, Black Judas sellouts will and must reap what they have sown in all it's forms across this land and others stemming from their participation in Scam after Scam ending in Chaos -Death and Destruction !  Their crowning glory the raising of Isis and different forms of Delilah -like Eve who thought her action would not only destroy Adam but place her over God-only to find that she was not in control of anything but her wrong acts as did Adam!  Today, so-called Black Diva's are following that same path thinking they are the head of Man and can do whatever pleases her without the Man and his nature within the sphere of a Divine God!  Today, the problem in America, isn't just Slavery in all it's attending forms but what one of the worlds leader called the "Great Satan!' along with the Secular State of what the United Nations and America claims is The White State (Zionist) State of Israel-flowing from" Abraham  Isaac and Jacob" which is so far from the truth it's no longer funny!  Those of us who know and walk by Faith and did not sell our Birth Right and Identity- brought to the world this truth paid a tremendous price for our Sovereignty -Land and peoples causing the "One Day War-1968) when Identity thieves and their Armies were wipe out!  This is the meaning of Helen Thomas , past White house correspondent to the White House who said(Go Home the Land doesn't belong to you!"  This is also known in the Bible(Revelations)  Also, Arthur Koestler's..."The Thirteenth Tribe!" Those of you who know this reality and truth are in trouble because you took the Thirty Pieces of Silver and claim to the birthright and land-and others who don't care satisfied with nothing hoping someone will pay the price for you and you don't have to do anything- and if this is your belief you are indeed in trouble and will languish in the pits of Armageddon' saying" woe is me".  A disdain for truth and a Spiritual sellout is nothing to play with  as it deals with Character and Faith in the unseen-only to be seen in a moment of truth after the fact -as in the Story behind Esau  and Jacob being played out across this land as we write this Blogger!  After our Aliyah-Rapture and travel up the Kings High Way in the Sixties and entering to the Door of Life-the One Day War- refusing to enter into the arm force -inability to find a job or even create one for myself-placed in jail and did the time for crimes I didn't commit-had my family stolen by their Mother who Joined the system then had them brain washed-much like Patty Hearst -of the Examiner-Estate-Money folk!  Then like what is happening today under the banner of Mental Health and paranoia's  I was Judged and released-only to be found sane in this system and it's phony Justice setting that to this day, the guilty perpetrators don't understand! ...not even members of my own family.  To sum it up relative to today's situation we  continue to move with Two Cassette Tapes  - One Novel- A collection of Twelve Short Stories- Six Ninety minute Tapes of the Novel -Poetry -pros and Essay's all (C) only to be called by a so-called Diva Black Female-who asked the Question-Who did I think I was- You are  Nothing and can do nothing without her, as a Black Man!...Really I ask-hanging up and continued to send information around the country in behalf of those Black Slaves in America yearning to be free! ...on their own Continent And Land-with Reparations Restitution and Land with Compounded interest rooted and based in and on their own Foundation!  Oh, "Lest I Forget"  Knowledge was sent to The Justice Department-White House-every  Nation Of Islam( Elijah Muhammad-Louis Farrakhan...Sanford Alexander-Earl  Ofari Hutchinson-Carol Hemingway -Asadullah-Ron Karenga-Albert Legon TD Jakes Martin Luther King Jr- and Company -Jessie Jackson Sr.-Eddie Long-whom (White Zionist just made  King!-Rev. Price-just made an Apostle-Bishop Carlton Pearson-Oklahoma! and many more! they along came to know and preach and talk-but things remain the same and worst-as they speak too, yet, laugh at my Solutions with all their degrees of knowledge as we passed them walking the Kings High Way and paid the price to know by action while they and others male and female asked the question Who Do I-Think I am?  (C) Oct. 7th -2013  Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon-pick up your cross and not in pretense-lies and deceit and see what you find-Who are you?   Reuben Beckles

Friday, October 04, 2013

Why Slavery and no Justice in America for Black Folk is Maintained In America!

Slavery is maintained in America because it's good business -for the upper and middle class knowing it's foundation is free labor as it offers a carrot of crumbs to the middle class and a dream for the bottom of doer's in the Political and Economical arena!  Watch how the system works when things get chaotic...Black Judas sellouts who believe in and foster slavery are brought to the forefront via newsprint -radio and television praising the glories and benefits of a so-called free society. These folk are many found among the ranks of Religious Clergy-Politicians -Attorneys -Educators and phony so called activists-or demons who get paid to put on a show-until the real truth comes to lite and they run for cover looking for a hiding place within their secret societies!...while layer after layer of hypocrisy is maintained...Slavery!  Why do you think these same hypocrites want most folk fighting to get into the so-called middle class while the arm services says join us and be all you can be-knowing all they want are the Black slaves to die and fight for the same system that feel nothing for them and in the end as was reported by the same folk who need your mind and body too return monies they paid you -claiming they paid you in error!  The group that says, be all you can be, never says rise to the top like cream in milk because they know they will be replaced and wiped out reaping what they have sown while destroying the innocent!  The other aspect to this dilemma is the inferiority of the inferior believing they are superior over the group they enslaved and built their Political and Economical estates on thinking it would last for ever are now faced with the reality of Cause and Effect...Who, What. When and Where do they go from here in their Democratic -Governmental Shut Down and Economical Interests with funny money and a two party system where we find that under the late Governor Wallace who said"...democratic or republican-ain't a dimes worth of different between either of them!" the real problem as I see it  today is the attitude of acceptance of the Blacks of other nations, not born in America, under this system.  Blacks of other areas of the world under the Colonial powers of Europe who were made free in and under the name of the Common Wealth" and gave their Spiritual Knowledge  to their Conquerors so that they would be accepted into the United Nations of so-called humanity-and the Blacks of America would die and be a perpetual Jesus-forgetting that Slavery in an appointed time would end and Just payment would be due and Judas would be held accountable along with the rest of these demons! Their aim was to take over the Twelve Houses Of Israel now being claimed by White Europeans...joined by the United Nations en mass!...The real problem   was and is the Black Man's woman in America-gave him up to the White Slave Masters and submitted to other Nationalities thinking they were all greater than he and his God-until Reuben Seed of Jacob came through and claimed his own, including the Land and beat the White Zionist State Of so-Called Israel- in Identity Theft(1968) all while the Black Woman and her counter part said the Black Man was nothing!  Reuben after taking an Action and being Judged  by and with Divine Intervention asked this Question-Where was She after all the Talk when Reuben in the Spirit-fought the good fight by putting his life Spirit and Soul on the line-made the claim for the Land-and identity-Made the "Aliyah Rapture-Wiped out Isis who was given the knowledge trying to take his Soul and Spirit for her Satanic forces-all while hiding and forbidding his children to see or having anything to do with him while claiming he the Father had abandon them-knowing she lied and that all he had done was for self -kind and Prophecy!  As a Man-Son and King-I Stand  As Reuben Seed Of Jacob-Son Of Simeon in Justice and Judgment-Reparations Restitution and Land! October 5th /2013       Reuben Beckles