Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

President Obama of the U.S--Late Dr Martin Luther King Jr-South Africa-The Common Wealth of Nations annd most all so-called Activist Leaders in America-all have one thing in common-They're all lossers!

Journey with me for a moment as I give you an insight into my minds eye-spirit and soul relative to Sovereignty, Independence , Freedom and Justice.. through and under Black Power! There is not now nor will their ever be freedom given to a people who allow their leaders to start out by leading them in one direction then change up as double Agent to get the people to fight for interest other than own.  Check what happen to those who believe in Dr Kings dream when he and his top aids followed Ralph Bunch  and told the world that (Palestine-Caanon ) belonged too some white folk calling themselves Israelis Jews- coming from the seed of Abraham, which is a lie and they know it. This why they lost the (One Day War-in 1968-which was followed by the dethroning of Isis-the lost of the Spiritual crown of Mr  Sanford Alexander of the herald dispatch newspaper(my mentor) . This action also broke the back of this brown colored man (Mr  Legion) who was selling himself as a Black man -selling Black books out of the Aquarian Book Store using black Gnosticism to create and sustain white and colored folk as the real Hebrews while using the Black woman against the Black males.  His end came while trying to use the knowledge of Reuben-in the twelfth House of Jacob fighting-trying to denounce Black! You have what is claimed to be a Black President in the White house but like a lot of other's he's a phony-using a black lawyer as his wife to promote his insane game of denial when it comes to Black as he says nothing -does nothing because he's in the hire of white European and American blood sucking vampire bankers-who want more money and ways and means to keep black folk on the bottom and in the dark as they aide your top leaders through religious orders and non profit organizations -which includes the Masonic orders! "Lest We Forget" Min. Louis Farrakhan  leading the nation he claims to lead into the waiting arms of Psychiatry an the industry of death and sciencelogy.! don't take my word for it-check the record.  It will show after he and some of his followers went to Ethiopia-they were not accepted and couldn't find the Ark of the Covenant-perhaps if they were wise they should have gone to the Vatican in Rome and spoken to some of the Ethiopians who have a college in the center of this State-they may have found the answers they were seeking -but then-they may have been force to ask the question-why would black folk have a college in the heart of the Vatican which might shed light on the plight of Black folk around the world and who's interest are Black folk really serving in the name of their religion.  Then the next move would be to ask what role did Egypt and Ethiopia have in transferring knowledge and spirits during the time of the Sanhedrin council helping Spain and other European countries to take over the land mass of the Blacks which now accounts for the sorry state of Black folk in much of Africa today as these blood sucking vampire -calling themselves Bankers buy off the leaders who then sell the people and the country's resources leaving the people in poverty-fighting among themselves with no hope except to submit to the Judas sellout and blood sucking vampires wearing dresses in an alien culture-with no value calling themselves Bankers as men and women with no substance and hate Black with a passion!  Take a look at the so-called common wealth of nations-they're poorer than poor after Caucasians lay claim to their resources-South Africa, a model for the west which Nelson Mandela sold out to a bunch of Communistic -Godless -egotistical sissies and punks who want to claim the world as theirs!  That is why the Black slaves of America are in the shape they're in...during the time that the slave were denied any form of education the dye was being set to steal their identity and wipe out all knowledge of self and kind so that Black would never demand real Status and Stature with the land from which they  were taken enabling us all too develop in Sovereignty with Reparation-Restitution and our Land in our own self interest-the foundation for this is a debt of free Slave Labor that was never paid-a debt with compounded interest that has come due-a debt that your so-called leaders have taken the crumbs and given menial jobs to claim "we are  Free!" This claim and it's real value would never been known or been made were it not for Prophecy in Israel In Black And the faith in and of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob the action taken by myself and others during the real revolution of the sixties-Watts-Aliyah-Rapture- Kings High Way entrance into the door of Spiritual life and the (One Day War!) that the international Bankers wanted in relation to the Salt-Dead sea and the House of Reuben-Seed of Jacob in Prophecy!  The Fight was so terrible  and victorious by the God--- the Judas sellouts and the lying blood sucking vampires who claim God was dead don't even have a word to describe it!  The people and their leaders of that fictitious state they are trying to claim as Israel- know they're as phony as a pig claiming a pig's not pork and their time for deception and Identity Theft is over!  Black folk-don't have a Bank...but they have an Account-don't have a fortune five hundred-but they have a claim on their land-sustain by their ancestors awaiting their action as prodigal  Sons and Daughters across that magnificent continent-knowing Black is beautiful as they are needed and wanted-so keep your eyes on the prize of which you are and to which you belong knowing all peoples have something that is theirs and theirs alone-which is why yours ancestors came to these shore in chains and shackle to rise in the interest of self and kind as humans..."Lest We Forget"  everyone cannot make that claim!  God is-As Divine Prophecy Is!   Jacob  in Black Israel Is...We speak from the Kings High Way-in Action and Justice, not lies, deceit and games-if you want freedom and sovereignty Act on it!   Reuben seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon!                 (@) 12/19/2013  Reuben Beckles