Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Black Hebrew Slave Claim after Genocide-Conspiracy to Committ God Killing-Twelve Hundred Billion Trillon Dollars- Gold Silver And Other Value!

This is no game , trick and no lie.   The horrendous crimes against Black folk exported to America from their Sovereignty on the Land of the Blacks' was and is no joke!  The knowledge, input and aide they have given to the nations and cultures of the world speaks for it's self, only to end in our enslavement in chains and shackles with broken homes-one language...not our own, with an image totally against self and kind ( meaning descendants ). This death, internment through integration and deception has been an on going plague before the fourteen hundreds and continues well into  the Twenty first century-headed by Jealous, devious monster Judas sellouts from Egypt and Ethiopia who entered what is known as the 'Roman Catholic Church' and through their establishment of the Pope, they enabled these blood thirsty demons calling themselves Christians with knowledge and intent of purpose- no peoples or cultures were to live if not under the rule and image dominate by Europeans as the worlds head!  Secular or Religious the Pope would be the dominate authority, so when ever his armies discovered lands unknown to them or known, under his word, the cultures -people and lands were ripped off-men women and children it made no different!  If you didn't Submit and convert-you were a pagan, a nothing and what Hitler did in WWII  - was a play thing. He and the Pope were buddies.  When it became clear Hitler was loosing the war-under the guidance of the Pope and his Church,  Hitler and his henchmen by the thousands found a friend in the Church and they were moved en mass to America- South America( Catholic, Spanish  Speaking, Christians ) of European Portuguese and Spanish cultures owned by the pope.  Religious and Secular.  Democratic Christian Rule with a doctrine that says ' Christ has nothing to do with the Land of this world'...not even the land of ' Ancient Israel- it  belongs to Catholic Rome too!'  Oop!  It was Israel through (Judas) that gave them ' Christianity, Islam and what they call ( Judaism and they're now saying 'the land mass of the world belongs to them-under the Pope of Rome!...which takes in your Black Churches, Mosques and Temples.  To say they exclude your Secret Societies is a joke, along with Civil Rights, acceptance in the Brother hood of Christ which they don't believe' and causing the breakup of the European Union and a lost to their foundation  which gave them much wealth from the activities of the Slaves under 'Free Slave Labor.  Also, why the Bloodsucking Vampires, White Zionist, calling themselves Jews' are going after what they call Nazis war criminals tooth and nail.   Time and age doesn't matter.  It also tells us the importance of the 'Nine and a Half Sellouts from the true, Black House of Israel known in Ethiopia, Egypt, Spain and Portugal  along with the so-called Black freedom movement in America ending with illusionary, luke warm power and money in the hands of hope to die sissies and punks who don't work for the true interest of black folk whom we respect as- Politicians,  Ministers, Educators and agent provacateurs as leaders able to think and move on righteous thought for the benefit of on coming generations.   Blacks wanted out of this System of torment -lies and destruction demanding Land Reparations and Restitutions.  It couldn't be granted with these low down dirty sissies punks and pimps at the head- they'll all Muslims and Christians who are fighting God....not Gog and Magog whom they have  join forces with the Devil and Satan where there is no Salvation at the end of there journey.   Ask them what is the true meaning of Reuben's Spiritual Activities concerning Black Israel in Watts- fighting for land and house of Reuben being Claimed by the Pope and Black Judas sellouts.  Colored folk with white fathers and mothers are now claiming to be Black, knowing they hate to Black.  The destruction of White Zionist Armies in (1968) was no joke.   If the Land was theirs why couldn't they take it and Black top it like they did America?   The Dethroning of ISIS in her own Book of the Dead through Egypt along with the unmasking of these impostors calling themselves  Jews can't be over looked!  Before I forget, these Giants came forth with tremendous knowledge and wisdom and they are just a few among many ( Dr John H. Clark -Dr Ben-  Dr  Macky -Chancellor Williams who Spoke of the Creoles Mulattoes Octoroon and the destruction of Black Civilization ( Arabs)...Ali Mazrui, author and lecturer from Kenya-who said " Islam would not be destroyed from without but would fall from within!  So, who are these folk like Esau  claiming to be Black in Israel, whom they hate!  They're phony, not to be Trusted and they lie, pretending to be part of the Faith they have no use for!   They see Justice on the horizon and they are not apart of Black Israel...Jacob in Prophecy, whom they hate and despise!  The Claim of Twelve Hundred Billion Trillion Dollars in Gold -Silver Money and value, Compounded Interest is real and no Joke!  I for one don't want to be someone I'm not  as Reuben Son- Sun-Man of Simeon- Seed of Jacob with Faith in the Divine Prophecy of Abraham Isaac  Jacob and Truth of the Living Most High God!  Always Reuben  Seed of Jacob who Walked the Kings High Way...entering the Door of Life through and in the Aliyah-Rapture!  This is my truth and what I stand you fight the Spirit of the Living God and see what you come up with!!....Black Is Beautiful -Stay Well,  Love Self and Kind!...No Trick Game And No Lie!   Reuben Beckles     (C) June/30/2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

House cleaning back fires on Black Judas Sellouts and theirs friends around the world as Brexit EU !

Black Judas sellouts and there related hypocritical, bloodsucking vampires and sissies from around the world who have been shaken to the core as the spirit and independence coming from every day folk speaks to the reality of justice across Europe and other parts of the world.  England votes to exit European Union.  Others to follow with the break up of Western Power and their wealth made possible by 'Destruction of Black Civilizations in Africa and around the world aided with the help of Black Judas sellouts gone absolutely insane with greed, selfishness, jealousy and hatred of themselves and the true Black-Israelites...Hebrews! If one understands the meaning behind' Reaping What You Sow'...then you know that black leadership  and Judas Sellouts is what's driving the insanity on the Continent of Africa-known as Land Of The Blacks, today!  White Caucasians are the ones who bought and put into action the 'mass inhumane'  insanity, that Black Judas sellouts facilitated, promoting Black slavery in America and other parts of the world calling themselves leaders today sustaining much of the insanity we are seeing today.   Funny politics, funny money and greed ending in 'Chains and Shackles-broken and destroyed families.  Destroyed Cultures and Language.  Lynching's, Burnings  Castrations and integration into the loins and demonic culture of a people with subhuman characteristics that the slaves received unto themselves, becoming almost animalistic, hating themselves!  However,  because of Divine intervention of the Living Most High God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob these monsters have been unable to achieve their Most Coveted dreams and ambitions...'destroy and commit Genocide upon the Seed of Jacob  in Prophecy and lay too waste the promised lands of Black Israel for power and Economics which is what happened to these U.S. of America where the Slaves built it's foundation as the prime builders of this nation all with free slave labor'  to which the World has reaped tremendous benefits but refuse to recognize the slaves and their descendants claim for Reparations-Restitution and Land...not an education and jobs to perpetuate their continued internment which is their death.  The Judas sellouts under the banner of religion walk away.  The guilty walk away claiming' it's all about redemption and God's love.'...until they're reminded using their Christian terms ,'  Christ Said"  Pick up Your Cross And Follow Me!"    Your so-called leaders and much of the flock haven't done a damn thing but lie, steal cheat, rip off some folk here and abroad leading the forces of integration , immigration, affirmative action-Transgender, same sex marriage, race and colored hypocrisy, but never addressing the truth of the' slaves and their descendants 'debt owed with land and compounded  interest! This is the real truth behind the international vote and the elite not wanting the truth to come to lite ! over. (C)6/24/2016.   No game  trick or lies!  Politicians have been bought and paid for but the people's referendum tells another story with their vote and referendum.     Reuben  seed of Jacob. Let the devils deal with this truth.   God is! Truth In Action. Faith!      A Elephant is still heavy and a pig is still Pork!  Bank it.  Love Self and Kind.  Stay Well.  From the Door of Life!    Reuben Beckles      

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Real war being played out on a universal global plane not elsewhere But right here on America soil-U.S.

Critical analysis and judgment concerning Black Slaves interment and purpose.  Within the DNA of those Blacks and their descendants who were captured and bought to this land against their will is Gods Prophecy, plan and purpose.  This is known by many of your so-called leaders in the Disciplines of  Chemistry,  Mathematics', Law, History, Spirituality and Prophecy!  The destruction of the Slaves Culture, Language, families , Lynching's, Hangings and Castrations are not by accident anymore than Blacks who hate themselves and are unable to get along with one another.  Incompatibility and getting the Fathers out of the homes across the land is no joke but a planned system, controlled and implemented by Black Judas sellouts,...White demonic Satanic bloodthirsty vampires pretending Human Status while using  those in 'secret societies-of Eastern Stars and Fraternal Orders-in your Colleges, Universities and Religious Houses unknown to the innocence until they join... either the sisterhood or brotherhood!  To be accepted from 'Captive Slave Status-fighting for real Freedom and Justice you're given a promotion of 'burial integration ( Usury)'... into the Police Department or  Arm Forces in service for the Country and peoples who despise, hate, and use you and everyone looking like you.  The Indians, whom you helped to destroy on this land who once took you in knowing who you were and your history now want nothing to do with you or your insane acts of destroying them and other lands  cultures and peoples-pretending high morality collecting funny money under the Devils protection, promising  them your White Supreme decadent masters, your undying loyal support! them your lives-mind-spirit and woman folk across the board.  Judas Sellouts have been so successful giving of themselves and knowledge to their, creation, they began to see themselves as Gods doing whatever pleased them-telling the world' we're all the same- spreading their word and insanity to Yellow, Red , Brown, White even to members of their own.  Their Motto' Jesus-God, 'Died for us All!'...doesn't matter What you do-love every body!'  ...pure insanity with Black female Mothers hating themselves and the Fathers, who gave them and the Children the Seed of life which they don't want!  Mourning for Chaos  and destruction in Sodom and Gomorra- telling the world that the White male who Shot them down like dogs in their House of Worship was okay-because as, Christians, they were taught to 'love and forgive' they, in a court of Law love and forgave him as a low down pre -meditated killer!  And what of the late President Kennedy and Johnson, killing up some Asians of Vietnam,   claiming they torpedo some American ships with canoes!  Causing President Johnson who knew the madness of the truth behind the impostors calling themselves Jews of Israel in the scriptures.  There relation to the sellouts within the Black Church.  Their involvement to kill the seed of  Jacob and take the Lands of Israel with there invasion, ( causing the One Day War of (1968) ending in failure and his resignation in stepping down from the office of the White House and Power of the Western World.  If Love is on the table for everyone and they all for the most, part hate Black' why are they all converting to what they think is Judaism and Israelites?  The Scriptures  is a Black Spiritual Book about Black folk and there relation to the world being played out in todays world as Caucasian Whites who were never apart of Black Israel.  Today, this truth has come to lite with many in the Black communities across  the American Landscape having disastrous affects in many case, especially, among the youth who are being given Sorcery, Witchcraft and Book Of the Dead knowledge by older males and females who want nothing to do with Black, Justice and Freedom.  Opting for death with their White Brothers and Sisters not believing 'you reap what you sow'.  They are fools not to be trusted and will not inherit the Blessings of Land , Reparations and Restitution in Prophecy causing many to bleach their skins white-cursing and fighting members of their own families- involved with non-life producing activities within with in gay-lesbian system of death!  Are these situations known to your Leadership, especially, Black?...Yes!  Take that to the Bank....the Devil like the Leopards spots, never changes and Armageddon  is real like the Faith in Prophecy...Abraham Isaac and Jacob!  Reuben Seed of Jacob coming from the Kings Highway and the door of Life, Cross the Jordan-Land Coveted by the World,  not theirs.  Not for Sale!  Trump, like Obama, will never get you there.  That too-you can take to the Bank 'Supreme Lord of the living Most High God!  (C)  then ask yourselves after the anger subsides...where were you when 'Reuben moved into action?  What did you do for Prophecy and your God when Reuben was taken in the Rapture  Aliyah and given the Land beyond the Jordan?   And why do so many Nations  and peoples around the world who hate you Mexicans French Creoles  Mulattoes just to name a few,  now claim too love and respect you?  To those who are for problem, but beware of the' wolves in sheep's clothing!'  No Lie No Game and no Trick!  6/21/2016  Stay Well-Love Self and Kind and don't be fooled by talking Pimps who feel nothing for truth and the Divine Creator!                            Reuben Beckles  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Satanic devils of talk all over the place nothing more than Reactionary imps and con men!

Take note, reactionary con men and pimps all over the place.  On street corners, jails, so-call religious houses of worship by men of the cloth-not action of truth in the Word-pimping the women and being pimped.  They both know it and love it.  This is the reason she's out of control.  Most of these folk are pretending non- believers and have no intention to move on divine truth and wisdom.  They will however, pick up a weapon of mass destruction as Black warrior slaves in this country-leave these shores by plane ship and the insane devils word,  blow up, kill off  destroying peoples and cultures in distance lands to protect and serve the insane needs of the greedy demonic few, their system of hypocrisy and chaos!  The talking pimps are all over the place in news print-radio-internet, telling and showing you real truth that they had tucked away in secret enabling your so-call woman sitting in majestic halls with a family of your children clapping singing and dancing to the words of these lying pimps.  If you ask many of these clowns what have they done relative to Divine Wisdom and Truth, to let the captive audience know with a certainty, that what you're feeding them, is real in it's foundational spirit which flows from the living most High God?   The problem as I know it to be as they read  from the Book in English,  is that it looses it's  'Original meaning of intent' not known to the reader.  I know this because the written words were changed to it's Original language before my very Eyes, walking through the Scriptures before I went on my Spiritual task and journey.  So what you're dealing with is a feel good thing-to fill their bank accounts.  Truth is, it's a feel good thing on both sides.  Neither of you have taken an action and put your life-mind-soul and spirit on the line in this demonic system for God's real truth and knowledge, especially, the so-called leaders.  This is why your women in this system are out of order telling her to change when you yourself are the main sissies who talk change but don't want the responsibility that goes with it.  When you go through the real knowledge and pain of  Gods purpose-there is no way you can or will escape jail time-because you'll give real food to the flock and they the flock, yearning to be free with their Creator, will respond and the Devil knows it.  His kingdom is short lived and so is his pretenders, Judas sellouts, traitors and sissies.  He has no power!   How do I know...?    'Watts-Kings Highway -and the door of Life found and travelled (Walked)! Nations and non-believers in the world moved their deception and armies against me in (1968- ending in the' One Day War!)...Isis was dethroned in Brown, Black and White.  'White Supremacy so-called Nation of Israel, ' Bloodthirsty  impostors, Israeli  was defeated by the  Black  House of Israel...Reuben Gad and half tribe of Manasseh in prophecy as these blood hungry demon's and impostor were trying to steal the 'promise lands in Identity theft of real Israel because of the Spiritual Sellout of Judas and the Nine and a half tribes of Israel on the West bank of the Jordan whose land is now claimed in bottomless Sink Holes!   Also, my Association with the 'Black Weekly Herald Dispatch Newspaper.  'Owner, Mr. Sanford Alexander'.  Why Isis was run into hell trying too Spiritually take my inner Soul Spirit.   Family was taken.  I was framed, went to jail, was beaten beyond all moral perception.  Called weird, crazy and insane before their court of Law. I walked out a free man!.. Sent knowledge out all over the world including these United States( Churches-Mosques, Synagogues, Colleges and Universities.  Activists and Political Leaders Fraternities, Sororities. White House-State Department and Justice Department -Members of the House and Senate so that none can say... 'They didn't know'.   Black is nothing!  Get you off your station then claim God is Dead',  then continue making deals for Black Genocide while talking Religion!   They're nothing but a bunch of low down dirty reactionary sissies. As a result of this and more' Reuben Seed of Jacob Made His Spiritual Journey from Captive Slave America in the Aliyah-Rapture  and Crossed the River Jordan, took the 'Throne of Life' as a believer who went to War in Action, rooted, In Prophecy and Faith .  Today, you say Black is something, but doing nothing... talking, playing games! "  You are, somebody!  "Who ever heard of the Feet leading the Head?  More talk, selling the flock out to Scientology while killing 'Khalid Muhammad.  More talk. Knowing you don't believe in the prophecy of 'Abraham Isaac and Jacob- but Abraham Ishmael and Esau!  we're all the same, pushing Genocide through integration and Identity theft through the Church and a lot of so-called Israelite Groups who haven't done a damn thing but talk trying to make the Black Female God;   producing Nothing, without her Man!...whom she hates! Words of talk... I'm a Diva,  I don't want or need a Man!  Black is nothing while having Black Babies....selling your Man out  so that you can be the 'Head of the House and  seen  while your children have no protection  dying like flies in the street or being turned out in jail while you deal with these other nationalities suggesting' we're all the Same because you lack Spiritual Racial Pride,' which you and that sissy on your arm claim is racist!'  At the end of the day, talk is cheap-who are you and where is your land as a foundation for growth?  Who is your God?  From the Book of Life I am-' Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Twelfth House and foundation of Israel!   (C)  June 16th/2016  No Game No lie or Trick  No integration.!..we're not the same !  Black Is Beautiful-Black Power!  I'm Not a shame and I don't hate myself  Don't knock  on my door playing games.  There's no loophole in what I stand for and who I am.  You can take that too the Bank!  God is Real!  Supreme Lord of  the living most High' Or I wouldn't be here today!  The Devil is not playing a game -neither am I! Land Reparations and Restitution-Separation!  Love self and Kind...Stay Well.         Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

For A Moment In Time-Freedom and Soveriengnty Awakens The Slaves of Truth in Action Black Israel!

To stand and move in action in your righteous state of mind and being is to demand and command respect, taking on the mantel of responsibility and love towards self and kind, knowing you and your God, is the Divine Creator of you and righteous truth, eliminating doubt and non-believe in action for your own sovereignty Justice and independence! When that happens you will find the love in yourself you seek, learning a simple and your God of the Living Most High' are the 'most hated Spiritual Divine beings on the Planet and in the Universe!...The  Greatest!  Things I've learned during my eighty four years on this planet as 'Reuben Seed of Jacob - Sun Son  of Simeon is  when you come into the truth of yourself you will be hated and envied  which is the real reason behind your treatment and destruction as slaves in this country and on the 'Continent known as 'Africa, Land of the Blacks' which includes the area known as Israel' Canaan.  Not European, Caucasian Lands!  The reason, behind our Language and identity stolen! America, land of the free makes it crystal clear as to the real knowledge and feeling about Black by their treatment and actions towards blacks whom they now claim they honor-love and respect.  You even have Black folk here and abroad who hate themselves, mouthing the same diatribe as the slave masters in White Supremacy'....we're all the same-God is love...things are getting better!'   For whom?  Blacks who were brought here in  Chains and Shackles-raped, homes and family ripped apart, lynched, burned, castrated, slaughted  liked cattle- worked from sun up to sun down for nothing; given rotten foods that even hogs wouldn't eat!  Do you ever ask yourselves... How In The Hell Did This Nation within this nation survive who now tell us we're free among them!?  We must Love and Forgive. Absolve and over look their demonize character and insane acts of total destruction and brutality of systematic 'Genocide.'  'Conspiracy of 'Murder and Treason upon 'A Nation of People stolen and ripped off against their will!   Their ministers telling us we must have Faith and trust in them as Impostors and Brother's.  Hell no!  They're  Lying hypocritical Judas sellouts, Gentles -Samarians , wanna'bes-Christian Arab Jewish Converts!  All this and more I lay at the table of these insane, lying sissies and pimp punks-who are filled with trickeration, lust and greed...blowing folk up in the name of 'free demon rule...respecting and loving no One, including themselves!...who now tell the world,' America is a Nation of Laws  the greatest nation on earth for all people...that is ( excluding Black Slaves with Sovereignty and real Justice in form of Separation-Land-Reparations and Restitution  which is 'The Moment in Time for the Original, awakening Spiritually of Self and kind  in Armageddon, In Action because Talk without Action, Rooted In Divine Truth and Wisdom is just empty talk about the Woman-created for Man is now 'God!'  A Damn Lie!  This Black woman hates herself!  Created by white demonic devils and their Judas sellout imps who have become there Whores in trickeration as a god of lying wenches and begging bitches!   She must Submit to the Man- King' Under God of the Divine Creation from which everything flows!  She can no longer use her knowledge within  the satanic forces of the devil using sorcery, witchcraft, sex from the Book of the dead in Isis-working from the Vatican Egypt Greece North America-Central and South America-Ethiopia-England and other places with So-called White Israel as the Phony head of State!  This is only part of the true meaning about and of, ' The One Day War!- 1968!  Reuben's ascension to the Spiritual throne and Land... the real house of Black Israel...meaning the Aiyah' Rapture!  It also means' Defeat of the Conspiracy too Commit God Killing! all of it's ramifications which includes the destroying of Divine Prophecy.  Now I ask those of you who say you are believers in the Faith  and process the ability to give critical analysis ...why would I Merge or integrate with a bunch of low life-no good Black hating -Male and Female Judas Sissies and fools to be accepted and destroyed in a system that's being destroyed by their own hands who hate my Divine Creator in his Divine Creation! ... asking the question   Who Ever Heard of The Feet Leading The Head!?  I say again-don't knock on my door pretending-you low down dirt sissies; A pig is still pork- a Elephant is still heavy, A Leopard never changes it's spots!  A devil is still a low down dirty devil!  (C) Take that to the bank!!      I'll keep my Faith and you keep  your woman as God but never-in Black Israel, Lord of the Most High Is God!   Abraham Isaac Jacob.. No Lie No Trick  No Game!   Reuben Seed of Jacob and not a convert.  Sun Son of Simeon  Black Power; Love self and Kind. Stay well.  Reuben Beckles 6/15/2016

Friday, June 10, 2016

Why Black slaves-Hebrew Israelites no longer wanted in America...Identity and Solution that came to Lite in the 'One Day War'...1968-Reuben Seed Of Jacob!

It's get down to some real truth -wisdom and knowledge in action-relative to Black and Prophecy.  The truth.  For sometime I have been referring to the Caucasian so-called Jews of Europe coming out of Russia along with the Zionist-Ashkenazim and Sephardi coverts from Spain and Portugal as Bloodsucking vampires and impostors.  This is no game and no lie.  They are not the real Semitic of Scriptures  and this is one of the reasons for so much conflict in that area of the middle east.  If they were and are the original people as they claim, why didn't they take the LAND that they and other nations, around the world covet.  The  'One Day War-1968! proved them a lie ...claiming God was dead and the Birthright of Jacob was theirs, too which, yours truly, called their hand as liars and thieves while working for the Black' Weekly Herald Dispatch Newspaper in Los Angeles' - Publisher Mr Sanford Alexander.  My Eye was opened and I was taken into a Spiritual Situation and Solution which ended in the 'One Day War of 1968 causing my ascention' into the Land in Question ' Reuben   Gad and Half Tribe of Manasseh (creating  the Aliyah Rapture and the defeat of Isis and the so-call White Zionist state'.  This truth in their defeat is known the world over.  However, one of the major road blocks concerning the non solution of the Land and people rest with the true Spirit and identity of Black Slaves in America  and the Religion they're taught and practice.  This was because everything of a righteous nature they represented was taken from them during Slavery!  There leadership, Politically and Economically they sold to the Impostors.  Donald Trump told the World the truth, they have been bought off to keep the majority blind deaf and dumb for the impostors, (money men of means...Capitalists, the slave masters who control the system.  The sellouts have become Pimps Punks and Sissies( Judas Sellouts making the people believe they'll something they're not in a system that want their entire destruction.  There is another part to this equation and that's the so-called 'Palestinian State and people "  Truth,  they don't belong in that land either. They have been bought off and sold a bill of goods.  History tells us they're Philistines who were put in some parts of that area by Egypt as a thorn in the side of Israel because like Ethiopia, Egypt never controlled 'Black Israel!'  The truth of the matter today is that all the nations of the world covet the peoples and Land called Israel, given by the Supreme Lord of the living Most High!  Judas the great sellout artist is still promising the world we are all Israel ...which is a damn lie and that's at the foundation -heart and soul of the True Hebrews Problem who believe we're all the same in the Lord-until you fine the real Judgment rest with the Lord who created the Spirit heart and soul in judgment unseen and can only be Judge by the Divine Creator!  With this knowledge and truth concerning the foundation and present condition of the slaves in this Nation,   the rulers have no intention of giving the slaves real justice because of lust, selfishness and greed and they can't and won't handle the truth.  All has been given and done that can be done by the slaves.  Theirs nothing more you have to give to a truly ungrateful people- you have given your all, the best!  It's time to leave so that our children can stand on their righteous foundation and know their God, Is God!    This is no Game -Lie or Trick!  Stay well,  love God Self and kind!  A leopard never changes it's spots and the Devil in Satan is still a devil (C) 6/10/2016   Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun Son Of Simeon!   Land-Reparations Restitution in Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob  ...the Real Prophecy never changed but has been altered by wann'a  be's Sissies, hypocrites and liars!      Check the record and let the Spirit in action do the rest.      Reuben Beckles

Monday, June 06, 2016

Strange things are taking place to the American Negro Black Slaves being told he is the true Hebrew Israelites-Talk is Cheap !

There is a measure of truth to this Blog Headline!  Where were all these folk who now seem to be claiming they are Hebrew Israelites?  Talk without action means nothing!  There seems to be no connection relative to the foundation of this country.  The Laws and religions they're steeped in and the language we speak.  The Bible, Scriptures concerning Prophecy of Moses, Abraham Isaac and Jacob has been staring us in the face for along time as was the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God.    We have been lead to believe The Book is a poison Book by Muslims advocates, Christian ministers and leaders  who see the book as a way to control and make money from the ignorance and innocence  who were taken advantage of during Slavery and the depths within there bestial control!  These are the same folk who were responsible for your arrival here in chain and shackles to speak one language working and creating for them as monster bloodsucking vampires-calling themselves Jews-while the Book a Spiritual Book to be read and interpreted by those created and blessed by the Living Most High and put into action by the Spiritual Eye within the Divine purpose!..."in the Book- the final chapter' you're Rich, yet Poor!  This is because of those folk calling themselves Jews but are impostors-from within the Synagogue of Satan who not only have Black on the Bottom but bought off many of the Judas sellouts in Islam-Christianity,  House of Judea during the time of the Sanhedrin Council.  So when you hear certain information coming from the lips of Creoles, Mulattoes, colored blacks about Hebrew Israelites be not be fooled because many have sold their Souls and Spirit out for Jobs and Thirty Pieces of Gold and Silver so that when the Spirit and Gods chosen make their move to enter the 'Promised Lands Of True' Black Israel they too( the Judas Sellouts want to be apart of that Number, not wanting to pay the price of Usury-Trickeration and Deception!   Christ said," Go ye not in the Way of the Samaritan's or Gentile but to the Lost found Sheep( Of Israel).  What about Esau and his relation to Jacob?  The Birthright was never Esau's so the act of denying then selling the Birthright to Jacob becomes very profound when envy and jealousy is taught by your learn  Elders concerning the theft of a birthright that already belonged to Jacob!  Today as we are told we are all 'Israel'...we're all the same they LIE!  I don't believe it for a minute-we're not the same and we're not all fighting for the Divine Cause of freedom and Justice relative to Truth Land Restitution Reparations and Separation-not integration which is Spiritual in movement unseen!  This is why...Talk Is Cheap-with no meaning in action!  Most of these talking folk, Black White Brown Yellow or Red will never make a move to destroy Satan-in that fake state called Israel!  They Hate God in Black love the Devil in White and the Colors in Deception!.....If you think this is deception on my part as Reuben-Seed of Jacob' whom they  said, 'would never excel-unstable as water and was cursed, 'shows me Satan is forever using a lie to cover the Truth trying to use Black as Caucasian acts of deceit and deception, so that when the real act of solution coming from Black by Black, Blacks would be so busy disbelieving and hating themselves there would be no righteous movement toward their own freedom in faith-because you are looking for a White savior or any one or color, but Black!  Along comes Reuben with the righteous Spirit (Walking the Kings Highway-Watts On Fire!'  White Colored Isis tried taking Reuben's Soul and Spirit using Sorcery, witch Craft and the Book of the Dead-through Egypt-Ethiopia-Greek spiritually; Vatican and the United Nations.  White Blood thirsty vampires of White So-called Israel was defeated  in the 'One Day War In 1968.  Isis  was dethroned and America is tumbling down hoping  Black Slaves Israelites who never sold out their land and birthright coveted by the world and  are owed a tremendous debt will save her!  Action  taken by Reuben in the Spirit of truth and success living in America was not to be known or recognized.  Those in authority had us  beaten kicked stumped, lied on and about hoping for my death while in custody only to find it wasn't and didn't happen.  What these lying, thieving sissies found' Reuben had been chosen by God of the Living Most High 'to do these things acts and more for the Black Nation having a family, that the Nation and people at large  claim to have knowledge of but their lack of belief and inaction they refused to move leaving Reuben to do the work and  pay the price for the Black nation who refused to show themselves worthy.  Now fine themselves on the late show, claiming that which they are not willing to fight for!...wanting nothing to do with Reuben! be it.  God is real and Black is Beautiful.   The cross over in the Rapture and Aliyah has been made and Reuben took the Throne beyond the Great River Jordan-Black State and Land of Israel! Prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and you can take that to the Bank'.  God Is! Soul to Soul  Spirit to Spirit...Faith in truth Can't be Bought and Not For Sale !   No Trick Lie and No Game! (C) 6/6/2016  Stay Well, Love self and Kind...and No, we're Not all the Same and Prophecy is real!     Reuben Seed of Jacob   Sun Son of Simeon....A Leopard never changes it's Spots- a Elephant is still heavy and a Pig is still Pork!        Reuben Beckles