Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Comments Concerning Black Slaves in America and their real demise and current plight considered folly and diatribe by those who have benefitted greatly while pretending America a just and colored blind society!

The above title may be long-but relative to the foundation of this nation it's accurate and just! Judas and their hypocritical slave masters don't want the slaves and world to know how demonic and thug gangsters they really are as imposter's living high in Identity Theft as they put out the olive branch to those wanting to come here and reap the rewards of continued slavery!  The non-compensated laboring class of Blacks and their descendants were brought here for one purpose -to build personal wealth and comfort for white society!  A whole group of Black folk now living in America, believe and are told you're free with Equality-Justice and Brotherhood under Law and public policy when nothing could be farther from the truth and reality! So-what are the facts?  Free and Just Immigration with Black Slavery then and now if it doesn't enhance White Superiority and well being!   Blacks coming here in Chains and shackles enduring all it's attending Ill's heaped on them and their descendants is no accident-they were useful slaves plain and simple.  The Nation State in this Democracy started with White, Black and mulatto all other groups were and are considered White while Indians were still being slaughtered.  These folk were and are so insecure they cooked up a category they called Hispanic-not included as a racial group but it did reflect their language and ethnic commonalities-of Arabs -Jews because they are White religious groupings!  At the beginning of this Nation creation til this very day The Language, Culture, Immigration Laws and policies reflect a White society where Blacks are under the bottom-excluded and even when they think they're moving forward they're standing still or or going backwards and it's all by design Politically-Economically and Socially!  This accounts for the two hundred years where Blacks were denied Education under penalty of death also why the Hispanic and others were given the right and passage into what they perceived to be Judaism. Another piece of insanity was the Original Blacks of Ethiopia  taken out of their Land to what is now called White Israel) for political reasons.  Much to the surprise of  the Originals once they arrive to their destination among these Satanic Demons they found their blood was not accepted by Whites throwing their blood in the Mediterranean and told it was tainted-they had to give up themselves  and emulate White Caucasians in order to be accepted!...think about it-the Original submitting to the Impostor knowing Race is at the heart and foundation of this entire situation!...Not sexual orientation-gender-class-religion but Race to keep Blacks on the bottom subordinated and excluded en mass- plain and simple while mulattoes are seen in all walks of life and more readily accepted. Immigration and Gun Laws  Policies are talked about and promoted as a means to keep fear on Blacks  and keep Blacks on the bottom of White policy -while giving Black females favorite status and using Black Males as Mercenaries to fight and die-enhancing White Wealth.  Even in this the (twenty-first century) famous Ministers and their churches are suggesting Blacks weren't in Slavery but a form of Indenture labor!  I say those that talk such insanity and folly are nothing more than the highest form of sissies and punks and have no value!  If they claim righteous religion and are knowledgeable-what was Chains and Shackles- Slave Ships about!  What was Lynchings-Broken Families-Castrations-beatings and burnings about? These and other situations too numerous and horrendous to speak of at this time.  It happened and are still happening to Black folk in this nation on this land and we all speak-One tongue which I can assure you was not done of our choosing!  Today, White society and other peoples and groups are up set because a little white boy saw some truth in Connecticut and blew some of his own away...the Major in fort-hood did the same thing he said- watching his people being blown up by the same nation he was serving ...What's with the situation on high school and college  campuses to say nothing about Dorner who was apart of Admiralty Law in the Navy-trained by the Army and Los Angeles Police force who found out somethings and couldn't believe it - did what he was trained to do-blow some folk up!  (Watts was about ripping Black folk off-selling rotten food along with a whole host of injustices)!  Today,we're given President Lincoln) told he freed some folk he and the nation called slaves-and told by the AMC(African Methodist Church leaders and others, Blacks just wanted to go along-to get along in slavery, this over Lincolns objection...knowing this was a White Society-for White Folk! Today the money's funny(God of White Society)  Weather is reeking havoc all over the place and the slaves have not been compensated for free labor and other atrocities.  The effects are seened and felt by the descendants today-talking about old school-new school not accepting the foundation from which to grow.  Truth is-this whole situation was settled in 1968-with Divine Intervention and the 'One Day War' when Satan was expose in the middle east as the imposters calling themselves Jews-in the White State they call Israel trying to steal the promised land in Prophecy and Jacob--the House of Reuben-they failed - were wiped out!"  They know it as do the Black Judas sellouts here and in time will show them no hiding place they will reap what they have sown!...Now comes the question in action...Reparations, Restitution, Land! Not folly and Identity Theft!  Reuben(C) 2/27/2013 Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon                    Reuben Beckles

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Many call what I say and print is hatred Diatribe-So be it-I Stand with it-I lived it-walked it-My Faith as a Mustard Seed is a Mountain-no loop hole-If you doubt it-don't talk it do it!

I stand as Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon-Soverienty in the Twelefth House of Israel and I don't play games realegated to children and those who refuse to grow up blaming everything and everyone on someone else because they refuse to grow-up!  So it is with those who say let the past go and be done with it-it's a New day-a new begining!...meaning, stand in the air with no foundation-Slavery and all it's ramifications in this system called a melting pot republic is the greatest form of a institutionalized-money making scheme known to Man-Kind.  If the Black Man (Slaves of America,) go for this, along with their decendants then there is no future for you-here or else where!  The Rapture-Aliyah and Judgement took place by and for Black Man-as was (Watts and The One Day War! 1968")...You ask why do I mention this truth?  Because if I don't others will claim it-live it as their deeds in Action and watch you and yours languish in hell and feel nothing; but more important, factually, it was through the Prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Divine Intervention of God!)...You can take that to the bank in what is called Black History Month-Three Hundred And Sixty Five Day in theYear!...Divine Spirit! If this had been any other Nationality or Group-White-Brown-Red-Yellow or any color other than Black you would never hear the last of it and Black would have been wiped out-such is the truth these other folk represent behind their smiling faces of envy-jealousy-greed and hatred! They know your truth in faith blind them to the reality of wisdom and truth that they see too late-reaping what they and their helpmate in jealousy(Judas ) has sown in hell-trying to keep Blacks in place on the plantation of Slavery!  What these folk want is to have Black folk kill themselves so they can claim clean Hands-but it will not happen because they're not in charge of anything-in my last Blogger I referred to their acts in and on behalf of Isis-who ran into hell Dethrone!  (My Second wife).  As to my first Wife and Mother of Five children-she could be taken from the Good-Book(Bible) as in the begining-the garden who like Eve Bit Off More Than She Could Chew that was not in her DNA be Man-over God as a diva!  She was A Greek Sorority Sister who thought I would become a Frat Brother as Part of University College system across this nation where they bait you in then switch up on color-aim and Nationality! When I didn't follow through as a pledge after asking questions as to the nature of their aims and getting no answers I returned their pin-and never looked back-next thing I knew, we could no longer live together-was not permitted to see my children-when I did see them she went screaming from the house(naked-hollowing-he hates me!) running from door to door hoping someone  would take her in-they didn't-I left-next thing I new I was in court run by Judas and the organization of Caucasians in the Bait and Switch game going to Jail for what they called Non-Support!  Her Blessing was a job in this System  and given a mate with one of the frat brothers as an image over my children which as she found out didn't last ten seconds-enters the Industry of Psychiatry prescribing mind altering drugs-so dangerous the goverment warns of suicide-hostility-stroke mania and sudden death-these are just some of the things our children are exposed to because of the action of females who don't listen wanting a system of death wanting to be Men and not what they were intended to be. They're left with a Gay Rights system and the church, loving-Jesus-who told them to pick up their cross and follow him!  as they say, love's cold out here-because nobody wants them!  They are like a piece of legislation brought forth in Washington,D.C. under HR 40-after the pie was cut up-consisting of some 40 million dollars to study the effect of slavery! That was some twenty years ago (they're still studying slavery)  hell all they had to do was go to the Good Book knowing they and the President are claiming to be Good Christians and find the solution in Restitution-Reparations and Land as Divine intervention has already taken place.  Judgement is staring these leaders in the face-as for the children across the land, look long and hard not at the Man who loved them but the woman like Eve-who said the Man is nothing and gave him up knowing he walked the Kings Highway and entered his door of Life -where was she? My Mother use to say...Reuben, you must have the faith of a mustard seed not knowing I had the faith of a Mountain! In closing I leave a Name and a Book called the Blackman's Guide to understanding the The Blackwoman by-Shahrazad Ali-now take a good long look at yourself Ms diva-I Am Reuben (C)2/21/2013.....Israel  Son Of Simeon -Seed Of Jacob-A Man-Behold The Son-He Who Grew By The Water Beyond The Fertile Crescent...Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Essence of Identity Theft-Relative to Black Slaves In America-Who and Why!

Yours truly has thought long and hard lived far and wide-experienced much while paying a heavy price because those who were dealing the cards and those who were on the receiving end weren't talking because they were receiving tremendous benefits through Identity Theft while keeping  the slaves ignorant by making it a crime punishable by death if caught teaching the slaves to read, write or learn other discipline's of education-this situation continued for over two hundred years while other peoples and nationalities soaked up the information and knowledge of their prize processions-the slaves and free labor! Here we will fast forward from Chains and Shackles, broken homes, lynchings, beating, castrations along with other unmentionables into the (Twenty-First Century) to receiving a pat-smile and civil rights system of Law and usury! I say we have to begin with the beginning of Slavery and the turmoil and chaos of the sixties and the tremendous changes that would take place at this point in history because the stage was set to destroy everything Black in America and around the world with the transfer of knowledge and power from the Middle East relative to Judas and the Sanhedrin Council" Prophecy in Jacob and the Twelve Houses of Israel-Asia and Africa-to Gog and Magog of Europe and the Aryan people!  The two major players who would facilitate this insanity would be Elijah Muhammad under Arab Islam-in the name of Black taking Black spirits to render them helpless in the civil-rights movement and no freedom at the end of the day! Dr Martin Luther King on the other hand would embrace Christianity and love and brotherhood for everybody in the form of unconditional love and jobs! Now, this is where things get murky! The role that Ethiopia played through Emperor Haile Selassie and the Queen of England...Egypt and ISIS-who had never been dethroned! The Man behind this Plot relative to the destruction of Black folk and the rise of colored folk in the name of Black was a Creole-Mulattoes Married to a Black woman by the name of "Ligon" and the Aquarium Book Store for Blacks-truth (spiritual house).  He was using Metaphysical knowledge and Black wisdom to destroy themselves for the benefit of White, Red-Brown and Colored!...Mastered mass usury and Isis was his key who used {Sex-tarot cards -the Book Of the dead and color} in his game towards fame!  In his Book store on a massive wall was a map concerning the House of Israel and Tribe and land mass of Yours Truly...REUBEN!  You might ask how did I know this? The woman I was married to at the time that I met him was being taught by him without my knowledge and she tried to apply her craft on me and failed -ran into hell after seeing the truth too late while admitting her role as Isis-not knowing I had already made the (Rapture-Aliyah when I walked the Kings Highway and walked through the door of my house Beyond the fertile crescent and the Land of Israel Black- saving the Spirit in Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob!...sometime later the store burned down-he obtained another store here in Los Angeles-I went to see him -ask for a copy of the map and he angrily answered, "What Map?-I don't know what you're talking about!"This is why the problems between the 'Bloods and Cripes-the US organization and the Black Panthers-the Church-Shriner's Masons-Muslims-why Slaves are still in a holding position without compensation for free labor-and land ! But more Important was and is the "ONE DAY WAR" of 1968 when the white satanic demons were wiped out trying to steal the promised Lands of Israel under Identity Theft and the use of (Isis-Israelis) and the Law of Discovery under the Pope and the Catholic Church and the Latinos!...this is why they never mention the "Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago in their dealings with Blacks-why the push for unconditional love-integration Gay Rights -Immigration and Gun Control!  ...the Conspiracy to commit God Killing!  Reuben (C) 2/20/2013  Seed Of Jacob-Son Of Simeon                  ...Reuben Beckles

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why Slavery Continues For Blacks In America, and Why they are constantly Being used As Pawns-Freedom cannot be and Will not be Granted By Politicains or Slave Masters-Because for the most Part they Move like Zombies and Make Good Mercenary's!

When one grows into Man-hood he move and acts on situation and things of value personally and for the sum total of his being-meaning for self and kind -in today's world it's called a Nation!  Blacks still suffer in this country because the institutions of slavery run deep because of the way a whole group of people were stolen from a very fertile continent against their will landed on these shores in Chains and Shackles  treated worst than animals-to rise speaking one language-not our own!  We came through Revolutions-Civil wars-fighting and eating dirt!  All the slave Masters did was to make the males Mercenaries-to take the heat and die for his insane purposes while using your women folk as his property(Harlots)!-to keep you dumb and faithful he keeps his woman before your conscience and sub conscience mind as forbidden fruit(naked )!  He gives you what he thinks you want to hear by telling you -you're free!  knowing he doesn't have the power to free you and your actions by accepting his concept of Civil Rights-tells him and others you have no real concept of Sovereignty and Freedom-that the value of Free Labor has no meaning-no value to you as you continue to die and build his nation!...In the name of Brother-Hood and Equality in the name of Jesus  and unconditional love along with total submission to Arab Islam-same folk who were responsible for the destruction of Black Civilization some time back in our History(Lest We Forget!) Were it not for Strong Men of Faith willing to put our lives on the line for truth such as (Watts and The One Day War! living in the Prophecy Of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob- Identity Theft would have been complete and Blacks would have been eliminated from the planet earth!...Lest We Forget-Judas Plan in the back of all this hell is real! What saved us? Divine Inter-vention!  Prophecy is working but because of your leadership ...pretending Man-hood acting like sissies and punks their job is to hide the truth-in usury-throw a rock-then go into hiding-instead of demanding a treaty from which you and those after you can build for Land-your Land! Reparations and Restitution-not this foolishness where we love you-let's all get along with the Devil and Satan- not- God's way!...even the Devil and Satan knows this as they continue to just blow some folk up with Starvation-Guns-atomic Bombs for what they call the greatest Warriors on the Planet!...oops until they ran into the "One Day War-and Watts which was not about rolling over and playing dead for the benefit of integration-Slavery Is Over!  Anything less than Land-Restitution and Reparation is an out en  out GAME!  look AROUND YOU check the weather in the form of Katrina-Sandy-Isaac and more on the way as the Nation is moving  relative to the Tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah! much is being made of Gun Laws as we witness Connecticut and other forms of insanty; what about Christopher Jordan Dorner-whom the Police and news media label him a monster they trained!!  Lest We forget") the foundation of this Nation- Blacks in Chains and Shackles "Serving the Devils" (Blacks-Indians-Chicanos-Hawaiians-Chinese-Japanese-Puerto Ricana-All over the World where this man has gone as part of his expansion came death and destruction as he claims to be Civilized In Today's world of deciet lies and guns talking of righteous Justice under God!... I Am Reuben-Seed of Jacob Son Of Simeon-(C) @2/14/2013               Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trying to Distort truth in Prophecy-Ursury and Schemes won't change Facts and Solutions-Black Power in Israel No Game-Soverienty In Reuben's Israel -Land and Solution Not For Sale!

The organization concerning Black Slave in America, IS NO JOKE ! The African Methodist Church and the organization of Judas Sell-outs didn't want freedom for Black Slave and they don't want it now!  This is part of the real foundation of Blacks in America, in the mist of all the chaos in this nation today. Behind each and every organization across this nation claiming to be fighting for integration and freedom is the organization of Judas sellouts which ended in the spiritual demise of the believing faithful...the leadership want power and recognition not real solutions for the benefit of the people. If the leadership of all these organizations truly wanted a Solution and freedom for the people they claim to be fighting for they could of had it-by moving in concert with the foundation...chains and shackles-from the land of the Blacks called Africa-I don't care if they're called Moors-Africans-Negros-Shriner's-Masons-Activists-Greeks-Males or Females-Educators -Ministers-Rabbi's in or out of Islam-Christianity the Moon or whatever-in the end they all gave in to the Judas sellouts ending with Elijah Muhammad and Dr. king! The past and present day situation is known by  leaders in today's current affairs! The current crop have a mental problem as they say leave the past and move on into a future of insanity with nothing and no foundation playing games with Prophecy and religion as the Pope steps down knowing the truth that he couldn't deal with-same as ex-president Lyndon Johnson -ex President John F. Kennedy and Elijah Muhammad before he died (1975).  I mentioned Kennedy because the Judas sellouts sold my house out to his family and the Catholic Church and like Dr. King he had to go!  How do I know-I moved on it -it caused "Watts-1965...The One Day War! 1968)" and many other things that are happening today and into the future!  ...this is the time and day of exposing Judas and the truth of time in action -why you ask? because Prophecy is real and Slavery is over/Esau and Ishmael relative to Israel in Black and game playing tactics are over!  For your consideration I give you one case in point Travon Martin shot down by a Man who wanted to be a Policeman- Elijah told his followers he didn't know what was going to happen after he was gone  what he had set up, would no longer be Islam-he didn't know what it would be but it wouldn't be Islam!  What do we have now in Christopher Jordan Dorner-and a $Million Dollars Reward? He found out where and who he was in this system of Slavery as a policeman and a navy man under Admiralty Law-blowing up some folk in other cultures only to find himself as a captor  not wanted here which is the plight of many other Blacks serving in the military whose eyes are opened to the truth- for them the war was not in some distant land but here!...and civil rights wasn't getting the job done!  Think about it, Judas and the organization is pushing -Gay Rights and same sex Marriage which is the same as death-Immigration and Ill-legal Rights- Guns that you carried in the arm forces -guns you used because you said you had no Justice from your brothers in your chosen profession but now you and the organization of Judas sellouts want to use the plight of the slaves that you didn't think you were a part of-what now that yours eyes are open like many of your fellow brothers- as your current -so called Black President sends guns to the Black continent to help Black folk kill up some other Black folk in the name of making the world better for Demon rule! Like Judas -colors-pretenders-Latin's-  Asians -Arabs and those who have no solutions, not caring, hoping the problem will just go away -as I see it are in for a rude awaking as Prophecy is real for the folk you are trying to use-Karma represents reaping what you have sown and their is no way you can leave these shores and go to another land and culture  tear it up-return here to this cotton plantation  mentality and not know that slavery is alive and well as you fight the truth of Solution in the form of Reparations-Restitution and Land coming from the foundation of Slaves and their descendants-who have been living with this problem from day one-looking forward to their sovereignty as men and women in fact- not usury!  Reuben(C) @ 2/12/2012...Reuben Beckles

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Blk History Month-Must Give Credit Where Credit Is Due -

Giving credit where it's due in times like these is a blessing to know Who I am - Where I am and Why my Foundation is as strong as it is...My Divine Creator of the Universe-Prophecy within The Seed Of Jacob- My Father Simeon who was blessed and had the good fortune to find and marry my Mother- and between them passed on to me  the knowledge,wisdom and understanding I have today! With all of this, along with all the people I"ve met on my journey of development into Man- Hood -One stands out during this time of Black History Month that I embrace three Hundred and sixty five days a year-Many know him as owner and Publisher Of the "Herald Dispatch Newspaper" located here in Los Angeles, California-a Man of Action and few words-who had the ability to point me in the direction of my God self and Kind when every thing around us seemed to be in a perpetual state of chaos...His name(Mr. Sanford Alexander.)   No Lies-No Games-No Deception-I was able to move under the banner of Truth and the real understanding of Black Prophecy ...Prophecy Of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob! the meaning of receiving the fruits of ones labor as is due the Black Slaves of America-Reparations-Restitution and above all-Land representing Sovereignty!   Reuben (C)@2/7/2013        Seed Of Jacob-Son Of Simeon                          Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Jacob's House Of Israel In Prophecy Real-Twellth House In Black America-Reuben-on the case Relative to Foundation Of Slavery and free Slave Labor!

Start with truth-you'll end with Justice and truth!...America's colored President is so far removed from the truth and reality it's a shame because his foundation and reference is non Black even as he live with a Black woman-in the White House! On his plate is Immigration, Gay Rights, Gun Control and Illinois Politics.  I've already spoke on Gay Rights knowing this is just more mess and folk using Civil Rights to demean Black folk through the Justice and Education Department knowing full well as a constitutional Lawyer Blacks and their descendants were never paid for Genocide and free Labor along with the denial of education in chains and shackles-broken homes ,Lynchings and forced to speak one language(English)!  This is why the government doesn't want to get en voled with (Immigration) and the idea of Equality and Acceptance of real Freedom!   To do so they would find Hell through Karma staring them and the world-their partners in crimes in their conscience face and this includes these Black Judas sellouts hiding out in religious houses and secret social organizations!  It is no accident that Asians and Latinos are trying to wed themselves to the Black communities throughout this land! The Asians because of Black slave mercenary participation in Wars created by this nation in and on Asians Culture and Lands-In many of those area they were told by the peoples-what are you doing here Black man-we're not fighting you?!  During the Olympics 1932-Hitler tried to tell them the same thing !But the die had been cast-their brain cells altered as they moved like Zombies on command of the White  Slave Masters and their Judas Imps-being told that after they came back they would be given freedom! The Negro-Black slaves have been on that track to insanity for along time-even to this very day as so called African Americans, who thinks he's free with nothing! The other part to this Immigration situation relative to the Slavery in America and the Blacks is the Aryans-India-the Untouchables and The sellout Of the Late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Church when he gave Black lands of Israel to the White Zionist State Called Israel-knowing it wasn't his to give nor theirs to take under Identity Theft!...that Problem lingers to this very Day, knowing the "One Day War-and Divine Intervention in the Affairs Of Reuben and the twelfth House of great was their destruction they don't even want to talk about it's Sovereignty-not for Sale, Can't be Taken and those who think I'm kidding or playing a game will suffer the same fate-because now they know and it becomes a conspiracy to commit God Killing and denial of Prophecy(God's Word)!...the other part of this equation is the role the Latinos are playing under the Catholic Church and the Pope of Rome  ...and the convergence of many Spanish speaking Latinos to Judaism! This is done so that they can claim entry into the Black Birthright and the Lands of Israel in Scripture through Spain and the Native American Indians!!  Their method has been and is through the Church and White Zionist's is to enter the Black communities as minorities and flood the area's and peoples with dope-liquor and other  killing substances-depress the value of the land-buy it cheap and put Black ignorant slaves in a position to kill themselves then lay claim to Black Slaves birthright- take note and you'll see  this happening before your very eyes as they smile and call you BROTHER WITH JUDAS, your enemies! Check those from Belize, the Grand Bahamas(Caribbean) all the way from the Continent of Africa-Land of the Blacks..."Lest we Forget Judas is Not to Be Trusted!-this is no game but War because they won't tell you the truth-they hate you-they envy you as a class as they wax fat trying to be you ...this includes those from Panama! Watch and listen to the Latinos as they expand-in a hurry Economically, Politically, in Jobs Schools you name it! To my Brothers and Sisters "Lest We Forget" as Slaves and Slave Descendants We are the people WHO were brought here in Chains and Shackles-from Sovereign Land and Culture ripped apart Families and all- treated and sustained like animals told we were free with nothing! no pay from the fruits of our labor to be move around like pawns on a chest board in a conscience unconscious state of frustration...we are the  foundation-we built it!  Know this, after all the hiding and game playing by others and many of our own-the Spirit-Knowledge and Truth in Justice is and will be our as a Black Man ( Hebrew-Reuben Seed Of Jacob who Walked the Kings Highway and Entered the door -walked on Free Sovereign Land known to the world and Universe-I say's not for Sale(From the  Depths of my Soul and Spirit-this is not for your enemies and pretenders who want nothing more than your Identity as Blood sucking Vampires! ...Reparations,Restitution, Land!  Reuben...Son Of Simeon Seed of Jacob...Now go and question your Elders and Bishops who are trying to sell the flock a bill of lie about Jacob who they Claim stole the Birthright of Esau- he didn't want the Birthright-he didn't know the value of it because it wasn't his in the first place!... nor was it the place of Dr. King whom this nation celebrates to tell the world the Land belongs to Satan!!! (C)@ 2/6/2013..............Reuben Beckles

Monday, February 04, 2013

As promised to doubting thoms -fools and hypocrites who think I"m standing around playing games in Diatribe-tast this -Prophecy In Black power is real!

Let's start with truth and end with interest as Reuben Son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob, born in America, San Francisco, California-gives me a very rich and heavy background-phyically,mentally,morally and spiritually-because it seems as if much dumb stuff started in the South east-east south north and ended in the west.What I learned was not a given-but through curiosity-investigation and ignorance on my part I earned and learned through action the reality of my wisdom and truth-so I will say at this point in time-it makes no differents who believes and who doesen't- as a black Man I simply say-White America and others do not see Black folk as their Equal and never will-and really want nothing to do with Black folk and they can't hide this truth forever! This is because we're different-phyically-mentally and spiritually! This accounts for how and why we the decendants of slaves are maintained in this land  home of the free!  Ex President Lincoln, knew this when he tried to tell this to Black leadership during and after the civil war...but black leadership then as now refused the understand the depth of his understanding-opting for unnatural integration.  The fight and war continues because the seeds of strife is rooted in the foundation as to how Blacks were stripped from their land and sold in animal status, labored in this land, told we're free with nothing (not paid for labor) !  Denied knowledge and education of self and kind( for over two hundred years-then given Civil Rights under the Constitution-to fight and die for White folk who for years during this time tried to destroy the native Americans whom they called Redman(Indians) -Not being able to destroy the natives-they gave them treaties-recogning their Soverienty-but the slaves recieved no treaty, then or now.  What they', the slaves were told fight for me or go to jail! What the Slaves found then and now as Judas sellouts talk about freedom and equality was a massive campaign of Identity Theft by White demons calling themselves Chirstains and White Zoinist calling themselves Jews! Talk to Black folk who leave this country or sevice men and women in the arm-forces and if they ARE HONEST they will tell you they're fighting Men and Women of Color" Black folk! ...why then are Black folk telling themselves and others they,re fighting for freedom and equality-in America, we have no  Land no Treaty no business of any consequence!...nothing but religous houses talking suff as their leadership live high!  All this in the face of Slavery being over-but no effort is being made enmass to return the slaves home in Soverienty-with the fruits of their labor...instead we're given a colored President who sents warriors-guns and amunition across the ocean to some mercenary Black leaders who are dead walking Zombies to finish killing off the rightful heirs to the Land-Land of the Blacks-whom many Black folk in this Land claim they're not a part of-Slavery is and has been a terrible situation-it's no wonder the slave masters want nothing to do with Karma-reaping what they have sown in the name of freedom and Equality-for whom ? not Black folk!  You may ask what was your position Mr. Reuben...when told "Uncle Sam needs You!" Answer..."Hell No We Won't Go!" and I didn't leave these shores to put one toe nail on those distant land to fight one Male man Woman or Child or steal anything that didn't belong to me  in the name of freedom and White equality!...what I did fight and know in certainty and Soverienty Is the Land of Reuben and the Kings-Hway, that the Arabs, under Islam" who were main partiscipants in Black slave trade(Ishmael and Esau-along with the Black Judas sellouts who know that the Day of Slavery relative to Prophecy are over-which was the Essence of the "One Day War !"  the destruction and turmoil in the middle east and the Aliyah-Rapture of the Black man.  The problem that must be resolved by Black is the trick used by Judas telling the world that we are all equal that the land belongs to everybody knowing that was a lie as he created a situation where Blacks were engaged in killing one another then he would claim the Hebrews birthright relative to Jacob and the twelve Houses of Israel-His strongest key was the White Zionist,the Black woman and  Isis while Dope was being spiced up and filtered into the Black communities across this Land  by White Latinos who now are trying to replace the Blacks  thinking Blacks would not find out that their people down in Mexico and other parts of Latin America sold them out during the  signing of the "Treaty of Guadalupe Hilda go"! The African American Colors and Whites of Africa, would move from Europe and Africa, to America,and claim the inheritance of the Black slaves  and their descendants under Identity Theft and the U.S. Constitution  of Laws and Amendments.! This is why they will ask you "whose Black in America?!"  You can't Answer if you don't know who you are or if you do you're ashamed of you pass history wanting to be White!  Your President says he wants Gun Control-but ask yourself how was this land taken and maintained if not by force of Arms(Guns) were other nations and cultures destroyed or guns!  Gay Rights, from a Christan...History shows us there is no sustained life in the active mating of Man to Man or Woman to Woman ,pure and simple Lust and in the end-Sodom and Gomorrah! the destrution of a people! reaps what one sows Calibine -Connecticut while the country is headed towards poverty the leaders who put the people in chaos think they have a hiding place but only god is in control in and under Divine intervention-Divine LAW AND PROPHECY!  ..."Lest We Forget"  The foundation -my actions for self and kind was Watts (1965) not 93!  Still in Doubt..investigate the higher degrees of Shrindom and Masonry-Or the Aryans with the knowledge of truth and their limited degrees of wisdom-even the Asians under Japnese and Chinese Cultures -or question the Black Muslims as to why they were able to use Black under the knowledge of the Moors yet they were unables to take over the Ancient House of Israel!  ...Slaves and Decendants= Reparation-Land and Restitutions!.....  Reuben Son Of Simeon-Seed Of Jacob  2/4/2013  (C)     @                 Reuben Beckles