Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, February 07, 2014

Black History-Present-Future!...Critical Thinking-Supreme Action In Black-For Black...Slaves In America!

The slave masters and those Black Judas sellouts here in America, delight in proclaiming this the greatest country and system in the world know better but hope you, the slaves, buy into this nonsense by not demanding real freedom in substance and value-in the form of your truth ...Land -Restitution and Reparations and do away with these hypocritical massive lies and identity thugs.  They know they're nothing more than sissies, phony blood sucking vampires-masquerading as humans.  No people on the Planet in their righteous mind would put up with this sustain foolishness of love everybody-in the form of brotherhood and peace while they kill you on your land to displace you and your kind-ship you off into the hell hole of America, land of the free, in shackles-tear families apart-to work and treat you like animals -castrate, burn and lynch men folk while they rape your sons, mothers and from your minds the knowledge of self-feed you garbage and work you from sun up to Sun-down-then when it seem to be politically correct- and their money pockets are full they tell you and your kind you're free with- nothing! ...but animal status!  To add insult to all this insanity-they put in in a uniform of his color puts a gun in your hand and return you to the land from where you were sold and taken by some of our own, to fight and die to increase  Judas and the slave master's wealth .  This is done by playing games with the Black female Queen's mind set, to be the dominate force over her male counter part and rule. This helps the  King's insane desire for anything white -especially, what is called poor (White Trash), he gives up his people and the resources of the land!...  As a results in this land a tremendous color problem has risen along with a caste system to be rival only by India which was shaped, formed and executed by the Aryans-of Europe from which Dr Martin Luther King Jr. formulated his insane policies. Consider this...Dr King was a Unitarian  who did not believe in the Divine Black State of Israel in the scriptures nor the Divine being of Christ-hence he and the Black Church and the members wanted nothing to do with Reparations Restitution or Land which was and is the Solution to America's Black Slave Problem!  They and the secret societies which formulate the foundation on which they stand in the church are the same as Jesus  and his Apostles- who denounced him in his end!  Those folk and these folk in today's world are and embrace the same spirit as we listen to their utterances in today's Black history month-woe is me and my people...look what they done to us God fearing people-all we want is to love every body and get some Jobs!  This is coming from people who know their history! Many of them and their children have educations and degrees you wouldn't believe-begging for jobs creating nothing!  What's the difference between the Christians in this nation and the  destruction of the Black Civilization on the Continent by Arab Muslims-along with the Black Muslims here proclaiming Islam?  If the truth be told...there is none!  Elijah told them(White folk owe you nothing-you're not entitled to Reparations-go to work and stop begging!  Can you believe this given the History of the Slaves who are the foundation of this nation-labored and got nothing!  Let us consider this as a people not hating or wanting to do harm to any other people but knowing black is beautiful and wise-having grown up wanting to do for self and kind in sovereignty on our own Land known in History-God sent his Word in the Spirit of Prophecy-To His divine seed and Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob...Truth will emerge, Slavery is over and the Debt you thought was nothing-Will Be Paid!  Like a Tsunami this happen to the Twelve Houses...Aries-Taurus-Gemini-Cancer-Leo-Virgo-Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius-Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces...the great taker's from the Nation of Islam thought they had the Power and Truth!  They created a war across the Land and throughout the World only too find they missed the mark-thinking the word was folly-mere diatribe-for sissies!  Would you believe from the foundation the twelve house of Israel came Reuben-Pisces-which is why Farrakhan   of Islam-the great taker ask," who ever heard of the feet leading the head"? Talking the talk is not walking the Walk in Action-  I did in deed walk the Highway, The King's Highway into the door of life and took the Throne of Reuben on Sovereign ground!  Isis the great Spirit taker was indeed dethrone-Caucasian So-called Israel know it as do Egypt and Ethiopia-let us not forget America, known as the land of the free-home of the brave!   The Conspiracy was across the board and runs very deep -these blood sucking vampires and lying Judas sellout wanted the prize in the house and land of Reuben-they have been coveting for many century-the "One Day War(proved their undoing)!  I don't want what's theirs only what what's mine -God Given!...for those who think this is folly, a joke move on it and be destroyed!  To the Black slaves of America-the Debt must be paid to you and your descendants of this land relative to the Spirit and Land of Canaan...I am this day(C) 2/7/2014 Reuben  Seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon...Black Is Truth and Beautiful-from the King's highway!--Black History!