Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What Does Spiritual Black Rapture mean to Black folk here and around the world?

Black Rapture means no game no tricks and no lies !  It means Justice relative to prophecy is alive and coming into focus reality for believers and faithful in value and substance.  It means White and Black folk as Satanic Lucifer Imps must and will be made to understand they wanted to be the dominant force on the planet and will be made too pay for the hell and chaos they have spread on the planet and in the Universe! This will not exclude Red -Browns and Yellows  who along with others think they are above Blacks and delight in treating them as subhuman- animals. They will tell you they're not Black but White knowing this color thing is real  and they obtained real benefits acting to justify their new found status with Blacks always on the bottom receiving the worst of worst!  The reason for so much denial  here in America, as it spreads around the world is that America is the essence of white Supremacy that has been challenged by Divine intervention and Black power! Pulling the covers off White domination in this  policy making, free enterprise system, do what you will to destroy, make money in the name of Human Rights and freedom-for White Folk!  They use Military might- Legal Law terms to distort truth-politics and Education to formulate policy in the name of discovery and Religion to keep you blind relative to the hereafter in  identity theft.  Take note- these folk can't solve the racial problem which is the Slave problem-which is the color problem combine in White Supremacy!  How are they going to admit their wrongs and give Justice to a group of Black folk in the form of Land  Reparations and Restitution when they don't see you as human equal to them...especially as the Black Judas sellouts go about their business of re-enforcing the insane madness Blacks have had to endure in the name of brotherly love!  So...their must be and is a meaningful way to bring Justice where for all practical purposes there is none(   Divine Intervention)! The people whom have received Justice in the form of Restitution and Reparations are those who submit to White domination and superiority.  Black Power will never concede to this insane madness !  To do this... is to suggest that Prophecy, God and Justice is nothing but talk!  That there is no Conspiracy, no reaping what you've sown, above Karma!   Free Enterprise?  Those who control this corporation called the United States along with their relations in Europe know truth even though they live in denial.  The  family's and money cartels in Belgium France-Spain-Russia England-Vatican-Portugal and other forces across Europe have all had their part to play in the destruction of Blacks here and around  the world of White Superior madness aided by Black Judas sellouts who have taken the money-now living in Europe!  This accounts for one of the only free Black Republics in the Western hemisphere being so poor (Hattie)-French speaking run by Creoles and Mulatto's  and their off spring is Louisiana, where Blacks are hated and despised!  Blacks thought they would be accepted by submitting to every thought and whim of the Caucasian Christians and Zionist Jews in the name of Jewish religion only to find they're mere puppets-mercenaries for hire!   So what does the Spiritual Black Rapture Mean ?   Divine Intervention-Black Israel and Faith in Real Prophecy of Jacob-Abraham and Isaac...Reuben Gad and Half Tribe of Manasseh-Moses Christ-value self governing Land !...Kings Highway and the Door of Life!  Dethroning of Isis relative to those bloodsucking vampires in the pretentious state of Israel and there defeat in "The One Day War " 1968 set up by the United Nations with the help of Egypt-Vatican-Ethiopia and the United States-all coveting the Lands beyond the fertile crescent which includes China!  Greed, selfishness pretense  lies and lust won't fly in the face of wisdom Justice and Black Truth!  Black Power and Divine intervention is not a play thing!  On my Spiritual Journey I was shone Nations of the world surrounded by Mountains of Lava pits exploding-skies rivers and streams covered in Black Ash warriors covering the face of the deep and in the air at one  another's throats-no place to run -no place to hide.  Denying Justice to the innocence will not go unpunished and talk about love unconditional I don't know what that is in Justice and Karma!  Prophecy Is ...the I Am That I Am! (C) 12/16/2014  Reuben-seed Of Jacob -Sun son of Simeon  Love of God Self and Kind  Just as White folk live and breathe for while folk!                     Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Time Rooted in Historical Experience Wisdom And Truth-Black Power!

When one loves God self and kind-then you know The I Am is real and the black experience on this land has been nothing less than one pit hole of hell after the other ending in broking dreams, frustration, denial and hypocrisy-broken homes, castrations, lynching- beating rotten foods high taxes, phony education, killings and denials upon denials! I'm speaking too Black folk relative to all this insanity because it's you to whom these genocide moves are being made.  You are the foundation and the target of this folly.  It's insane for you to continue fighting for a people and land that has no love or respect for you or your God and kind!  By this time you should know this is not your land system or peoples who relate to the same values as you-no matter how hard they try and pretend the opposite!  You cannot continue to see yourselves and kind being shot down used and abused like animals-throw your hands in the air-moan and groan crying we're humans too-we deserve to live like everybody else and not take action like every other people.  Marching, throwing rocks amid tear gas and clubs and dogs is nothing more than being brought here in chains and shackles like the ancestors-only now we're more knowledgeable-wise to these Satanic thugs  gangsters and sissie imposter's who can't stand themselves...what the hell do you think they think about you, telling you, you're free in a so-called free society as they shoot you down and call it Justifiable in the name of Law and order! Think it through!  If this isn't your Land, System or people In kind then who are they and who are you?  The Devil-Lucifer doesn't change nor a leopard it's spots or a zebra it's stripes . And if a Elephant not heavy then a pigs not pork and you don't come from the Land of the Blacks-"Lest We Forget" the Middle East-Black Israel in Jacob-where white impostors claim Moses didn't enter the promised Land!'re being thrown off track for the benefit of the Ashkenazim and Sephardi Jewish Caucasian conversion who want the birthright and land of Reuben-Gad and Half Tribe of Manasseh and this is what caused the "One day War" of 1968.  It was also a major factor in the Black Slave trade. It also helped to facilitate the dethroning of Isis giving Blacks the phony Civil Rights movement of the Sixties giving rise to the Rapture -the Kings highway and the door of life because Blacks were to have been destroyed the world over.  It didn't happen because of Divine intervention.  Those in your Secret Societies know this the world over but live in denial not wanting to give credit where's it's due!...The I Am Black in Spirit is alive and well!  What is happening today is a continue fight to destroy black in all it's forms-because Black Judas Sellouts and White Zionist and others are living in fear!  Black Time-experience wisdom and truth-will give you reason and cause to move in concert with self and Kind to the Land with and in Land Reparations and Restitution!  Prepare your travel Bags as the time will come for blacks to fill the Streets across the Land -Docks and Air Ports !  Try it and watch what no one believed would happen by faith!  God is...I Am !  Reuben   (C) 12/10/2014   -Seed of Jacob- Sun Son Of Simeon!   Reuben Beckles

Monday, December 08, 2014

Give credit Where Credit Is Due! Blacks Given Time to get Act together-By Divine Intervention-How much Time to evade Truth in denial?

Time to act on truth and stop playing games in denial.  It's time to give Credit where credit is due.  Believe it or not-the Nations of the world are watching black folk play unwarranted games even though solutions are being laid in your laps.  There are no other people from around the world that arrived on these shores in chains and shackles but Black folk.  And no other peoples worked and gave up so much as Black folk only to speak one language -beaten misused and abused and never got paid!  The only similarity in the Twenty First Century to compare with blacks in the corporate state of America in my opinion would be South Africa under world renown leader Nelson Mandela and the ANC.  Greed, corruption and stupidity gave European genocide leaders and their black partners in crime land and resources  that wasn't theirs to give leaving the people in dire straights today.  Black leaders got money and homes in European banks along with white women on their arms as payoff!  This in the face of the hell suffered by the people the leaders swore to protect when they were given Democracy!  If Black folk in America were being led  by righteous black leaders as was stated to be the case in the sixties and they were truly for real none of this insanity going on today would be happening as Reparations, Restitution and Land would have been the order of the day.  Blacks would have covered that continent with our presents showing what real equality and brotherhood was really about and their would have been no force on earth that would have been able to stop  our progress.  Lucifer and his mama wouldn't have been able to stop the tide of truth and righteousness !  But the sad truth is, your leadership in Covertness,  selfishness, greed, envy and white skin has blinded black folk to their foundation, condition and solution.  Price to karma must be paid, but, the solution remain the same! Why are things in such a chaotic condition...because the governed continues to give their consent to be governed by demonic bloodsucking vampires who are controlled by Money changers and the imposter's calling themselves Jews in Israel, that's not Israel!  If that's who they really are-people of Bible Scriptures, then how and why did they loose the "One Day War Of 1968" using their armies to take over and steal the lands of Reuben Gad and the Half Tribe Of Manasseh?  Why did Egypt join with the Zionist and Isis to take over the lands beyond the fertile crescent only to fail and be destroyed if what they claim was the truth and where does Black enter into this entire situation?  The truth is, Reuben is a Black man and so was my Father right down the line into history by faith and the seed of Jacob, the Twelve houses of Israel through the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.  The Land, Throne Prophecy and Spirit is there.  which belongs to the I Am-The Divine Creator!  Many non-believers are having a problem with this truth!  Being a Man within the Faith, a Black Man, I have no problem with the truth because it was God in the Spirit that took me in the Spirit by way of the Rapture to the Kings Highway, the Land,  the Throne and the door of life...not belonging to any group or Religion.  Dr King with all his knowledge and followers found it out too late-just like the others following Lucifer claiming the love of the Father whom they hate but love the Son in Christ.  Are these the same folk who leave these shores after being put into slavery  to return to some of those same Lands, kill up some folk-returning to this land they call home-mindless-homeless looking for acceptance in denial ?  How insane is that?  Yours truly came from the foundation of this nation-Black, the feet as an ascendant into Cosmic Consciousness of Black Mind-Soul- Sun- Spirit(Israel-No Game-No Trick No Joke)  the I Am is real!  Black Is Beautiful! Before I close let me share a little goody with you-faithful and non believers alike. We have been shone a picture called the "Ten Commandments "  where Moses became so angry that he broke the stone of the Commandments given to him by God for his people. God punished Moses not allowing him to enter the Promised Land...' false'  Moses crossed into the promised Land beyond the fertile crescent on some of he best land God had to offer" Take that to the Bank!  Lucifer is a Lie and a fool!  Those in the Catholic Church and religion have known this truth all along!"    Talk without action relative to Black folk is nothing-that too can be taken to the bank!  (C)  12/8/2014    Reuben Seed of Jacob-Son Sun  of Simeon...I Am !               Reuben Beckles