Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Action and Truth

Do we want the truth and can we righteously move on the truth? The African American Negro of today, living in America, claims he's a man, his heritage black. He turns his back on real black and doesn't seem to want to face the real issues envolving his future and that of his kind. It's like having amnesia-sleep walking-he chooses to remain a slave, not wanting to grow up he gets mad at the man among them pushing everyone else to greatness other than himself. He gave his knowledge to the whites of this nation then helped to slaughter the original inhabitants and culture of this land only to end up being lynched, castrated abused and misused! His families torn apart without their language or image on a land that never was his.

When the time came for him to move on behalf of himself, he couldn't and his sheppards refused...wanting to be accepted by others. God raised a Blackman from among them with the foundation of divine truth to help them out of the pits of dispair which would enable them to return to their land. They laughted-refused the truth and like Judas, they accepted a few coins, a job and a woman who claimed to be his but in fact belonged to the devil. She said she was a black Greek, Queen of Sheba, a Christian!

Among the flock, was ISIS, the Egyptian Goddess who wanted the blackman's mind and spirit, his soul! Sold him out then gave her mind and body to the caucasian Zionist, working through and in the book of the dead. Her purpose to serve Satan and the devil cross over into the promised lands of Jacob-the Blackman, whom Esau and Ishmael hate-talking the love of Jesus! Reuben went to war againest them and their organizations. They lost. God stepped in blessed him-sealed the land-told the world it was not theirs to have or take-prophecy was and is real! We now live in the twenty first century, the nations and organizations are angry,especially, the nation of Islam in America. Their leader stated : who ever heard of the feet leading the head? Yet, while they were talking, the feet put his life and spirit on the line to do what the Divine ask in relation to the people...does not God choose whom he pleases? Certainly, the feet did not have the knowledge, wisdom, power and understanding to do what was done on his own! Yes, God chooses whom he, pleases! You told your flock satan had taken over your mosques and churches. You are dealing with the black woman who sold her man out-he, who was the King, one with the living God...Jacob's seed. Deal with truth! Coloreds working with Judas pretending to be black while hating black. Whites trying to destroy real black and the covenant of prophecy. These are the same sissy pretenders who sold blacks out on the continent to get us here originally. The same pretenders who have been pushing the American Congress to have America, apologize for slavery and all it's attending ill's heaped upon generations to the present time.

This apology was given in the halls of Congress at twelve o'clock midnight while most of us were asleep. These pretenders, called our leaders are named in the (Los Angeles Watts Times-Wave and Los Angeles Sentinel newspapers). This is the same as a call for a march on Washington, D.C. Ten million strong and their families, on a weekend when the Capital and buildings are vacant except for Black guards- it's a sham! Where is the Justice, Freedom, Land, Restitution and Reparations?

Faith based money from the governmentis design to make black slaves think they're free. As a Blackman, I shall make an offer to those who claim to be the leader of black folk and have our interest at heart. This is for real and no joke! It doesn't matter whether you are in the Church, Mosque, Temple,Synagogs, Secret Societies, or other wise. You say the Bible- old and New Testament is your Book. You teach and live by it! This includes the prophecies of the Koran. My offer is this; I can show(prove) that there has been no word spoken nor action taken from prophecy or these books to make black slaves in this nation free enabling them to buildand livein harmony on their own land giving them those things which should have accrued to them based on free labor and how we were brought to this country! Today he's a gold mine for the nations of the world. Even the late Dr. Martin Luther King knew this. The offer...Me and mine will give to you and yours free labor for a million years if I can't use your book and prophecy to prove that you are using the people for your own personal wealth and that of the( money lenders, your slave masters). Think how wealthy you and your kind will be-sence money is your god. But, this is not to be a one sided affair. You must be willing to give and do what is equal to my offer...Value for Value. Not just talk and pretense! The people are hurting and deserving.

The prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is real! The Sentinel Newspaper is showing youa spiritual sellout when they place their logo on top of their paper with the continent of Africa on top of the United States, with no connection to the Middle east or the rest of the world. Cutting themselves off is just another sell out! Reuben Beckles


Monday, September 19, 2005

Truth and Real Meaning of Watts 1965

How do I know? I was born in California, went to school and lived in the area-to be exact(90th and Zamora). I was there physically and spiritually. What most people witnessed and others partiscipated in was the end of slavery in all it's forms on both an esoteric and exsoteric plane which came from a divine action and thought - but the news media pictured the whole scene as unconscionable turmoil and destruction! Most of the people involved were ndeed motivated by divine thought but really couldn't relate because of the way we were taught by the disbelievers who were teaching us to maintain the status quo and be willing happy slaves as zombies! This was a move created by divine authority in relation to prophecy! The reason as to why it came as a shock to this nation and the world is because poor black folk weren't buying and selling wolf tickets from an empty wagon that makes a lot of noise-the cup of despair had run over and the prophecy of God had to be fulfilled by the believer in faith.

Those in the know didn't care of their condition(the poor-misused and abused) they had taken their thirty pieces of silver and were living high, waxing fat-denouncing themselves and the truth while building edifices to the lord. This situation had been building for years- it was about back folk who had lost everything from the black continent; on the high seas and here in the wilderness of North America! We had become canon fodder, a living gold mine for the nation and poeples of the world. Prophecy stated that this condition would last for only a period of time and the time was up! Judas lurking in the back ground waxing fat had other ideas. Black folk would never leave this insane society and never obtain Justice! There was a spiritual sell out of the people across the board.

The secret was based on and rooted in color. Blacks were to be exterminated all over the world to be replaced by whites and colors. This could be achieved because many blacks in positions of authority and limited power hated themselves and kind. Blacks would have no identity and no God-no land to return restitution or reparations for mental and physical abuse and never mention (free labor). There would be nothing for us or the children!

I was sent into the black communities with an ancient scroll concerning the destiny and freedom of these people as everything on the planet and in the universe was in order. People in general, educators, businesses, religious houses, all were put on alert.

I was met with ridicule; told black was nothing and black power was less than nothing. This came from people who didn't own anything, made no policies and were inbad shape. The knowledgeable ones in the main laughed, while others paid off. I personally never touched a man, woman or child, never used a weapon of any kind and never took a pay off! I went to jail and was beaten beyond all moral perception. The charges leveled againest me couldn't stand the light of truth nor day...I was released.

One year from the date of our entry into the community , by and for the people, in relation to divine prophecy and our spiritual God...Watts Erupted! Many people are writing about it-talking about it, trying to figure out the who and why of it all-many of whom were saying God was dead! This is and was Divine prophecy which most don't believe nor had faith in-which is why they listen, talk, but don't act! This is not a joke, a popularity contest, a festival and certainly, not a game! Life and prophecy goes on. Anything short of real freedom and independence, rooted in justice on your own land which you and your God control-loving yourself and kind, is not freedom-but slavery! Visit our website.

C@9/19/2005 Reuben Beckles

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Slavery And Poverty-Solution

Black folk read the signs and truth of prophecy. These are the times of truth and separation. Katrina and much more devastating disasters are lurking around the corner. The spot lights through the news media are showing us the pretenders and phonies who have been waxing fat in this system telling us that we are all the same all one people as the sewer caught them all. according to prophecy they know their time is up. They had no love as they practiced deception and they have none now. Faith based leaders as they are called" Bishops,Ministers, Elders, politicians and activists, use you, talk and beg for money and air time as you languish in pain and filth as you hold your babies and minor children in the heat of the day with no food or water, no change of clothing. In the darkness of night-no ATM, no sleep nor light. Men and women pretenders shouting -love- we're all one, it's all good, as coloreds trying to be you, thinking they can take your place! Whites and Black judas sell outs hold back their help hoping you'll die-as they feel nothing for you, cause they could not cross over and enter the promised lands and that is spiritual truth! These are the same folk, who told you get out...move to higher ground knowing you had no transportation, no money and couldn't get out. Yes the sewer caught them all! Over the years in the name of religion and social progress these thugs and judas sell outs use you in your name-they talk a good game-became wealthy, all in your name. Now is the time to stand and tell the truth. We are no longer slaves -this is not our land-so your solution must be reparations so you may return to your God given land just like the prodical son. You don't want phoney paper money and a system that's killing us cause you're marked for extermination! What you need and want is Gold and Silver, well digging equipment, seeds of all kind and anything else you think we'll need and with God as our witness we'll do the rest. You won't go hungry you won't have to beg and put up with phoney pretenders! There's a lot to be learned from history when you know it. You're going through katrina-Mississippi 1927. Do you have the love of self and kind as we watched the young son rush into the arms of his loving father-arms he thought he had lost to the flood waters of Katrina 2005. I have crossed over and your enemies know it and I don't play games! I am Reuben son of Simeon-seed of Jacob. C@ 9/18/2005 Reuben Beckles