Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Lest We Forget!" The Living Most God-I Am-Abraham, Isaac and Jacob=Israel...Reuben relative to the foundation and Black Slaves and their decendants-free Labor debt in America!

Here I am Reuben, in the house of Israel leaving the month of March and into the month of April the month in which Isis thought she would reign supreme by taking my spirit and soul for the satanic forces of Egypt-Ethiopia -Greece- England-America and the Bloodsucking Vampire European State called Israel! By the grace and love of my God I'm here...she has been dethroned and the claim of Justice for the Black Slaves and their descendants  remain alive and well for compounded interest of Land-Reparations and Restitution-based on their destruction and free labor! Leaders from around the world traveling from country to country praising one another for a job well done-thinking they had destroyed the house -land  and prophecy of Jacob's Israel in the name of Secret Societies- Jewishness Christianity and Islam only to find nothing could be farther from the truth! All of this happened in the face of  President Obama's meeting with the Pope of Rome!  What next?  Could they be talking about the presents of the Ethiopian college in the heart of the Vatican? How about the elimination of same sex marriage in Nigeria-Uganda and the plot to take over the original peoples of Rwanda and natural resources across the Black Continent which includes the selling out of  South Africa to the white Jews of Israel and America!  ...How about the Identity theft of the Bloodsucking European Zionist state of so-called Israel as they opened the door to Black American Judas sellouts-Ethiopians and other African states.  After receiving many of these black folk they ended up with no visa's in prisons-then told they must convert to the Caucasians versions of Jews and deny the truth of their original self...if they complain they are given ($3,500.00) to leave the country!...this after many have given up and sold their Souls and Spirits to these Vampires!  This is the same as many Mexicans and Latinos who are doing the same in America-hoping to disinherit Black folk here! The trick behind the melting pot of acceptance is that their would never be any acceptance!...Freedom or Equality or work visa unless that person would be of Europe's stock-pure and simple! Today they are languishing in prisons shouting we want Justice and Freedom! ...only to be told we're not the same! ...Submit!  While the President was meeting with the Pope...Farrakhan was giving many of his folk over to the Devils he use too hate.  Al Sharpton in his photo debut,  "just wants to be like Jesus! a Civil Rights Leader!"  "Lest We Forget"  Identity Theft and Conspiracy to commit God Killing is real and is part of the original intent to kill off and do away with original Black folk of Gods Creation relative to Jacob! Also the Blacks of the Sanhedrin Council and others in their Greed-Jealousy selfishness and deceit educated and gave their spirits to the Aryans and other Europeans to Sephardic and Ashkenazim Jews dealing with Judas from the house of Judah in Southern Palestine known to Ishmael and Esau.  These colored men were and are very treacherous people as they move back and forth between Black and White seeking ways and means to control!  This is one of the reasons Justice has never come to the Black slaves and their descendants of America  and why their is so much turmoil and conflict in the middle east on the west bank!  This ties into why thousands of Caucasian are now calling themselves Jews across Europe and the "Jewish Colonial Trust"-a Zionist enterprise and financial institution which was created in 1889( pre-state Israel) before the Holocaust!  Many of these folk across Europe invested in this pre-state buying stocks, bonds, real estate.  The real enterprise was the Black folk of America, who had no idea as to the scheme they were drawn to being denied knowledge of themselves during slavery!...having lost their spirit and sold their birthright. Was then given Jesus as their redemption.  this is why when the call came out for the (Aliyah -Rapture, many could not respond-and the Caucasians  Zionists thought they had it made because the ministers and Bishops of the Church were paid to keep the flock ignorant and dumb in the Spirit by white money men-and Black Judas sellouts.! ...pure blood sucking demonic vampires-who tricked themselves and their kind as the scheme back fired when the Supreme Lord of the Living Most God -I Am stepped in with Divine intervention and Spiritual Truth -brought me Reuben forth from the twelfth House of Israel- Jacob seed and into the Royal House of Israel and The King's Highway...Watts-Dethroning of Isis-1968 War which blew the cover off the Zionist state and their Identity theft...defeating them and their armies-Ethiopia-Greece-Rome-Egypt-Parts of Russia, along with the secret Societies and religious houses in America! and I walked into the door of life...knowing the land value and purpose is not for sale at any price and is tied into free labor and the debt never paid that is enjoyed by the nations of the world all accept the creators of that wealth!  In today's legal system if you have wealth you can hire a lawyer or group of lawyers who can walk into a court room and sway the court and Judge-not so with the God I know-If you're a leader or Heir to this knowledge and truth you will be taken into a Divine court of Law where no lies tricks or games are allowed-from there you will find a fire underneath your feet-over your head-on both sides of you and in front of you and warriors you have never seen at one another necks-given no quarter and taking none. If you are real- you must go through it-all action-no talk allowed-the royal Highway is there you must find it and the lite of the door and land of Sovereignty within the walls of the Living Most High God-I Am !    Reuben-Seed Of Jacob...Sun of Simeon  (C)  3/27/2014           From the King's Highway-Faith Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-    Lest We Forget! God Is                                     Reuben Beckles

Monday, March 17, 2014

Satan Trick bags Back Fires On the home front of America and around the world As the Prophecy Of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob stands Strong in the (12th House of Reuben -Seed of Jacob-Sun Of Simeon!

Reuben here!  Look around you-educators-politicians-so-called activists-ministers and others -seen and unseen right across the board are being busted trying to hide from the dictates of truth in action and prophecy, this includes a multitude of  scheming Bankers-who are also committing suicide after being tricked into believing con games -lies and usury will net you something for nothing as does Judas from the house of Judah as they try to destroy Jacobs seed  through Slavery and Identity theft-shouting from the pulpits of religion "it doesn't matter what you do God loves you-Jesus Paid the price, we're all just human!"  ...this while the jails are full of Black folk-Wars are created to destroy families and men in uniforms are sent over seas to run up and down hills taking land  and destroying innocence folk then giving it back to the same folk whom they tried to destroy all in the name of making the world a better place for Democracy and economical growth...a system that promotes perpetual slavery for both them and their kind, all in the name of Freedom-as they return to this land begging those whom they just fought for jobs and recognition! The Europeans was given much knowledge by the Black Judas sellouts during the time of the Sanhedrin Council ' are the same folk who put Africa in it's present State of Chaos because of Selfishness and greed!  Today you can find them all across the slave plantation of America, in various job capacities, trying to destroy the original slaves and their descendants trying to steal our identity so as to claim our birthright and benefits coming from the debt of free slave labor+ compounded Interests -Land-Reparations-Restitution=Sovereignty!  all, that he gave up when they left the continent and came to these shores-knowing the prophecy before he got here-wanting nothing more than a white woman on his arm!  Today, many of these same Judas sellouts left the African continent and went to that phony Bloodsucking state-they choose to call Israel, created in the name of Identity theft! They were never in the area of Semitic Blacks of the Scriptures (Jacob's Israel In Palestine and never the Prophecy of those people and the (12 Houses)!   They know it-Judas and the secret societies know it whether in religious houses -Greeks Egyptians Ethiopians Americans-all have been up holding the big lie-trying to destroy the original-hence,Prophecy!  All have been blocked because of "The Rapture-Aliyah" Action-"Watts and the One  Day War 1968!  The Dethroning of ISIS...the lies and usury by the Nation of Islam under Elijah Muhammad by telling my Twin Raymond and my late wife, a sorority sister-that they would receive the Birthright-blessings and land,  all that goes with it because Raymond was the first born and he is a part of the nation-this would be on the condition  they would say and do nothing joining them the Nation to capture what belonged to Reuben! Their actions showed they agreed...I went to jail for a crime I didn't commit ...they all failed!  My God The Living Most High-I Am-is no Fool- no Play thing-Is God!...For those who think this is a joke Try this one on for size in action...Starting from the square on a level plane in and of Prophecy...Move-there will be a fire underneath you a fire on both sides of you-in front of you-Spiritually ahead and straight up-into the real warriors in battle where every inch of ground is covered-but-you must find the "Royal High Way! The Land and the Door of life !...if it be yours-no problem up the river like Niagara Falls-you will fine the Wisdom In the Water-along with the program we have outlined for the benefit of the Black Slaves of America-No Lie-No Trick-No game! Are you a Leader -An Heir-Then don't Talk it...Walk it! then you too will know the Most High God-I am!"   (C)  3/17/2014   Reuben  Seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon   Twelfth House Of Israel-  Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob...!             Reuben Beckles

Friday, March 14, 2014

Faith=Abraham, Isaac, game-no lie-no joke and I am Reuben from the (12th) House Articles of Faith-Seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon from the Sovereign land beyond the fertile Crescent-other side of the Jordan!

Reuben, here!  The month of February known as Black history month has come and gone...what did we learn?  The gamers-tricksters-liars and thieves, pretenders have not changed one bit thinking in their actions, the truth is a mere play thing!  So here we are in the month of March-the month that brought forth my birth from two Black parents.!  So what I was asked-a lot of folk was born on  the fourth- in March, including your Twin!  What makes you so different?-Consider this as my a family man-I did not change-I grew up into the truth of self and kind-knowledge of the Most High-I am-and moved on my purpose to help bring about freedom and Sovereignty for the Black slaves of America who are being lied to and on all over the place-pimped, misused and abused after being ripped from their land in chains and shackles- endured castration- lynching-ripped apart from families-burnings -destruction of culture, language and all human endeavors while being taught to hate the value in self and kind-then to discount all righteousness and prophecy in the name of distorted religions and games-so that you might love those who hate you while at the same time you fight and die for your enemies to live as you watch these bloodsucking vampires destroy your children-in the name of friendship and love!  This is your Black legacy during Black History Month-even knowing the foundation of this nation and the economy of the world-you built! you rendered free slave labor, knowing the slaves and their descendants are entitled to a tremendous debt in goods-services-financial and land to make you truly independence and Sovereign! For those whose choose to be continuous servants and slaves as you misuse your selves and others...I am not addressing you! The Nation of Islam under Elijah Muhammad , told you this was a form a begging-and you went for it!  The Christian leadership has the flock saying they want nothing to do with Reparations, Restitution's and Land -Jesus blessed you in this condition -now live it-in hell!...while they others live and enjoy your identity and the fruits of your labor! ...All under, Sepharadhim- Ashkenazim,Jews of Europe under the Roman Catholic Church-in which Ethiopia who gave rise to Egypt has a college in the heart of the Vatican!  All of these folk move in concert with the House of Judah-and tribe of Benjamin in the Southern part of Palestine!  Even the original Moors are part of this insanity and slavery-which includes Ishmael and Esau-all of whom Covet the Land and Birth Right of Jacob in Prophecy this includes the two and a half tribes on the other side of the Jordan-Reuben-Gad and Manasseh from which the (The One Day War-of 1968-took place)!  Destroying Isis and her Warriors- the war which was created by the West and it's allies!  Today, you will find all the nations which participated in that act of  aggression are in disarray as the prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob remains alive and well-and is no game-no trick-no lie!  So what's with The Muslims And Church coming together to talk about Reparations on March the Sixth...these are the same folk who not so long ago claimed this was a form of begging-they didn't want it!  I did not change and have no intention of changing having grown up in this nation and paying the price of my action for this knowledge and truth by faith...My Sovereignty-Faith Land is not for Sale and the knowledge -truth and demands for the Black slaves and descendants of America, remains in tack-is no game-no lie and no trick-I speak from the "Royal Kings High Way-and the Door of Life" This too is no game as we come by faith through the seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon-from the foundation to the top(March)!  (C) 3/14/2014   Reuben  Seed of Jacob-Sun Of Simeon-Reparations-Restitution Land-America and all others must pay the debt!                          Reuben Beckles