Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Conspiracy of deception and God Killing of the spirit !

Commentary: My Wisdom-knowledge and Experience says it's time to bring the lies deceit and phonies to and end with the truth relative to Black slavery in this country. It has been suggested that Blacks be deprogrammed because the nature of slavery runs deep. However, I know that the Divine Creator, creativity and word in action, is like a Tsunami tidal wave, so deep and high-it effects and is felt, by all in it's path! The African American Negroes, in this country with a Mosque, Church -Temple or synagogue on every corner in his communities, secret or other wise claims to be very religious but talks and move as though he has no spirit in terms of time and truth-has no self worth and purpose for himself and kind as he marvels at the accomplishments of others whom he seeks to integrate with. He shows resentment when those he seeks to be with speaks their own language in their tongue and culture and land mass! He says they're racists. My compelling thought is-under their religion and customs they are bound together under the Laws of Discovery nine tens of which, is possession! Acceptance, in the name of Love unconditional in the name of Jesus-or whom ever is what makes the African American Negroes, the absolute slave that he is as he passes this foolishness from generation to generation down to his children because he refuses to accept the truth of his non-state of being among himself and kind on his own land, from which he was taken! The religion and Book that speaks to him and his religion tell him that when he is freed from slavery-he does not leave with nothing and if he does, they place a ring in his ears because he's satisfied with being a servant living in fear-he is no longer a Black man-worthy of respect. Yes, they have titles in all walks of slave life-but they're not free. This slave is so out of sorts that he will fight the world and you if you bring this truth to his attention-because, now he must face himself as a Man and stop hiding while running around the world fighting everyone Else's right to be free on their own land! This is the meaning of "The Watts Revolution Of South Los Angeles-In the nineteen sixties! It was also in this same time period( Nineteen sixty eight when the "One Day War" took place in the middle east, because the Caucasian Zionist, who calls himself a Jew of the scriptures in biblical prophecy, tried to claim the birth right of "Jacobs Israel and the lands across the Jordan-Black Mans Land-in Prophecy! We stood...God Intervened and their Armies were wiped out! Had they been successful-they would have claimed the Divine Birthright, claimed the Land in the name of Discovery and possession which is nine-tenths of the law as their. Black man, would have been wiped off the planet as a total fool and sissy-check the record! It would have been the same as what took place in what is known as the million man march where Negroes and colored folk pretending to be Black under the umbrella of Judas, talked to some empty buildings and dirt on a week end while pretending to fight for Black folk. Consider that act to the illegals around this land-a land of laws...who closed down Schools, businesses, entire communities and marched into the halls of Congress on a Monday morning, demanding as illegals, what they call Justice for them and their kind! Justice and Truth is Divine, according to the spirit from within and your Book! There are many animals walking around in the body in what is called Human! Who are you? ...A Human, Animal, a Man or a lying pretender taking up space? Check the record, check yourself...Where are you going? This is not the Black man's Home !
11/26/2007 Reuben Beckles