Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Interesting times we live in as Month of April ends with the same polluted games-but different faces-hold Blacks in check with no Solutions relative to on going Slavery!

Looks like Diatribe is not what some would have us believe after all is said and done-truth and justice is no play thing and God is no joke! Creating shows in the name of entertainment to circumvent the solution of Black slavery in America, is pure folly!  With all of the experience-education and time given to make the Negro a better Black Slave in the name of freedom and Democracy-where do a people go begging for jobs-crying-moaning about racism and no Justice. The Judas and activist pretenders know their time and games are over running to their white brothers and sisters for help which is not forth coming.  These folk are non-believers with no real faith, so when it comes to real solutions and action-they can't and won't move! They are handed a script and talk about lack of money in the educational system-people not being able to vote for people they don't even know-sexual abuse in the armed forces-in religious orders and school campuses-police blowing folk up in the name of serving and protecting the public-Gun Control- legal and illegal immigration-lack of jobs and employment-all this insanity in the face of monies they have been given or stolen as they create and built nothing for self and kind while at the same time pressing for complete integration into the melting pot while others do for themselves and kind and never look upon their acts as racism!  This I call extreme folly as on both sides of the gender spectrum they're coming out of what is known as the closet promoting same sex activity and marriage-which is the same as Sodom and Gomorrah and this is no game as we are dealing with life and death!  Whose kidding whom?  These are nothing more than sissies and dumb punks-never to be trusted as they use Black-Black knowledge and half truths to get what they think is power and wealth.  It matters not if they reside in the institutions of higher learning -Church Mosques-NAACP-Urban league-Arm Forces-Banking Institutions-this Black Truth is no play game and they will reap what they have sown in ways they never thought possible as they use the innocence-the children to promote their Satanic activities!  These insane folk in the name of progress relative to Black folk represent nothing more than sickness and death if you examine if you examine them and their activities in relation to how Blacks came to these shores in Chains and shackles-slave labored with no pay giving life to the foundation of this nation state after being stripped of all like no other peoples-then with nothing told you're free!...were it not for God in the spirit of prophecy-love and Sovereignty-the Kings Highway-the Rapture (Aliyah (Israel )in Jacob and the "One Day War Of 1968-Reuben in the Twelfth  house of faith in action Blacks would be no more!  This is the Wisdom in Black truth of America-for Blacks-not death on your continent and all the resources that goes with it!  Now you have no reason to come to my door and talk foolish-let your action in wisdom speak your truth from generation too generation...Reparations-Restitution-Land!         Reuben Seed of Jacob-Son Of Simeon (c) 4/30/2013   Reuben Beckles

Saturday, April 13, 2013

How and Why Black Slaves in America are A Part Of Conspiracy to Commit God Killing-why non believers and Many Children will and are of Armmgeddon Collaterial Damage!

The real fight in America, relative to the Black Slaves is a Spiritual war hiding out in all facets of American life because like Judas, a real solution is not wanted given by the Black Man from the King given By God. This is the real meaning Of the (Aliyah-Rapture) the Kings Highway-Seed of Jacob and Prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  The nations of the world have fallen short using the Knowledge of Jacob without his Wisdom while pretending to be the chosen of God in God's house-knowing they're phonies-pure and simple!  These folk have gone all over the world preaching unconditional love while destroying cultures and innocent peoples in the name of Representative Government in Demon Rule in the name of White power and privilege! On the continent from which Black folk in America came-whites from Europe found it easy to use Black folk as many fell in love with white skin especially, white women and if you travel to the continent you'll see it there and here!  America, was set up by Blacks -for Whites and from that came the Mulatto-Half Black-Half White-for White-the essence of South Africa and Louisiana-U.S.!  Check the War and situation In Rwanda where mixed Blacks from Belgium were sent to Africa where they were received in open arms by black folk who gave what they thought were their brothers and sisters the best their culture had to offer and in return the givers found themselves eating dirt on the bottom being degraded in every possible form before they went to war destroying the imposter's like (cockroaches) .  Look at the situation In Louisiana-Mulattoes feel nothing for Blacks and have Blacks so turned around they feel nothing for themselves ...this is the effects of slavery within the sellout of Judas and these folk have the world so screwed up that even President Obama is apart of it Married to a Black woman with Black Daughter Advocating same sex marriage and Gun Control as he sends weapons of mass destruction to the continent to kill Black folk in the name of American interests!  Now how insane is that!  Blacks are begging for integration and Brotherhood-yet the foundation of the Nation was built by them and their  ancestors-who were brought and sold from the continent and arrived in chains and shackles -Burned-Lynched-Castrated-Families wiped out, Language stolen and changed and never paid all in the face of being told we're free with no Land and a Phony Education which can only be used to promote the well being of the slave master!  These situations and more circulates around the world as America, the great, the ideal place to live as Blacks-eat dirt in slavery being controlled by an upper middle class of educated fools who claim to be Black who want nothing to do with a real solution! The brutality of Roots"  and the name change of the Main Character along with his foot being cut off meant nothing to these hypocrites as they strive to be all they can be suggesting the foundation is nothing!  Even the series' called the African means nothing to these folk as Television-Radio-newsprint and the Internet seem to have little or no effect on these folk relative to solution as they jockey for relative power in the institutions of Religion-Education-Politics-Law enforcement all as defined by the Money lenders and the glamor of New York and Hollywood-all, while the electrical technicians work on mind control of Black youth-aimed at their destruction along with the elimination of the real God force-Foundation and Prophecy!  Just in case some of you reading this think what I'm saying is mere diatribe-think on this while war after war is being fought on distant shores by the slaves of this nation for the land and resources needed by this nation -the slaves who is yet to be free and has nothing is still giving his life's blood-still divided-speaking one language while his leadership refuses to speak to a real solution-thinking he will escape the prophecy of Armageddon-!   While you're doing some soul searching -think about the recent showing of Black Republicans on Hannity "T.V. show he called a Special!.  These folk represent the cream of Black intellectuals and after all the talk and crying-they came forth with no Solution!  This was recognised by the Host" who promised to bring them back to talk about possible solutions! Ain't gonna happen!   (c)4/13/2013    Reuben-Son of Simeon-Seed Of Jacob....Land-Restitution-Reparations-no Identity Theft-No Game! Lest We Forget"  If Man Follows the Woman In IsIs who has been dethroned don't knock on my door-you've made your choice-and God to you is nothing! "    Reuben Beckles  

Friday, April 05, 2013

Last Blogger-Black History Month Of February Arriving in the Month Of March and the awareness Of self in action with Foundation In Tact!

      The interesting month of March in Pisces deals with truth-Wisdom and foundation in prophecy relative to Reuben as the fish moving up stream in the mist of utter folly and chaos-while fighting for self and kind as a Black Man to find the zone and House  of Love Wisdom and safety in the Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob-not truly understanding the depth of hatred that Blacks in America, have for themselves-even though solutions have been given to us as a people over and over! Much knowledge has been given to many of us for the sum total of the black nation within this nation which should have given us the freedom and sovereignty we claim to want as a people. However, our actions show a lack of understanding as to what is really at important as we support all peoples and nations within this nation state other than self and kind and wear it as a badge of honor while degrading self! Like killing and punishing the innocence to save the guilty! Same as expecting the slaves who have been denied education for two hundred years-who speak one language with no background-family or history to perform in today's high tech society then claim they're incompetent and lazy! Whose kidding whom?  "Lest We Forget"- this is not your Land-chains and shackles is how we got here and why we remain here for the benefit of white folk and all others who join them to keep us on the plantation with the illusion of being free -with no land-business-real institutions for self only to mate with women who hate themselves and kind or pretending males with out a set of male values which allows them to leave these shores fight and die for the great Democracy that doesn't belong to you! you follow a dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr-a Minister of Importance whose sold the nation out to the wolves spiritually as did the Muslims under Arab Islam-as they tell you the gullible-that Jacob is your problem and the seed your enemy-knowing it's a lie-as they move in concert with many hypocrites and greedy pretenders to steal the birthright, hence the land that doesn't belong to them!  With all their skills and organizational knowledge representing the degrees they claim to have ask them how did we walk the Kings Highway-in the Aliyah-Rapture-enter our land Reuben located on the other side of The Jordan entering the door of life that they didn't and couldn't enter with all their action of folly and talk!  as I tell you the slaves -Black land is yours-stop killing one another-claim it and move on it!  You'll never have to beg this system and it's insanity for anything!  If this is a lie-why couldn't President Obama and his family, get to the Land I speak of  during the passover and the resurrection of Easter during the month of March when he left this country for Israel and Jordan-that was his goal as President of these United States!-He Failed same as Isis and The fictitious state of Israel in (!968) and the "One Day War"! He came Back-Had nothing to say! My God Is Real!  Sometime back I told you I worked For A Black Newspaper-here in Los Angeles called the Herald Dispatch-that it was owned and published by Mr. Sand ford Alexander.  I make this point because I've learned that I worked for Mrs Alexander when nothing could be farther from the truth-during the time of my employment with him-I never spoke more than twenty five words to her!This was after I made my spiritual journey to the east.  I gave her an envelop sealed-ask her to make sure he got it and left the office for another appointment.  When I returned to the office I witness a fight between the two no one would believe-I left and never returned-the end result is what many of us are seeing today as a break down between the males and females in and out of family as the black women through Mrs Alexander are try to suggest I worked for her and the wisdom and knowledge came from a woman-and she lied like Eve wanting to be over Man- Hence-God in ISIS!...Failed!...check the record the Kings Highway is a Highway for the Man to His God Spiritually!  In My mind-the essence for Black folk in America-is simple- from chains and shackles-to the debt of free slave labor-to your Black Land-for self and Kind or be destroyed by the melting pot of demons! Reuben Seed of Jacob@ 4/5/2013 Son of Simeon       In Prophecy  Wisdom in Truth -Action     Reuben Beckles (c)