Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Price too pay for Independence-Sovereignty -real Black Freedom!

Today is the twenty eighth day of March-2011-people around the world are fighting and dying for what they believe is justice and their right to freedom. These are countries steeped in history-language and culture. Some choose to be left alone-some choose to be governed by their oppressor-who makes them think they're free while stripping them of their self worth and valuable assets-while others choose to fight and die to live as sovereign people on their own land as they see fit! These choices has created and brought to lite spiritual chaos and truth around the world relative to nations and peoples with the most profound insanity being heaped upon-the Black man in America-who speaks one language-sometimes not very well-stripped of all his being and family-no land to call his own-but is made to believe as he fights and dies for his slave master-he's free on this land-in this system of demon's he's some body with nothing! He lives under slavery and Identity theft waiting on Jesus being lynched and nailed on the cross-in the cross-being doubled crossed-into the fire called the X factor! Still he's not free with degrees behind his name-money in his pocket with no Sovereignty and future in sight as his government promotes chaos here and around the world telling him and his sons "Join the arm services-be all you can be...for him and his allies-IE-Judas sellouts-Creoles-Mulattoes-Octoroons and all other leaders of organizations to which he belongs. I say this relative to my spiritual journey and the land area called 'Watts'-I was asked to give some insight in the situation like some ten-twelve other participants-The audience was packed with some twelve-fifteen hundred people-when I rose to speak-one minute into my truth and wisdom-better than two thirds walked out-these were primarily President Obama features and color-I use to think we were all the same-experience and knowledge has shone me different-today I view them with mistrust-no trust...but their deeds and actions show they have no solutions or desire to be with Black or consider themselves Black...frankly I don't care how many black females they're with-knowing they don't love themselves! Slavery is a terrible thing-being passed from generation to generation-this is why 'Odell Farris' with whom I spoke with on Television-which can be seen on U-Tube indicated that the church was not in favor of "Restitution and Reparations-yet-God in the Book of his Word says otherwise! Same as the Muslim-under Elijah Mohamed-who claimed Reparations was a form of begging-Farrakhan now leader of the Nation is now begging for the same thing-but then Elijah told him and the world in (1975) after his death-their would be no Islam-basically because colored folk had black folk fighting among themselves-for recognition and power! I know this because my Twin was a Muslim-joined while in prison-Black Christians-fighting Black Muslims! Neither of whom found the real truth and Land of Jacob -the Kings Highway and the Throne Beyond the Fertile Crescent. Once-I informed my Twin of this he made a journey to the land of the Black-he changed and died sometime later! A believer who found the truth-same as Marcus Garvey! Slavery has destroyed many good minds- beautiful families-in the name of false hood- religions and secret societies with no real foundation and no Sovereignty-until nineteen sixty eight"One Day war" when Reuben claimed the Birthright-as a Black Man-Seed of Jacob-Son Of Simeon-and took the throne in Spiritual Sovereignty-for the Land and the Black Man-being Judge by God!! This is what's causing the chaos in this country and around the world-Nations and peoples around the world using the Black Man's woman and children to defeat him- steal his birthright and claim his land relative to his Sovereignty and his God! Judas is through-Isis is through-phonies are through-Jacob and God is real...Reuben is not for sale- throne and Land cannot be bought! So here's the truth which is real...the Judgement hall is real-the land is real-and the world claim their leaders speak truth and are real-you must make this Journey alone-there is a fire in front of you-fire behind you-fire to the right and left of you...a fire all around you-if it be yours and you claim it in prophesy-go through it! Walk it-the door is there! Fail and the Tsunami of hell is yours as you have been putting every one's life on the line but your own! Freedom and Sovereignty too Black-debt rooted in the foundation of free Black Slave Labor! Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon (@)March26 2011 Reuben Beckles

Monday, March 21, 2011

Real world chaos-Arab-caucasian nations trying to subvert prophesy relative to Jacob's Land in Black

World wide families of controlling knowledge concerning Mideastern situation could care less about the peoples in Libya being wiped out or anywhere else for that matter-all they want is the power to control-sustain their privileged way of life and the assets taken from other lands. More important-to have blacks around the world to fight and maintain their order and security at the expense of themselves as givers-maintainer's of slavery! Today, we are witnessing the destruction of Esau and Ishmael who have been going against prophesy and selling off Jacob's land rendering Jacob's seed to perpetual slavery! The white Zionist of today's so-called Israel know they are not the real Israelites-Hebrews and prophesy of Israel and so do the nations of the planet. These lying folk want to claim the inheritance and birthright of Jacob's Israel. They use Judaism-Christianity-Islam as primary religions against Jacob and prophesy-fallen short of the truth and Wisdom-even in their secret societies. To achieve their goals they create lies deception and wars to destroy some folk in the name of humanity-never thinking the Tsunami and the bowels of the sewer would over take them-knowing their time has run out- ended! The revolution of the Black Man's war in America, was cut short and changed by the African Methodists Church-who didn't want real freedom and independence for Black folk-the Muslims in America who were fighting for the (Arabs-Ishmael-Esau-trying to claim the Birthright of Abraham. It was Elijah in 1975 who told his followers that when he died their would be no more Islam-he didn't know what it was going to be-it would not be Islam! Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. finally reveal the truth after all those insane marches with people going to jail-after being water hosed-beaten-stomped-shot- lynched-you name it they endured...even the sellout when he told them God took him to the Mountain top and allowed him too peak over and see the promised Land-but he would never get there! In my enter view with 'Odell Farris' on T.V. which can be seen on YouTube-Internet where she states the majority of people in the church want nothing to do with Reparations-which is apart of the land and prophesy to which they are entitled-reparations that the white Zionists are claiming and receiving today-being given by black American tax payer's! All this while Blacks are losing Job's-Homes- families with no future for their children-they claim they are believer's! Where were they when the United Nations gave one of their own-Ralph Bunch the noble peace prize and the land they now call Israel? These same folk in 1968-went to war to claim the entire land and birthright Of Jacob-it was called the "One Day War!" God came and wiped them out after I told them they were not heir to the Land nor were they the people they claim they were-the seed of Abraham-Isaac-Jacob-we sent this information all over this country and the world-so today they cannot claim they don't know-even though they threw me in jail-broke up my family-making it almost impossible for me to earn a lively- hood! Today, I speak of the Chaos in America and around the world-if the truth be known it's about Slavery and the descendant's of the slaves here in this Nation who have never been paid for free labor-the book of Revelations tells them they are extremely wealthy-this same book tells them how to handle slavery once ended! What happened? who's lying- playing deadly games? You say Prophesy is nothing-work!! United States-Europe-Tunisia Egypt-Libya-Bahrain-Yemen-Jordan-Syria-Saudi Arabia...Your president in Latin America-common wealth of nations-begging for help cause Isis can't help none of the phonies on this one-she doesn't have the Wisdom and can't walk the king's Highway--even the lesbians and homo-sexual males refusing to be Men can't help the phonies as the Tsunami moves in the spirit of Divine truth-the debt will and must be paid-no Free lunch The leaders and organizations in this nation and around the world are trying to say Reuben-the writer of this Blogger didn't walk the talk and take the throne in my house-on my Land as they try and re-do what they claim was not done knowing they cannot steal what's not theirs-or undo Prophesy-the Tsunami and the sewer will destroy them all! (@)C March 21 2011-Reuben Seed of Jacob -Son of Simeon Reuben Beckles