Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Amazing what purpose and truth can do!

Amazing what happens when one is armed with purpose and truth-grows up-puts his life on the line to find out if what he believes and knows in addition to having faith in- is real-a fantasy or folly. Much has been written and said about the truth as it relates to Black and Slavery in America. The building of the Nation Empire where money is everything(king) and truth is buried and hidden! This continues to be a fact because most individuals and organizations can and are bought off with no pain while Divine intervention waits on the faith of a mustard seed. Chaos and confusion-lies and deceit run rampant because no one wants to stand alone-all want to be accepted. Fact is, you won't be if you take an action for the truth-but, you will be a candidate for usury by the vampires and demons...the multitude of those claiming to know the truth. Fact is, you will go to jail in this society! It will not be because of an act of stealing-raping for lust and desire-spreading lies and false rumors because of a feel good thing-robbing a store-bank or home-perhaps ripping off some unsuspecting will be because you're Black with faith in prophecy and action taken in relation to the reality of the rapture where many claim to believe but really don't! It will be because you will refuse to back down from this reality-this truth and all it implies. It will be because of identity thief involving the black slave; Restitution, Reparations and Prophecy along with the Birthright! We know about the obvious, but what about the Black Judas sellouts who work in secret and in the back ground for this Nation Empire which is coming apart-falling as it uses a colored man as a front and hope for their future. Many of these folk who are out front shouting the loudest are trying to hide the fact that they sold out for nothing or crumbs and missed the mark and are stuck in time at this point in history-in limbo, going nowhere in a hurry...fighting hard to be accepted...hating themselves...lending themselves to the great experimentation for the benefit of the beast whose going crazy because the money-is funny and the land's not his! "Back in the day" is what they say-longing for the value and merits of what they gave up yesterday as they accept a thank you and plaque for services rendered back in the day-accepting the fact that many have died many so old they have one foot in the grave and the other is barely holding on! "Oh well, back in the day!" This system is really something as the innocent pay for the contempt of the greedy. It produces a net work of hypocrites and spy's who invade the net work of mass communication around this nation. This net work is called the "Internet". If you submit certain works rooted in truth-they will claim it as their own-failing in that they have wealthy individuals or government entities unknown to most who can and do-set up websites to defame you not wanting the secret truth to come out. These websites have no names-pictures as to the peoples involved or where they may be contacted, should you choose to contact them. in short they are cowards with no balls! One such form is called"folk nation!" However, this being the future, "Back in the day" there is a saying,"You reap what you sow!" Fact is, the guilty make lite of truth-lite of reality in Prophecy; Armageddon in prophecy is real...just like Divine Justice and the debt owned to the Black Slave and their descendants in America, is real! You don't see the wind when it blows and move upon you-then you feel it! Justice is a monster when you stand alone with no spirit! Most think this is a game with no value-like funny money! Reuben-seed of Jacob Reuben Beckles @5/22/2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black Power and Pretender's to the Throne! Liars and lies must be unraveled!

Within the belly and on the land of the United States empire lies the truth-relative to Black Power and the Black Slaves who were never paid for their destruction and free labor! How can an Empire of such international magnitude come to the brink of disaster and destruction after being built on the backs- minds and labor of a once free black folk. Today we listen to the moaning and groaning...the crying of those who benefited from the disastrous torment of a people made over into a people not of themselves and kind. Because of selfishness, envy and greed the rulers and benefactors of this nation Empire who do not believe in Divine Prophecy, are now looking in the face of total and absolute destruction. These folk were given knowledge and help second to none as they moved across the planet like snakes and vampires destroying nature, cultures and peoples. It has been stated that the last vestige of slavery is over and the united states is the beacon of light-the hope of the world with it's institutions of religions, education, politics , science , economics, finance-international relations IE, is what keeps this nation and it's free white folk as the supreme leaders of the world! This may be truth to the ignorant until one looks into the back ground to find the truth. What you'll find in this country and I'm sure in others as well are Black men and women who had the wisdom and knowledge as to how countries and nations were built and sustained...these folk hated themselves then and now and passed their insanity of themselves down through the generations to this very day...even in the mist of Divine prophecy. This is why the Black Slave of America has never been paid for the value of his free labor and why they were never permitted to return too his own land. This was and is the meaning of Restitution and reparations. There would been no need for the slave to walk the streets picking up cans and bottles while others go on welfare just to feed themselves and families. It's the land that produces the medicines to keep you sane and well. The Pimps and thugs who are keeping you blind and poor today living high on your labor and knowledge who wouldn't stand a chance with you on your land taking care of your business and they know it! Especially if you love yourself and kind! Think back to a moment in time to -one Marcus Garvey-who had the Black Star line-going home but was blocked by the state department , colors and blacks who were a part of masonry and shrindom. He came out of the Grand Bahamas where they said he was nothing...they stone him and ran him out of that part of the world. The kings and Queens on the continent of Africa, because of their hypocrisy and greed-is what caused the slave movement here and to other parts of the world. Today, you'll find some of those same people from those parts of the world running to these shores trying to imitate and become citizens among the slaves hating Black folk. Watch them as they watch you! Through the secret societies-church and colleges these folk create and maintain the color class system. The folly of it all is that the Blacks and Colors who shout the loudest about freedom and oneness is that as they attempt to integrate they sell you out to make money while using other nations like Judas, who use Christ! In the end they use the spiritual knowledge of Jacob and the twelve houses to destroy Prophecy and the original Black man and take the land in the East. This is the Land that Dr. King Jr. spoke of when he was raise to the top of the Mountain! This is the same land that I speak of when I tell you I found- when I walked the King's Highway! However, it's must more than that. If you look at the twelve houses you will find twelve parts of the body-twelve months of the year...a left side-a right side. This setup is Divine wisdom that was made clear to me when I went to work for my mentor(Stanford Alexander) who owned the Herald Dispatch Newspaper, here in Los Angeles. This was a Black Owned and operated Newspaper. At the time I did not know that his wife Pat did not believe that Black was beautiful-nor did she believe in Black Power!...I was not taught nor told this was a Spiritual Newspaper or that black folk in secret societies and churches had sold their knowledge out to white folk, so that when I went on my Spiritual journey all of the houses from the bottom up move against me while fighting one of the most insane fights you'll ever see while at the same time trying to block my entry into the land which they couldn't do. This is what's causing the conflict today-because I didn't belong to their churches nor societies. They don't speak to me today because they sold the wisdom and the Land. They pretend- but have no faith and don't believe in prophecy! These folk follow the woman like the "Shrine of the Black Madonna" One of which is located in St. Louis Missouri. If you go back into the hills where the Shrine is located, you will find white folk on their knees to the Black woman who aid in her destruction of the Black man-like Eve...she wants to be God! Today Slaves -Black folk-Judas sellouts along with all nations who par took of the bitter fruit proclaim we're all the same in the burning house that's coming down. The Wisdom of Divine Justice is what it is ! The Debt will and must be paid to the Black slave-and he must be given a choice as to whether he chooses to stay or leave!...Reuben Seed Of Jacob-In Prophecy! reuben beckles 5/19/2009

Friday, May 08, 2009

Responsibility-Accountibility in Blackpower action- in the center of Prophecy and the eye of the Hurricane!!

For along time now I have been engaged in many activities concerning Black-Black life and thought on this plantation called the United States of America...the melting pot for all people! Given the nature and historical development of this constitutional Republic I always wondered why I was never accepted nor felt a part of this system and it's people as it relates to Black in Black while loving myself then as now! Living in and around many cultures-colors, thoughts and ideas within the "Eye of the American Hurricane" I didn't understand why the profound difference and non-acceptance of Black by both other cultures and peoples and from within the Black nation and community it self! Sometime back I was asked to attend the graduation of a young Black man coming out of the of the best in the nation! A straight-A student! There are many students like this across this nation...maybe not straight-A students but they have good minds nonetheless. None of these students would be able to complete their studies with out taking a course in history. This is where things get really murky and funny because there seems to be no connection between their Black foundation and their future as it relates to Prophecy! They seem to be completely blind as to their plantation status and get mad at you when you approach them with a possible solution to this long standing problem-believing the money, car, paper status and the big house with a smile will make the problem and it's solution go away! This they do in the face of truth- reality -Prophecy and the Rapture which took place in the Sixties! That Rapture and prophecy in relation to the King's Highway' is effecting what is happening around the world today. If the brightest spirits and minds from within and without the nation and community of black shut down their minds and close their eyes to this truth-then they too are engaging in slavery of the worst kind-as they have turned against the God they claim to know-Prophecy-themselves and kind. Their seed and ancestors are the same as Adam and Eve who thought they knew more than the Divine spirit of God as they joined the mind of Egypt-the goddess Isis..the snake-if they were that great, why were they both thrown out of the garden! From the continent of Black came the slaves of America, sold by their one or peoples could have taken so many people from within or without that land mass without the consent and help of the kings and Queens who ruled there! The white king and queen of England-could never subdue Ethiopia; the Emperor called the Lion of Judah sold the knowledge so that today you have the commonweatlh all over that continent where black folk care more about white folk than they do themselves-and will tell you they're not Black! Same problem with Mexico-in this hemisphere-their leaders sold out this land to the American government for the sum of fifteen to twenty five million dollars in gold and silver. Anyone can go to the library and read the treaty which even outlines the states and boundaries involved in the transaction! This gets us back to the black slaves in this Country who claim to be free and Christian-this involves the man called Jesus, whom Judas sold out! If this man came to save all the people after going through all the hell they put him through-why did Judas commit suicide after the path had been made straight and clear!! The other day I was standing on the street...a Black man was walking towards me. I spoke and asked him how he was doing-he was carring a big black bag of can and bottles. I assume they were for sale so he would able to buy food for the day. He stopped and placed the bag between his legs. "I 'm fine ...the Lord is good! I'm blessed that he woke me up this morning. Yes sir; I'm blessed!" "Do you mind if I ask you a question-you being blessed, I asked" "Of course not," he answered. "Where are you from? Is this your country?" I asked. With a frown on his face he shook his head.."no no," he answered. "Where is your country ?"I ask. "I don't know,"he answered. This was a man in his thirties. I shared a little knowledge and wisdom with him..he smiled, then walked away. Sad and dangerous for so many...educated, non-educated. Prophecy and the slaves in this country is real and that debt for free labor has not been paid! Many nations and leaders around the world know and understand this Black truth and in their positions are trying to hold back the hand of time -Armageddon, : Divine Wisdom and Truth...causing chaos with selfishness, Jealousy, envy and Greed! Black Power in the Eye of the Hurricane Prophecy is real...Man can educate his woman but she cannot carry his crown and wisdom which is why Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden and the Rapture was made in the house of Reuben, that Saved his Land because he would not give his crown to the woman nor could Isis take it which is why so many men today are so weak and pretenders to the throne! If this is not so, what is their solution to the Black Slave dilemma in America, in Prophecy and Scripture? Six thousand six hundred and sixty six years have proclaimed slavery over! Reuben Seed Of Jacob.

reuben beckles, may 8th, 2009