Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Blacks here and abroard pretending leadership as Hebrew Israelites sold flock out to impostors trying to do away with Prophecy-find themselves Two Hundred fifty years behind times-fakng it too make it!

Fox News running series on action that 'supposedly shook the Nation twenty five years' after the fact.  Truth is, it was nothing more than a power play between the Coloreds- Mexicans and Asians. Creoles, Mulattoses Quadroons and Octoroons to take Blacks over under the guidance and forces of Esau, eliminating 'Divine Prophecy' and Jacob's Seed! ...Relative to the 'Promised Lands.  What really shook the Nation and world up was the 'Watts-Riots- Revolution-Because Slavery was over.  Some Black and Whites had become a team of Power, Greed and selfishness in organized secret societies, religions, education and politics controlling Black folk across the board which included their thought process to the extent, they were unable to move in relation to the real prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to the land, which had been sold  to Caucasian European Jews by Black Judean Jews who coveted the Birthright of Israel! They were all fakes then and they're fakes now.  Impostor's, pretending to be the original Israelites, raising hell, catching hell on the 'West Bank and area  they don't belong!  These so-called leaders have been killing off innocence Blacks with their lies  deceit-greed and selfishness for centuries! Using Black women and other Coloreds to do their dirty work to destroy  unsuspecting Men folk and raise the children in the females image.  Try visiting the Black Madonna Shrine, off the Main Highway leaving Saint Louis, Mo.  You'll find White folk bowing down to Black women as Gods while destroying Black folk in her behalf!  Her children, males and females you'll find  fighting the Male head of house, so that, many are dying in wars not of their own making or rotting in jails across the land!  While he fights for her- in many cases totally unaware, she's fighting him, for 'White Supremacy.!"   This is why in  many situations he can't move for self and kind.  The head of this Blog mentioned ' Fox News Series-twenty five years later'-which in my mind has a lot to do with 'Maxine Waters' and the firing of 'Bill O'Reilly.   Congresswomen, Maxine was one of the first Politicians among others whom we gave our knowledge too along with President Johnson on how he and she could help  facilitate freedom for the blacks she claimed to be fighting for.  She like so many others of her kind buried the knowledge, became wealthy  fighting the cause of integration-like the Muslims and Farrakhan-fighting  God!  This is another reason Khalid Mohammed had to go and his Son ended up wealthy shaking the hands of 'Big Bill Clinton' knowing his wife would never become President!  Even Dr  Legon  posing as Black for Black....same as Nelson Mandela  couldn't  and didn't sustain truth and righteousness in Black.  Selling out  the true Black Israelites to phony White Impostors and never once saw 'Your Truly, Reuben Seed of Jacob, whom they all denounced as nothing, coming through the ' Herald Dispatch Weekly...Owner Mr Sanford Alexander!  If the Judas sellouts can't claim Victory in their defeat along with the value they placed in the blood thirsty, 'White Vampires' and their push towards integration and take over Of Black Israel, then they must pay the price as individuals and collectively  they put 'Reuben through,  by going through the 'Eye Of The Needle and Judgment for the same cause and reason found in his DNA and Spiritual mind set as Reuben Seed of Jacob and the Kings Highway. Door Of Life-relative to Prophecy faith and Land! C) 4/23/2017     No Game! No Trick and No Lies!   Supreme Lord of The Living Most High God Is Judge.  Reuben from the Twelve House of Jacob in the Rapture cross Jordan to the Spiritual land and Throne!   Claims for Black Slaves and foundation in America remain the same ...A leopard never changes it's spots nor a Zebra it's stripes and like the devil-a pig is still is God's Word in Action!  Slavery is over!   Reuben seed of Jacob- Sun Son Man of Simeon.             Love self and Kind-Prophecy is Real  and Black is Beautiful!  Reuben Beckles

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fighting for Equality and Racial justice-trap for Black Slaves in America!

So who are you in this cesspool of insanity-shouting, marching and demonstrating in this burning house of trickeration and deceit, with no land, representing Sovereignty and real justice? You claim to love yourselves as Black, yet, move on all fronts as Creoles, Mulattoes, Colored, Africans or just plain humans, faking it too make it-religiously, politically socially educationally while someone else is enjoying the fruits of your labor economically!  Blacks as slaves weren't brought here of their own free will to enjoy anything other than to labor and please your slave masters idea of White Domination.  When the idea of freedom and knowledge re-entered your conscience you couldn't move in behalf of yourselves.  Why?  Because everything of value was taken from you!  Your language-family-value system of self worth, all removed...including land and linage!  Today, with your eyes open you find yourselves in total chaos, with nothing being led by so-called leaders and agent provocateurs who delight in using you like a puppet and yo yo , going nowhere-knowing who you are  but keeping you blind coveting who you are and what you represent...telling you we're all the same-one people of one blood!  'This is a dam-bald faced lie!'  and they know it!  Hebrew Black Israelites' are not the same as the Zionist Jews of Caucasian Eastern European Stock-or people of Turkey,  Gog Magog! Nor trying to be Jews coming out of the House of Judea.  These folk was made apart of Israel' because of David!'...Jacob is Israel in Prophecy and the twelve houses were made possible through him which was and is part of the linage and faith of 'Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! These lying Faking it To Make It Clowns in Europe, Asia, Egypt , Ethiopia -Central and South America-Mexico Including the United States know this truth.  Also, that it was Judas, in the form of Esau that taught and spread this lie to the world during and part of the San Hedrin Council. All these peoples and lands have coveted the birthright and Land of   'Black Israel'!      However,  it wasn't until the 'Black Truth' came out, relative to the 'Action Taken' in the Sixties By Reuben' -Seed of Jacob-Twelfth House of Israel and the (ONE DAY WAR!) in the middle east, exposing and defeating that Fictitious State of Apartheid, which was a part of Southern Africa, known as Israel!  It was The UN-Harry Truman and the 'Balfour's Declaration' along with the Constitution of these United States, that gave legitimacy to these lying thugs, who have no rights to the Birthright or Land in that area of the World.  Today, they're trying to make 'Jerusalem' their Capital' which is a Joke-can't and won't work!  What  makes this entire situation so important and marvelous was the ' Spiritual, Divine  Intervention' by the Divine Creator of the Universe and Prophecy, coming to the Aid and Judgment of yours truly( Reuben ) in the defeat of these Impostors and Faking hypocrites as lying wenches, begging bitches and punks in the pulpits-including some of those in the Royal Houses that knew the truth but didn't lift a toe nail too help Reuben, thereby, holding themselves out as an enemy of God-trying to claim part of Reuben's Action  they sold out for crumbs and jobs: ' stating they too, are entitled to the blessings of Reuben, at the same time hoping he would die!...knowing, they who did nothing to help themselves or prophecy( fighting among themselves) are somehow entitled to the Blessings they said was nothing including the Land they had sold out on the West Bank as non believers.  Reuben 'Walked The Kings Highway , made his claim for the people-Defeated ISIS and phony Zionist claiming Israel as Reuben was  Claimed by God, In the Rapture who  Crossed The Jordan to  the Land Of Reuben, while taking the hell after, the fact, that Satan and his Low Down Dirty Devils delivered in Failure!  Not one so-called Brother, claiming to be apart of Israel, Israelites,  has spoken with or contacted Reuben in any form. Why...Faking it to Make it-God Knows won't work!  This is why the world was shook up with the action of Reuben ( they had sold out, Living in Christian denial-and Arab Black hating  Islam. European jealousy and greed with envy and covetness within the Slave borders of Black America! (C) 4/15/2017        Claim remain the same and we are all not the same!  A devil never changes nor a Leopard it's Spots!  Freedom- Land  In Sovereignty!  Reuben,  Seed of Jacob.  Sun Son Man of Simeon- Israel !  No Lie, No Tricks No Games!  Black Truth in Action, as Black Is Beautiful. God Is...Supreme Lord Of the Living Most High!            Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Oop's busted! Black slaves wallowing on land-in a system not theirs looking for justice from leadership totally out of order and non accountable!

The history of Black slavery on this land where slaves were permitted to work and die for the benefit of White Supremacy and Black Judas pimps thugs and hustlers has created the monumental problems for those who think they're free today-completely over looking certain facts concerning one's ability to read and write with a family intact.  Death in all forms was Law even to this day!  Critical Analysis and investigation will certify this reality because so-called leadership across the land are  greedy, envious and selfish-hating Black truth, faking it to make it they have become servants of lying wenches and begging bitches-thinking they have it made.  Above Law and reality until they're put to the test!  Consider this;  Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, put in that body, to serve the needs of the people 'had a meeting with President Donald Trump who told the world he was going too lead America into the 'Promised Land!  Given the condition of Black folk and the element of time here and around the world, along with these Satanic Impostors from Eastern Europe calling themselves Jews...which they aren't-this would have been the perfect time and place to lay Justice and righteousness on the table in the form of (Reparations)  based on Land and Free Slave Labor!  ...Total Sellout!  Didn't Happen!  These are fake it-to make it, pimps and hustlers who don't feel a damn thing about being held accountable-until they're shone the door by positive action, which they don't believe is forth coming.  The same situation is getting ready to explode on the Black Continent, the middle east and other parts of the world.  Consider this relevant too time.  There was a recent  Africa Global Economic and Development Summit held in Southern California where not one African from that continent was present!  My question to the Africans in this country running around this land with your noses in the air -Male and Females hating Blacks, whom you found here, and know were sold out from that land making it possible for you to live and play the games you're playing-where the hell were you?...during that Summit.  Perhaps you believe in international brotherhood so strong, that instead of making a stand there you would rather give it up to enjoy the fruits of the Free Black Slave Labor as a foundation here and play pussy like 'Nelson Mandela and others on that Continent giving the land and people up, like the Judas sellouts here!...while real action is being fought  for Justice Land and freedom in Prophecy.  Time will show and is being shone, the Devil is still a Low down dirty devil and like the Zebra, never changes it's stripes or a Leopard it's spots!  China or Russia  isn't playing a game with foolish Blacks nor is Donald Trump-or those folk in Egypt burning Coptic churches created In Ethiopia relative to the Vatican!  They understand the game the Zionist Jews of Russia and Eastern Europe are playing, trying to use Jacobs knowledge and wisdom( the Seed) to enter the lands beyond the Jordan but failed in the (One Day War! ) 1968 with Reuben's ascension in the Rapture taking the Spiritual land and Throne.  Why?...because they covet the Land for themselves which doesn't belong to them and they can't take...but trying, which will end in their total destruction.   My God, from the Divine Creation- The Kings Highway and the Door of Life, Is God!  Prophecy by faith in Action is real as is Abraham Isaac and Jacob!  We are all not the same!  Jews are not ( Hebrew Israelites and the Land they covet is not theirs or I as Reuben, Seed of Jacob, would never be here today having been Judged on the square as Black, in Action and the Royal Birthright  making the claim for self and kind. C) 4/12/2017   Sun Son  Man of Simeon, House and Land of Reuben in Israel.  Black Truth- Love self and Kind!      No Game- No lies No tricks,  No Faking it to make it!    Reuben Beckles