Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pollute Prophecy and Faith Of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob Using Spirit Of Religions To Committ God Killing!

The above title looms even larger today in America, relative to emigration- destruction of Black civilization and more important are the Black slaves of America and their descendants who didn't arrive here freely but in chains and shackles -considered sub-human but whose knowledge and free labor built this nation while being denied basic human values of themselves(identity)...language-family structure and total demise of their skin coloring and features along with a total disregard for their foundation which pre-dates American and western Civilizations across the board! The sad thing about American Caucasians and their allies(Black Judas Sellouts) is that they love to flatter themselves as to how great they are relative to this nation and the world, they want to dominate as builders. Today if you are grounded-proud and knowledgeable about Black self and kind you should ask yourselves where were these hypocrites during (Babylonia-Sumer-Kish-Ur...Mesopotamia-Assyria-Nimrod(Ethiopia-Egypt-Canaan(Ancient Israel-Jacob! Today the Secular States around the world are in chaos this includes America relative to Law...Secular-Spiritual-Divine! These nation States claim this wisdom and knowledge as their head and foundation in and of truth to their maker in Judaism-Christianity-Islam! Yet, live like beasts and savages towards Black folk and others whose cultures and peoples they ripped off and lived on today especially, the Black slaves of America, yet to be recognized and paid their just due which includes Land! Having lived and experience life in and on this land relative to this nation and it's pronouncements concerning religion and it's application to Black folk in slavery both Christianity and Islam represent nothing more than containment and death for the Faithful and believers which is why real Black freedom has been temporally stalled-- knowing the real Black spiritual Revolution is on going and if you read parts of the "Koran" It states Christianity and Islam are one and the same. Some of us didn't have to read it to know it as they are both at this moment fighting one another for international Universal power as slavery remains the same-different face same game! The entire freedom situation has become a class colored seen and unseen war as Black Judas sellouts working with coloreds as Black freedom fighters join forces with the slave masters of Europe-Latin America and Asia the United States to form an alliance against everything Black! This alliance also includes Isis and the Black women of America as she fights her self and kind-this accounts to a large extent to her sorry attitude and to a large measure homo-sexuality as she is told she's as much Man as any Man! She Carry's with her the same spirit as Eve-the rib wanting complete control. In this system she's given the children-a pair of pant--access into financial systems that white men control- she looks upon the white man as her Man and lover and at the same time she denounces herself -her Man- her kind as the weaker Man accepts this nonsense and the lesbian walks in whom she also submits too!...hence the alliance to "Commit God Killing!" All this is to kill and destroy Black Value-the Black Man-the Black Family and kind-peace and harmony ...your city state Culture and Civilization-your foundation and spiritual mental state-into Chains and Shackles and the temples of nothingness to his Temples of White Supreme Superiority. He calls the Science of his knowledge-Colored and White Superiority! What this fool forgot-the Black Slaves built the Nation and was never paid-and the source of our knowledge and faith live in the Divine Creator and his Creation"The Law!" While he was denying the Slaves Education needed in todays' world he gave you the slaves, Christianity and Islam where a part of Divine Law resides! To late he recognizes it as he attempts to escape in missiles to other planets much like the Tower of Babel only to find no hiding place! Time to examine truth and facts...Under Christianity and Islam Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X traveled this land East West North and South even to other countries under the banners of Justice Peace Love and Brotherhood! Both died while the Slaves and their situation remains the same with no land Justice or Independence because they're still tied to the apron strings of slavery and the slave Masters telling the world that the real meaning of Black Power which is to Love God self and Kind, be willing to put own self on the line for it -is some how an act of a Terrorist omitting the fact that many Slaves only thought was yearning to be free on their own land! Under the format of both religions-obedience and subservience is the order of the day to those in authority of power who feel nothing for anyone especially what is called the under class of nothingness whether as an individual or a collective of individuals-you're not of their class or kind! To keep the slaves in line jobs are given to all who serves him in the name of the religions he pretends to serve! Many Blacks slaves have fought served and died for this nation of hypocritical religious phonies crying then as now because they still aren't accepted! Every now and then a Man like Dr. King comes along and gives the nation hope in his death-hoping the Slaves will follow his(Dr. King's) insanity! In his honor they give him and his followers a parade-organized by slave women wearing pants leading their harlots to the tune of drums saying look and desire me hips swaying and shaking their behinds like slaves to their Arab rulers ...believing Kings death and white lip service along with colored( acceptance would free them into Civil Rights called the Black freedom Movement! It was all a terrible joke an illusion in action that wasn't meant to free Black folk with "Restitution, Reparations and Land because you're to valuable as Slaves! Lest We Forget" It was the pronouncement in action of Black Power that said enough of the talk and meekness while being denied, cattle prod, water hosed, lynched, beaten and abused that put the world on the verged of being destroyed and bringing this house down! Specifically it was "Divine intervention !" The spirit of knowledge, Divine Wisdom in action that brought forth the wisdom and Power of my God and the Prophecy of Jacob of which I am the Seed...Son of Simeon-found in Scriptures same as the Book Of Eli" who walked alone by Faith! I walked into a Black Book store there was a map on the wall that covered an entire space from top to bottom-it was a map showing the 'Tribe(House Of Reuben)!' There was a question in one of the current magazines on the front desk"Entitled To whom does this land belong? It showed an extension of land mass from Africa to the middle east part of the Land mass that Dr.King told the world it belonged the the White Zionists! In Christendom he knew it was a lie! Under Islam Elijah Muhammad was teaching his followers that the spirit was a joke(spook ism) not real, that Black Man was God whom he secretly envy while denouncing the whites as devils while at the same time giving them praise for freeing black folk who still aren't free. Elijah was talking black while at the same time taking Black spirits and turning them against themselves for the benefit of white and colors leaving the Blacks as slaves ! This is why he and others chose not to recognize our Ascension in ((1968) and the "One Day War)" He found Prophecy and the spirit was no game and real which he and others had been denouncing!...leaving the Black slaves with no Land and Hope! He wrote in (1975) before his death there would be no more Islam-what it would be after him he didn't know. His organization under Islam in the name of Black was set up by Judas sellouts for colored folk. Director Spike Lee showed on the big screen under "School Days and the Greek Fraternities this insane problem with color all in the face of Black folk pushing and believing in across the board Brotherhood-to their own demise! The Christian Church and Elijah under Arab Islam were both against God in the Spirit and thought Man and his knowledge of God made them God hence, they failed as non believers in the secular state-Malcolm X found it out too late and was killed at the hands of the colored organization using Black! It was during these tumultuous times when the questioned was asked To Whom Did The Land Of Jacob Belong? I answered the question that knowledgeable people around the world knew when I speak of 'Walking the Kings Highway' as the seed of Jacob it was done in the Divine Spirit of the Living God-their Creator and by no other force!That prophecy was and is real marking their demise and end of their civilization because they failed in their attempt to eliminate the spirit take the land not for sale God Killing! I am by action and truth who I say I am. Justice to the Black slaves and their descendants of this Land not the melting pot offered which is no freedom at all relative to the Divine Ascension-Rapture-Aliyah! Like the Christians the Muslims of Islam want power and the ability to use folk in not freedom but slavery otherwise they want nothing to do with free men! Much of Elijah knowledge came from 'Marcus Garvey'-Egypt,Isis as a corner stone to take spirits-Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia-all Jealous of black in truth! God Is!Included are some names and organizations as promised in my last Blogger! So that you will know we didn't start on this path yesterday...Occupant of the White House-State Department Of Justice-State Department-Herald Dispatch-Shriner's-Masons-Eastern Stars-Isis-Daughters of Isis-Knights of P-Greek org.-Ambassador Extra-Ordinary Plenipotentiary-His Excellency-permanent Mission Hashim Kingdom of Jordan-Permanent Mission Of Saudi Arabia to United Nations-Chester A.Hogan (Imperial Potentate of North America) President Lyndon Johnson(White House)-Richard Nixon-Nelson A. Rockefeller -George Rommy-Ronald Reagan-The Kennedy's-Wayne Morris-George Wallace-Gerald Ford-Mark Hatfield-Edward Brooks-Tom Brady- Sam Yorty-Gus Hawkins-Ivan Allen-Otto Kerner-Fred Harris-John Towers-James Corman-Henry W. Meier-Jerome P.Cavuanagh-Mike Mansfield- Eugene McCarthy-Everett Dirksen- George Murphy-Black Fraternities and Sororities- Black Student Unions-Nation of Islam-National Conferences of Mayors and Lawyers-Religious Ministers and organization across the land and over seas! This is only a partial list of people and organizations with whom we have communicated. This was done in an attempt to show we didn't start our journey yesterday or the day before--Wisdom Knowledge and Justice that's for real. Should anyone doubt it or the truth of it stand -claim and take the land relative to Reuben son of Simeon seed of Jacob and you will find out what that phonies fictitious state of Israel and their follower know- it's no game Black- is real!(c) 1/25/12 Reuben Beckles

Monday, January 16, 2012

"Lest We Forget-Inspiration Reflextion-Slavery and the truth in action!

January 16 and a weekend of a dream and a parade in honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. no doubt one of the most influential men of the century relative to Black slavery-the freedom movement- civil rights and voting! Having lived during this time and participating in some of it's aspects here on the west coast I will make a statement without any equivocation that after all is said and done in the minds hearts and spirit of Black folk in America he should go down as one of the most dangerous Judas sellouts of all time. Why?...because he was educated and knew the history and condition of Black folk yearning to be free by putting their bodies life mind and spirits on the line for their freedom only to end with his death and a dream the common wealth of nations and a pot of stew known as integration denied in this Republic and it's constitution! He knew and everyone around him knew he and his leadership had blown it when God took him to the "Mountain Top" and showed him the Land and Truth -Land he would never enter knowing he was serving the Devil's interests along with those who made this day possible having Blacks stand on the side lines watching the show of young men blowing horns and young women shaking their behinds while many in the crowd ask themselves and others what has really changed for Black Folk? Now this is where things really get funny-Dr. King stated he just wanted to do God's will-whose will was he serving before God showed him the truth after all his people in the name of peace and love were bitten by dogs-catted prod-kicked -stomped-thrown in jail molested-killed abused and misused beyond description knowing they had served the devil and still were not respected nor wanted. His right arm Dr. Ralph Abernathy told the world he would take his people and marchers to Washington-then on to Canaan! If that was the intent why beg for integration and jobs? Why put the people through all that hell-only to end in a Dream and a stone monument paid for and erected by his Frat Brothers-all of which knew of the people and Land in Question which was no joke-no theory...truth is-the slaves and their descendants remain slaves while the slave masters and Judas helpers live the dream and laugh at the dreamers. "Lest we Forget" I must remind the readers this was a tumultuous and chaotic time for Black folk and Prophecy and God was not asleep nor was yours truly.I believe as all others who believe in truth and dignity that we should be able to live our truth as do others knowing these monsters who control this nation as white men and Judas sellouts-want none of it...only money-power and the ability to use folk in the name of religion that they use but don't believe in the equality and justice as it's foundation! The Land that Dr. King spoke of I entered knowing God in Prophecy was and is real-I did indeed sit on the throne-I did indeed walk alone after receiving the Wisdom of the Kings Highway! This is Land that the nations of the world want the Land that this lying hypocrite calling himself a Jew went to war over in (1968) to steal along with the Birthright of Jacob's seed! Again I said they failed and were wiped out -like others-hating and being jealous of Black of which I am as a Hebrew! Returning to this land after the (Aliyah-Rapture or Ascension-under my direction knowledge was sent all over this land first to all leaders in government-then Religious and Educational institutions-even leaders across the board including the Justice department-State department and the Executive branch of America demanding Justice-Land-Reparations-and Restitution based on the foundation of those who came to these shores in chains and shackles and their descendants who were never paid for their actions of free labor. This knowledge was known to Dr. King and his followers but he and their followers didn't want this-what they wanted and what they got were crumbs and a check in default with a dream! God's word and action remain intact for his people the slaves watching the parade of a dreamer! What I'm saying is not just oral as in the days of old but written and copy written-mailed and received returned receipts. For the disbeliever's and those who think what I'm saying is a joke -a theory know that my next blogger or so will be filled with the names of individuals and countries who have received our information and know I'm not playing games knowing the Kennedy's were taken out-Dr.king was taken out -President Johnson stepped down and the fictitious state of Isis and Israel failed all this for starter as the nation is crying over political insanity and debt because of the slaves-Gods word in prophecy! Reuben@ (c) Son of Simeon Seed of Jacob January 1/16/12

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let's Deal With Facts And Truth Not Theory Relative to Slavery In America!

For sometime now this country and the nations of the world have been pretending that the information I've been discussing on our website and Blogger is fiction-interesting theory at best-that who I say I am I'm not-this is primary because most are lying claiming to be something or someone they're not -hence ending in Identity Theft and confusion! One of my major missions in this country-this life as Reuben Seed of Jacob- Son of Simeon(Israel) as A Black man is Truth-Justice-Restitution...Land and Reparations-Loving myself-God and Kind as it relates to the Black Slaves of America! Before Civilization took place on this planet-the universe was created under Divine Law and order! All things made possible by spiritual divine law to human Man kind- who were given Spiritual incite to that Creative Divine Law-which they did not create as they did not have the knowledge or Divine Wisdom to do so-however,they were given enough knowledge to come forth with secular governing law-even then their little minds blew it-trying to build a tower reaching into the heavens consisting of many civilizations and tongues-we see the same thing today with the common wealth of nations all living off the free labor of the Black slaves of America!...who were taken from a distant land and culture then stripped of everything...culture-Language-families then brutalized beyond all moral perception-at the end of a certain time when their captors thought they- the slaves were completely demoralized and docile they were told you're free to fight and die with nothing on land in a system that had nothing to do with their well being! To understand the action and thought process of the slave masters and why it was important to deny the slaves education which was punishable by death if the teacher were caught is because the slave master along with those who were receiving benefits from free labor were inferior to the mare of the bone-then and now! To Serve the Devil-vol 1 & 2 shows that when and where ever the Caucasian found in his travels a people living in harmony or in a state of being greater than his he would study them for what he claimed was a weakness then create envy and jealousy among the people-take their culture and create internal warfare for his benefit-He did this in Hawaii-the America's all over Africa-the latest in Africa known to the world was Rwanda! I mentioned sometime earlier about a person-people-a collective culture-it makes no must have a focus point of origin-a foundation! Lest we forget" let's go to Mesopotamia-Babylonia-to a city-state called Sum er! Located within the boundaries of the Fertile Crescent and understanding of secular Law and the number system-along with the ability to write because they found oral Law was not sufficient for governing purpose's- this city state among others within that region gave rise to an ancient culture and people known today as Hebrews whose wisdom and knowledge were known all over that area of the world between the Tigris and Euphrates River a people who later settled In Canaan given by God as a Divine Blessing and their descendants in prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob! These were and are the same folk who lived and proclaimed the One God by Faith-when all other nations and civilizations lived and proclaimed many Gods! The Caucasians of Europe at this time had no knowledge or wisdom of this truth but came into this knowledge at a much later time in history during the San Hadron Council. Even Ethiopia and Egypt were jealous of Gods folk where the Hebrews once lived and prospered in these regions. Egypt stationed a group of Philistines or Palestinians along the borders of Canaan as a torn in their side to create chaos but it was the Assyrian Empire of the Iron age who were war-like monsters who invaded the Hebrews and caused their destruction for a period of time. Today, the Aryans-along with many other Caucasians are trying to claim a black birth right and inheritance by claiming to be Jews(Hebrews) which they are not...they are Identity thieve jealous and envious to the bone who find power in usury and the money key. This gets heavy because their real identity was made known during the "One Day War of 1968) which they lost using Isis and Egypt-the U.S. and the Slave spirits they bought and used through the secret societies in America-Churches and Synagogues-they not only want the spirits but the Land of Jacob...the twelve houses of Israel! Truth is it was the Hebrews who set in motion -the knowledge that the Religions are the world are living in and under the Divine Law of Judaism-Christianity and Islam! Believe it or not....say it's all a theory until you examine and study the facts as no one in his knowledgeable right mind or other wise can fight Divine Law which is Spiritual and truth-this is God in his Wisdom-Land- Restitution-Reparations to unpaid Slaves and their Descendants of the U.S of America! Time is late....(c) Reuben...Son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob! Reuben Beckles

Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Year-2012-Theory Or Fact Relative too Slave Labor & Non-Payment!

I've said many times- my Blogger and statements made relative to slaves -chains and shackles-free labor which has not been paid is not a game-not a theory but fact-rooted in action by real people and their descendants-black folk! Payment is rising with accrued interests from(1863) until now-when they were-told during the Emancipation Proclamation-you're free from animal status and total free participation from free labor to fight and die on this land for a system promoting European white folk-enabling America to be called one nation-under a constitution-from colonies to statehood for white folk! Most people around the world were living under republican form of governments-all except this black slave of America, who ended up with one language, no family-wandering in this wilderness of North America-beaten down to almost nothingness-yet in the spirit and love of his God rose to be the essence of this nations foundation! Today, we their descendants Black-live in the shadows and reality of our ancient fore bearers-who lived and suffered an unspeakable holescost from the point of no return-dying on the high sea's landing on the land of the American Indians to labor within the Original thirteen Colonies living as non human-non acceptable beings yet were and are the creative force and foundation of a people who wanted nothing to do with them-then or now-which is why they cry-moan and groan against Restitution-Reparations and Land...! Today the few among us are acceptable-being exceptional to promote their status quo-same as the Mormons who once stated Blacks were animals but now accepts blacks into the Church even as priests-once they found out who really civilized them-much like the Late Bobby Kennedy who went to South Africa during the hay day of White Supremacy and asked the question... what if you found out God is Black? Even those South of the border in Mexico-their President calling Blacks Monkey's knowing their own people and government sold them out to this nation for gold and silver-this truth can be found in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildedgo. Anyone in this day and time who want to know the truth can find the truth by growing up-take your head out of the sand and visit old book stores-the legal library down town-the walking history of many Senors who lived in times of important-much like today. For Black folk may I recommend to "Serve the Devil" vol.1&2... pocket size-"Thirteenth Tribe" relative to the Greeks and the New Testament of the Bible-Revelation-2-9...then asked yourselves who are these Black Greek Fraternity and sorority members located on colleges and university campuses across the nation attached to the church and what is their relationship to the Masons and Shrinedom-in the body politic of the world and nation! What does the White Zionist State of Israel -Isis and Egypt have in common-and why does the Christian Church-Muslim under Islam...Ishmael and Esau want to do away with the real (Israel-Jacob...Black?! and Prophecy) White Caucasian Zionist and others want Birthright and Land of Jacob and his seed-Black!... this accounts for the "one day war" of 1968! If the White Zionist were successful they would have been able to claim procession of the land claiming nine tenths in relation to God Killing! The late Dr King knew it but had already sold out! It was President Johnson who sent communications to the Zionist government telling them of the grave consequences if they called those people on the east side of the Jordan Terrorist and by no means should they invade that land-that the nations of the world would suffer if such a move were made...the move was made..God wiped them out in a matter of minutes!!!They were exposed for who and what they are as phonies-Simeon my Father-in the spirit-touched the essence of my soul and being as seed of Jacob and a Black Newspaper caused the Aliyah-Rapture-Ascension walking the Kings highway and entered the door of the Most High! I returned to this land and into the arms of those who are now charged with conspiracy to committ God Killing! Identity Theft! You are now in chaos and confusion here and around the world. Lying Politicians -money men and a colored President can't save the day as Justice-the slaves and their descendant's-Jacob's seed and the House of Reuben and Land has become the order of time and day! ...Many claim this is pure theory... I say I know this is fact having lived it-gone through it just as the nation is going into Sodom and Gomorrah making way for the great Tsunami! 1/5/2012 Reuben Seed of Jacob son of Simeon (@ (c) -Reuben Beckles