Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Paying lip service to slaves condition and foundation in America without direct action rooted in historical Black Truth will gain nothing but more lies-tricks and death

If Black folk as slaves in America are truly concern about our condition and future welfare for our children and  future generations, talk sit and do nothing but pay lip service to the true situations and mounting problems behind close doors, refusing to take the reality head on- then you are no better than these pimps, thugs and hustlers in the pulpits with their followers of lying wenches and begging bitches to be found in the professions of the legal force- Political Black Caucus- Educational Institutions within this demonic system that has given nothing, but crumbs, to foster and promote 'White Supremacy' over Black Truth and Divine Creation, then something is terribly wrong!  There is no doubt in my mind or anyone else who has studied and been raised in this system, with all of it's false who don't know the truth concerning slavery and it's solution.  If you don't want the solution why stand in the way and pretend?  The truth is, there is a price too be paid.  A price that even those who would benefit the most are found to be wanting ...lacking in faith.   This includes fathers who join the arm forces of this nation who know they're  nothing more than wards of the state,  yet opt to leave these shores, take an oath to defend this nation in a distant land to fight and die for the slave masters well being and his White Kind, all in the face of his, Black kind, being ripped off and dying in the streets of what he's told is his land and system!  What kind of dumb stuff is this, knowing they are apart of the only people who got to these shores against their will suffering a Holocaust of Mass destruction?!  Black women on the other hand are told she's a pilard of strength, you don't need your man...give him up, we'll take care of you and his family!  She gives him up and leads herself and their children into the system.  Today, chaos reigns supreme-even as solutions,  which includes, payment for a debt owed and a return to their land of Sovereignty, is not acted on and in most cases...not wanted! The clean up is integration and lip service!   Usury under the pretext ( Jesus died for all of us-we're all the same!...even as he said "pick up your cross and follow him!  His own Twelve Disciples disowned him-while today, you leave  Christ and move into the arm of Islam and  Farrakhan and others, whose fighting God...the Divine Creator! with no Land-No Man...No God!...catching hell from your children.  Then there's Satan, the Identity thieves, Of Eastern Europe whom the  Caucasians  claim to be Jews, Masquerading as part of Abraham and the original'  Hebrews (Black)! They're lying hypocrites and pretenders who were taught by "Black Israelites' during the time of the 'Sanhedrin Council' whom they bought off as the 'Original Nine and a Half Tribes'  then found out after some five hundred years or more living in 'Russia, they couldn't cross the Jordan and claim the Spirit of the people, land of Reuben, Gad or Manasseh (  God Given!) which is why they're mad-running scared and died in the ( One Day War In 1968)...they were exposed- caught and defeated by Reuben' in  the 'Rapture and Divine intervention' by the Supreme Lord Of the Living Most High God !...this and more with Isis at the Head' from Egypt known in Ethiopia and the Vatican with the sellout and death of the Nine and A half tribes on the West Bank-excluding Simeon, who were a part of the Judas Sellout.   This accounts for so many Black females and their male counter parts calling there Caucasian integrationalist, their soul mates who can never enter the 'Promised Lands' which are Divine and Spiritual!  The Solution too the Black problem in America along with the debt remains the same!  Truth to Truth.  Soul to Soul.  Spirit to Spirit-' Lest We Forget'  God Is!            So High, You Can't Get over it!  So Deep, you Can't Get Under It!  So Wide, you Can't Get Around It!  Knowing the Spirit Like the Faith  Is real!  No faith in Gods Truth - No Action-Hence, can't lip service it...can't fake it, to make it!  From The Kings Highway and the Door Of Life'     (C)  3 /30/2017   I Am...Reuben Seed OF Jacob       Sun Son of Simeon-Faith and Land Of Black Israel!  In Sovereignty and Justice!            Reuben Beckles

Friday, March 24, 2017

Simple Critical Analysis with no action to solve problems while faking it to make it with no foundation is a waste of time going nowhere!

Soul to soul, spirit to spirit is indeed a waste of valuable time and energy relative to Black truth in action, taking no action while promoting lip service.   It's like asking a woman who has brought no life into the world, what is it like to be pregnant and bring a life into the world, when she hasn't.  Or what's it like to use sun tanning oil and lotion to darken your skin to find out what it's like to be Black in America, faking it to make it in the arms of acceptance by demons and devils who don't feel anything for you or your kind. Yet, this is exactly what Creole, Mulattoes, coloreds and others have been doing for years-pretending Black...not to be accepted by 'White folk in a land of White Supremacy" but to be accepted by Blacks, enabling them to use Black identity and birthright, knowing they don't have the faith nor belief in Prophecy to facilitate Sovereignty and freedom.  They, along with the real Black Judas sellouts are trying to destroy the real linage of Jacob denouncing, then give up the truth and faith of the true  prophecy of their God in Jacob for these phony, 'faking it to make it' demons and blood thirsty Vampire Caucasians of Eastern Europe who covet the prophecy and land of 'Black Israel'. They were almost successful in achieving their goal and destroying all Blacks on the Planet by leaving Ethiopia, taking their knowledge of Egypt and Ethiopia into the Vatican destroying their Black skin and pigmentation ( turning  White) like the demons they served.  It was 'Reuben, Seed of Jacob and linage who stepped up in action' while working for the 'Herald Dispatch Weekly Newspaper-owner Mr Sanford Alexander-destroying Isis-exposing, White Israel for the phonies they are...while wiping out their armies in (1968) through divine intervention.  Walking the Kings Highway and entering the door of Life and Judged in the Rapture, ascension Aliyah,  crossing the Jordan, entering the land and taking the Spiritual Throne! This and more took place to save the Prophecy, land and people in prophecy not as a sellout nor,  hand out as welfare.  This was recorded...this was done in action!  My question was and is to  the Churches, Mosques, synagogues and... Secret Societies?   Where were you  with your wisdom, knowledge and degrees?  Have you all sold out for money and Jobs?   In a system, on a land that's not yours, hoping,  I would die and be sacrificed  like Jesus who was denounced, disowned, by all of his disciple's.  Well, I paid the price.  Was Judged and live to stand-make the claim from the foundation in action and truth!  No Lie, No Game and no tricks!!...I  know, the Devil Is Still a Low Down Dirty Devil! A Leopard never changes it's spots nor a Zebra it's stripes. A debt  is owed and will be paid to the Black Slaves and their descendants who are without Land, Black and no pretending phonies to complete the faith in Divine Wisdom and truth!  God Is-Supreme Lord of the Living Most High! (C) 3/24 2017  Reuben By Faith....Abraham  Isaac and Jacob.  Truth to Truth ...Spirit  to Spirit...Soul to Soul ! Stay Well.  Love self and kind In Black Israel! ' Lest We Forget"  Can't be taken, Bought or Sold!      Sun Son Man of Simeon.  Spirit is Real!   Reuben Beckles

Friday, March 17, 2017

From The King's Highway-Sovereingty And the 'Door of Life' Critical Analysis and Inaction by wanna'be Pretending Blacks!

From the month and ' House Of Pisces- I am Reuben, Seed of Jacob,  Son, Sun Man of Simeon coming to you with no game, tricks or lies!   As a Black Man and Spiritual Linage of Jacob in Black Ancestry, I have no time for foolish game playing and pretense. My actions and concern is about Black folk as slaves in America. I witness as well as many of you, the tremendous games being played across the land by pretending Blacks and Black Judas Sellouts as it relates to solutions by and for Blacks who still have no Sovereignty, Land or true Freedom!  Let's be for real.  White Supremist  have no intention to release you from their clutches of Slavery.  They're living too high and good to entertain anything related to equality and freedom...not to mention the land and birthright they covet. They're all playing a mind game of usury ...using the Black woman to destroy and take your spirit leaving your children in the darkness of ignorance, that is, if she decides to have children.  The game is to have you tip toe through other nations and nationalities-wallowing in integration.  In the end you have nothing!  Not even faith- or spirit. Some of the greatest players in this game of destruction at your expense are Creoles, Mulattoes, coloreds,  Quadrones and Octoroons who have a total different agenda from what you perceive to be brotherhood.  They want your death-your spirit!  Your faith, land, inheritance  and birthright !  Think about this as you walk the streets fighting and hating yourselves as nomads in a country that pretends you're worthless, with no value.  You are the only people whose Ancestry, were stripped from your land, freedom and Sovereignty, now, speaking one language- after being terrorized -Castrated- Lynched -burned and Mutilated -family structure wiped out and given the task of building the foundation of this Country , from sun up to sun down' with no pay! All, while raising his children and denying your own!... even as this Nation and others around the world waxed fat in more ways than monetary.  You have given everything and still not wanted.  It's time to Separate!   I don't mean into the Nation of Islam, they're fighting God and Black Israel (Jacob).   Fighting for others in another Man's Land, is simply put, ( Folly)! insanity!  The reason these other nations and nationalities fight you is because they have integrated within your ranks as a blessed people! Your death, is their blessing! What they owe you would strip them naked and show them for the devilish beasts they are!  ... Black claim from within America stands at ( One Hundred million, Billion Trillion Zillion Dollars in Gold Silver Diamonds -Land, Copyrights Patients with Compounded Interest and other valuables to includes building equipment, tools and other supplies to the land of the Blacks and middles East. A debt owed and pending.  All relative to  Marcus Garvey, Christ and Reuben.   For those who find  themselves in a punk, sissy position disowning this claim-it's best you step aside-hating yourselves, enjoying hell!  You have no sense of self worth, History, Ancestry, common sense or love of self and kind,  hence, no God ! Critical thinking in Black Action is the real meaning behind the Sixties In Faith and action...not fake, waiting on Jesus!  Entering my land in the Rapture and Ascension is and was real, crossing over the Jordan and taking the Spiritual Throne.  If you claim to be a part of this truth-history knowledge and wisdom- then Stand...God be with you!  This is no joke! or play thing  (C) 3/17/ 2017   Reuben Seed of Jacob  and the Kings Highway in the Door of Life!   Love yourself-Your kind ...Knowing ' Lest We Forget"  The Devil is Still a Low down Dirty Devil as a pig is still pork and never changes and my God is the Divine Creator and no pretender!!       Faith  ....Abraham Isaac Jacob   Reuben Beckles