Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Problem for world-Especially America,African Americans, Jews and Sellout relative to Identity Theft!

Those in position of authority here and around the world can no longer hide the truth relative to Jacob and prophecy as we have outlined in our last Blogger-10/22/2011. Prophecy and the sellouts of Blacks on the continent of Africa was put in motion long before the Black slaves arrived on these shores. These folk weren't just Black but Hebrew Israelites sold out because of their believe-faith and prophecy by the greed and selfishness of Black Kings and Queens who controlled the water ways and land mass-The die was cast in Rome and the Sanhedrin Council by transferring knowledge and spirits to Caucasians of Europe-where names and Identities changes took place. It's apex strange as it may seem took place here in America,with the slave trade and the "Civil Rights Movement!" It was during this time many leader's surfaced-but only one stands out in my mind as being on point relative to real solution and freedom for black folk in action-related to prophecy and that was 'Marcus Garvey!" The leaders of that time-was part of the Church-Masons- Activist from Political and Educational institutions-wheeling and dealing for a lot of folk who put their lives on the line thinking real freedom was at hand. Little did many know that a Spiritual sellout would take place of monumental proportions! The truth was who were the real Hebrews, Israelites and Jews to lead the flock ? Many Blacks stayed with the church lead by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -Elijah Muhammad-Nation of Islam. Many good folk named and unnamed came through that time and movement -tired- knowing something strange and wonderful was taking place but ended in dissolution and a dream! People became X's ...others knowing marched! With in the movement the fight was on to make money and take spirits(Identity theft-bought and paid for) same as the slaves in chains and shackles-who labored and was never paid! The real game was to use Black-take and use their Spirits and keep them on the plantation of America while the imposter's would lead the flock to Destroy Jacob and the Divine Prophecy! This was known to both the Church and the Mosques-kill off the real Black Hebrews-Israelites who wouldn't give nor sell their birthright out! The Church would join white America and the Nation of Islam and others would join forces with Esau and Ishmael( Colors-Arabs) There was mounting conflict between Dr. King-Jesse Jackson-Paul Robeson-the White State Of Israel-who had bought many Black Spirits and A. Philip Randolph along with Stokley Carmichael of SNCC ! This Nation-the United Nations and the American Jews were very uneasy because of the creation of this Zionist state and the Arab nation thought to be much stronger than they were knowing that in the face of mounting pressure and war they would have to make (aliyah) as emigrant to their natural homeland-but they didn't believe and were too agnostic in the soul and spirit to" ascent" They were facing The Arab nations of Syria-Jordan-Iraq-the French-Muslim Nations from Morocco to Saudi Arabia-Esau-and Ishmael according to prophecy had no claim to the land .This was and is the same land that after the six day war in 1967- I made (Aliyah) =ascent- into the House of Reuben travelling the Kings highway causing the 'One Day War" 1968 that the Zionist could not enter and take-the birthright nor the land-yet with the help of Black Spirits defeated the entire region of Arab nations-The sellout came to a head in this nation when Dr.King and others accepted this nation instead of their own and told the world to leave those Zionist alone the land was theirs and this was their black homeland-they- meaning his followers and the people he represented. Not true but the die was cast they wanted nothing to do with Reparations or restitution that they were entitled to as stated in prophecy and the good book! The Nation of Islam went about going to war with the Church taking Black spirits demanding Land here knowing it would never happen but there was money to be made and knowledge of my Aliyah or ascension was to be kept quiet at all cost-even by the United States Government! The seal of the sellout became more profound when one of the local weekly newspapers ,The LA Sentinel change there logo from Black Africa with the extension of the mid east to no extension so that there would be no relationship with Israel- instead they placed a map of Africa over the United States -suggesting we are now African-no need for Reparations Justice-Land or Restitution -meaning do what no other people do-forget history and your foundation. Today cries of no Jobs and debt abound. Educated citizens march and occupy places within cities and states-countries around the world as Black slaves and their decendants look on pretending they don't understand-mad -seeing and knowing they didn't believe-hoping they will over come with a lie-that the prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob is real--Your move! (C) 10/25/2011 Reuben seed of Jacob Son of Simeon- Land-Reparations! Restitution! Reuben Beckles

Saturday, October 22, 2011

American Blacks and Decendants refuse to accept Truth of Their Foundation-chains and Shackles-Confusion-No Solution!

Big problems for Blacks in America and their descendants because there was a time limit placed on their situation of slavery in America relative to prophecy and their horrific condition refusing to accept the truth in action placed on a whole race of people ending in Identity Theft-acceptance of the status-quo-in every ones house but their own. Believing we're all alike-same-fighting themselves for everyone-with nothing but a dream for themselves in the end. Not even the solution given by The Lord of Host in the Spirit! This is why they go from Boy-Uncle-Black-colored-Negros- Afro-African Americans-with religious tags that in most cases they themselves don't understand tricked misused and abused!The solution was and is not a game anymore than chains and shackles and mind altering drugs! The solution is no accident. American Caucasians including slaves were put to death if they were found teaching the slaves to read or write. Beaten-lynched-castrated-cattle prod-just for looking at a Caucasian woman! This and more was done to Black males while he had his way with Black women here and on the continent from where Blacks were taken. He was accepted there as a Man-you were not accepted here-not even in animal status. Today in the twenty-first century-you and your descendants are told and expected to do with excellence all those natural God given talents to and for the nation . How insane is that-they took the best you had in the past and gave you nothing-today your descendants are expected to create and die for them to live with something! Especially, in the field of Law and Economics! Strange times in which we live -Blacks living in the Common Wealth of Nations are told-We who are living under The American Constitution are lazy-can't work-won't work don't have the mind to understand "Capitalism" and the American way of life! All this in the face of the foundation-Black Slaves-and knowledge who were brought to these shores in Chains and shackles and paid nothing after being stripped of almost everything! now we're being told that the Caucasian population is dropping-that their brother's across the waters(England) and the conservative party is changing the structure and foundation of their nation which can't be seen by the population at this time-but they're changing!...In part by accepting same sex Marriage ...Citizenship and religion this after being in the forefront of the melting pot! These changes are no different than the changes taking place here in America in relation to Civil Rights where everyone is claiming apart of the sleeping Black pie-even where the "Nation of Cherokee Indians decided they no longer wanted Black Slaves and their descendants to be apart of them! They may even do like the conservative party of England and say to hell with Black adults "adopt the children and turn them into us! Getting back to the dropping population of Caucasians in America is a joke especially when considered in the lite of Mexicans and Latinos now considered and accepted as White-which in my opinion is why immigration policies and Laws are not being enforced and the rise of a colored President whom they're now fighting tooth and nail! Big mistake-President Obama-can't get them into the Promised Land-and can't and won't deal with the real Slave question of Black folk in America! To deal with the immigration situation along the southern border is to deal with the "Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo" showing that Mexico sold their people out for Gold and Silver including the lands within the United States. (Arizona-Texas-California-New Mexico-Colorado. Many of these folk are now claiming through the Catholic Church and secret societies with the help of Black Judas sellouts to be Hebrews Israelites-Jews when these folk weren't even on the planet-as the Originals were and are Black! Many are now trying to flex their muscles demanding Blacks prove who they are-which I will do before I close this Blogger! This because blacks taught Caucasians and gave them Civilization-through the Sanhedrin Council-transferring many Black spirits to White! This gets us back to the real foundation of America and free Slave Labor-Black-sold out by other Blacks on the Continent of now known Africa!...denied and being rejected by some black folk today-nevertheless-fact and true! Consider this in the lite of time as truth unfolds-the majority of Blacks evolving on this land are trying to live out Social Economical Communism-in a European Capitalistic System-called the United States Of America! This experience is phony-lacks wisdom and Justice-as it keeps an entire race of people killing one another trying to rise to what they think is the top-only to find out what real IDENTITY THEFT IS...requiring Divine intervention! I now give you an extension of the Royal Kings Highway and the Mountain Top=the Gulf Of Aqaba to the point of EZion Gerber-Israel ending in Damascus-not Caucasian -Black! Reuben Seed Of Jacob Son Of Simeon-and not by Anonymous Proxy (C) @10/22/2011 Reuben Beckles ...A Declaration of Independence! A Statement Of Truth! Black Power! Reuben will now complete my ID in action for those who think I'm an O.G. A game player or some such foolishness who needs an Anonymous Proxy to speak in my behalf. The name means behold the Son- he who grew up by the Water! Pisces stands for Moral standards, faith-key word-I Believe. In Masonry Pisces represents Sovereign Grand Inspector General-33rd Degree and beyond metaphorically depicted as a Fish moving upstream against all odds!" It's also an astrological term as a representation of the 12Th house as the Most High Lord of Host! It's a constellation of the 12Th sign of the zodiac. The term Pisces means 'The Fishes' -the vernal equinox a point where the sun crosses an extension of the earth's equator-beginning of spring in Pisces...with this knowledge I entered the struggle for freedom and Justice for the slaves and Black folk in the wilderness of North America-found the Wisdom and truth of the King's Highway and God's Supreme House in the east! For those who disbelieve, that's on them! Restitution, Reparation, Justice and a Tsunami we came from the foundation up-try this solution for America and slaves and their descendant's relative to unpaid free labor!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cause and Effect-Anonymous proxy-Elimination policy-Black Foundation!

The truth and policy behind the above title is rooted in experience-knowledge-wisdom and deep rooted selfishness and greed in the American system which has been exported around the world and sustain by Black Judas sellouts in all parts of this nation. This accounts for the distrust and chaos here and around the world as they feel nothing for truth and Justice as they sell wolf tickets to all who buy something for nothing-as long as the price is right-talking the moral high ground-in schools-churches-mosques-secret societies-where ever they find a listening ear and money can be made-which is why they never speak to the real foundation of America-the Black slaves bought and sold like sardines-sub-humans working like animals-slave laborers who were never paid yet told you're free to work hard and work towards possible integrated citizenship while they create wars to eliminate the males-turn your mothers into harlots-daughters into Barbe dolls on this massive plantation! Their Cause ...Fear-Greed and Jealousy. Translation=Independence and money! If this is not so Blacks would be Sovereign on their continent today taking care of their business! Instead we're given Anonymous Proxy-and politically they speak for you in behalf of their system the effect -clowns-wannabes-pretenders leading the flocks over the cliff hating themselves! Blacks are given organizations that never speak to the truth of their foundation and it's solution because it would effect the real foundation of this nation and the world-Spiritually-politically-Economically and socially! Today we have the Black Caucus-and a return of the Civil Rights movement of the Sixties! This is because of the "One Day War" 1968-The attempt of the Caucasian Zionist to take over the Promised Lands relative to Jacob's Land and the original Twelve Houses because they thought they had bought off the originals and taken their spirits-given rise to the nation of Islam who would finish taking or breaking the spirit of the rest-known to MalcolmX and Dr King Jr.Both were assassinated while using the political arm of the United States and the United Nations-who all hate Jacob-wanting the Birth Right-not for sale-God stepped in with Divine intervention-relative to the foundation-twelfth House-Israel-Reuben-Black-taught and known all over the world. The people and nations of the world know this and hate Jacob whom they claim was a theft-opting for the treachery and false claims of Esau and Ishmael...Oil Producing Nations! This nation wants the birth Right as the house on the Hill-knowing they all missed the mark and can't stand the truth knowing Reuben a Black man-seed of Jacob walked the Kings Highway and entered the land- door of life and returned to his people in America-Alive!...claiming Justice for the slaves-sold here in chains and shackles claiming-Land Restitution Reparations putting out a formula for obtaining same! This was and is the true meaning of the sixties-self and kind for Black Power-Divine intervention and Seed Of Jacob (Reuben) and love for self and kind...the prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob! The term Civil Rights being used today is nothing more than a trick to claim relevant for the melting pot of integration -it has nothing to due with the real freedom and Justice or Land for black slavery and their descendants-wisdom or the Kings highway or the action taken by yours truly(Reuben)! Certainly not as Isis-would describe her self in the Book of the dead as evil and the joy of her pink womb! Lesbian and gay rights could never make the kings High way while thinking they are as much Man as Man a major problem of young girls and boys in todays society. As I've said before this nation and organizations know they missed the mark relative to "Gods Door" as billions of dollars poured into the Black communities across the nation-but not into the hands of the needy-nor did it solve the nations problems as it relates to race relations because it wasn't meant to solve the real problems-it was meant to destroy Black folk and their claim as slave black folk who came here in chains and shackles-got nothing for free labor -but a head ache -lynched-castrated-broken homes and families- poor schooling if any-put in positions to join armed forces in distance wars not of their own making-or go to jail! You name the condition Blacks suffered...not to mention those who died on the high seas before arriving in the land of the free! The claim begins in or around the time of (1863) compounded interest daily=Reparations-Restitution-Land! The side shows today are games to take black minds off the real truth-the real problems! Lest We Forget plans are being made on the Political and Economical fronts-to completely do away with the people in Black and your participation in this land and around the world-Judas is running scarce but not asleep-stay well-demand what's yours-you owe it to allot of folk who came before you! (c) @ 10/14/11 Reuben Seed of Jacob son of Simeon Reuben Beckles