Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Why no replay of Sixties will work-Jesus-Moses God gave the prophecy truth Land and Wisdom-not wanted by Majority of Black Slaves in willderness of North America=Karma -Cause and Effect!

Why no replay of sixties, because you would have been born on another planet out in space  not to know blacks and current descendants were brought to these shores against our will in chains and shackles, stripped of everything including language, families, land and culture.  Lynched, beaten, raped, castrated, water hosed sold and traded like cattle, put into the pit holds of this rotten demonic system to be abused and misused by Caucasians slave masters and money changers- usury of the highest degree, who now live in denial with the blessings of Black Judas Sellouts telling the flock to love them unconditionally !!  What kind of insane nonsense is this?  When you return home, to your heaven, on your own land-every body  will be lovey dove breaking bread together.  One family of bloodsucking vampires and sissies.  How's that for Justice?   How interesting and ironic that so many of us were willing to leave these shores,  fight themselves and kind for white devils and Satan within the money machine of Corporate America.  Exclude, yours truly, from this insanity as I refused to be apart of this madness and was called ( Psycho)!  So be it-I didn't go!  At an early age I realized the real war was not over seas but right here- on this land!  The sad truth, members of my family refused to take such a stand...some on Land-some in the Air and others under Admiralty Law and into the fraternal order of the deep!  As an insult, some had the gall to use my name to enter the lands beyond the Jordan.  In every case both, Male and Female they failed.  When I asked them what they had answer came forth.  They too, returned to these shores hoping to be accepted-not understanding a Zebra never changes it's stripes nor does a Leopard it's spots-while a pig is still a pig-with no feeling!  What family members and others refuse to talk about in a state of denial is that the Prophecy Of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob is real !  Jacob's Seed was the focal point of all this madness in the form of usury envy and jealousy, was and is the Land and Birthright of Reuben-foundation of Black Israel-chosen  by God in the Spirit-coveted by Judas and the Nations of the World !  Would you believe in your Synagogues-Churches-Mosques in Masonry and Shrinedom, other areas of hidden knowledge, yours truly,Reuben's Action and God's Divine Intervention and Judgment is not only cause for concern but labeled  (Terrorist!)...knowing that they are non believers in prophecy and failed in ISIS!  "The One Day War! Couldn't walk the Kings Highway or fight the Phony State of White Israel! It's hard for many to believe I took an Action relative to information spread throughout the fifty states within this Corporate State of America, concerning the mental state and condition of the slaves ending in the fires of Watts!"  These actions and many others brought into focus Elijah Mohammad and Muslims, Bishops within the Christian Churches claiming Jacob stole the Divine Birth Right of Esau as the Money making machine of White Aryan Jews-claiming the birthright of Judah through conversion(Askinazism )  Spain -Portugal conversion(Sephardim-through the Sanhedrin Council of Black Jewery, facilitated by Egypt-Vatican-Greece and Ethiopia.  After all is said and done it was my introduction to the "Herald Dispatch Weekly News Paper here in Los Angeles, owner and publisher-Mr Sanford Alexander that sealed my destiny and opened the Doors of heaven to my God and the truth therein!  So-all the talk and more talk means nothing without faith in action !   Malcolm X who was raised by Mr Alexander found this out too late  as did Dr King  who gave a portion of the promised Land to the vampires of Europe receiving the Noble Peace Prize for what he thought would be he and his followers acceptance! Will the Sixties be replayed ?  No!  Many Black Slaves are now paying the price too Karma and Lucifer-thinking they to will enter heaven-fighting God the Creator as they covet the Divine Creation!   (C)   Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun-Son of Simeon By faith in faith I Am !             Reuben Beckles       11/26/2014           

Monday, November 10, 2014

Supreme Wisdom In Action and Black Caught Slave owners Off Guard Here And Around The World!

For sometime now-the minds European and American families have been waxing fat living high at the expense of those not given to the mastery of complete criminality of mind control and actions of the innocent those believing in upright values and rule of fair play and conduct.  The game of the slave owners is to control the world through their consent of voting.  control the money value that has no value in substance except what is claimed on paper.  Promote  malicious lies and deceit from person to person nation to nation-culture to culture in a system of debasement and dehumanization rooted in color and class with Black always on the bottom using suntan lotion and skin creme as some phony defense against being Black and beautiful. White supremacy moved across the globe from Sweden and Switzerland through Zionism and IMF-Money changers with Black Judas sellouts as destroyers of Cultures land and people found themselves in the forefront of a gigantic scheme to destroy Blacks benefiting Whites from Egypt, Ethiopia the Vatican and across the Continent of Africa,' Land of the Blacks and the middle east!  The Slave trade method was taught by Black selfish greedy scumbags whose only interest in humanity was ruler ship and wealth.  All this activity included the Moors with the Mulattoes created by France aided by Spain and the great state of Louisiana who felt nothing then nor now for Blacks.  We know that during Slavery Blacks were taught to Submit to Whites and their Children-distrust one another and hate themselves.  Serve and give all to these White Devils(Listen to What They Call themselves along with their Imp servants...Judas sellouts-Creoles, Octoroons-Quadroons!...taught to love White God  and give the essence of their Souls and Spirits to this Satanic force through their religion of action and love.  Despise and never listen too or give their best to their kind or  Black Divine Creator!  These folk have been so successful for so long because Blacks have been killing dying and taking the heat for the benefit of these demons that atrocities and insane bestial  activities has become the order of time and day or so it seems.  But their time for rule has ended (666,000 years)! These folk have plundered and raped the earth-peoples and resources  helped by the enforcers Of War and Political Constitutional  consent.  Representation by these thugs and gangsters complete authority to do what they want in the governs name!  Oil as a foundation it drives the Corporate State-the United States and the foundation of Slavery.  Black people that was never paid for free Labor! The debt has now come due and payable to the Black descendants-which includes Land from where we were sold and taken then told to vote for the same folk who placed us in our current condition!  These folk say we are not owed -they don't have the wealth or ability to do what's required by International and Divine Law!  Well, what drives the nation corporate state and this system around the world?  Vast resources of every nature and kind with the most obvious Oil...Exxon  Mobil  Chevron  Gulf  Texaco BP and Shell-for starters!  When you  as so-called Black citizens vote you are really voting to maintain your continued enslavement and the status quo!  Do you know these folk that have been bought off through the Churches and other religious houses, secret orders, Political entities?  Truth is even White folk are waking up to the Slave dilemma their own have placed them in. They too must pay to Cause and Effect ( Karma) the Benefactors of all this insanity along with the Black Judas sellouts!  There will be no Hiding Place!  It is what it is, truth!  (C)  Reuben   11/10/2014   Seed Of Jacob-Sun, son Of Simeon  Action from the Kings High Way (House of Israel )   Land  Reparations Restitution Examine facts as action is required-No Lie-No Trick No Game!  I am what the spirit is...Truth-I Am!             Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

If you don't know Slavery is over and Black is Beautiful while claiming brotherhood in white Superiority as Black-you're not only in denial- you're in big trouble!

Yes, Black is Beautiful,  yet slavery remains rooted in white culture in a state of denial by both Black and White !  Slavery relative to Black by tradition and conditioning was and is enforced by brutality of insane bestial action of the physical and mental.  With the introduction of color and White Supremacy many Blacks find it difficult to grow up and leave this insane madness where it belongs in the laps of the giver and enforcer!  Here's the catch in the entire equation- while Whites were dancing for joy thinking White was and is Superior to Black, whites were looking upon their wealth in the form of paper money as God made possible by the gigantic venture of International Slavery and free labor on the part of Blacks.  Well a funny thing happened in this system that has white folk all over the place screaming for mercy and peace...The IMF, controlled by the money changers, Bankers (white folk) here and aboard don't give one damn for their white Brothers who willingly gave their consent to be govern by these blood sucking vampire sissies. Hence, placed themselves in slavery.  These White Folk and their superior attitude find themselves locked in mortal combat with their White Zionist Brothers deep in the pits of Economical and Political Slavery!  So-called Jews against Gentiles-both of whom felt nothing using Blacks as Canon fodder.  Both groups laughed  and talked Law all over the place mocking Blacks who are and were criminalized under the weight of Law...criminal-common-international-Divine Law! As long as they had real value in money around the world their Man-hood, their game was tight-but things have changed and both find themselves as Pawns In The Game! the American system with funny money, owing the Black Slaves what value of property-life and money they have because of enforced Slavery and free Slave Labor across the board relative to land and their Black descendants!  Justice is something Else! Can't you see Black folk lining the Highways headed for Air ports and Harbor Ports leaving the Greatest Country in the World going Home to attend to their own kind and destiny.  Under International-Divine Law, this is Black freedom...Sovereignty Land Reparations and Restitution leaving White Supremacy to WHITE FOLK in all it's purest forms of Denial! the way, this includes Black Judas sellouts who have been paid moving in and out of the White banner of Acceptance!  A Leopard doesn't change it's spots.  A pig is still pork.  A fish will swim up stream against all currents to reach it's destiny-no compromise and a elephant is still heavy as is the history of Blacks in the Corporate State of America- United States!  The truth and fact are in and on the table!  Mind and time will dictate the Action of Justice.    Check out our Last three Blogger!  Real Freedom!  Black Justice!  Truth Must Be Faced!  (C) 11/5/2014. From the Kings High Way-Reuben  Seed of Jacob-Sun son of Simeon-  No Trick- No Game -No Lie!         Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Truth for Black slaves wanting real freedom!

A righteous thought in action that loves it's self and kind is a powerful instrument in the site of it's creator.  If Black folk in this land produce all good things for all except  for self and kind then moan groan and beg after giving their wealth away-whose fault is that?  You have land and knowledge that's yours-but you claim it's not yours because you refuse to take action to reclaim it knowing in the recesses of your mind it does  indeed belong to you and your kind then you are seen as a fool even by your most hypocritical enemies!  A leopard doesn't change it's spots because you may wish it so it's still a Leopard in the animal kingdom!  Just like the fish who travels many miles against tremendous currents to reach it's destination- it's his mind set it's destiny and no one can change it. To alter it's course is a dangerous situation-because in the end you'll lose your own life not realizing it's value!  Today is a voting day across the land-regardless to whom you vote for the Blood hungry vampires thirst for power will remain the same...with blacks on the bottom...saying what's up! If you vote for the right or left you'll get the same vampires sissies and thugs and they do not change spots only face because the game remains the same.  The point is that unless you put your spirit life and souls on the  line for land truth and justice it will never happen-you can  take that to the bank of reality!  This devil is not playing a game!  The reality of the Tsunami  relative to Divine Prophecy and the seed of Jacob is no game...a Tsunami starts at the bottom like an earthquake and comes to the top-all and everything is touched.  This happened in the sixties by the feet, yours truly Reuben, seed of Jacob.  Leadership across the board know it because it happened from the foundation up!...they sold out -got paid by the Satanic forces got Mad, knowing they represent Judas sellouts.  They got caught and couldn't understand how would God choose  the feet over the head.  It's because the head knew the truth like those in between and refuse to move in Action a righteous and Divine manner for the children of Israel-prodigal Suns and Daughters in the nature of the Aliyah-Rapture!  It was the Muslims of  America through their Leader Min. Louis Farrakhan who asked the Question "Who Ever Heard Of The Feet Leading The Head?...I said in an Answer to him and others...Via the Final Call-while working for the Herald Dispatch-Mr Sanford Alexander Newspaper-If the leaders and folk were asked to move and make known the Divine will of the Creator  and none moves but the Feet  by Faith -then Call the Creator-ask him...I didn't place my Feet on the Kings High Way as the heavens opened and I entered the Lands described in Prophecy. It was God-I moved by Faith-Check the record and the Book of Life!  It's Action from the Bottom up-not just talk that will win the day of Time...No game -No Lie -no Trick!   By Faith in Action Reuben Seed Of Jacob-Sun of Simeon to God and Ancestors-I Am !  (C)  11/4/2014                  Reuben Beckles

Monday, November 03, 2014

Talk about-Soverienty -Black Justice Reparations Restitution and Debt owed for free labor Is Just and Correct but talk alone will not get Job done!

This situation has been talked about and studied for along time and has become fashionable by pimps hustlers and phony leaders right across the landscape of America-the Diaspora and around the world relative for Black folk still wallowing under the cause and effects of crimes and destruction against Black humanity!  The reason for so much talk and game playing as I Reuben, see it, is that Blacks are perceived as just talker's when it comes to justified self interest now and in the future based on past and present atrocities.  This inability of black folk to understand the seriousness of their condition is nothing  more than a' hope to die plague' that's perpetuated through attrition to weaken, demoralize and eventually destroy Black folk across the board.  These Satanic blood sucking-money hungry sissies and their glorified lustful Black Judas sellouts warriors and brothers pretending love in behalf of black folk are the real problems in sheep clothing.  In the diaspora and other parts of the world we see the leaders of country's  selling their people and resources out to European and American economic and political systems while their people suffer in real poverty.  Blacks in America on the other hand are given phony integration status and education that allows the so-called educated to set up a middle class for destruction not realizing they're next, which gives you talking time of Reparations Restitution! time for action and land( Separation) and the real Solution relative to Divine truth!   In my development as a Man in this nation I learned  that Equality and Brotherhood is a two way street that we are not wanted nor needed at this point in time  here and around the world.  So-called rulers have no intention to extent the hand of real brotherhood and payment of long over due debt to those whom they owe for free black labor , language culture, destruction of any and everything original and Black!  While working for Mr Sanford Alexander owner and publisher of the weekly Herald Dispatch Newspaper here in Los Angeles, by faith I learned many things not stated nor told.   One of the most important elements within the Divine order of things  is Faith-Time  and Action!   This is why I was able to move in action under Divine Law and order of things and as Reuben  Seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon- my actions brought forth "Watts- knowledge distributed here and around the world not asking for funds or wondering if it was permissible to do what had to be done for self and kind...knowing God is!  Through Divine Intervention in action-I found the Kings High Way-Walked it!  Walked into the Land of Israel and took the Throne on the other side of the Jordan a place and Land I was not aware of until action was taken-Defeated Isis-Her Sex and Book of the dead that she and others used like Samson to take me over-well she and her army failed and I ran her into hell which brought about "The One Day  War-!968!" where the Zionist of America and around the World failed as imposter's in the Middle East trying to steal the Promised Land of Jacob's Land  and prophecy!  Returning to America the government of this land through their law enforcement entities-court system, Lawyers and Psychiatry-industry of death-they all tried to have me placed under their jurisdiction to be tried as insane (DEATH)!   all their efforts failed.. The Man the Land and purpose is not for sale! I'm not here to die for folly and foolishness-Divine intervention God-the I Am is real in Action!  If the black leadership and slaves in America are real of purpose Action must follow thought and talk- given Black History of Blacks in this Land try this on for size... "You say you have Faith -their a Problem that must be solved ! Slave Mas'sa say's no-you're not entitled but you know other wise-knowing this is not your land or system  pointing(East-West-North and South-in the Elements of Fire Air Earth And Water! Your Land from whence you were sold before coming here was and Is "Land Of The Black Continent! ...and Middle East!  Set your mind Clock for your time to act by flooding the High Ways across the Land to Ports of Harbors and air terminals leaving this land for your home and relatives -individuals families  self and kind!  You ask what point will this serve?  You are showing your determination for self determination involving your Divine Spiritual Destiny in relation to the great Tsunami and let Divine Intervention do the rest!    Such was the case in the turmoil of the Sixties when yours truly From the House of Pisces took an Action and walked by Faith from the foundation up!... No game , No trick! God Is...I Am!  Talk and Death or Action- Solution.  Reuben   Seed Of Jacob-Sun -son Of Simeon   Faith!  The folk who tell you -you can't, live in fear and have no faith for and into the future-I know having walked into the door of Life! (C) 11/3/2014            Reuben Beckles