Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Black Judas sellout Devil running in Chaos but can't hide from Truth and solution!

Let's get to the point and stay on point relative to Black Slavery in America because this is what my website and blogger-you tube and twitters are about ...Identity, Sovereignty, Freedom and Truth in Black!  Knowing we are in a Spiritual War coming from and being a Spiritual people is the problem with these educated lying so called leaders who talk out of both sides of their mouth about brotherhood and justice but use the flock to live high at the expense of the foundation-the poor-the needy who wallow in poverty because of the effects of slavery in chains and shackles-broken homes-demoralization of the spirit and poor education if any!  These lying hypocrite's know and crave acceptance in and under the white demons penis craving his woman has put them and the world on a path of total destruction because they feel nothing for Prophecy!  There have been Black men in this country who have come forth with Wisdom-Knowledge and understanding who knew and understood this land was and is not ours and there would never be real freedom and sovereignty between the Caucasian and Black Man.  The Black man's understanding of Brotherhood is totally different.  Blacks understanding is to raise whites to a point of Civilize behavior relative to the Divine Spirit-the White mind See's this as weakness and capitalized on it with force of arms and destruction while invading black lands emulating the culture and turning the Black woman into his harlot -the Great Whore in the book of Revelation-and she knows it which is why the jails are full of Black Men today-in the wars that Black men fight and die in (80-90 percent are Black) wars that are set in motion by White folk aided by Black Judas sellouts and their partners in crime-Mulattoes-Creole-Octroons-Quadroons a mixture of Black and White for the benefit of White and the extinction of Black and this accounts for decaying Black communities across the land and not even the American Indians want anything to do with Blacks in this country by taking away their citizenship!  This knowledge isn't just known by the leadership within their circle but by many of the flock they serve-Politically-Religiously -Financially and Educationally! Some of the great giants who did their home work and knew a separation must take place were Dr. Ben-Dr. Clark -as well as Chancellor Williams...Black men just to name a few among the many along with the action of Marcus Garvey who's actions spoke to the heart and soul  of a people yearning to be free from the melting pot of insanity!  What I have learned by action to this very day is the real problem doesn't just rest with the great whore- but the Mulattoes whom his White Father doesn't want and in many cases took his head off is now hiding in the knowledge of Black as a lie for White trying to take over the land of the Black in the Womb of the white woman under the term of Love Unconditional! These are the folk who represent this evil demonic spirit trying to block the truth of Identity Theft-Reparations-Restitution and Land-relative to Africa and Israel being Black of which they're not! If you really take notice of the Latinos-Mexicans on the rise as (Jews-converted from Christendom) to be a part of the spirit and culture of a people  they were never apart of as they were and are created from the Indian and Spanish people a people like the white Caucasians who were never apart of the peoples and culture in that Black part of the World-their purpose today...destroy Black for White! So now, what's the problem...the truth and Solution-this is not the Black Man's Land!  the foundation is Chains and Shackles-a debt of free labor with compounded interest -the Spiritual action and recognition of Reuben Israel-Black Man walking the Kings Highway and entering the door of life and the "One Day War' out of the fires of Watts and the dungeon of the Los Angeles Police Department!  Where was the Judas Sellouts-the phonies...the Great Whore who feels nothing for the Black Man-Prophecy of Abraham Isaac Jacob or the Divine of God in Action!   Reuben (C) May/23/2013        Reuben seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon             Reuben Beckles

Monday, May 20, 2013

Culture War and Black Slavery Of Black Americans-Past-Present-Solution for Future!

As Black folk let's stop being pimped and be for real!  America is not the common wealth of nations-that term belongs to Europe-this Slave State is called a Democratic Republic-set up by free Black Slave labor-for White folk and it remains so today! Slavery and Free Labor is it's foundation and no other people on the planet can claim this truth-Chains-Shackles-Broken Homes-Language Destruction-Auction Block- Animal Status-Lynching and demoralization-stripped from an entire Land mass called Africa!  Across the country their are mass graduations taking place.  Many of these folk are Black attending Black Universities, told they're leaders of yesterday and the future and they believe that talk until you examine the facts and truth as they return home to Mom and Dad with no Job or prospects and a hundred thousand dollar unpaid educational debt!  Pull yourselves up by your  boot strap -become self reliant is the motto of one Black University in the South-Morgan-where President Obama spoke as he states-A Black Man which I don't believe for a minute!  This is because he's to busy taking care of White folk business in the White house and his thought process like many around him is void of melanin the creative force in Black folk that allows them to think and create from not just a human point of view but spiritually in the divine especially in these chaotic times! At this point in time it doesn't matter what organization or groups Black folk belong too they're all part of the melting pot-controlled by the same diabolical demonic folk who made it possible for Blacks to be here and continue the lie -you're free with nothing but a dream and Civil Rights! The Medical Professionals-Religious leaders -Politicians-Heads and members of Clandestine secret societies-Governmental entities across the board are all in on this gigantic conspiracy to hold Black folk in check-in ignorance as they aid and abet the demoralization and destruction of Black folk in this land telling you you're not entitled  To Restitution-Reparations and Land for yourselves and kind keeping you down as Educated beggar's!  Here in Los Angeles, if you are a real leader concerned about the nation(the  flock) you will go to Jail and be charged with a with a trumped up charge for anything that Carry's prison time-beaten in their police dungeon -hand cuffed-thrown into a place called the hole in the dark-fed once a day-though a hole on the bottom of a metal plated door while sleeping on a concrete floor and only the spirit and truth of what you stand for relative to your God will pull you through-this is a fact in action-it  happened in (1964) The guilty believed they had gotten away-one year to their day of action(1965 Watts was on Fire)!  My God is no play thing! From 1964-65-66-67-68 many profound situations were taking place relative to Black truth -Dr King and his group selling out Black Israel and the Land of Palestine-Canaan to the Satanic forces knowing they were phonies-causing Identity theft  and destruction on a mass scale which would be the same as to how slaves were brought here in chains and shackles.  The sad part is how he was made a hero by his Frat brothers, given a museum and in front of the building is a statue of Gandhi-his mentor who felt nothing for Black!  It was Dr Kings pronouncement and sellout that in part gave rise to the (1968 One Day War) Because we had sent spiritual in formation to that part of the world-state-Justice Department and White House under Lyndon Johnson concerning our demands for the slaves and our concerns for the Lands on the other side of the fertile crescent-Reuben, Gad and Half Tribe of Manasseh-but these folk were only interested in discovery and nine tenth of the Law thievery!  They and Isis were wiped out=Divine intervention!   Prophecy and my God is no punk! If you think this is insane while Black folk on the continent were selling out to anything white on the land of the Blacks to keep Blacks here from returning home. N'COBRA in the name of Black reparations were selling out for crumbs and acceptance -felt nothing for the responsibility of the nation or it people-today they have funny money -no land and not accepted- such is the way of Judas who made it possible for (75-80 percent) of Blacks to die in the Wars of Korea and Vietnam-fighting a Caucasian war and these present day wars are no different! Pure insanity! This foolishness was taking place while I was being told by a government entity who handles SSI money to the needy that it was a blessing created by Theodore Roosevelt in the early thirties to prevent starvation. Blacks owed him a debt and should be thankful!  I say solve the problem not more institutionalized slavery but I believe and know Sovereignty and Land is the real solution and freedom!  Where do educational leaders who have accepted the crumbs not believing in Melanin-Prophecy and their God, go? If you go in the way of truth -prophecy as a Black Man in this nation that does not want solution you will pay a price as freedom is not free the solution is not going away and the foundation of chains and shackles and non payment of real debt with compounded interest at today's going rate is the only way to go-to live and survive with self and kind!  Reuben (C) May/20/2013  Land -Restitution-Reparations  Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon-Lest We Forget!  No substitute no Identity Theft!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Real Slave Of America,Running in Fear as they become the real Sissies and Punks within the Third World They Created!

 As in  the past I've written much concerning the foundation of America...Chains and Shackles and continued Black Slavery.  Today, let's pull the covers off the real slaves Judas! ...and there commitment to the real Satanic demons hiding out here and what they call Israel! The Caucasian Zionist state!  Their real aim is too destroy all thought and action of Jacob Seed and Black Israel in Prophecy replace it with what they call Jesus and unconditional love through the Christian Church backup by the Nation of Islam supposedly created for Black Liberation that would be run by White and Colored folk (Mulattoes) with people like President Obama, at the head as he pretends to be Black-which he's not!  The real Slaves on the bottom who built the foundation of this Nation and their descendants  were and are to be wiped out by demoralizing them on all fronts which is why the new media -police department along with the Money Capitalists who create Jobs keep the black negative image before the world-thugs-pimps-street walkers in abundance with no apparent value.  Karen Bass a female politician  can call for a public meeting to discuss Black school children in crisis-a crisis which she and others in the system created by giving the impression it's all about money!  You have mega Church leaders across the land  TD Jake's- Bishop Long-whom the Zionist just made a King- Bishop Blake of Los Angeles-Rev. Price not too long ago was declared and made a Prophet....these folk and more within the Christian association and leadership keep the flock ignorant and in Slavery!  You don't even hear them speak of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob-let alone the real people of Israel!  I have no intention to let the so-called Black Muslim off the hook who are also pimping the innocent as taught from Elijah Muhammad and picked up by Minister Louis Farrakhan within the Nation of Islam!  If the truth be told and they know it they are pimping and preaching using knowledge of Black with the format of Ishmael and Esau-envious and jealous enemies of Prophecy in action of Jacob!  These people-Esau and Ishmael along with those of Egypt and Ethiopia have been bought by Aryan Caucasian Zionist to keep the hell going in the east and Jacob( Black Israel out of that area which gets us back to the shores of America the Justice Department and the Mulattoes of this land who destroyed the Marcus Garvey-Back to Africa movement along with those of the (AMC) Christian!  The pay off-some measure of acceptance that Blacks can see today was a low down dirty sham that was suppose to have been full filled with another sell out called the Civil Rights Movement where Dr. King and that bunch went all the way crazy for crumbs and a job! However, the demoralization of Blacks was not complete without two remaining elements.  The first was the acceptance by the masses of jobs-funny  money and a disclaimer of themselves as Black and their foundation of Slavery! All groups across the nation-large and small were mobilized-Religious-Education-Legal-Political-Medical and especially the females through the church-Mosques-Unions-Sororities Eastern Stars-Masons-Shriner's  you name it they were all in this gigantic scheme to integrate the melting pot! In 1995-with the help of the Black political Caucus Congressman, Conyers introduce H.R. 891-Called A Bill for African Americans Slavery remedies( Reparations)  Money was given to study the facts-money was given and taken under the Table-the die was cast-real Black men were taken out of the homes-jails were full and inner cities educators moved out of the city-leaving the poor and uneducated to go for self-in the wilderness of North America! The problem was and is a situation the major player couldn't see nor believe-Prophecy in Jacob-and the seed- Reuben!  Not belonging to any organization or group-In Action the Aliyah-Rapture was made the King' Highway Walked-Identity Theft was met head on! The destruction of Black folk failed-Isis was dethroned-and the Land of Reuben-Gad and half Tribe of Manasseth let the world know God in Israel-Black was and is Alive and is not going for the insane dumb stuff-that what goes around comes around-you Reap what you Sow! We know and understand many Blacks in America don't want the reality of Marcus Garvey who was sold out by his own in the Grand Bahamas for a pot of Rice-the Action was correct!  Just because many Israelite who wander in the desert for forty years didn't make to Exodus wrong-and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his educated followers who sold themselves out to slavery in this system can't tell me and mine I should walk over the cliff with them because they had no faith as non-believers. Their acts was hatred of themselves as Blacks knowing as they sit in this world in chaos mad...because that which they gave up is real -the Prophecy in Faith-Abraham-Isaac and Jacob-  Reuben Seed of Jacob.  Land not for Sale-We gave Love-you sent envy greed and hatred in Id theft-there is no Unconditional love here-Chains and Shackles are gone -mind is clear and free...the real slaves are those working to up hold an unjust system of lies and deceit for the benefit of the educated slave masters(c) may 11/2013  Reparations-Restitution and land-"Lest We Forget"! If what I say in this Blogger is a Lie-not true I have a comment button-do As I have done-put my life and spirit on the line relative to slavery-truth -self and kind-...As does my God... I Live!     Reuben Beckles

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Last few Bloggers seemed too have created concern because now is the time for action and deeds in truth and fact!

There is something wrong with a country and it's people when they refuse to accept fact and truth as something weird-to be avoided like UFO's that the rulers and leaders claim is a figment of the seer's imagination because they-the ruler's and leaders over what they claim is their sovereign territory-built by Black Slaves and free labor. It's no accident Blacks of this nation en mass do not perform Educationally as well as other nationalities who come here from other parts of the world-this includes the land mass of Africa from whence we came-stripped of everything-or so these demons thought to make the good slave! We are told and shone all peoples after going through a form of mass destruction and genocide are entitled too and given in some form restitution-reparations that paves the way for there re-entry into civilized human activities.  This includes-Japanese-Germany-American Indians and those who live under cover of Identity Theft-Caucasian Zionist-whom the world calls Jews... the record and people know it's a lie! The lie continues to this very day because of the money key and knowledge these folk have concerning Black Slaves of America and the Mulattoes who call themselves Black while the Caucasians were buying many slaves off spiritually from within and out of the church to say nothing. They became porch monkeys. Today many of these folk are called activist leaders in Black communities-Teachers in schools-Musicians across the land-Craftsmen in the trade industry-Politicians-Ministers- Military-FBI-CIA and many other Clandestine organizations and crafts across the board.  Many Slaves have been brought and paid for losing their spirits and souls to white Zionists-singing their praises and cannot move for themselves and kind in a righteous manner! ...examples-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -Malcolm X-President Obama and many others Black folk!  This is why Blacks Seem to act so foolish when matters of importance dictate Black men stand firm and strong before themselves, God -families and the world! They can't like Samson-Adam and Eve-they gave up the Spirit and replaced it with an illusion-fun and game!  President Obama's Presidency represents The Black woman and White Power and the colored Man without the Black Man!  All is well, they have arrived-they think!  His  ascension into the White House means we gave you the illusion of freedom-Jobs and integration and a Black President along with the poorest white women you can find and her Black counter part! But the truth of it all-the real Black Man in this Nation-knowing himself-God and purpose knows the truth relative to the foundation of Slavery in this Land said and says this is not Freedom-to Hell with this-the fight isn't in some distant Land -but here!...and brought forth "Watts"-The Rapture -Aliyah and the Wisdom Of the Kings Highway!...The object of it all was  and is Identity Theft the Land and House Of Reuben-Seed of Jacob and not the illusion of Freedom and Sovereignty but the reality of the Spirit God-Faith and Land In Prophecy of the Black Man and the "One Day War" of 1968!  ...In Action as Truth stands on it's own and nothing short Of Land -Restitution and Reparations will work!  The Man Marcus Garvey-knew it-this time around it cannot AND WILL NOT be denied and God is not for Sale!  Reuben-seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon Black Man! (C) May9th/2013            Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Solution In Truth-Action to Be Takenj By Black Slaves Of America-Not tne Common Wealth Who gave up their Souls and Spirit in submission to the Devil In the Name of Jesus!

      Divine Black truth has been in the Universe and on the planet in the beginning-on time in time...East, West North and South so,  the solution relative to Black Slavery in America, should be and is simple in the form of solution!  It was not the gun that put Black folk in slavery -chains and shackles it was those who had knowledge of the spirit-those in the houses of religious orders right across the board!   Their greed and selfishness envy and hate has been and is so profound that words are not sufficient to match their deeds-which they cover with terms like love-things are getting better!  Why do I speak on the topic of Solution and Slavery in America, it's because I'm concern and qualified-with my spirit and soul intact and I refuse to be a door mat-a Slave! As a Black man and Hebrew in the line of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-seed of Jacob Son of Simeon coming in the faith of the twelfth house of Israel(Reuben)I am A Man-A King -A parent and Father not playing games to hide and die in the name of Jesus for lying hypocrites-as most of these folk are the same as the disciples of Christ who couldn't wait for  him to die while denouncing him to save themselves.  So it is with the Black Slaves in America, running in and out of religious houses across this land in a system and land that not theirs!  The fact that they lend themselves to be used for the benefit of others or fight and die for folk that feel nothing for them is ignorance especially, ending up at the end of the day with nothing for themselves and kind!  Across the land in this  the twenty first century The Slaves, Black folk are Crying moaning and groaning because they have no jobs, money in the bank-because they own no banks-no power in the political arena-or educational institutions-as they pimp people like Maxine Waters - Karen Bass and others to come into Black communities and tell us "The State Of Black Education" has left the So Called Black African America Student In Crisis"!   You're telling me and the world top politicians and educators are that ill informed? I don't believe it for a minute any more than I believe America is broke after all the usury and free labor-whose Kidding Whom? The sad thing is our Sons and daughters are coming out of these schools of higher learning with no value on their minds with an attitude that they have arrived-walking around half nude begging for a job and the devil on there arm talking about they're in love -with nothing-  talking slavery is over somebody died for me!  ...they tend to sit around and do nothing but eat and sleep-point the .finger!   Let's be for real...You want Solution-You say you have a Black President in the White House-You live on a Land in A system that's not yours nor are you respected or wanted. You say you love yourself-your God! You came from a land mass where we were Sovereign and free towards one another. the Land was called Land of the Blacks-now called Africa, which represents every thing you and your kind will every need.  Let your President know you are ready to go home and take care of your business-your people need you and you need them.  He can sign an Executive Order paving the way for Black folk to return to their place of origin along with the Twenty to one Hundred Trillion dollars, including compounded interest for free labor-take care of your business and create for yourself and kind with the love and wisdom you claim to have!  it's that or be blown to hell as conspirators to commit God Killing in the name of the Spirit and truth! This is no play thing- no game and under the table pretense this include members of my own family as well as children-you either want Sovereignty and freedom with your God and kind or you don't!  Reuben-Seed Of Jacob-Son of Simeon House of Israel( Lest We Forget! -Watts-Kings Highway-One Day WAR 1968-This is a Spiritual War and no Joke!(C) May/8/2013           Reuben Beckles