Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Debt owed to Slaves Land Freedom Justice in Black Israel-Jacob's Seed In Prophecy!

Fake impostors, Ashkenazim, Sephardi Caucasians of Eastern Europe calling themselves Jews of Black history, Scriptures and Prophecy, are nothing more than phony bloodthirsty vampires who have been bleeding the world in the name of Zionist', faking it, thinking they would make it-knowing they don't believe in the Spirit nor faith.  Using Islam, Christianity and their version of the Torah and Judaism they are Satanic monsters trying to destroy Black Hebrews in the Royal Houses of Israel'  then claim their identity, land and birthright !  Their scheme ended In' The One Day War ' (1968) when they and Isis were defeated moving there armies into position to cross the Jordan and take  over that part of the world called the Middle East!  Not believing in Faith and Prophecy, just like the Muslims and Arabs, they were all caught  off guard as 'God chose Reuben ( the feet and foundation to move into action as the seed of Jacob fought them all, claiming the Land and Birthright moving in the Spirit and rapture, Reuben crossed over into his Land took the throne in the form of 'Divine Intervention' fake lie or game!  Their aim was and is to destroy Prophecy and everything Black!...hence, today, those claiming brotherhood in Islam, Christianity under Vatican domination, find themselves in big trouble around the world as the so-called Zionist impostors and faker' got busted! Truth is, may of these folk don't believe in the Faith nor Spirit while they proclaim knowledge and faith in Abraham, yet, don't believe in the continue linage of Isaac and Jacob in prophecy!  What they do believe in is Satan, Edomites and Esau...any and everything  but the truth!  Look around you and what  you'll find are angry folk, thinking they could walk into the Promise Land as faker's using sorcery, usury, hoodoo and voodoo!  Faking knowledge and degrees they don't have, constantly pretending, blowing folk up perpetuating fear!  Many of these same folk are promoting 'Black Lives Matter,' Orange is the new Black...what ever that means-motorcades of bikes, cars and marches of so-called peace because they were and are unable to wipe out and destroy prophecy and the truth of the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God whom they think and call a spook!...hoping Politics and money will get them out of mess they placed themselves in .  What did any of them do too help Black Slaves in this Nation but laugh-make money and walk on them, their ancestors and descendants and foundation they built in Genocide and free labor?  Just had an Election-the New president elect Say's , as a Caucasian billionaire; let's make America, great, knowing and obey it's Laws. Turn things around knowing illegals have flooded his nation who were primarily Mexicans (11.3 Million) who really want to take over the land and government.  Now they're finding out, " ain't  gon'na  happen." They must turn to the 'Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago' and find out why they lost there land! they're being told by their leaders in the church-'they're hurting and  all feel afraid!"  This because  all have been faking it! Blacks not dead and Prophecy is real!  The East Coast and the 'Dead fish' found in the Millions on 'Dried up land is a reminder of the millions of Black lives lost on the high seas' during that monstrous  journey to this land in Chains and Shackles, lynching's castrations, burnings, beatings, stolen cultures and language, broken homes, rapes you name the crimes...Blacks paid and didn't fake it!  We talk Justice Reparations, Restitution and Land and the Debt owed' -you say integration, we never had it so good-while 'Helen Thomas-One of your own" told you to leave that land you're trying to occupy it doesn't belong to you or those Arabs claiming it... now they're crying' moaning and groaning because fires are claiming the land as we write this Blog and more to come as this is Prophecy and not a game!  as God told Noah" No More Water-The Fire Next Time!" ...Our Claim is real!  Up Front-On Time and Real (C) 11/27/2016    Reuben Seed of Jacob- Faith in Abraham Isaac an Jacob.  From the Kings Highway and the Door of Life-Black is Beautiful in the Debt owed!    'Lest We Forget'...   Leopard never changes it's spots- a Pig is still pork And a Low Down dirty satanic devil is still a devil!                     Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Up Front Personal and truth in action by belief and faith- check record in critical Analysis

The games the governed and government play in this American system called Democrats and Republicans with money at the core of it's engine is really something to witness. especially, when we're told the Candidates have been bought and paid for-meaning, who ever is elected will do as they're told by money interest.  Pretending 'Brotherhood'  and equality in this demonic system with a Colored President as it's head, every one is suppose to accept  him as Black, knowing he's not, but trying to be accepted as Color blind, making policies that will enable' White and Black, Power Brokers, to receive  tremendous wealth made on the backs and death of Black Slaves and their descendants in the form of 'Chains and Shackles, Genocide and free Slave Labor making them  void of education and no pay making them totally dependent.   This  Colored hypocrite has the nerve to stand before the world and declare that, 'We the People, Black folk'  should be aware of 'Nationalism and racism'  to the detriment of this nation, while making policies effecting illegal immigrants by the  millions who don't give a damn for Blacks, but are willing to hold their hands out accepting 'Black Reparations' for them and their families in the name of the American Dream.  Those Blacks on the Bottom and their descendants who built the foundation of this land, making there arrival possible, are left to beg for acceptance, education and a job!...I say this sissy is insane, ignorant and no 'Black Man of Conscience and purpose!  He's just another Colored Boy from the Black Continent  who embraces the ideology of ' South Africa's Apartheid!  Did  you know  both Colored and Eastern White Europeans, calling themselves Zionist Jews, were  accepted by the 'White Apartheid regime' and were intent on destroying everything 'Black' through 'isolation' and 'Biochemical weapons of mass destruction!  This is one of the reasons the late 'Ralph Bunche as part of the United Nations and Red Colored Linage of Esau'  was given the ' Noble Peace Prize'  accepting these Blood thirsty, phony  vampires, calling themselves Jews of Ancient Black Israel who want to claim the Black identity of Israel, knowing they are impostors, living in and controlling America, just as they had controlling interest in the Slave trade.  All was well for them because no Blacks were willing to stand and fight them on the question of identity nor their claim on the Land Mass in the Middle East until 'Reuben' Stood up and said" Never!...go to hell. You're nothing but a bunch of low down dirty scheming devils and you will never have my birthright (REUBEN) or  land!  Not for Sale!  You Can't Take it!  This while working for the 'Herald Dispatch Newspaper in Los Angeles'!   Enters, Divine Intervention, by the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God ' and the 'One Day War Of 1968.'  There best laid plans went up in smoke!   To shield there insanity, the impostors use the Secret Societies,  Black Judas Sellouts, Educators, Temples and Churches and scores of Mexicans and Africans to hide the truth and do there dirty work fighting the knowledgeable Aryans, whom they fear and hate!  The problem on the world wide scale today, is the money key and governing politics.  The Original Black Judas sellouts, and the nation of Islam,  who sold  themselves like Esau and their portion of land and birthright.   Hence, their relationship with their God is null and void.  They're helping Esau and Satan against the Living Most High God ... Prophecy of Abraham  Isaac and Jacob in the Faith and Action of Reuben in Spiritual Truth.  They're no longer apart of  'Hebrew Israelites. They have talk but no Birthright, Land or Chips.  Donald Trump ask them to join him, ( What Do You Have Too Loose?)   As Reuben Seed of Jacob  my Land, Chips and Claim is real in behalf of Black Slaves and their just Claim in Justice!  No Lie-Joke or Game.  God is Supreme and I personally don't give one good damn for these lying thieves, punk sissy who won't stand for themselves and kind because they have given up their balls as men and prefer Eve in ISIS as the head...going no where!  Stay well-God is  Supreme!  A Leopard never changes it's spots and God chooses whom he pleases.  The knowledge of the Fish-is to move up stream in faith and wisdom given By God!.. Black Truth is truly beautiful in action. Our claim and purpose, except time and interest, never changes!  Our Solution is back to the Continent from whence we were taken against our will with our Claim of Reparations  enabling us to do for self and kind.  For blacks that don't choose to make the move for what ever reason-bless them-it's on them!(C) 11/15/2016    From the door of life and the Kings Highway I am Reuben,   Seed of Jacob  Sun Son Man -Black In Israel-My Chips and demands from across the Jordan!     Love self and kind!            Reuben Beckles

Monday, November 14, 2016

Personal, Up close in spirit of action from the House of Reuben in Black Israel and the door of Life !

If 'Black Lives Matter' then with all due respect, my interest and concerns must be related to truth and spiritual insight, action and wisdom  for self and kind around the world relative to Black slaves of America and a debt owed - rooted in Genocide and free slave labor!  One  hundred million billion, trillion, zillion dollars- in valued money in gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, land, compounded interest at today's rates and growing, along with other' Valued', valuables, such as Copyrights and Patients.  Now that the elections have come and gone and your new 'President Elect in the Person of Donald Trump' has been made let's see how the talk translates in the form of action and for whom.  This being his land, people, culture and system with everything on his plate, there is no doubt in my mind that he and the governing people around him will have to reach a solution concerning the slaves and their black descendants.   Foundation and debt owed in relation to the above claim. This and the Divine knowledge sent to the Justice Department and White House In 1968'  under the 'Johnson Administration his Senate and congress!   ...causing him to step down and leave the office because that phony State of bloodthirsty vampires ( Jewish impostors-decided to take matters into their own hands and steal the Promised lands of Black Israel.  They made their move with weapons of Mass destruction creating the 'ONE DAY WAR ' of 1968 trying to take the Lands beyond the Jordan and were soundly defeated!'  These were and are the Lands of ' Reuben-Gad and half Tribe of Manasseh...True Black Hebrew' Israelites.  How?...By Divine Intervention and..  Sovereignty  ' Of the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God! It doesn't matter if you believe it or not.   The record will prove the facts and truth coming from the Black house of Reuben Seed of Jacob, Sun Son of Simeon which your out going 'President Obama- couldn't or refused to deal with because he had no Chips to bring to the table.  It's the Same as Louis Farrakhan as a Muslim working for and through the 'Hunt foundation, CIA and Colored Structure, pretending Black, using the Bible to move Black Israelites in this nation into slavery and the' Koran'. If he had so much power why didn't he move some of his warriors from his 'nation of  Islam' to the battle fields of 'Libya' to help his friend, Muammar Gaddafi, as did Fidel Castro  when he helped 'South Africa's Mandela and the ANC to defeat Slavery under Apartheid exposing these Eastern European Zionists impostors and there biological chemical weapons of mass destruction to kill off Black folk, take their lands, identity, along with the rich minerals of Uranium-gold diamonds and Tritium for radio active thermonuclear weapons.  It is my opinion that unless Mr Trump, has the truth and wisdom to  solve the Black Slave situation rooted in our spiritual claim facing this situation and Nation head on like you did running for the Presidential Office and not be swayed by Black, self serving Judas Sellouts and their Colored imps pretending to be Blacks, knowing  Black Justice is on the line. Then you and this  Country are doomed along with these other nation around the world who thought  Blacks were nothing but slaves and fools not worthy to understand...'Black Lives Matter!... There are those of us who have the Chips Land and Minds too sit at the Table of Justice for our people  whose dignity and purpose is not for sale in talk and no action !  God is Supreme Lord and Divine Creator!  No joke-Lies and deceit .    Reuben  Seed of Jacob- Faith in and of Abraham Isaac and Jacob from the Kings Highway  and the Door of Life!  Black is Beautiful and Sovereign as Supreme Lord!  Lest We Forget- A leopard never changes it's spots and the Devil is Still a Low Down Dirty Devil  The Land of Israel is not for Sale!   Reuben  from the Royal House and Land of Israel.                                          Reuben Beckles (C) 11/14/2016

Monday, November 07, 2016

Up Close and Personal Insight-Solution Is The Truth On Time, In Time-Claim In Tact- By Reuben, Black Seed Of Jacob!

If you are part of prophecy in scriptures- relative to Christ and the Bible, then you know the action he took and the resurrection in relation to his people and cause, was real!  The fact that the language was change from it's 'original state' too 'Latin and English and other languages does not alter the truth of his deeds nor the Father he represented or the Law given by Moses!  In the end 'believers' will still have to pick up their Cross! So it is with Black Folk and Slaves, in America.   If you claim to  believe and know the truth relative to 'Black Life's Matter' and you are the descendants of the ancestors arriving on these shores in chains and shackles suffering the Genocide hell and misery of what all that action entails and because you're Black, apart of the Faith and linage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob then you know I'm speaking truth.  You also know that you were earmarked for destruction and death by these 'White European impostors ' calling themselves 'Zionist Jews of  'Ancient Biblical Scripture' knowing they are phony.  Truth is, this is why the Slave Movement on the Continent was so horrendous, especially, apartheid in South Africa, where they believed in 'White Supremacy'  Separation and destruction of Blacks and the real Hebrew-Israelites.  These bloodthirsty monsters, had been given certain knowledge by members of the 'Royal House and tribes of biblical Israel and they, like Esau, became envious and jealous which is why in today's world they can and do prance around the world claiming to be someone they're not!  This accounts for the 'One Day War Of 1968' when they were defeated by the 'Twelfth House of Israel-Reuben Seed, of Jacob who loved his God-Self and Kind!  Many original' Blacks had given their knowledge and Spirits to these Vampires impostors who lived on the west bank of ''The Jordan! The whites whom the Blacks had sold out to believed they had all the knowledge of Judea, Israel and was entitled to the entire land mass-hence' The ' One Day War' along with the defeat of ISIS!  Those who sold out became Christians from Ethiopia, Egypt, Greece and other parts of the world.  This accounts for the Urban League-NAACP and other entities setup by the Zionist for the advancement of   'Colored Folk'  Creoles-Mulattoes;' White folk off springs who are given favorite status over  Blacks perpetuating this colored structure under' White Supremacy!'   The effects are quite obvious when you look around the U.S. and South Africa where Nelson Mandela and the ANC gave South Africa to the Zionist along with other parts of the Black Continent enabling Europe to extract tremendous wealth and labor from the owners of the land while most blacks wallow in poverty and many of the Black Judas sellouts, from that part of the world come here, getting jobs looking down their noses at Blacks here, they helped to sellout there!  They could care less about blacks-pretending,brotherhood! After awhile, they soon find Blacks are not lazy and asleep like they believed us to be once they find 'Our Claim is Ligit- Legal and Divine'  One hundred Million Billion Trillion, Zillion Dollars Compounded Interest and climbing, including, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Platinum and other valued, valuables like Copyrights -Patients!...' Lest We Forget Land!'   Now we're all Brothers and Sisters.  If you believe that,knowing the don't give one good damn for us, looking down their noses at us, then you believe a pigs not pork and Big Bill Clinton -Hillary and Donald needs you!  Reparations Restitution and Land are your Chips!  Genocide, free slave labor and all the hell sustained by the innocence and unknowing is  no games lies and tricks!  Stay Well-Black is Beautiful!  I Am-  Reuben Seed of Jacob !  God Is Supreme Lord of the Living Most High-Creator of the Universe and The Royal Kings High Way and  'Door of Life!    You Must have Chips and your foundation in this nation and it's acceptance around the world represents your Chips-or you have nothing!           Reuben Beckles

Friday, November 04, 2016

UP Front And Personal-Black Power insight-Truth Politics game playing!

Black power and truth means nothing to game players who suffer with an identity  problem-hate Black and themselves- want nothing to do with the responsibility of real work and building upon a real foundation for now and future generations.  First hand observation is that they don't believe they're slaves in this country and want nothing to do with anything that tends to remind them of the real foundation of this land nor their ancestors who made it possible for us to live and stand today!  As lying wenches and begging bitches,  pimps, sissies and punks in the pulpit  along with porch monkey observers, they expect something for nothing as clowns and talkers wallowing in the Right on Corner, talking, talking talking, with no Purpose and no Chips,  creating nothing.  No jobs, no business, no land, no self worth, yet, claiming to be of value!  If you go to Las Vegas or other entities where gambling takes place you must have money to buy chips or you can't play, you have no power to bring to the table.  You have no land. sovereignty, nothing and talk won't get the job done! must have Chips!  You don't discuss your foundation which is your real Chips.   You want solutions too your real problem you think is a job...excluding foundation and race.  You  go to the bank for a loan but you have no account, no chips!  Reparations Restitution and Land from where you were taken as slaves, are your Chips, relative to your foundation as a nation of people but, you say, you're not a slave and free, your past is nothing!'re turned down walking away with no chips, bargaining power-nothing!  Donald Trump, a business man, politically wants your Vote. "What do you have to loose?"  Recognizing  you have nothing but talk, you become a prime target for usury!   Hillary and her husband 'Big Bill' feel nothing for talkers and coming from Arkansas, formulated policy that put a lot of talkers in jail on dope...still talking.  If you choose to survive you must  have Chips and Purpose with zeal and determination to make real change ... Otherwise, in this System, you're Doomed!    Personal and Up Front-insight into Black Power! (C)  From the Kings High Way and the Door of Life!  11/4/2016  Reuben  Seed of Jacob Sun Son Of Simeon In the faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.   Reparations Restitution and Sovereignty with Land and a Debt owed   for genocide and free slave labor.  Claim, one hundred million billion trillion zillion dollars in gold and silver/ land and other Valuables, Diamonds, copyrights, patients!  ' Lest We Forget'  Judas sellouts.   The devil is still in the hands of Satan!  A low down dirty devil  bloodthirsty impostor  scumbag who can't handle your Chips.  If he was so powerful as he thinks he is, he would have destroyed Blacks the world over, taken the Promised Lands of Black Israel and yours truly would be  in the Morgue saying" Help Me Somebody!"   Be true too yourselves and kind knowing the land of the Blacks  belong to Blacks...same as China belongs to the Chinese, Korea to the Koreans, Europe to the Europeans  and Africa is no different when it comes to Black folk.  Take that to  the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God!        Reuben Beckles

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Reuben : Up Front and Personal-Seed of Jacob And the Kings Highway-From the Door of Life!

From time to time relative to truth in the lives of Black Slaves in America. the games and tricks which are being played by your so-called leadership to keep you blind deaf and ignorant in this integrated pot of stew is real.  As the nations around the world tumbles in turmoil and confusion you are being offered crumbs and the illusion of acceptance to forget your pass rooted in brutality, destruction  and lost of identity.  Think about  this nonsense as the air is filled with the rhetoric of political games and hypocrisy aimed at black ignorance and destruction.  They will tell you I'm a joke and speak diatribe, with a chip on my shoulder.  What these Black and White Judas punk sissies don't want to tell you is that, not long ago there was a party held in the 'White House' involving the birthday of some well known celebrities...the conversation went something like this":  President Lincoln would be proud of today-A Black President'-integrated in harmony,  Black and White together, as one people in these United States Of America!...yes sir, he would be really proud!"  If I read history right, he, Lincoln was not for integration knowing the two races couldn't and would never be equal because White was Supreme in his minds eye!  So why the joyous reference to Black?  Just another game of Colored, Creole, Mulattoes playing games, trying to be something they're not!...Black Spiritually with a strong Solution for the race problem  ( Marcus Garvey) self included!  Check this out as another personal insight involving Black immigrants selling out the Continent coming to America to live the so-called American dream standing on the necks and backs of the Black Slaves who made the foundation of this land what it is and to whom a DEBT IS OWED !  While these newly arrived Blacks and their bosom buddies the so-called  ( Jews...  Impostors of Eastern European Stock-Bloodthirsty Vampires walk around in their accepted  status as free Americans- the saves know the real deal and isn't at all fooled when they hears of the 'Church in Mississippi' being Vandalized and Burned!  Black Minds zeroed in on 'historical truth' (  NINA SIMONE: ' MISSISSIPPI GODDAMN!)  If this isn't enough for black folk of Spiritual Will and Consciousness to rise up and let the world know in action that enough is enough that we have no intention to repeat the insanity of the sixties of love and brotherhood promoted by Black Judas sellouts and their phony, hypocritical Zionist impostors pretending linage of the original Black Hebrews whom they are trying to destroy and claim the birthright of Jacob and the 'Twelve Houses of Israel' in prophecy!  The Only thing they have coming relative to truth is 'Mass Destruction'  in the form of 'Nucular Weaponry they have Created! (C) 11/3/2016    Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun Son of Simeon-from the Door of Life and the Kings High Way!  'Lest we Forget-Let these other nations take care of there business as they seem to be capable of doing, hoping you as Black in your righteous minds, will do the same! Clam your debt in action-the Continent is God given and Black for Black just as the Land of Israel was and is Black claimed By Reuben( Hebrew and Black in the Sixties and the (ONE DAY WAR!) the Aliyah -Rapture defeating ISIS and White so-called Israel letting the world know who is for real and who are the  impostors! Let the record show this is not talk  but action! The Supreme Lord of The Living Most High God IS!       A Leopard never changes it's spots and the Devil is an impostor, a low down dirty Devil!......Up Front and Personal- insight on point.                   Reuben Beckles