Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where Is The Stature Of Limitations Concerning Justice Of The Black Slaves And Their Decendants Who Built America With Free Labor?!

This question is asked in relation to the longevity of law and Blacks who think they're free in America! The insanity and denial surrounding the action and thought process of freedom-reparations and land is really remarkable-especially-when it comes from the educated stating they are free males and females -under law! This commentary is speaking directly to black folk in America-regardless of their status-who were and are a part of the slave trade and the development of America and free labor which is inheritable and was never paid for! Time has passed but it is the driving force behind the poverty and other ailments relative to You- today! When people say that happened along time ago-let's move on-knowing this is a money making system I ask, to where since I don't own the land that produces the lumber that produces tooth picks-that I might sell on the open market. My education and knowledge is theoretically inferior to that of the slave master who made it a crime to teach me to read and write but says today-no child left behind - education is the way...until it comes to(Reparations-Restitution-Real Freedom and Land)...Under Law! So-is there A Statue Of Limitation under law? Which Law? Those of the "Common Law of England and it's States". "Admiralty Law" "Constitutional Law" "Criminal-Land or Secular law-but made up policy! What do we do with Spiritual and Divine Law?...the ladder has no 'Statue Of Limitation' ...the Divine Creator, being it's author! This is the same Author that tells us what and how we solve the problem of Slavery. There is no loop hole in this Law! What has happened in the United States Of America, under it's application of law is usury, foolishness and trickery-policy by commission-based on color- race and one's ability to pay! This keeps the ignorant and foolish in the dark perpetuating the status quo! I am duty bound at this point to give you an example of this ignorance and insanity as we watch two candidates running to enter and guide a burning house. I do this because I am not joining neither one of them-candidate or party- as I am for Truth-Black self and Kind...Freedom-Land And Reparations! This leads me to my point. A plot was discovered to wiped out one of the two candidates and cause a race war according to the news reports. The candidates life which was in danger was trying to rise above the obvious(Race) as a factor...stated to my dismay," That is not the American way!) we are one people...this is one nation under law!! I along with many others am old enough to know and remember how we came to this land-rendered free slave labor-separated and given the status as animals-language taken and families broken up and destroyed. Burned -lynched-castrated and dehumanized in every form known to Man! This is an Educated man-living in America! You tell me-who the hell is he and where's he been? His statement tell me, he hates Black and to put your trust in this type of mind is pure folly-is insane! These were and are the acts of Americans in America! These are the same people (Americans) who don't want to admit the truth of their foundation, development and expansion. The same folk who live high and good because of free slave labor that was never paid for -then nor now...even the Black Judas sell-out want nothing to do with the Law as it relates to Reparations, Restitution -real freedom and Land! How strange has life become for the master deceivers who are running all over the world trying to calm the fears of their friends who have accepted and taken part of the gifts and loans of wealth built by the slaves and their descendants. As the greed and selfishness intensified-along with the funny money-there is no Statue Of Limitations placed on the Law. Divine Law! Watch Judas coming forth full cycle in the name of religion-playing his game in the name of Politics and Religion-pushing the woman as if she walked the God created, King's High Way!...which she could never do and obtain his wisdom. This is why they are now promoting same sex marriage and total equality falling into the pits of despair!...Statue Of Limitation-under Law? Reuben-Son Of Simeon Seed Of Jacob
10-30-2008 reuben beckles

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Reality of Black Power-In The 21th Century-And The Divine Prophecy Of God With Jacob!

How strange has life become in America, relative to Black folk. I say Black folk because of our foundation in terms of how we got here and the efforts to use and destroy us after getting here. Were it not for Divine Prophecy and the few true believer's our destruction would have been complete which is why I tell you I am Reuben Seed of Jacob-son of Simeon...a Man and King who has traveled the King's High Way-Crossed the Jordan and entered the Twelfth door of life and stand for the land and Israel! On this land -in this nation called the U.S States of America...I asked this simple question-since the talk on the street from the bottom up is that we are all Gods people -one nation of laws-why is Black so hated, with apparently no solution? I submit to those who know and the reader's of this commentary to prove to me as a Sovereign, that Black is not the best and special in the lite of Divine Prophecy, coming through the Hell we have sustained on this land-in this country! Judas, couldn't sustain because of selfishness, greed and usury even in today's world. We are talking about truth and reality here...try putting the black Judas sellouts along with Red men, White men, Yellow men, Brown men or what is now called Colored men through what the Black man was put through and has had to deal with and see how long it would be before you would be exterminated-extinct! Who would come to your aid and what would be your solution? In this nation we are told accept your reality in lite and white...accept your standard and crumbs...feast from your table and forget the past-let's all move ahead so you can enter the promised land and destroy it in your image-because you're jealous of and hate Black along with many others! Today you are fighting a spiritual war under the cover of politics. One's a Democrat-the other a Republican. Both funded by the same folk whose aims are the same...control folk-especially Black folk-the slaves of America, who were never paid for the foundation of this labor!!(Reparations which is Spiritual and Divine)! What is not being told to the Black under-class is that much of the real fight is a Class War-the middle class is being destroyed which is what Obama, the great white savior, known in Europe, speaks too! For the most part the Educated Blacks of this class push and die for Whites who have received their thirty pieces of silver who are now running scared trying to hold up a burning house-knowing they have been screwed big time! They don't live under the Constitution! The money lenders have given them funny money with no land and a lie with no future. They're running to religious houses hoping the pimps who are non-believers-having taken no action in relation to Divine Prophecy can save them! These are Educated Blacks living and working in all walks of American life. With a stroke of a pen and a yea...the two candidates speaking as if there was a difference between them religated themselves and the peoples they represent to economical slavery allowing the guilty gangsters who stole and lied to get away-only to return to the tables of deceit as consultants...stating this is a nation of Laws under God!(Whose god?)...consider the Nations and Nature of the peoples around the world who have accepted this money system and the benefits of free slave labor-relative to this nation and the black slaves whose payment was and is hell -how do these same folk who said they were free Sovereign White Kings and Queens solve this problem in relation to the Sovereign Black Slave, who is no longer a slave...knowing this is not our system nor land?.....Reuben-Son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob-12th House of Israel...Sovereign!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mass lie's and deceptions created by wann'a b's who refuse to be-who they are!

Sometime ago I was asked to appear on a radio and television program and state my position as to who I am and why Black Power in these United States Of America! After some thought, I agreed even though I knew it was a set-up. I also knew that slavery in this country has done Black folk a grave dis-service in their thought process and actions. For the most part across this land -Blacks don't want to be Black choosing to be anything and everything but. White, Red, yellow, Brown know this. Octoroons, Creoles and Mulattoes were often in the hire for white folk to beat them for any infraction against white authority, who thought themselves as Sovereign Kings and Queens processing complete domination over all things and peoples. They don't want to admit and now that they were all taught from Black-by Black...however, you wouldn't think it or know it watching most Blacks who totally depend on whites in this land. Sovereignty by a people is a beautiful situation to behold when you watch a people controlling their own state of affairs-especially, when they know it was all made possible by the Divine creator. This freedom was made possible in the form of a Republic. Today we watch it crumbling before our very eyes as they glorify their white skin suggesting that if a creative thought didn't come from them it's nothing as they take everything of value from Black while holding the people of that value -in slaved...knowing this slave has never been paid...nor does he stand on his land! His friends and allies around the world are also crumbling being tied to this money system and the fruits of free slave labor. This fool is telling and showing the world he believes he is God using nations and peoples of the world in what he claims is Christianity and Christ knowing his religion was born of death and fire...believe or parish! Peoples around the world serve him and this insanity today!
This activity has given rise to another religion out of the east called Islam-clashing because of culture, yet, almost the same! A leader rose from among the people, became a world traveler... traveling to some distant planets and areas in the universe but couldn't find the throne of Christ and stated there was no such throne! Entered the sword...submit or be beheaded. Many have faith under the sword today! The Caucasian Jews of today uses the mathematical key leading the west but does not have the faith of the east knowing he was taught by Black...the Jews are not the same as the Hebrew Israelites coming from the prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob. The United Nations who helped to form what they call the Jewish state know this but their leaders are getting paid- crying as the money and system in this country and around the world is falling. The Sovereigns in this country are mad, running in fear, as they know their Republic is no more. The U.S.Constitution has become a money making Corporation! The free citizens of America...through their elected representatives who thought they were free, have opted to become slaves to the trillion dollar bailout of the money lender this is in addition to that which is owed to the Black slaves in America and their descendants which is what the election for President in November is all about! Blacks in this nation were to have been make over clones of white folk in this nation-making no claim for land and reparations for the value of their free labor which would be perpetuated by the church and faith based organizations headed by the African Methodist Church who would perpetuate slavery under Judas and Ethiopia...known to the Zionists-Esau and Ishmael(Arab oil producing nations). The Spiritual sell-out of Black folk in this nation becomes very profound when understood in the lite of truth -not only from the church and Rev. Wright-concerning Barrack Obama, because in time they will lose their non-tax status. Then all who know but are hiding their heads in the dirt saying nothing but we are all one people, Gods children will truly know the truth-these folk are non-believers...the promised land is real-their is no back door and the King's High Way is the way into the door and land of Sovereignty in the prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob! It cannot be taken-- bought or sold! Even the Latinos coming here under the Church-the Zionist and entering into the secret societies,couldn't take over the people or the land! Same is true about the Red and Yellow man. As we move forward-be for real...we are not all the same-similar-not the same as is the truth of our respective foundations. Reuben beckles, son of Simeon, seed of Jacob,12th house of Israel

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Black prophecy in truth and action-the land is non-negotiable and my truth is real! prove me wrong!

To the universe and world at a man..a king one with my God, I have grown tired of the lies deceit and hypocrisy of Black African American Negros pretending they are taking the high ground of truth and reality while acting as liars and punks... totally unable, to stand with men of truth...on this land, in this nation, called America! I know for a fact if I, personally, from the house of Reuben, Seed of Jacob, Son of Simeon as a warrior, did not act in relation to prophecy, Black men all over the world would have been wiped out! White men, Brown men, Yellow men and Judas. Black men know it too! This original black man from the house of Judea, a Judas punk has been promising the peoples and nations of the world he could get them into the promised lands of Jacob-which he could not do which accounts for the turmoil and strife today while using Jesus as a front to save his rotten hide! Just the other day I was told I was a racist, a nothing, because I love myself and kind -strong in relation to Black power! That I had no idea as to what freedom was or is!...this came from a black educated...PH.D.! These are the kinds of people who think they control every aspect of black life in America for the slave master in America! He asked, "if this is not our country knowing we have shed our blood and built this nation, then who are we and what is freedom?"...the Black response to freedom, 'when you control the ground under your feet-the air over your head and the land east, west, north and south of you with and for your're free!' What did (911) tell you when this Caucasian made a telephone call and the decision was made to close the borders down across the nation! As a slave, what was your participation? My insight and wisdom tells me that in this nation -Black folk sold themselves out to white folk and no longer choose to be themselves and want a white Jesus to save them from themselves! I did not know that my participation in the sixties was my death for them and the sellout of Black folk by way of the Greeks to the Egyptian Isis and the Book Of The Dead. This was to be a sacrifice of love to Jesus...the key to my salvation was the love of self and kind, ending in the rapture. Ending in Jacob's divineness in prophecy and truth as it relates to the twelfth house and land! From this land I crossed over the Jordan into the land and did not die for the lie that is promoted in this country and the world today..and there is no loop hole that is found in this truth! Why go to those who lie and promote lies and false-hood in the name of their religions for phony power and money that has no value! Everyone across this land praises the Black woman who claimed and used the Black man's knowledge, saying he was nothing! As she entered into the book of the dead with Isis, who wanted his spirit. Through sex she tried to take his spirit and failed-naked she ran into hell-leaving her drones as males with nothing-but religion and talk! As a King one with my God..don't take my word for this truth try taking the land and denounce the prophecy of my God and Jacob. I Reuben, Seed of Jacob Son of Simeon, The House of Israel will never, ever, give in to the liars- thieves and those who conspire as homo-sexual lesbians-males or females fools-life is-truth is ...I Am...the nation and the land remain our birth-right! Before, anyone other than it's rightful heirs, settle on the land in prophecy to our God it will be destroyed...that is the truth, with no loop hole!! Reparations and Land is Black !Is ours to fight for-to obtain!!
Reuben Beckles-- 10-1-2008